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Chapter 43 – 44: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 43: The show was on


Dean Brown said in anger, “Don’t consider yourself as a big deal! You’re jus ta peasant and will never make it to the upper ten!”

“Wow, what about you?” Colin Ward looked at him in a smile.

He snorted, “What do you think I’m doing here? I’m going to have dinner with the chairman of the Marquis! Millions, hell! Billions will be made after tonight! You are nothing compared to me!”

Colin raised his eyebrows, “Hmm, the chairman of the Marquis Group, huh?”

“Yes! How about that!” Dean was complacent, “So watch yourself! Don’t mess with me anymore!”

“Well, well, I won’t if you don’t bother me. As for the money, just consider it as a relief.”

“You!” Dean was even angrier when mentioning it.

“What? Did I say something wrong?” Colin shrugged.

No matter how pissed Dean was, he could not change the fact that he borrowed Colin twenty grand, and without a penny in the pocket, he was unable to take revenge.

But after tonight, if he could have the partnership with Marquis Group, he would be rich!

He gritted his teeth, “Colin Ward, you bastard. Wait till you see who the man you can’t mess with!”

And Dean just left.

Colin, on the other hand, watched Dean into the room he was going to went, and he grinned.

The show was on!

Just after Dean sat down on his seat, Colin walked into the room as well.

“Hey!” Dean got on his feet, “Get your ass out of here!”

It drew the attention of the rest in the room immediately. Colin was in a common suit and was like a nobody to them.

“Who are you?” A bald, middle-aged man asked.

“You heard the man! Get out!” Dean did not want him to interrupt his plan tonight.

“You really want me out?” Colin glanced around and said frivolously.

“Or what?” Another man stood up. “Listen, lad, I don’t know how you get the information, but if you’re trying to sell us something, I can tell you right now, it’s not going to work. We’re here to meet someone important, and we don’t want to be interrupted tonight.”

“He’s right, young man.” More people started to talk, “Actually, if you don’t want to piss us off, you better turn around and leave right now.”

“Sir, this is Colin Ward,” Dean opened his mouth right away, “He’s not even unemployed.”


Hearing Dean’s introduction, they were more dismissive.

Colin glanced at Dean and made up his mind to cripple this man’s career completely.

“Are you waiting for the chairman of the Marquis Group?”

“It’s none of your business!” Dean glared at Colin.

“No, it does,” Colin said calmly, “Or I’ll blame Nina for giving me a wrong room number.”


A cup fell on the floor.

All of them were stunned.

Dean now turned himself into a statue.

Finally, the bald man broke the silence, “Are you the chairman of the Marquis Group?”

“No, I’m not…”

Hearing his words, Dean breathed a sigh of relief and was going to say something but Colin finished his sentence.

“But I’m the general manager, and I come here on behalf of the chairman.”

Dean looked at him with astonished eyes, “That’s impossible!”

“Well, it is.” Colin shrugged.

“You’re just a peasant! You…” Dean said in a hurry, “We went to the same school! How come you became the manager!”

The rest of the people was hesitating and the bald man asked, “You said you’re the manager, then prove it to us.”

Colin sighed slightly and called Nina White, “Explain the situation, Nina.”

He then gave the phone to the bald man.

Ten seconds later, the bald man handed over his phone back with both hands and bow slightly, “Mr. Ward, I’m so sorry.”

Looking at his reaction, the rest of them understood immediately and apologized to him.

“Impossible!” Dean yelled, “That’s impossible!”

This news shocked him, and he was about to break at any second.

“Are you calling me a liar?” The bald man looked at Dean, “Ms. White just confirmed everything on the phone!”

Dean fell on the chair.

He knew that there was no need for the bald man to lie, but it just shocked him.

Back then, though Dean was not some rich people, compared with Colin, he still could be called a successful businessman.

Chapter 44: Dinner at home

Dean Brown thought that after tonight, his career would be different and Colin Ward who humiliated him would be a complete loser, while now, reality slapped him hard on the face.

The loser he considered turned out to be the manager of the Marquis Group.

Thinking of how arrogant he was just now, Dean felt ashamed.

Colin looked at Dean and sneered, “Partnership with Marquis, huh? I can tell you, there is no way Marquis does business with you, Dean Brown.”

“From now on, the Marquis and its subsidiaries will never do business with you.”

Dean glared at Colin and desperately wanted to punch Colin in the face, but he could not because Colin now would bankrupt his company easily.

The rest of the people just watched this drama and did not dare to say a thing about it.

“Oh, Mr. Ward, please, sit down.”

“Thank you, but I’m here tonight to tell you that the chairman’s busy, so guys, please do not invite him to this kind of meaningless…activity.”

And he went out, leaving the rest stunned.

Dean, on the other hand, finally understood who the manager of the Lanbo port was implying when telling him that he had offended someone he could not mess with…

Colin went straight to his car and got the call from Doris when he was going home, “Hey Colin, my mom told us to have dinner home tonight.”

“Got it, ” Colin then asked, “What about Xinxi now?”

“Nothing changed.” The Xinxi was still attacking Lishi.

“Alright, don’t worry, I’ll handle it.” Colin comforted her, “See you later, huh?”

“Yeah, bye.”

After hanging up the phone, Colin called the scarred face right away to ask how the investigation went, and he was told that until now, they only knew the owner of Xinxi lived in Lanbo port, nothing more.

As Colin was thinking of it, Nina White called in, “Mr. Ward, things with Xinxi went well this afternoon. They accept acquisition under one condition. Destroying Lishi completely.”

“Okay, for now, just hold them first.” Colin answered.

He was curious. Why? Why did Xinxi do such things?

Carrying the questions, he went back home and found Doris arrived with him.

They went into the room and noticed Barr martin was also here.

Eva Gray and Baker Lee were chatting with him.

“Come on and sit.” Eva went up to Doris, “How’s work?”

Doris did not look happy after seeing Barr, while Colin just glanced at him and did not say anything.

Without a second thought, he knew that Barr Martin was here because of Eva’s invitation.

Barr stood up and greeted Doris with a smiling face, but Doris ignored him.

When Colin was about to sit down next to Doris in the couch, Eva stopped him, “Move! Sit your ass over there.”

Doris frowned and was going to say something while Colin gave her a sign, so he gave up.

Seeing this, Barr glanced at Colin complacently before turning to Doris, “Doris, I bought a house here lately. Next time I could pick you to work.”

“Thank you, but I have my own car.”

“Mr. Martin was just being kind!” Eva cut in, “Plus, with him driving for you, you can rest more.”

“Yeah, just let me help.” Barr said.

“I can handle it on my own.” Doris frowned.

She never liked Barr Martin, and not to mention the thing that happened when Colin was caught by police.

Barr was pissed off a bit, but on the surface, he maintained his politeness.

The meal was cooked later.

During the dinner, Eva and Barr just kept talking, trying to persuade Doris to be with Barr Martin.

Colin remained silent, but it did not mean he was not angry.

“Eva, ” He finally could not help defending himself with Doris, “We’re not going to get divorced.”

“Who are you to make the call!?” Eva turned to him and spoke sharply, “You will Doris no good!”

“Mom! He helped me! A lot! He just never told you about it!” Doris explained.

“You think I’m a fool? How can a loser like him to help you!”

Eva did not believe at all that Colin could help Doris, but Doris knew that without Colin, she would never have the chance to be in charge of the project.

“I think Colin is doing good,” Baker Lee cut in all of a sudden, “Ain’t he bought Doris a house and a car?”

“The hell!” Eva glared at Baker, “What do you know! You’re not much better than him!”

The impression as a loser Colin left to Eva was too strong, and unless he could prove himself better than Barr Martin, or things would not change for Eva.

Hearing her words, Baker buried his head down and shut his mouth.

Doris sighed slightly while Barr continued, “Doris, I intend to do nothing, I just want to help you to…”

“Doris is my wife,” Colin interrupted, “I can pick her to work and home.”

“Buy a car first, Colin.” Barr said contemptuously, “You don’t expect Doris to take a bus or bicycle with you, right?”

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