Chapter 430: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 430 Seduce the President

“Well, how dare you!” Yulin Xiao felt very angry and then he drove away.

Anna stood still and didn’t know what happened, she felt very grieved.

Yulin Xiao didn’t even explain to her, he just asked her to eat dinner and then left her alone and played with his friends himself. Fortunately, she met Dongzi who could instruct her and make food for her, or she would be very hungry.

Anna waited there for a long time, she thought that Yulin Xiao wouldn’t left her alone, however, all her done was in vain.

At this moment, a blue Lamborghini stopped at Anna’s feet. After the window fell down, she saw Dongzi, then he asked, “Anna? Why are you here alone?” After looking around, he didn’t saw Yulin Xiao, so he continued, “Where is Yulin Xiao? He should be with you.” Dongzi didn’t know what happened.

Hearing Yulin Xiao’s name, Anna felt a bit depressed and replied, “He had left.”

Hearing this, Dongzi knew that they must had a quarrel, he remembered that Yulin Xiao had dragged her out of the hotel. After looking at her for a while, he said, “Anna, get on, I’ll send you home. It’s hard to take a taxi here.”

“Well, I can go home myself.” Although she thought Dongzi was a nice man, she didn’t dare to trust him, so she refused directly.

After chatting for a while, Dongzi left as well. Before leaving, he reminded her that this area was dangerous with all kinds of people, she must be cautious.

The sky was getting darker and darker, just like her heart.

Anna took a taxi to school.

As soon as she entered the school, she saw that someone were pointing at her. She ignored them at first, however, when she walked into the campus, more and more people were discussing about her.

She even heard two girls saying, “It turns out that she is Anna, how dare such a plain girl to seduce the president?”

“You’re right. She must has her ways. Perhaps……” The two girls looked at each other with an implicit smile and then left.

“Seduce the president?” Anna didn’t know what they were talking about. She was too tired to pay attention to the rumor, after went back to the dormitory, she quickly lied on bed and fell asleep and even didn’t noticed the weird expressions of her roommates.


“Anna, wake up, why are you still sleeping?” Anna was woken up by her roommate Qiqi, “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t you know the rumor? You’ve said to have seduced the president, and people all say that you have an affair.” Qiqi said anxiously, she really wanted to know the truth.

“What are you talking about? It is ridiculous.” Anna felt a bit annoyed, what was she talking about?

Anna regained her thought and frowned at Qiqi, then Senven continued, “Look, you are now a famous people on the school website.”

After taking a look of the phone, Anna felt furious.

Those were the photos of her and Yulin Xiao, besides Dongzi was also on them. She looked extremely happy when staying with Dongzi in these pictures.

It was definitely a rumor, she only wanted the food in Dongzi’s hands, how could they say this?

However, Qiqi looked at Anna excitedly and asked in surprise, “Anna, this is you, right? Oh my god!”

Anna just ignored her words, she wanted to know who took such photos. They really looked vivid.

Even her quarrel with Yulin Xiao was shot, not to mention the moments when they were on the car.

She tried her best to avoid those classmates and acted carefully, how could this happen?

She didn’t want to contact Yulin Xiao, but why did he call her yesterday? Why did he left her alone?

“Anna, who is your boyfriend?”

Qiqi kept asking, however, she couldn’t answer her, she met Yulin Xiao a while ago, and Dongzi was just someone she met yesterday.

Even if she was stupid, she couldn’t believe this. No one would trust her.

“Anna, I think Yulin Xiao looks better, he is so cool.” Qiqi was totally indulged in his smart appearance.

“I like neither of them!”

Just at this moment, the phone rang.

“Whose phone is ringing?” Qiqi said.

It was Anna’s phone, and the number looked unfamiliar, so Anna knew who was calling. Except Yulin Xiao, nobody knew her number.

“Anna, why don’t you answer the phone?” Seeing that Anna just took the phone and didn’t answer, Qiqi asked.

There was no need for her to answer his phone. They owned each other nothing now.

Thus, Anna hung up the phone without hesitation and replied, “It’s just a scam phone call.”

However, the next moment, Yulin Xiao called again and she hung up again.

“Those fraud really works hard.” Anna laughed dryly. Unfortunately, the phone rang again, after seeing that it was the same number, Qiqi asked, “Is it really a scam phone call, you’d better pick up first.”

Anna felt a bit embarrassed, she didn’t know what to say, there was nothing to talk about between them.

“Well, I left something in the laundry, I’ll get it first.” Qiqi patted her head and quickly left.

Although Anna was a bit numb, she knew that Qiqi did this on purpose.

The next moment, the phone rang again. After waiting for a while, Anna finally picked up the phone.

As soon as she answered, someone yelled angrily, “Anna, where are you! I’ve called you so many times.”

Hearing this, Anna felt grieved, how could he yell at her? It was he who left her alone yesterday.

“Why don’t you answer my question? Anna?”

“Answer my question!” Yulin Xiao was so angry, why did she kept silent?


He called her the whole night for fear that she was seduced by Dongzi. He even went to Dongzi’s home, however, Dongzi told him that she was waiting taxi alone yesterday and looked very depressed.

After knowing that they weren’t together yesterday, Yulin Xiao felt happy, however, then he became anxious for he didn’t know where she was.

Where she could go? Did she go back to school?

Yulin Xiao didn’t know how he got out of Dongzi’s villa, all he remembered was what Dongzi said, “I heard that Fenfang Road is not safe recently, there was a female college student who got loss there a few days ago.”

Besides, Dongzi also said, “Do you think she is safe or not?”

The next moment, he rushed out to find Anna. He drove very fast and arrived at Fenfang Road, he walked directly into the hotel and asked the manager if something weird had happened. However, the manager kept flattering him.

Yulin Xiao was very anxious and kicked the manger, then he asked, “Was there anything wrong happened?”

The manager was stunned, then he realized the situation and quickly answered, “There seemed to be one.” Hearing this, Yulin Xiao became even more furious and yelled, “Give me an absolute answer.” The manger answered in tremble, “It seemed that a young woman was took away by some rascals. She might be a college student and was waiting for someone at the front of the hotel.”

The manager stood up and looked at Yulin Xiao somewhat frightened, he didn’t dare to annoy him.

“Damn.” God bless her.

“Do you still remember what the girl was wearing?” Yulin Xiao was very nervous, it shouldn’t be Anna. He couldn’t believe that.

“She was wearing a dress.” After thinking for a while, the manager said firmly.

“Do you know those rascals?” Yulin Xiao gritted his teeth and asked.

“No, I haven’t met them those rascals before.”

“Shit!” Yulin Xiao cursed, which really cursed the manager.

Rascals could be seen everywhere in this area. Yulin Xiao didn’t know what to do if the girl the manager described was really Anna.

He wouldn’t definitely changed this area into a safer place and gave a lesson to those rascals. Yulin Xiao narrowed his eyes, which were like frost.

He kept calling Anna, however, she didn’t answer the phone. So he could only search her around the area. Now she picked up the phone, which made him feel excited and a bit anxious.

It was the first time for him to act like this, even Wei Yu wasn’t be treated like this. Maybe it was because that Anna was stupid, or he was careless. He should be responsible for her.

Since Wei had grown up with them, so such dangerous things wouldn’t happen to her.

Yulin Xiao was so proud that he just ignored his feeling which made he very anxious and nervous.


“Why do you yell at me?” Anna felt very depressed and her eyes suddenly filled with tears.

“Anna, what’s wrong with you?” Yulin Xiao felt anxious, all he heard was Anna’s sob.

Yulin Xiao comforted himself that nothing happened to Anna or he would definitely do something crazy.

“I’m angry, there’s a rascal who left me alone yesterday.” Xiana sobbed, she felt sad when thinking about the things happened yesterday.

Anna didn’t realized her tone, she acted flirty and pouty, as if Yulin Xiao was her boyfriend.

“Where did you go last night?” Yulin Xiao asked in a deep voice.

“Where can I go? I went back to school.” Anna’s words were like sunshine that suddenly warmed Yulin Xiao’s heart.

It turned out that she went back to school yesterday.

Why was he so stupid? Why didn’t he think about this?

“Why don’t you call me? Shit” Yulin Xiao cursed in a low voice, he kept searching Anna and didn’t sleep last night.

“It was you who left me alone. Why should I call you?” Anna was furious, she never met such a perverse man before.

“Damn. I went back to find you but you were chatting with Dongzi happily.” Yulin Xiao gritted his teeth and said.

Of course he went back but only found that they were chatting happily.

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