The door was suddenly kicked open, and Chuck Cannon rushed in, with terrible anger! !

Zhao Yunlei was angry, and it was you Chuck Cannon!

I have released Du Pei’s heart, what would you dare to do to me?

Don’t you just come over and show off your power to me? Don’t you tell me repeatedly, your family is richer than me?

No problem, I, Zhao Yunlei, give you this face!

But this is temporary!

Wait for me, Zhao Yunlei will repay the shame of today a hundred times, ten thousand times to you Chuck Cannon!

“Chuck Cannon,” Zhao Yunlei said calmly, nothing, what can be done?

Hurry up and show off, Zhao Yunlei, I want to find shame on this big beauty!


Chuck Cannon kicked over!

Zhao Yunlei screamed and fell to the ground, clutching his stomach, sweating profusely, “Chuck Cannon, you unexpectedly!!!”

He was furious!

Did Chuck Cannon actually give himself such a slap in the face? it is good! He remembered Zhao Yunlei!

Zhao Yunlei gritted his teeth and got up. That’s enough, it’s time to end your bravery!

But suddenly, Zhao Yun was astonished!

After Chuck Cannon kicked himself down, he actually walked to the beauty he tortured with a look of distress on his face?

What’s happening here? Two people know each other??

Zhao Yunlei’s heartbeat accelerated in such a moment…

“Wife,” Chuck Cannon saw Yvette. At this moment, his heart ached to death.

There is blood on the corners of her mouth and her face is red, with slap prints.

How long has she been tortured??

He anxiously untied Yvette’s tied hands.

Yvette told the truth, she didn’t think if she was beaten like that by Zhao Yunlei just now, she could bear it, but at this time, when she saw Chuck Cannon, her line of defence collapsed.

Tears came out involuntarily, spinning in the eye sockets, spinning around…the wronged ones were spinning around…

Unlocking Yvette’s hand, she saw that her wrists were strangled and her skin was broken. Chuck Cannon felt even more distressed, “My wife, what’s wrong with you? Sister Li, call a doctor!”

Betty was also taken aback. It turned out that Chuck Cannon was so anxious because Yvette was here!

But why is Yvette here?

“Husband, I’m fine,” Yvette said softly, she wanted to cry, and Chuck Cannon showed up again when she was in a most dangerous situation, the same as before.

“Why is it okay?” Chuck Cannon reached out and touched her face, Yvette’s face hurt and she was blushed.

“It hurts,” Yvette didn’t want to hide, what did she hide in front of Chuck Cannon?

“I won’t touch it anymore, my wife, why are you here?” Chuck Cannon was too anxious, there was no reason. How could Yvette and Du Peixin know each other?

“I, I…” How did Yvette answer? Say you are a killer? Accepted the task of protecting Du Peixin?

“Wife, don’t talk about this, I will help you get revenge now! I will kill this person!!” Chuck Cannon suddenly turned his head, eyes full of Ling Tian’s murderous intent!!

This Zhao Yunlei, dare to beat his wife like this?

Yvette felt warm at this moment, feeling too safe at this moment. Even though she was a killer, at this time, she felt that she was a woman, a little woman, “husband…”

Zhao Yunlei shivered as if being splashed with ice water by Chuck Cannon’s cold eyes.


The beauty she tortured was actually Chuck Cannon’s wife?

Zhao Yunlei was shocked and at a loss for such a moment. How could this be? How could this be!!

Zhao Yunlei’s heart was trembling. He thought that Chuck Cannon was here to show off Du Peixin, but he didn’t…

It’s not!

I beat Chuck Cannon’s wife!

Zhao Yunlei appeared in fear. His current Zhao family was not an opponent of Chuck Cannon family at all. He was afraid, what did he do?

“No, misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding!” Zhao Yunlei trembled back, and Chuck Cannon walked over step by step, he was scared.

“Misunderstanding? You beat my wife, you beat my wife!” Chuck Cannon watched, he stepped aside and walked over with a cane.

Zhao Yunlei screamed and wanted to turn around and limped, but Betty stood at the door with no expression and closed the door.

Zhao Yunlei was frightened and his legs trembled, “No, no, I don’t know that she is your wife, I really don’t know, don’t hit me, don’t…Grandpa, grandpa!!!”

Zhao Yunlei hurriedly took out his mobile phone and gave his grandfather Zhao Tianlong a video call!

At this time, only my grandfather can save me!

Passed, passed!

“Yun Lei, what is it so late? Hey, Chuck Cannon is behind you…” In the video, Zhao Tianlong sat up on the bed. Through the video, he saw his grandson behind him, and Chuck Cannon was actually holding a cane. And my grandson is sweating profusely, what is the situation?

“Grandpa, save me, save me,” Zhao Yunlei was about to cry.

“what happened?”

“I, I beat Chuck Cannon’s wife, he wants to kill me.” Zhao Yunlei screamed in horror.

“What? You!” Zhao Tianlong jumped up from the bed, this?

“Grandpa, I didn’t mean it, I don’t know, ah!!!” Zhao Yunlei screamed!

Chuck Cannon’s crutches hit it!

“Ah, grandpa save me, woo, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die.” Zhao Yunlei cried and screamed.

“Master Cannon, Yunlei really doesn’t know, please let Yunlei go once, and I will compensate you! Zhao Tianlong sighed anxiously, why did his grandson provoke Chuck Cannon again!

Zhao Yunlei is his favourite among all his descendants. How could he watch his grandson die?

Chuck Cannon didn’t speak at all and hit him with a cane.


Hearing his grandson screaming, Zhao Tianlong’s eyes were red, and he was distressed, “Master Cannon, don’t kill my grandson, no, how much do you want, I will give it to you, give it to you!”

He was heartbroken, if his grandson died like this, he would definitely collapse!

“What did I tell you, don’t mess with me!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

“Yun Lei don’t know, don’t know, asshole, don’t you kneel down and admit your mistake to Master Cannon?” Zhao Tianlong scolded.

“Grandpa, I’m kneeling, I’m kneeling.” Zhao Yunlei gritted his teeth and knelt down to Chuck Cannon. He kowtowed his head, and his endless shame made him remember it, today! He will remember!

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Young Master Cannon, I was wrong.” Zhao Yunlei cried.

He was heartbroken that he was so sordid and kowtow to others. This is a shame!

“Master Cannon, Yun Lei really knows that he was wrong, and I am willing to compensate you. You say, I only ask you not to kill my grandson.” Zhao Tianlong was nervous.

“Do you think your money is still yours?” Chuck Cannon looked at him in the video with a cold voice, as if the master had spoken…

“You, what did you say?” Zhao Tianlong was shocked!

The entire Zhao family is his own, so the money must be his own, but does he say that? Are you trying to take everything from me?

“From the moment your grandson beat my wife, your Zhao family is finished, you know?” Chuck Cannon said indifferently.


Yvette, who grew up with herself, is Chuck Cannon’s in-law, and now Yvette is tortured like this, then Zhao Yunlei will die, and the Zhao family will be destroyed too! !

“You!” Zhao Tianlong’s face turned gloomy, and he gave you face, so you actually said that? You want to eat my Zhao family?

Do you want to know how many people are in my Zhao family?

Do you know how much the Zhao family is? Can you eat it?

Zhao Yunlei was shocked, what did Chuck Cannon say? Is the money not from the Zhao family? He is angry, will Chuck Cannon kill him today?? The anger of the Zhao family will make you annihilate Chuck Cannon!

“Chuck Cannon, do you know what you are talking about? You are irritating me!” Zhao Tianlong snorted coldly, the four big families are not joking, the Zhao family is desperately angry, no one can resist!

“You are not qualified to talk to me, because you are just rubbish in my eyes,” Chuck Cannon walked to Zhao Yunlei.

Yes, there is no Zhao family anymore. What is this so-called Patriarch of the Zhao family? It’s worthless rubbish!

Zhao Tianlong’s eyes are indifferent, “Don’t you think I give you a little face. Even if you are a thing, I tell you, my Zhao family is not afraid of anyone. I also tell you that if you dare to touch my grandson again today, I… I will do everything in the Zhao family, and also wipe you and your family from the earth!!”

With his own grandfather being so tough, Zhao Yunlei also has confidence. He should have done this a long time ago. What are you, Chuck Cannon?

“Hmph, my grandpa said, let me go, or my grandpa will kill you!” Zhao Yunlei laughed savagely, almost forgot, his Zhao family is one of the four big families! The Zhao family is desperately angry, you Chuck Cannon still dare to do it?

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