Chapter 429 – 430: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 429: Judgement 3


With the seventh heaven thunder coming down, the black thunder dragon roared and flew downwards. Within a hundred miles, every person and creature was so frightened that they were trembling with their stomachs on the ground.


Another light sword made of three thousand sword spirits went forward.

The dragon and the light sword crashed, making another earth-shattering explosion.

The black thunder dragon was smashed and lost half of its body, and the rest half still contained terrifying energy.

Kris Chen didn’t know if the Heaven Ghost Shadow behind it could deal with it.

“Break it!”

The Heaven Ghost Shadow stretched out four hands and firmly grasped the broken thunder dragon.

“Ssssssa, ssssssa!”

The black flash of lightning spread across the Heaven Ghost Shadow instantly, almost blasting it out.

At this moment, that crying face stopped crying.


He groaned, and with this sound, the thunder dragon in his hand broke directly!

What, Heaven Ghost Shadow had its own magical powers?

Kris Chen was shocked.

The real body of Heaven Ghost Shadow came to the Devil Land, and it had experienced such a big change.

The thunder dragon collapsed once again, and Kris Chen had no time to think about it, and quickly incorporated the broken pieces into his body.

Energy several times more violent than before exploded in his acupoints.

“Keep down!”

Kris Chen flickered all over his body, looking like a Lord of Thunder.

The demon behind him looked too scary.

The seventh heavenly punishment just passed like this. Zhong Guan’s heart trembled.

It was awesome. Kris Chen did not only pass the punishment, but also use the exhaustion of the punishment to refine his body.

How crazy was that, even the craziest Lei Xiu of human would not dare to do it.

At first, he respected Kris Chen, but still felt unwilling to listen to Kris. But now, he was convinced that as long as Kris Chen could tolerate the two sky thunders later, he must have an essential position a on the Devil Land.

The seventh sky thunder had exceeded Kris Chen’s expectation. The thunder in the sky was still collecting energy, and the eighth thunder must be extremely powerful!

Kris Chen quickly swung out several defensive formations, and the dagger: Kill Qin was also held in his hand.

Sword Spirit was not attached to a carrier, that’s why although it was strong, it couldn’t exert its maximum power!

At this time, the dagger: Kill Qin had already been promoted to a Supreme Dao weapon. It was hard to know how many sword spirit it could hold.

The original power of the dagger: Kill Qin itself combined with the sword spirits could definitely produce extraordinary strength.

Sometimes, Kris Chen thought that this Nameless Sword Tactics was really a panacea. No only could it change into various forms, but also have many other magical effects.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of sword spirits attached to the dagger: Kill Qin, which was very easy.

Then another thousand sword spirits were added to the dagger.

Two thousand sword spirits in total, it was still very easy!

Kris Chen became curious, and he wanted to see how many sword spirits the dagger could carry.

His physical body could carry about four thousand sword spirits to the maximum. And if it was sword energy, he could carry about forty thousand!

Compared to before, he was much more powerful.

He made up his mind and added another two thousand sword spirits.

He and the dagger: Kill Qin were spiritually linked, thus he knew that the four thousand sword spirits had not reached its maximum!

Kris kept adding sword spirits, five thousand sword spirits, six thousand sword spirits, six thousand five hundred sword spirits, seven thousand sword spirits, then eight thousand!

A total of eight thousand sword spirits were attached to the dagger!

The dagger: Kill Qin’s blade made a humming sound, apparently reaching its limit.

This was because the attribute of the dagger: Kill Qin did not match the sword spirit attribute of Kris Chen. After all, the sword energy in his body was produced by the sword fetus.

If he used the earth sword fetus to attach the sword energy after it was taken shape, how many sword spirits could it withstand?

Certainly, it would not be worse than what the dagger had done.

“Then, let’s try the power of eight thousand sword spirits!”

Kris Chen changed back from Heaven Ghost Shadow, and the phantom suddenly disappeared. In fact, deep down in his heart, Kris Chen was still a little worried.

He thought the phantom form shouldn’t be used often, and even he wanted to, it would be better to figure it out before using it.


Without any sign, the eighth heaven thunder struck down.

There was no thunder dragon, but only ultimate white light!

But the destructive energy it contained was dozens of times stronger than the previous black dragon.

“Dagger: Kill Qin, Cut!”

Kris Chen waved the dagger: Kill Qin. The ghosts of it plus eight thousand sword spirits, it was definitely not as simple as one plus one equals two.

Countless ghosts roared towards the thunder.


When they collided with each other, there was no explosion, and nothing happened. Just like water hitting the fire, they were directly extinguished.

The energy of the eight thousand sword spirits had reached a qualitative change. Kris Chen didn’t know how strong this blow was. He was also not sure whether the energy could be released at the stage of the accumulated spirit. As long as he reached the primal spirit period, no one would block down his energy.

Two minutes later, the dagger: Kill Qin’s sword energy offset the eighth sky thunder.

He resisted the heaven angry with one individual strength.

Zhong Guan wouldn’t believe it before.

But now he did.

Tu Guan also looked at the figure far away in awe.

It was his chance to be Kris Chen’s pet.

After successively releasing ten thousand of sword spirits, Kris Chen felt a weak feeling coming from his body.

No way, he had worked very hard to absorb the spiritual power, even if he had swallowed tons of magical pills, he still couldn’t keep up with the rate of consumption.

This reminded Kris Chen that what if the place where he fought with others had no spiritual power?

Therefore, he must find a way to get a god-level pill, because only taking drugs was the king!

Tiangang Yuan and others lay on their stomachs, and didn’t dare to lift their heads.

In front of the mighty heaven power, Tiangang was like an ant, let alone resisting, he couldn’t even think about it.

And how brave was Kris Chen to fight against Heaven with only himself?

However, he had successfully passed the first eight sky thunders. As long as he could manage to pass the ninth sky thunder, wasn’t he the human Almighty of the accumulated spirit?

The accumulated spirit had a life span of three thousand years, which was absolutely powerful.

Not to mention Yelang Kingdom, even in Devil Land, there would have no one blocking his way.

Yet his short-sightedness was really ridiculous!

At the same time, a shadow covered in black mist thousands of feet long stretched out of the ground. Tiangang was shocked, “This is the breath of the Ancestor, how is it possible, how can the breath of the Ancestor show up here?”

“Does it mean that the Ancestor has already been out of trouble?”

The black mist became irritable, “No, I must speed up. These damn stupid monsters have left so long and haven’t got me blood food.”

“By the way, with the Ancestor here, why do I need blood food?”

The black mist’s voice became exciting.

With the induction, he sensed the approximate position, “It was probably thousands of miles away from me, and the incarnation of Divine Spiritual Power can barely reach that position.”

He divided a section of Divine Spiritual Power. To him, it was very precious as he was pretty weak now.

The black mist turned into a flash and flew towards the sky!

He flew fast, and in the blink of an eye, it was over thousands of miles. Although his Divine Spiritual Power was not strong, the stage perception was still there. It was not a big deal to damage this Divine Spiritual Power. .

The ninth thunder was brewing for a long time, and it also gave Kris Chen some breathing time: the defense was settled down, the magical pills were swallowed, and the dagger: Kill Qin was ready to kill. His body also became stronger under the fragments of the sky thunder.

At this moment, his body should be comparable to the middle-grade Dao weapon, right?

Anyway, he cut himself with the dagger hard, leaving only a faint white mark on his hand.

He recovered in an instant.

He adjusted the physical state to the best.

The he looked up at the sky and waited for the ninth thunder.

At this moment, a cloud of black mist shot from the horizon.

“No, how can anyone go through God’s tests here!”

“No, this is not test, this is a heaven punishment!”

A panic came from the black mist.


At this moment, the sky thunder bombarded down, and the aftermath of catharsis directly dispersed the black mist.

“Ah… I’m not willing to submit.”

The scream was overwhelmed by the sound of thunder, and Kris Chen did not hear it neither. He swung his sword energy against the ninth golden thunder!

Different from destruction, the ninth thunder was in the midst of mighty, and the radiant power lit the heaven and earth golden.

All the evil demons have nowhere to escape under the golden thunder.

The instant the ghosts of the dagger: Kill Qin touched the light, they just turned into ashes.

The sword energy that the eight thousand sword spirits turned into only resisted for a while before they collapsed and crashed into the protective array.

Several defensive formations shattered in only a few breaths.

The infinite golden thunder struck Kris Chen’s body.

Although the power was only half as strong as before it came down, it was several times more powerful than the previous nine sky thunders.

“Fuck, I was hurting to death!”

Kris Chen screamed. At this moment, his body, primal spirit, and divine spirit were gradually crushed and collapsed under this heaven thunder.

The acupoints were also falling apart.

How could they call it going through the tests? This was obviously punishment!

If the thunder test was of this kind, then who could make it?

Kris Chen asked himself about his attack methods. He had quite a lot skills and methods. People at the same stage like him might not be as powerful as him.

Moreover, he was just going through a Pill formation, but the pain was too much.

When he stayed Yuan Family, so many books he read really helped him a lot. He knew that the ordinary pill formation calamity had only three or five heavenly thunders, which were the most ordinary kind.

But each thunder he met were becoming more powerful

He was sure that people under the stage of accumulated spirit could never pass through this heavenly test.

Chapter 430: Judgement 4

His body was destroyed in the thunder and lightning, and the primal spirit and Divine Spiritual Power were also destroyed!

The dagger: Kill Qin screamed, desperately trying to rush into the thunder.

But the power of Jin Lei was not something The dagger: Kill Qin could contend.


Kris Chen shouted.

This difficulty can only be passed by himself.

The battle is to the strong. He abolished his power and came to Devil Land to find a way to live for his family. How could he die here?

Tunder Robbery wanted to kill him, and asked him if he agreed.

He rolled all the magical pills in the ring into his stomach, no matter if it was useful.

Countless medicinal materials were shattered by him, and a stream of pure medicinal power lingered around his body, continuously being sucked into his body.

This was a tug of war, as long as Kris relaxed slightly, he might die.

Kris carried this last thunder for a quarter of an hour.

When the last trace of gold thunder was exhausted, the dark black cloud split a gap, and a colorful light shone.

Kris exhaled, damn it. Crossing Thunder Robbery let out the cards in his hand and emptied him all at once.

Fortunately this time he won, he survived!

The colorful rays of light shone on his body warmly, and every cell in his body became cheered.

The scorched skin and broken limbs were also growing out little by little.

His primal spirit, Divine Spiritual Power, and acupuncture points were constantly being repaired.

In his heart, where was a small round sword spinning around!

This was the golden pill that Kris condenses, no…it should be the sword pill that belongs to Kris!

This sword pill contained the spirit of Kris.

What puzzled him was that there was primal spirit in his dantian and Divine Spiritual Power in Mud Pill Palace.

Will there be a conflict between the two?

And this sword-shaped golden core, was it really a golden core?

This was too weird.

was this the lower third-rank golden pill, middle third-rank, or upper third-rank?

He had nowhere to learn.

Regardless of this, first recover from the injury.

In the distance, Zhong Guan breathed a long sigh of relief. He passed through, really through heaven’s punishment.

In his long career of hundreds of years, it was the first time that someone could survive under heaven’s punishment and be fed back by the heaven’s way.

Zhong didn’t know what the colorful light was, but he had great desire in his heart!

This repair lasted for half an hour.

After half an hour, the ink clouds in the sky and the colorful light disappeared.

Kris flew from a distance, his hair re-growing, wearing a flowing robe, like an immortal.

This picture was really showing up.

“Congratulations to the master for passing heaven’s punishment, and the journey has been smooth sailing ever since!”

As soon as Kris came over, Zhong congratulated him.

Kris looked at him with shocked eyes, “What did you say, what heaven’s punishment?”

“I am crossing a normal thunder robbery!”

Zhong was also dumbfounded. It turned out that Kris didn’t know whether he was going through thunder robbery or heaven’s punishment.

“Master, don’t you know? What you just flew was not thunder robbery, but heaven’s punishment!”

Zhong said: “I can’t read it wrong, ordinary thunder robbery, there is absolutely no way to destroy the world.”

World Destroying God Thunder, that is a kind of supreme thunder. Legend has it that after a piece of heaven and earth decay, the world-destroying thunder will descend, and the heaven and earth will re-nirvana into chaos, and then wait for opportunities again in endless time to evolve the world.

“You mean, what I just flew was not thunder robbery, but heaven’s punishment!”

Kris also reacted, shit!

What did he do? He just crossed an ordinary Pill formation, why did God descend heaven’s punishment?

No wonder it was so dangerous. If this was replaced by an ordinary Pill formation Practitioner, let alone through heaven’s punishment, he would be directly turned into ashes when the first sky thunder falls.

After all, not everyone’s body was as perverted as him.

Zhong gave a wry smile, and he understood it. His master always thought that he was riding a normal thunder robbery.

He even thought in his heart that if all the ordinary thunder robbery were like this, no one in Devil Land would dare to practice.

Fortunately, Kris has deep mana and many cards in his hand. He has survived heaven’s punishment. From then on, tWide sea high-pressure days with motifs.

It was dangerous to cross heaven’s punishment just now. Kris had exhausted all his reserves, but his physical power was further strengthened. He didn’t know how strong he was. Anyway, he didn’t need Divine Spiritual Power, and can only rely on physical power.

This feeling was very strange, as if suddenly mastering some inexplicable ability.

He must find out what is going on!

Within the pubic area, the primal spirit had skyrocketed several times, and the body was solid, covered with mysterious thunder patterns!

Getting closer to nature, he felt that there were many mysterious avenues around him, but he couldn’t touch them.

In Mud Pill Palace, the spirit of the soul had skyrocketed again. After he had practiced more than 100,000 Sword Energy, his Spiritual Power had soared seven times, that is to say, his Divine Spiritual Power had increased seven times!

The sword of Divine Spiritual Power killed the Fulfilled period Supreme Monster like a chicken, without any obstacle.

Even the Supreme Fox of the Qingqiu clan used the dementing bell, and he didn’t feel anything.

After passing through heaven’s punishment, Kris’s Divine Spiritual Power was more solid than before, and it had also increased several times.

In the past, he could only observe a radius of 100,000 meters, but now there was nothing to escape his Divine Spiritual Power in a radius of 200,000 meters.

This was too tyrannical, and Divine Spiritual Power was doubled!

There was divine light flowing in his eyes, and thousands of thoughts collided in his mind, producing bright fireworks.

Inside the acupuncture hole, the earth-yellow sword yuan light lingers.

Let Jianyuan’s power greatly increased!


This time, the reward of crossing heaven’s punishment was greater than he thought!

Kris couldn’t help but smile up to the sky.

“Come, let’s go!”

As if a breeze dragged his body, a hundred meters passed in a flash!

So fast?

Even if it did not exceed the speed of sound, it was not far off!

The most important thing was that there was not much consumption yet, that kind of feeling was like it is born with the ability to fly.

Interesting, too interesting.

Kris didn’t care about them, he turned into a streamer and flew into Wuwei City!

He couldn’t wait to figure out what happened to him.

Zhong and his grandfather smiled at each other.

On the other side, a large spaceship was flying in the sky.

The speed was not fast or slow. On the spacecraft, some people were meditating, some were reading books, and some were looking at the distant scenery.

They set off from Yaoguang Mansion, today was already the second day, and probably tomorrow they wouldl be able to reach Wuwei City.

For them, the task this time was really boring.

Wuwei City was an abandoned city. It had been invaded by beast tides year after year. This year, there was a big beast tide. Under the big beast tide, Wuwei City could not hold on.

Even if they go, they will probably collect the bodies from the people in Wuwei City.

This was really a chore.

If Wuwei City was broken, they still need to find a way to help the survivors rebuild their homes to prevent them from asking questions.

Lord Prefect disappeared, and now such a thing had happened in Wuwei City, it was really troublesome.


Kris survived thunder robbery, Wuwei City also recovered from the disaster.

Tiangang organized the remaining parts and built the city wall.

If there was no Kris in this beast tide, all of them would die!

In the face of such a disaster, the weak had no power to fight back at all!

Inside the City Lord’s Mansion.

Tiangang Yuan sighed, Tu Yan wanted to comfort but didn’t know what to say.

Xuefei Yuan was crying every day.

Self-blame, regret, emotions filled her heart.

She…wanted to go to Kris to make it clear, but she also understood that she and Kris were no longer the same.

Noble as her, can only look his back.

Even if she was a foot warmer for him, she wouldn’t deserve it!

“Anyway, we have to thank him, he saved everyone in Wuwei City!”

Tiangang said: “A powerful Practitioner like him will definitely look down on our low-level resources, or… I ordered to build an ancestral hall for him in Wuwei City and offer incense to the whole city?”

Tu nodded, “This is a good idea!”

Kris’s invincible posture has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and no one who did not have eyesight will object.

Their respect for Kris was from the heart, besides, many people had secretly repaired the longevity card for Kris at home and worshipped them daily!

“Family Head, do we need to tell him?”

Tu said worriedly.

“…may be?!”

Tiangang was in trouble, who should he let go?

It was not good to let anyone go!

Besides, he didn’t know where Kris lived.

That flash of light was too fast, Wuwei City had millions of people, he can’t check each one, right?

“Father, let me go!”

At this time, Xuefei wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and stood up, “I will find the person I lost. If he has any grievances, he will beat or scold me and let him do it!”

Xuefei understood, no matter what Kris did, she recognized.

This incident blamed her for her short-sightedness and despised him. All of this was her own self-inflicted behavior. If she did something wrong, she should naturally be punished!

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