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Chapter 428: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 428 He Held Her More Tightly

Yulin Xiao frowned unhappily and reached out to pinch Anna Xie’s chin, forcing her to look at him.

Anna felt hurt and frowned at him, saying:“Stop, what are you doing? You are hurting me.”

Anna then thought: Why does he pinch me and make me hurt every time? It is the same this time and before. Do I make him feel annoyed?

Yulin immediately dropped his hands after he heard Anna’s words, thinking: Why is this girl so weak, I did not even use much strength before she cried out.

“Why do you not answer my questions and are so absent-minded?” Yulin acted like a young master of a rich family, whose words were also so unreasonable.

“I was just thinking about things.” Anna raised her head and stated the reason why she had been absent-minded.

Come on? Who is not thinking about something when one is absent-minded? Yulin thought as he felt quite speechless, then he said: “Let’s go, I am quite happy today, so I’ll buy you a big meal.”

Then he directly pulled up Anna and left, who was sitting on the chair Then Anna said: “Hey, my books……”

Yulin looked at Anna’s book on the desk, smiling, and he directly held the books in his arms before he walked forward.

“Hey …… hey ……” Anna was stunned at once, being somewhat unsure about what happened.

She was still not sure about what was going on when Yulin left alone with her review materials that had been put on the table.

When he walked to the door, Yulin shouted, “Hey, are you leaving? Do you still want your books or not?”

Yulin was very smart, maybe …… every young master of a rich family was that smart.

He always knew what kind of excuse he could use to make Anna not refuse him.


“Chuxue Ye, do you think this is good? I’ll buy it for you, okay?” Zhao Nangong held a light yellow dress in his hand and said cheerfully to Chuxue, who was sitting at the side leisurely and drinking tea.

Chuxue really couldn’t stand him any longer, feeling Zhao was very annoyed, then she looked up and said, “Okay. Wrap it up.”

After hearing Chuxue’s words, Zhao was happy again for a while, calling the shopping guide at the side to wrap it up for him.

Chuxue really didn’t know how Zhao knew that she wasn’t at her brother’s house, who had been following her since the first day she was kicked out.

Chuxue did not wait for Zhao, who was still looking at the clothes, and walked straight towards the door to take the elevator.

“Okay, help me wrap this up too! Thanks.” Zhao said with a gentle smile to the shopping guide.

Turning his head to look at Chuxue, he found that she was no longer sitting in the original place, and only after hurriedly looking for her, did he find that Chuxue had taken the elevator to go to the third floor.

“Hello, checkout and wrap it up for me, and I’ll come down and get it later.” Zhao hastily dropped his bank card and asked the shopping guide to help wrap it up, then he went up alone to find Chuxue.


In the living room, Jingyan Ye was busy cooking and said, wearing an apron, “Yiyao Duan, take a plate over for me.”

Since the last time he received Yiyao’s appreciation and praise of his cooking, Jingyan seemed to have taken a keen interest in cooking.

Now, he cooked for Yiyao almost every day and cooked several different dishes for her every time.

Jingyan was busy cooking for a while, then he found that Yiyao still hadn’t brought the plate to him yet, so he stopped what he was doing and turned his head to look at her.

He saw that Yiyao was sitting on the sofa. Then he became a little depressed as well, for him knowing that Yiyao was thinking of that child again.

He brought the dishes on the table and the two ate quickly as they were going to court today.

After they finished eating, Jingyan packed up the things and prepared to go out, then Yiyao stared at him before he went out and said: “Jingyan, I’m going too.”

Her eyes were full of determination.

Jingyan originally had not wanted Yiyao to go with him, but he could not stop her if Yiyao really wanted to go.

After all……

He nodded and looked at her, saying: “Good.”

Jingyan then looked at her, who was closing her eyes and felt quite painful, thinking: It is all my fault!

I…..I failed to protect her and our baby.

He walked over to the sofa and sat down, “Yiyao, don’t be so sad. Don’t feel bad about the things that have past. Okay?” He hugged her and continued to say: “We still have a promising future, we……”

Jingyan had wanted to say something else, but suddenly he felt Yiyao was trembling slightly.

He then held her even more tightly……

He thought: Damn it! I made her cry again!

The court session was opened, and Ziying Duan appeared in the prison uniform.

Although she had been quite gloomy, she seemed to be quite delighted the moment she saw Jingyan, and she kept shouting in the direction of Jingyan and Yiyao.

The judge finally sentenced that she was insane, and the judical outcome was only a fine and two months’ imprisonment.

This result made Jingyan feel quite confused.

He had not expected to such a simple outcome.

While Yiyao was quite indifferent, as if she had already expected it.

But the more she pretended to be indifferent, the more heartbroken Jingyan felt.

At least, she should make a reaction.

Suddenly, Yiyao began to cry.

She fell into his arms and sobbed, “Why do the bad people always get their way?”

“Yiyao, Yiyao, don’t be like this. She’s indeed bad, but our life can’t be ruined because of a bad person, we still have to be happy and live our lives positively. In the future, we will have another baby. Yiyao, don’t cry.”

Jingyan was in panic at the moment, who had no idea how to comfort her, so he could only keep patting her back with his hands and keep saying: “Yiyao, don’t cry, don’t cry anymore.”

But he knew that it was useless to comfort her like that.

“Have another baby?” Yiyao repeated these words with tears in her eyes.

But in her heart, she was screaming frantically, refusing his proposal.

No…… No……

I won’t have another baby……

I will never have another baby…… never again!

“Don’t be sad, okay? Yiyao, when we get home later, I’ll make you another delicious meal.”

Jingyan gently patted her back and said to her.

“Wipe your tears and let’s go eat, okay?” Jingyan said as tenderly as he could, who doted on her to the utmost.

“Okay.” Yiyao nodded. She knew that Jingyan had been very tired lately, who usually comforted her and cooked several different dishes for her everyday in the past two days.

Although …… some of the dishes were not delicious, she was still deeply touched.

She knew clearly in her heart that she fell in love with someone who loved her deeply as well.

The two left and went back home again. And Yiyao was indeed hungry again.

Jingyan then was busy cooking in the kitchen again, wearing the same pink apron.

While Yiyao was sitting on the sofa, trying to calm herself down.

And as she turned her head to look at Jingyan, she suddenly felt that she was really very happy.

“Dinner is ready! Come and eat.” Jingyan had already put the dishes on the table, which were all Yiyao’s favourite.

There were four dishes and one soup on the table: Roasted eggplant, braised fish in brown sauce, roasted sweet potato, stir-fried bamboo shoots and pork rib soup.


Anna Xie had seen Yulin’s yellow Ferrari before, but this time he had changed his car again, which was a red Ferrari.

Anna was speechless, wondering why all his cars were so eye-catching, “Where are we going on earth?” After Anna got on the car, Yulin drove the car, saying that he was going to take her to eat a big meal.

Anna remembered the place that Yulin had took her to last time, which was not suitable for someone as ordinary as her to go at all.

So if they were still going to that kind of place this time, Anna would not go with him no matter how.

Yulin glanced at Anna with a smile, who was sitting on the passenger side, then he said: “I’ve already said that I’ll take you to have a big meal.”

Then Anna thought to herself: You said the same thing last time, but you still went to Wei Yu’s birthday party.

Yulin seemed to know clearly what Anna was thinking, and he glanced at her, who was quite depressed, then he said with a smile: “Don’t worry, it won’t be the same as last time, this time I will really take you to have a big meal.”

Hum, it’d better be that way. If what you said is not true again, I will never go out with you! Anna thought with dissatisfaction in her heart.

“It’d better be that way, otherwise next time…… I won’t go out with you.” Anna looked at him with dissatisfaction and said.

Yulin then looked sideways at the disgruntled Anna and found she was quite cute, who was curling her l**s and frowning.

Luckily, this time they were indeed going to have a big meal, because Yulin’s friends were having a barbecue today. Thinking of this, Yulin actually felt slightly relieved in his heart, as if he was glad that this time he indeed would not take her to that kind of party.

Soon, Yulin took Anna to a place. On the outside, it didn’t seem very luxurious, but only when Anna got inside did she realize that it was actually a very large hotel.

He took Anna inside and looked for his friends.

She thought it was just a luxuriously decorated hotel with a large area, but she never expected that there would be a site for barbecue inside.

Anna followed Yulin closely, and Yulin could not help but feel quite happy after seeing her follow him.

He liked Anna’s reaction at this moment and this feeling of her relying on him.

“Come on, stupid girl.” Yulin pulled Anna and held her in his arms, keeping others away from her.

“Yulin is here? Oh, who’s this little girl?”

Yulin’s friends whistled to him as they watched him walking in, and they even cheered after seeing Anna.

“Stop.” Yulin wasn’t annoyed at their words, who greeted his friends and joked with them.

A man, who held glasses of wine came towards Yulin, then Yulin took one and smiled at him.

Anna noticed that there were actually some girls here in addition to his friends, who were probably the female companions of them.

“Didn’t you say there was a big meal?” Anna looked at the people, raised her head at Yulin and asked in confusion.

Anna thought: Aren’t we having a big meal? Where is the big meal? Why isn’t here any food? I am very hungry.

Yulin froze when he heard her words, then he said seriously to his friend, “Shit, didn’t you tell me to come and have a big meal? Where’s the big meal?”

His friends were also stunned, for the meal was not ready yet, and …… was that little girl who seemed to be very innocent “kidnapped” by Yulin?

How come the first thing she said was “Didn’t you say there was a big meal? Where is the big meal?”

She was quite different from the women present, who was as clean as a pure spring.

“Uh, right away. We just finished building the fire.” The man who had just given Yulin the glass of red wine said, then he looked at Anna with amusement.

“Well, you heard him say that they just finished building the fire.” Yulin said to the dumbfounded Anna.

Yulin looked down and saw a shelf not far away with food for the barbecue, and then he said to Anna, “Look over there, it’s full of food on the shelf. Go pick something you like to eat.”

“Oh, yeah.” Anna was excited to see the food and she almost ran over to it.

“Wait a second,” Yulin called out to stop her, “You know how to grill food, right?”

Anna thought to herself: What can I not do? Even if I don’t know how to grill, I can learn. Then she straightened out her chest proudly to him and said: “Of course, don’t underestimate me.”

“That’s good, go ahead.” Yulin touched her head dotingly and said with a smile.

Yulin’s friends all became dumbfounded after hearing his words, thinking: When did Yulin, who has the casual and elegant bearing become like this?

He even was not that concerned about Wei Yu, right?

They originally had thought that this Anna was just an innocent student girl that Yulin had found temporarily, but now it seemed…… like their relationship was not that simple.

“Well, Yulin, who is this little girl?”

The man sitting in the middle of the people asked. “Just a silly little girl.” Yulin said as he looked at Anna who had already chosen her food by the grill.

Some of those women had known Yulin before, and they were full of jealousy since they had never seen Yulin treat any woman so specially.

Yulin was talking to his friends, but he glanced at Anna inadvertently for several times.

For a moment, Yulin was even jealous of the vegetables that Anna had been holding in her hands and staring at, thinking: Why should a pile of vegetables make Anna keep staring at them?

Why can’t I be stared by her like that?

Yulin was completely unaware that what he thought now meant he kind of liked Anna already……

“Yulin, come and play, let those girls go grill the food and eat on their won.” A man took out a pair of playing cards and said.

“Okay.” Yulin looked at Anna, who was still grilling the food alone, then he said yes to the man.

“I’ll not play, for I’m a bit hungry and I want to go grill something to eat.” The man who spoke was dressed in casual clothes, and he was the same man who had just given Yulin a glass of wine.

“Dongzi? You’re not playing?” Yulin asked.

“I’m a bit hungry, and I will go over to eat some food.” Dongzi smiled and walked over to the barbecue grill after he finished his words.

After looking at him, Yulin turned around and said: “Alright, deal the cards.”

Dongzi took some food and wanted to go to one of the barbecue grills alone to grill them and eat, but when he passed by Anna, he noticed that her food were all burnt.

He narrowed his eyes, thinking: This girl does not seem to know how to grill food.

Dongzi then put the food on her grill and asked: “Do you need help?” Then he picked up Anna’s vegetables that had not been grilled yet and put them on the grill.

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