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Chapter 429: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 429 Jealousy

The man in front of her was wearing a sports suit with short hair and smart face. Anna thought he looked pretty handsome.

“There are tricks for Barbecue. You are not skilled.”

What? Tricks? After imagining for a while, a scene appeared in her mind.

In TV shows, the chef just put the food on the grill and then sprinkled some salt and cumin or something, they just needed to turn the food over and prepared to eat.

It seemed to have no tricks.

“But, what skills I need to learn?” Anna was confused, she did exactly the same as the chef in TV show.

Dongzi was calm, however, after hearing Anna’s words and looking at her innocent face, he smiled and said, “Look, the food are brunt.”

After seeing the burned food and the smiling boy in front of her, Anna was convinced.

“Why?” Anna asked in confusion, she frowned and didn’t know the reason.

“You forgot to put the oil.” Dongzi laughed, the girl in front of him was really cute.

However, Anna just ignored his words and indulged in her own world. Dongzi thought that if there were not many people here, she would probably bit her finger and grabbed the clothes.

When Anna finally regained her thoughts, she patted her head and spat out her tongue towards Dongzi.

“I’m stupid to make such mistake.” Anna’s face flushed.

“Well, it’s okay, everyone acted like this before.” Dongzi replied softly, his voice was as warm as sun.

“Have you finished?” After staring at Dongzi’s food for a while, Anna suddenly said.

After realizing what she had said, Anna felt embarrassed, how could she say that? She was just a foodie.

Hearing this, Dongzi was a bit stunned then he answered, “Do you like to have a try?” Then he handed some vegetables to Anna.

Anna was very happy to hear this, it turned out that he was not only handsome, but also kind and gentle. He just treated her the food. However, Anna didn’t know that Dongzi was shocked. She looked at him with desire in her eyes.

He thought that she would ask him the skills of Barbecue and didn’t expect her to say this.

This girl was really interesting, Dongzi remembered that she came here with Yulin Xiao.

In the past, Yulin Xiao was the first to come. Today, he came so late, besides, he even brought a girl with him. She must be a very important girl.

Thinking of the face of Yulin Xiao, Dongzi felt very excited, he hadn’t seen him to act like that for a long time.

It was really interesting.

Seeing that Anna ate very fast, Dongzi grilled more, however, it seemed that Anna was very hungry that she kept eating.

Dongzi knew that the Barbecue he made taste good, however, it was the first time for him to see such a girl who ate so much.

While Anna was eating, she still stared at the food on the grill. Dongzi was shocked, was she really a girl? How could she eat so much?

After noticing Dongzi’s expression, Anna felt a bit embarrassed and said, “I’m just a little hungry, do you want it? I can give it to you.” Anna said a bit reluctantly.

“Well, just eat yourself, I’ll eat later.” Dongzi replied with a smile.

Anna thought that Dongzi was really a nice man, so she introduced herself, “I’m Anna.”

Hearing this, Dongzi smiled, “Just call me Dongzi, they all call me like this.”

Dongzi? The name sound a little weird, how could him be Yulin Xiao’s friend? He was so nice!

It seemed that there were also kind playboys just like Dongzi.

“Anna!” Seeing that Anna chatted happily with Dongzi, Yulin Xiao felt furious and yelled with his fist clenched.

Why was she there? She said that she went to eat the Barbecue. Why was she chatting with Dongzi? It seemed that she lied to him.

“What?” Hearing that someone was calling her, Anna turned back, the next moment she saw Yulin Xiao who looked very unhappy.

“Do you want to eat some? Dongzi is good at making Barbecue.” Anna smiled happily and asked Yulin Xiao with her hands waved.

Hearing this, Yulin Xiao felt better, it seemed that she still remembered him.

“Give it to me.” Yulin Xiao reached out his hand, seeing that Yulin Xiao still stood there, Anna didn’t felt angry and just walked to him and handed him the food.

However, the next moment, she turned back to Dongzi, which made Yulin Xiao very furious.

Seeing this, Dongzi smiled playfully.


“Yiyao, let’s go out to have a walk. We haven’t gone out for a long time.” Jingyan said while washing the dishes.

After thinking for a while, Yiyao agreed, she knew that Jingyan did this for her, he wanted to make her happy even though he was already very tired.

They hadn’t gone out for a long time.

“Knock, Knock!”

“Brother, open the door, I’m Chuxue.”

When Yiyao was pondering, she heard that somebody was knocking the door.

After listening carefully, she knew it was Chuxue. Then, she quickly walked over to open the door.

“Yiyao, I really miss you so much.”

As soon as the door was opened, Chuxue held Yiyao tightly and said, “I miss you!”

“Do you want to go out?” Yiyao dressed differently so that Chuxue noticed it. Obviously, she wanted to go out.

Chuxue smiled and asked, “Where is my brother? Is he here?” Chuxue looked around but didn’t find Jingyan.

“He is changing his clothes upstairs.” Yiyao smiled and looked at Chuxue who always looked happy.

“I know that you are hanging out, just take me with you, please.” Chuxue winked at Yiyao and said in a shy manner.

“OK?” Seeing that Yiyao kept silent, Chuxue asked again.

Of course, Yiyao couldn’t bear this and answered, “Fine.”

Hearing this, Chuxue felt happy and exclaimed, “Great.”

“Who allowed you to come with us?” Jingyan suddenly stopped Chuxue.

“Brother, please, I can serve you on the way.” Chuxue looked at Jingyan and said cautiously.

Hearing this, Yiyao smiled, Chuxue was so cute. Of course she wouldn’t ask her to do that.

Jingyan was speechless, was she really his sister? Why did she interrupt he and Yiyao?

After thinking for a while, Jingyan suddenly thought something and quickly held Yiyao, then he said, “I only love Yiyao, don’t love me!”

Hearing this, Chuexue was speechless as well, she though that Jingyan was really imaginative. How could he think like this? So she quickly rebutted, “Don worry, I don’t like you.”

Seeing that Yiyao kept laughing, Chuxue explained, “Yiyao, you have to trust me, I don’t like him at all.”

Just at this moment, Chuxue suddenly thought about Zhao, it seemed that she had left him in the store alone.

Thinking like this, Chuxue felt a bit guilty, it was hard for him to find her. He even bought so many things for her, how could her left him alone? Should she go back to see whether he was still waiting in the store?

Then, Jingyan said in a deep voice, “We’ll go out, you are not allowed to be with us, just stay at home.”

Of course, Jingyan wouldn’t let Chuxue to stay with them, if this happened, then there was no chance for him to be with Yiyao for Chuxue would keep chatting with her.

“Well, have fun.” Chuxue said to Jingyan and Yiyao. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

Although Chuxue agreed, actually she was thinking about Zhao.

Jingyan narrowed his eyes and looked at Chuxue, then he said, “Behave well okay? We’ll go out now.”

“Well, I know, I’m not a child anymore.” Chuxue pouted her mouth and said a bit grieved.

“Fine.” Then they left.

“Chuxue, we’re leaving, I’ll bring some delicious food to you.” Yiyao smiled softly.

“Well, thank you, Yiyao.” It seemed that Yiyao was her sister, her brother acted like a stranger.

After they left, Chuexue felt bored, so she took out her things and left.


Yulin Xiao didn’t know how to describe his feeling. He felt unpleasant when he saw Anna was chatting with Dongzi. However, he told himself that he just didn’t want Dongzi to cheat her.

It was not love, that was all his thought. He comforted himself like this and ignore the feeling in his heart.

“What did Yulin Xiao say to you?” Dongzi focused himself on the grill and asked casually.

“Nothing.” Anna opened her eyes and looked at Dongzi.

Seeing Anna’s behavior, Yulin Xiao was even more furious.

Anna was still waiting for the food in Dongzi’s hand, she gave one Yulin Xiao, so she had nothing now.

Seeing this, Dongzi smiled, he deliberately grilled longer and noticed Anna’s expression.

Anna couldn’t bear anymore and she asked, “It is okay?”

“Well, here you are,” Dongzi smiled, it was the first time for him to see such a special girl.

However, at this moment, someone took the food away. Anna raised her head and yelled, “Yulin Xiao, what are you doing? Give it to me.”

Anna glared angrily at Yulin Xiao, she was very angry now.

“Come with me.” Yulin Xiao said nothing but grabbed her.

“What are you doing?”Anna didn’t know what happened, then she was taken out of the hotel.

“Get on the car,” Yulin Xiao still didn’t answer her question and said indifferently.

“No, I won’t do that.” Anna was angry, what happened to him? Why did he do this to her? Was he crazy?

Every one has the right to be angry.

“Are you waiting for Dongzi?” Yulin Xiao said nonchalantly.

He felt very furious when thinking like this.

“Well, you’re right, I’m waiting for him, I’ll go back to eat the food made by him.” Anna replied angrily with her head turned aside.

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