Seeing that his grandson stopped begging for mercy and became hardened, Zhao Tianlong was also relieved!

“What are you doing with Lao Tzu’s crutches? I tell you, our Zhao family is…” Zhao Yunlei laughed loudly. Chuck Cannon was absolutely shocked by this shameful pen!

The desperate anger of a family must be carefully considered by anyone, otherwise, it will end up together!

But Zhao Yunlei hadn’t finished speaking yet, Chuck Cannon walked over and indifferently raised the crutches in his hand and smashed it out!


Zhao Yunlei felt that his head was opened, why did his eyes suddenly become coloured? Why is it so red?

Why do you have no strength? very tired……

Zhao Yunlei was lying on the ground with a change in expression on his face. He finally realized what was happening with fear. He trembled with horror. The fear made his face hideous, but his expression was like a photo taken and he slowly stopped.

He died. When he was dying, he regretted, why did he bother Chuck Cannon? Why did he mess with Chuck Cannon just now?

Also, he also knows that Chuck Cannon is not afraid of the Zhao family’s desperate blow. His family, in front of Chuck Cannon, may not count as anything…

He regretted, but he did not regret taking the medicine.

“Yun Lei, Yun Lei! Ah, my grandson!” Zhao Tianlong roared like crazy, and he stared at Chuck Cannon viciously, “Chuck Cannon, I want to kill you and your family!”

“I said, you are not qualified to talk to me, your Zhao family will disappear in China tonight…” Chuck Cannon said.

“Okay, my Zhao family will let you know, what is the end of provoking my Zhao family!”


The phone over there seemed to be smashed by Zhao Tianlong.

Video interrupted!

Yvette was stunned. Chuck Cannon killed someone for her?

“Master, don’t worry, I will take someone to Zhao’s house right away! Zhao’s family can’t make it tonight!” Betty said.

“Well, I will take all the assets of the Zhao family!” Chuck Cannon will give this money to someone, and that person is Yvette!

Just now, Chuck Cannon thought about it and thought that Yvette was doing something for money?

Then give all the Zhao family money to Yvette, then Yvette will not do anything stupid.

“Well, the young master, wait a minute!” Betty took out her mobile phone, “A few people come in and clean up the scene!”

Betty opened the door and went out!

Take someone to Zhao’s house immediately!

Soon, a few people came in and carried Zhao Yunlei’s body out for treatment. At this time, the hospital was surrounded by his own people.

No one else will see it at all.

Betty went downstairs and walked directly to the plane. The others left apart, and all of them got in the car!

Du Pei, who was still waiting in place, was stunned. Where is Zhao Yunlei? What happened to Zhao Yunlei by Chuck Cannon?

“Well, what’s the situation with Zhao Yunlei of the Zhao family?” Du Peixin felt that Chuck Cannon would interrupt Zhao Yunlei’s other leg at most, and then just give a lesson.

After all, there is a simple truth. The Zhao family is one of the four big families. No matter how good Chuck Cannon is, you have to give the Zhao family some face, right?

“Remember, starting today, there will be no Zhao’s house,” Betty said coldly and got on the plane directly.

The propeller was moving, and there was another strong wind!

Flew up with anger!

Rumble, the engines of more than ten off-road vehicles are roaring!

They followed rumblingly, and the roads were full of empty noises, which caused a lot of people to marvel at such a big battle, what are they going to do?

Du Pei was stunned. What does it mean that there is no Zhao family tonight? Is Chuck Cannon going to destroy the Zhao family? It’s impossible, it’s absolutely impossible!

The Zhao family’s background is so profound, how many years has it been passed down? ? How can it be destroyed?

Suddenly, she was shocked!

Because she was lucky enough to see a few people carrying a wrapped corpse out, and this corpse was hanging down, not just Zhao Yunlei who slapped herself!

Oh my god! he died!

Du Pei slumped on the ground, and for a moment, she was dumbfounded…

“My wife, sit down for a while,” Chuck Cannon felt sorry for Yvette and sat down.

Yvette was moved, he didn’t ask her why she was here, he was too understanding.

“En.” Yvette’s eyes were filled with tears.

Chuck Cannon put his arms around her and felt relieved. It doesn’t matter what his wife does, what matters is that she must be safe!

Zhao family!

The alarm sounded!

All the people in the Zhao family got up out of bed in a daze. Some of them were out of town and drove towards the house.

In the hall, many descendants of the Zhao family appeared one after another. They saw Zhao Tianlong sitting in the chair of the head of the house. His face was so ugly. They wondered, what happened?

Why is my grandpa so angry? Let everyone in the house show up in the middle of the night?

“Grandpa, what happened?”

“Grandpa, are the other three families making trouble? We will fight all night!” someone said fiercely.

These children and grandchildren are very angry!

“Yun Lei…” Zhao Tianlong was crying with heartache, but he saw Chuck Cannon kill his grandson with his own eyes!

“What happened to Brother Yunlei?”

“Yes, isn’t Brother Yun Lei in the hospital? He’s discharged?” The Zhao family’s descendants talked.

“No, Yunlei is dead.” Zhao Tianlong was heartbroken!


The descendants of the Zhao family were shocked, what’s the matter? Zhao Yunlei is in the hospital, how could he die?

“Grandpa, you are not mistaken? How could Brother Yunlei die? He was killed? Who dares to kill our Zhao family?” Someone was angry!

Yes, who dares to do this? The other three families dare not!

“He was killed!” Zhao Tianlong said viciously.

“By whom?”

“We avenge Brother Yunlei!”

“Yes, revenge? How dare to move our Zhao family!” The descendants of the Zhao family were all angry. This is slapping their own Zhao family in the face!

“Chuck Cannon!” Zhao Tianlong said.

“What? Is it him? Why did he kill Brother Yunlei? Last time he didn’t get enough?”

“Is he! This bastard dares to do this when our Zhao family does not exist!” Everyone was overwhelmed by anger, and the dignity of the Zhao family must not be trampled like this!

“Grandpa, this Chuck Cannon did kill Brother Yunlei for nothing?” a beautiful woman said fiercely!

“A trivial matter, Yun Lei beat his wife…” Zhao Tianlong said.

“What? Killing Brother Yunlei when he beats his wife? Does she count? This bastard is definitely playing by reason! No, he must be paid for by blood!” This beauty is angry! Just hit one person, as for? Still, killing?

“I let everyone come here for a simple purpose. This Chuck Cannon said he wants to make our Zhao family disappear…” Zhao Tianlong is indifferent…

“Hmph, ranting! Let the Zhao family disappear? What kind of green onion is he? Pretend!”

“Yes, this person is a bit stronger than our Zhao family. He dares to say that, grandpa, let’s resist! Let him know that our Zhao family is not easy to provoke!”

“Our Zhao family has been standing in China for hundreds of years and passed on for dozens of generations. Is this kind of garbage, can he destroy the Zhao family?”

The descendants of the Zhao family are roaring!

None of them believed that Chuck Cannon could destroy their Zhao family! Because Chuck Cannon is only slightly better than the Zhao family, and the Zhao family dare not say to destroy a family at random, can you Chuck Cannon? What a thing!

Zhao Tianlong stood up, “I mean, Chuck Cannon should now be fully destroyed!”

“I agree!”

“I agree, kill him, and avenge Yun Lei!”

“Okay!” Zhao Tianlong raised his hand coldly. Today, he wants to let Chuck Cannon and everyone in China know how serious the anger of a big family is!

What a horror!

At this time, people ran in from outside!

“It’s not good, it’s not good…” The captain of the family guard ran in.

“All the fuss, what happened?” someone scolded!

Zhao Tianlong frowned, “Say!”

“The group of people who came last time are here again!” The captain was shocked. You know, the last time he was beaten so vulnerable, people rushed in. This kind of thing, until today, he is here. There is a lingering fear!

But he just saw a scene of fear, the engine roared on the road, and there were helicopters in the sky!

Is this going to make a comeback?

The descendants of the Zhao family were stunned, they looked at Zhao Tianlong.

“What should I do now?” the captain asked.

“What to do? Tell everyone to come out. Since these people have delivered the door by themselves, there is only one end, and that is death!” Zhao Tianlong said coldly, his eyes were so dark that he actually delivered it to the door?

“Okay, let them come back and forth!!”

“Yes, kill them, dare you to underestimate our Zhao family?” The descendants of the Zhao family laughed! Still, want to destroy the Zhao family? Let you go back and forth!

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