Chapter 431 – 432: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 431: Evaluate His Strength

In the small courtyard, Kris Chen was exploring the sword pill in his heart!

The sword was one inch long, and it was fiery red. Kris Chen didn’t know if it was because the life point he chose was the heart point.

The heart point belongs to fire, and the most peculiar thing was that this one-inch sword could leave his body!

That’s right. It could leave the master’s body!

And after leaving his body, there was no discomfort.

It was amazing.

He called Tu Guan and asked a stupid question, “Can your Demon Pill leave your body?”

Tu Guan was frightened. How could his Demon Pill leave his body?

That was the essence of his life. Once it left his body, he would die and disappear forever.

He knelt on the ground, begging for mercy because he thought Kris Chen was going to kill him.

“Stop, stop, there are so many monster kings’ corpses in my storage ring. Why do I need to eat you?”

Kris Chen waved his hand impatiently.

Tu Guan was also embarrassing.

He was stupid. If his master wanted to kill him, he could just smash his soul source.

It was weird. Since the demon pill of monsters couldn’t leave their body, the golden pill of practitioners shouldn’t either.

Nameless Sword Tactics also didn’t say that cultivating this sword tactic would condense a nondescript sword pill.

Kris Chen thought for a long time, and suddenly thought of a possibility!

He came from the earth. In theory, he reached the Primal Spirit Field of the Devil Land.

But because of the different rules of the world, he couldn’t exert his full strength, so he rebuilt the method of Devil Land.

He was wondering if this was the reason why the sword pill in his heart could leave his body?

The more Kris Chen thought about it, the more he felt it should be the reason. Otherwise, it didn’t make sense.

The practitioners of Devil Land were more than a trillion, and he didn’t think he was better than others.

Then, how to judge his rank of Sword Vital Energy?

He could only judge it from his increased lifespan.

Most practitioners could feel their lifespans.

Kris Chen underwent the thunder tribulation on the earth. At that time, he felt that he could live as long as a thousand years. But after coming to Devil Land, he felt that he could only live up to five hundred years!

So even if he could live for five hundred years, he could live for at least two thousand years now!

The lower golden pills increase life span from 100 to 300 years, and the middle golden pills increase life span from 400 to 600 years, and the upper golden pills increase life span from 700 to 900 years!

It was said that on top of the first-grade golden pill, there was a divine-grade golden pill, which could increase life span for thousands of years and even awaken one’s talent.

Thinking of it, he was shocked!

He could increase his lifespan to 1,500 years, which meant that he condensed a divine-grade golden pill.

He suddenly felt that he could fly because his talent was awakened.

Damn, it was a bum talent!

When others awakened their talents, they were all extremely powerful. But his talent was to fly, which was of no use.

Even without this talent, he could fly either!

Even if he couldn’t fly, he could buy a god-level book and learn how to fly!

Kris Chen gave a wry smile. But with his talent, he could save his money to buy cultivation bases.

Was it just his talent? It could not be that simple!

Besides, he was now in the Pill-Condensation Stage and could fly with the sword!

It was so wonderful that he could fly with a sword!

Just by thinking of it, he was excited!

He stopped thinking about the sword pill, and he summoned The dagger: Kill Qin again and slashed his arm.

Sparks were flying everywhere, and there was no wound on his hand.

His current strength was no less than ten thousand kilograms, but it still couldn’t break his defense.

He was too strong and powerful.

His physical body was cultivated to the extreme, and it would exert power beyond imagination.

For example, he could fly as he wanted, which meant that his body has entered a mysterious stage.

After all, in this world, some gods and demons rely on the power of the flesh to fight.

For example, if your strength exceeded tens of millions of kilograms, you could fly over a hundred miles by agitating all your strength to jump!

Didn’t it mean that you could fly to some extent?

He felt the shock of The dagger: Kill Qin and this guy was emotional.

Well, he was promoted with great difficulty and found out that he was not as tough as his master’s physical body. So it was no wonder that he would be angry.

It was a shame on him!

“Come on, work hard to improve yourself, and I will re-refine your body by some treasures!”

The dagger: Kill Qin was powerful not because of the sword itself, but because of the Jing Ke’s soul in The dagger: Kill Qin.

Kris Chen was already satisfied that it could be promoted to this level with ordinary materials.

The dagger: Kill Qin was not suitable for Kris Chen now, so he didn’t need to use him to attack people anymore.

Feeling the excitement from The dagger: Kill Qin, Kris Chen smiled and put it into his body.

After being promoted to the Pill-Condensation Stage, if Kris Chen wanted to open his acupuncture points, the aura, and resources needed directly increased dozens of times.

He first tried the power of the Pill-Condensation Stage’s sword energy!

As soon as he thought it in his heart, the sword vital energy was all over his body.

He was startled, and it was faster than he thought.

The sword moved with his heart!

In a short time, dozens of his acupuncture holes were hollowed out, and a sword condensing two thousand sword vital energies were quietly suspended in the air!


It was really that the sword moved with his heart!

And there were thunders and lightning all over the body, and its power was greatly increased.

The sword energy made the sword moved with his heart.

Although Kris Chen could condense the sword vital energies quickly, there was always a process.

Now even the process was omitted.

As long as he wanted, he could use his sword without limit as long as there were enough sword vital energies in his acupuncture points.

Just with these, his strength has been increased several times!

He didn’t know what could primal spirit do, but the benefits of Divine Spiritual Power were obvious.

With the strength of his current Divine Spiritual Power, he could instantly outline three hundred and sixty formations, and the things he didn’t understand before was all-clear after a little thought.

It was like replacing the computer with a brand new CPU. So he could think about things thoroughly.

After thinking it all out, Kris Chen had a deeper impression of his strength.

If he was a Pill-Condensation Stage, he could kill the Supreme Monster as he wants.

But if he was in Primal Spirit Stage, he could be restricted by the world. His primal spirit was of no use, and the aura stored in his meridians was just in case of an emergency.

Now there were three things he needed to do. The first was to change these prey into something useful!

Second, he could change them into treasures and reshaped the sword body for The dagger: Kill Qin, and got a few practical god-level techniques by the way!

Third, he had to get the best spiritual stones and medicines!

Walking out of the courtyard, Tu Guan and Zhong Guan turned into two pangolin statues and guarded at the door, looked like guardians.

“I need to go out, and you two remain here!”

“Yes, master!”

The two monsters said in unison.

Kris Chen’s speed was very fast, one hundred meters in one step, and almost no one could follow him, and he was also afraid of being recognized.

Putting on the mask, he walked into Seven-treasures House.

After the great disaster, the Seven-treasures House was crowded, and it looked better than ever.

Without him, and after going through the catastrophe, they should understand that as long as they have magic weapons in their hands, they could protect themselves!

Mr. Wang, the shopkeeper, was quite happy. Within a month, he has completed his task for this year.

He could get a better rating at the end of this year if his performance were better, and he could also get a higher reward from Seven-treasures House.

Kris Chen walked in with a mask. No one knew he was the hero who saved the entire Wuwei City.

As soon as he showed up, Mr. Wang recognized him.

With such a big event happening, Mr. Wang also knew a little about the identity of Kris Chen, but he was not so sure.

“Mr. Zhang!”

Mr. Wang was very excited. Kris Chen was his Mammon, and the one he wanted to flatter.

Although Kris Chen wore a mask and no one could see his face, he still nodded to him.

When he came to the secret room, he changed to a more luxurious secret room this time.

Kris Chen said straightforwardly: “I have a batch of goods in my hand, I don’t know if you can eat it!”

The last time Kris Chen said that he made a lot of money and passed the stuff back to the headquarters, and he received a lot of praise.

This time… he dared not think about it!

He seemed to realize something, and his mouth was dry, and his body trembled uncontrollably, “What did you say?”

“This time, I have several times more goods than last time!”

By hearing it, Mr. Wang was breathing raggedly.

That’s right, he was… he was that person!

“Can you?”

Kris Chen didn’t care and said with a smile.


Mr. Wang gritted his teeth and said: “But I need to apply to the headquarters!”

“How long it takes!”

“There will be a reply within a quarter of an hour at most!”

“Then you go, and I will wait for you here!”

“Yes… Mr. Zhang!”

Mr. Wang left the secret room in a hurry!

Chapter 432: A big purchase

After a quarter of an hour, Manager Wang returned to the secret room, “Mr. Zhang, the answer was given from my boss that no matter how big the business volume is, we can do it!”

“Sounds good!”

Kris nodded, then he took out a storage ring directly, and erased the soul imprint, “Now, go and count the number of the goods first.”

Manager Wang respectfully accepted the storage ring, and he immediately got excited.

“Wait a moment, I will arrange for someone to count the number of the goods. It may take some time. I will arrange some recreation for you!”

“You don’t have to have fun. It’s good for me to be quiet and have a rest!”


Manager Wang didn’t say much, and strode out of the secret room.

After leaving the secret room, Manager Wang called a clerk, “Go, call everyone here to the shop!”

“But Manager Wang, now there are so many guests outside…they need to be well received…”

“Go talk to the customers, just say that the supply of our warehouse is running short, please come back to buy what they need tomorrow!” Manager Wang said it impatiently.

“Yes Sir!”

The Clerk didn’t dare to defy the order given by Manager Wang and ran out quickly.

Everyone in the hall heard that Seven-treasures House was about to get closed, and they were all anxious.

“Hey, It’s only midday. How can you close the shop’s door now!”

“Don’t close the door, I still have a lot of things to buy!”

But the shop clerk sent them out saying sorry to them.

Kris was in the secret room, sipping tea, and was reading newspaper there

However, the content was very simple. For example, the mayor of the Yaoguang city died, and Xuanji city was sending an official to take the office today.

In addition, the newspaper reported some secret stories about some royal family.

Although the content was quite simple, but as Kris read it with gusto, which made him feel like a world away, as if he was still on the earth right now. “I don’t know what is going on on the earth.” He thought.

Only by constantly improving his own strength can Kris have a get-together with his family and friends.

In Wuwei City, two ladies were searching Kris aimlessly in the city.

“Miss, when can we find him!”

The little girl Yujie was exhausted and panting. Wuwei City was not a small town, finding somebody on foot might take one more day. Besides, if he wanted to hide from you, how can you find him?

“If you feel tired, you can go back first!”

Xuefei said.

“No! I’m going to follow Miss, in case…what if Kris bullies you?” Yujie said boldly.

Once upon a time, she hated call Kris’s name, but now…he didn’t even pay attention to her at all.

Just when Xuefei was in bad mood, a group of people came over cursingly, “What’s the hell? Close the door! I think this Seven-treasures House is going bankrupt!”

“Who would say not so, I’ve been queuing for so long time, and finally it’s my turn. But now they are telling me they are going to close the door, shit!”

“Seven-treasures House is closed?” Xuefei’s murmured as she heard this.

At this moment, a ray of light suddenly flashed in her mind, by the way…he had taken away all the hunting goods before, and he would definitely not fail the promise.

In the entire Wuwei City, only Seven-treasures House has the ability to take all the hunted goods.

Instead that she looking for him aimlessly, it was better to go to the Seven-treasures House to wait for his appearance.

And from these people’s chats, she seemed to have grasped some important points.

Seven-treasures House, was closed!

Over the years, she had never heard that Seven-treasures House was closed, even if it was deep into night, it would be open for 24 hours!

Xuefei had an intuition that this matter must have something to do with Kris.

“Go, let’s go and take a look!”

“Ah, miss, where are we going?”

“Seven-treasures House!”

A light flashed in Xuefei’s eyes and walked quickly.

When she came to the Seven-treasures House, she found that the Seven-treasures House was closed.

“Miss, do you want to buy anything? But the shop is closed, or let’s go to other places…”

“No, we just wait here!”

At the Seven-treasures House. Dozens of people were counting the number of the goods, which would take them few more hours.

After calculating the numbers, Manager Wang was shocked by these huge numbers.

It’s amazing. It’s amazing. This time he not only completed the task of the year, but also completed it several times more than the estimated turnover, and such feeling was really cool.

And he had communicated with the headquarters just now, if necessary, they would directly transport goods through the Teleportation Array! Manager Wang had enough confidence!

Holding the account book in hand, Manager Wang came to the secret room again and knocked on the door.

“Come in!”

Manager Wang then entered the door and passed the ledger in his hand.

Kris picked the account book up and read the items carefully,

“5 million beasts (including 2 million damaged fur).

2 million beasts with intelligence (including 300,000 damaged fur).

Beast Pills, two million.

15 million catties of animal bones.

400,000 catties of animal claws, and 400,000 catties of animal teeth.

Beasts with greater intelligence: Ten thousand skins (including fifty thousand damaged fur).

Beast Pills, eight hundred thousand grains, eight million catties of animal bones, and two hundred thousand catties of animal claws and teeth!”

Manager Wang said: “We will sell the damaged fur at one-third of the original price. What do you think?”

Kris nodded. Generally speaking, the value of damaged fur will be greatly reduced, let alone one-third, even if it can sell one-fifth, that’s not bad.

Besides, there were a lot of burnt and cracked fur inside, which were completely useless.

Manager Wang was really selling his favor, and said that if so many hunting goods enter the market at one time, it was bound to lower the market price.

In other words, Seven-treasures House has many selling channels, and these hunting goods are easy for them to sell!

After all, Seven-treasures House straddles the Devil Land, no one knows how many branches it has.

The fur of beasts was worthless, which was only worth four hundred Superior Spiritual Stones for the total number of them.

The real valuable good were the beasts with intelligence and the beasts with greater intelligence.

The beasts with intelligence were discounted for two thousand Superior Spiritual Stones, and the beast pills were discounted for two hundred thousand Superior Spiritual Stones, animal bones, Beast claws and beast teeth were discounted at a price of 20,000 superior Superior Spiritual Stones!

The fur of beasts with greater intelligence was discounted to six thousand Superior Spiritual Stones, and the beast pills was discounted to 800,000 Superior Spiritual Stones. Bones, beast claws, and beast teeth were discounted at the price of 10,000 Superior Spiritual Stones.

This business directly brought millions of top-grade magic stones to Kris.

What was the concept of a million top-grade magic stones? After selling the entire Wuwei City, you can’t get so many top-grade magic stones!

Of course, the Seven-treasures House in Wuwei City also did not have so many spiritual stones.

But they had the support of the headquaters, as well as the treasures of heaven and earth, all kinds of magical techniques and magic weapons, all of which cound be used for discounts.

“Mr. Zhang, let’s round up the final total price, one hundred and fifty thousand Superior Spiritual Stones, what do you think?”

Manager Wang was very excited. This was definitely his single biggest business, and it will be recorded in his career in the future.

“Good”, Kris was very satisfied with this harvest, which was also the biggest tension he had experienced since coming to Devil Land.

But now Kris didn’t need money anymore.

Kris thought for a while, “One third can be converted into spiritual stones for me, and the rest be replaced by other substitutes.”


Manager Wang nodded. Just like last time, Kris was a person willing to spend money.

For a practitioner, no matter how many spiritual stones there are, it is useless if it can’t bring personal benefits.

Of course, this business will eventually become the strongest deed in the resume of Manager Wang.

“Give me these herbs first!”

Kris gave a few pages of paper. The medicinal material Kris wrote on it was five hundred years old, and some of them are extremely precious.

Manager Wang hurriedly skipped the pages over. He didn’t have many of these medicinal materials here, he had to ask the headquarters to send him some.

After thinking about it, Manager Wang said: “Mr. Zhang, only one-third of these small medicinal stores; as for the rest, need to be sent from the main store.”

“How long it takes?”

By tomorrow!”

“No problem, I shall wait!”

Kris said: “Please give me what you have here.”

“Yes! Please wait for a moment!

Manager Wang hurriedly took out the medicinal materials Kris needed from the storehouse, and almost emptied the high-end medicinal materials in the branch.

Kris used his Divine Spiritual Power and had a glance of the goods, confirming the number was right; then he opened his mouth and said: “I still need some good materials for refining, do you have any better ones in here?”

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