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Chapter 43 – 44: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 43: A Woman Not Trusted by Her Husband

Venus Mu sighed. This was how a woman felt when her husband didn’t trust her. It was so sad. The only fortunate thing was that she didn’t love Kerry Ye. Maybe when he grew tired of her and her brother came back, she could divorce him.

Then, she could start a new life without him.

Thinking this way, Venus got up from the floor and went back to bed. She found her cell and called her uncle Changrui Mu. No way would Kerry allow her back to the Mu family, so she could only ask about her brother’s news over the phone.

However, the phone kept ringing but no one answered it.

Upon hanging up, Venus called again, but still no answer.

Venus didn’t give up. She called the third time, still no luck.

When she called the fourth time, it was finally connected, only to the sound of a message: the phone you dialed has been turned off.

Venus’s heart sank. She was not stupid. Her uncle had coveted their family’s fortunes for decades. She knew that, but she knew nothing about running a company. The last thing she wanted was to see that the Mu Group for which her parents had been working hard over so many years collapse in her hands. What was worse, she couldn’t find her brother, so she had no choice but relying on her uncle now.

Feeling terribly upset, Venus’s brain slowly drifted off to dreams. Even when the servant came in to get her for dinner, she did not wake up.

When she woke up the next day, it was already bright morning. The sun was shining outside the window. Venus felt something sweetly cold, rubbing on her back comfortably.

She looked sideways and surprisingly saw Servant Qin.

Servant Qin saw Venus waking up and instantly smiled, “Good morning, Young Madam.”

Venus nodded and asked, “What are you rubbing on my back? It’s comfortable.”

“It’s the ointment from Dr. Han. It relieves the discomfort of the wound and removes the scar. John saw that you haven’t woken up and worried about you, so he let me come in and apply the ointment for you.” Servant Qin explained and apologized, “Sorry, Young Madam, I was not being quite enough to wake you up!”

Venus shook her head, “I’m OK, you go ahead!”

It was strange to wake up in the morning and find that someone was rubbing her with ointment, but she preferred it than leaving a scar.

Servant Qin left after finishing her job. Venus got up from the bed and shook her body a little, only then did she find that she was much better. The wound on her back was no longer painful and got scabs already.

That was great!

It meant that she recovered well and she could go to school, in that way, she would not have to see Kerry’s poker face all day long.

She happily washed up and went downstairs to have breakfast. At this time, Kerry was not home and at work already. Without him being there, she felt free and relaxed.

After breakfast, Venus went upstairs and about to go back to her room. Suddenly, she heard a string of sweet and clear bells.

Venus stopped her steps on a dime. The wind chimes were shaking. It was the room with the bell hanging on the door upstairs. Remembering this, she subconsciously looked upstairs, as expected, the same room, only this time the door was closed.

Purple pupils, and shining eyes…

Flying man, and flying teacup and teapot…

Venus kept savoring those images and couldn’t help walking upstairs…The forbidden area of Ye’s villa, the room that Kerry didn’t allow her to approach, even not allow her to come near the third floor…

Chapter 44: Purple Pupils That Disappear Suddenly

On the third floor, Venus Mu was closing to the room, again. Her heart was pumping hard nervously. Her movements became cautious and careful. The room door was closed, but there were windows.

Over her toes, Venus leaned on the window and peeked in —

As expected, she saw the mysterious man with purple pupils again!!!

For a moment, Venus was so scared that she almost screamed. Luckily in time, she covered her mouth.

Gazing at the scene inside the room, Venus saw that not only the teapot and teacup but also the table in the middle were flying this time, and the person controlling these things was the man with purple pupils.

The man was murmuring some fuzzy words in his mouth. When he sent out a gesture suddenly, the table flew to the right. With another gesture, the table flew back to the ground steadily.

He seemed to be able to control these things to fly. When he waved his hands, the sports equipment next to him, the treadmill ran on its own, and the basketball shot into the loop by itself.

What the…

Venus was dumbfounded, as if she was seeing a science fiction drama. The man who manipulated these things had a face the same as that of Kerry. The only thing different was those eyes. This man had mysterious purple pupils that ordinary people didn’t have, and his purple pupils could even glow.

For shining eyes, Venus suddenly though of Kerry. Although his eyes were blue, they seemed to be able to glow too.

Looking back on it now carefully, Venus found that when Kerry was extremely angry, his eyes would emit blue lights, such a blueness that could devour one completely. Could it be that she saw it wrong?

Venus was not sure. When she came into her senses and looked into the room again, something more magical happened.

The mysterious man with purple pupils in the room was gone!!!

Catching a cold breath, Venus carefully watched the room up and down thoroughly. He was gone!

The man with purple pupils was just in front of her eyes one, in her absence less than half a minute, he disappeared!

Venus immediately left the window, opened the door of the room and went in.

It was the first time she stepped into the room. Everything in the room was in the place. It was an ordinary indoor playground, with treadmills, basketball, tables, teapots, and teacups. All were put in order.

As if she had just witnessed an illusion, nothing could fly or move itself, and no such man with purple pupils existed.


Pinching herself fiercely, Venus felt pain, a strong sting of pain, proving that it was not an illusion. What was it?

At this moment, a thunderous voice hit her. It was from Kerry, “Venus, who allowed you to come into this room?”

Venus shivered upon hearing his roaring. She turned back and saw Kerry’s angry face and his dark blue pupils.

“Ke…Kerry…” Venus’s body was shaking uncontrollably. When she braved herself to say something, Kerry came forward and unhesitatingly dragged her out of the room.

“No, don’t…” Venus hurriedly struggled, “Kerry, listen to me, there was someone in this room, a man with purple eyes, really, he looked just like you…”

“Shut up!!!” Kerry abruptly interrupted her words and threw her to the ground, “Venus, let me tell you something, there was nobody in this room! If there was, it could only be a ghost! It was a ghost. In this room, next to the table, a man died there.”

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