All the descendants of the Zhao family were angry and excited!

Today, let the people of China know that the Zhao family is still one of the four big families! !

The captain of the family guard immediately obeyed the order. He was beaten last time, but this time?


All the members of the family guard come out, are these people scared to pee?

“Hands, everyone stays alive! I want to torture them to death bit by bit!” Zhao Tianlong said coldly.

“Yes, torturing them to death, fortunately, our Zhao family is wild?”

The Zhao family’s descendants are very angry, and it’s been a long time since such a thing happened, so grandiosely destroying the Zhao family? What a joke!

The captain nodded respectfully, “Yes! Please wait!”

He ran out, staring outside coldly, he sneered, and he felt the joy of revenge in his heart. Today, he will be ashamed!

I made myself so miserable last time, today, let you double the repayment!

The captain said coldly on the walkie-talkie, “Listen, everyone, catch them! The first team of the family guards give me the helicopter in the air! Yes, shoot it down!! The third team of the family guards, at all costs, they must be surrounded! Master wants to catch alive!”

“Captain, those people and vehicles are great, do we need to dispatch the tanks?” someone said on the intercom.

“Out! The fifth family team dispatched tanks!” said the captain. These are all modified vehicles and shipped from the United States! Unstoppable!

What if your cars are modified? There is paper in front of the tank, absolutely crushed, it can definitely surprise you!!

“Family team four, team seven assist!” said the captain.


“Received, Captain!”

The captain smiled coldly. This is the strength of the Zhao family guards. Last time, it was just caught off guard. You attacked, so you could breakthrough. Today, the family guards are ready!

Comparable to Tongshan Iron Wall!

If you can’t attack, you will all die here!

The captain smiled coldly to the point of hideousness, “Huh, you still dare to bring a car? Go to hell!”

The huge road in front of Zhao’s house!

Betty flying a helicopter in the sky!

Below is the crazy engine roaring sound! More than a dozen off-road vehicles galloping on the road, deafening, ignoring everything!


Five helicopters flew over from the opposite side.

“Boss, do you need us to shoot down this garbage?” Someone asked below, yes. These planes are rubbish!

It’s a helicopter for family use, but it can be used as a family guard?

Karen Lee’s home in the United States has all kinds of defensive weapons because Karen Lee has her own technology company, a unique security defence system, and weapons tailored to local conditions, all developed by Karen Lee’s company!

Can’t buy it outside! That kind of undisclosed technology is at least twenty or thirty years ahead of the world level!

That’s really easy to defend and hard to attack, these can only be regarded as rubbish!

“No, you remember, the young master will let the Zhao family disappear tonight!” Betty said, her beautiful eyes were already staring at the helicopter coming across.

Today, we must breakthrough here.


The off-road vehicle below is driving crazy!

On the opposite side, there was a modified tank! But the off-road vehicle is flexible, and immediately deal with these garbage tanks!

This place suddenly became a battlefield! The crash, the circling in the air, the continuous rumbling, exciting!

Zhao Family Hall!

All the descendants of the Zhao family smiled coldly, listening to this voice, you can hear what is going on outside, these people have been besieged!

Then you can imagine the end! !

“Haha, these idiots, this is the strength of our Zhao family! Thinking that they came in last time, they can continue to come in this time? It’s just wishful thinking!” The descendants of the Zhao family laughed.

Yes, hasn’t the Zhao family stood tall for so many years, how could it be that these people just said it was destroyed??

I thought I was dreaming here!

“Grandpa, Chuck Cannon called someone over, then our Zhao family must start fighting back!” Someone suggested!

“Yes, counterattack, he actually bullied our Zhao family, make him regret it!”

Zhao Tianlong’s eyes are abnormally cold, “I already have an idea, this Chuck Cannon is so high-profile, it is not difficult to find all his industries in China! Dinger, you go and deal with it now!”

Must fight back, thinking that the Zhao family is a paper tiger? The Zhao family is angry, you don’t even have the qualifications to resist!

A middle-aged man immediately went to deal with it, he laughed, this is a trifle, it is too easy for Zhao family to resist personally!

but! !

The captain of the family guard suddenly ran in, “Master, master!”

Zhao Tianlong frowned, “No matter how flustered you are, you don’t have to do it, the captain!”

“No, the opponent’s car has broken through the defence of the family guard, and it has come here now!” The captain was shocked!

It is simply incredible!

These people seem to have been specially trained, and they know how to deal with this situation.

The tanks are heavy and they are not as flexible as these modified off-road vehicles. They left the tanks behind at once. Three helicopters caught fire and fell. The situation was tragic and they were still so vulnerable!

“They, maybe all mercenaries!!” The captain trembled, especially the one who flew the plane, which was much better than the mercenaries.

Yes, these people were trained by Karen Lee personally, this kind of scene is trivial!

“What?” Zhao Tianlong almost fell off the chair.

The other descendants of the Zhao family were stunned, what’s the situation, this is only a few minutes?

“Are you right? Give you more than 2 billion every year, and raise more than 400 of you, you actually…” There was a person who trembled all over!

“I’m sorry, mainly because these people are too powerful, they are completely invincible!” The captain has a lingering fear!

These people are simply terrifying. He has a feeling of facing the death gods of hell. Have these people fought with people on the battlefield with real guns and live ammunition! It’s a group of people crawling out of the dead!

“Then what should I do now? Everyone has beaten in.”

“Yes, what should I do?”

“Why?” Zhao Tianlong scolded. “What ups and downs have we seen in the Zhao family? You! Arrange a plane immediately and take us out of here!”

This place, if you give up, you give up. It’s nothing. The Zhao family lives in several places like Huaxia, so it’s not a big deal to go elsewhere!

“Yes, get out of here, huh, thinking that he will destroy our Zhao family, it’s just wishful thinking! Wait three days for our Zhao family, and you will be caught off guard!” Someone sneered!

The captain will immediately make arrangements!

Zhao Tianlong squinted coldly, my Zhao family is not so easy to kill!

But suddenly, a person fell in!

The captain of the family guard!

He got up in horror, “You, you…”

“Want to go?”

A tall woman walked in, Betty!

She came in, and the defence of this kind of place was too simple for her. When she was in the United States, she was alone in and out of a rich man’s home protected by hundreds of people.

The captain rushed up angrily, and was attacked by a woman, is this still worth it?



The two of them seemed to be making a movie, and they fought fiercely at once, it was dazzling!

The descendants of the Zhao family were shocked, how could there be such a powerful woman!


The captain fell out, vomiting blood, shocked that it was difficult to maintain!

This woman is amazing!

He was not an opponent!

“How did you get in with this kind of strength?” Betty walked over with her long legs swaying, and she moved out!

The captain backed away in horror, but couldn’t avoid it.

He was knocked down by Betty in one fell swoop, seriously injured!

The descendants of the Zhao family were shocked!

People, someone from outside came in one after another, but none of them were from the family guard. They were all expressionless men in black, as cold as mercenaries, one, two, three…

Just come in one after another, some of them were injured, some were seriously injured, but they were all staring at the descendants of the Zhao family!

The atmosphere is tense and terrifying! Silent!

Everyone dared not to speak, they were terrified!

Zhao Tianlong is shaking, what? What happened? The members of your own family guard were defeated so desperately?

“Today. The Zhao family will disappear on the earth!” Betty’s cold words rang in the ears of all the Zhao family’s descendants, like thunder, like a bolt from the blue sky, making them stunned.

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