Chapter 431: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 431 As Extravagant As Before

“Come out now, go to gate, and wait for me for ten minutes.” Yulin said to Anna in a commanding tone.

Damn it, if she doesn’t listen to me, she’ll suffer. With a curse, Yulin sped off towards the school in a brand new Lamborghini.


Anna really felt masochistic, for she did obediently what Yulin told her to do.

Then she said to herself, “No, I have to go back, otherwise he will bully me later.”

“Well? Isn’t this Anna? Look at the headlines of our school, the woman hooks up with the president? The woman who flirts with two guys!”

Anna looked up and saw Qiaoqiao Su, the most beautiful girl in their college, wearing the most popular tasseled puzzle dress this year, with a tall figure and delicate features.

The girl beside Qiaoqiao saw Anna ignored herself and looked at Qiaoqiao instead, she got a little angry: Is she looking down on me?

“I’m talking to you, you little bitch, who hooked up with the president!”

Anna didn’t want to argue with them, so she ignored it and just stood quietly looking at her phone.

“You, bitch.” The woman who spoke saw Anna ignoring her and felt a little embarrassed, so she walked up and pushed Anna.

Anna would resist even if she was a bit weak, “What are you doing, Jing Wu,” Anna glared angrily as she was pushed and nearly fell over.

Jing Wu crossed her arms, held her head high, looked down at Anna, who was much shorter than her, and proudly said, “what, I can do whatever I want, do you have a problem with that? You little bitch.”

“You are the little bitch, just know to follow Qiaoqiao Su every day, like a dog!” Anna glared at Jing Wu who was noisily shrewish and scolding.

“You …” Jing Wu was instantly angry, she knew that in her classmates thought she was like Qiaoqiao’s dog, which she hated the most.

Jing Wu reached out to hit Anna, and suddenly her wrist was grabbed by a man and thrown away.

“Are you okay?” Yulin had just arrived when he saw this shrew about to reach out and hit Anna.

And Anna just stood there without a move, was she going to wait to be beaten by this ugly woman?

“I’m fine.” When Anna saw Yulin, her eyes became red, and her felt extremely aggrieved.

Anna hugged Yulin suddenly.

“Yulin, why did you just come, why are you so late.” Anna was sad. She hugged Yulin, and complained her aggression from yesterday to now …

“It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t be afraid.” Yulin was a little surprised by Anna’s sudden hug.

That’s right, when Anna’s first reaction was to hug him, Yulin was elated and happy.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” Yulin narrowed his eyes, looked at the three people in front of him, and shouted at them in a completely different tone, “Get the hell out of here!”

Jing Wu was shocked by Yulin’s eyes and stammered, “Hmph, don’t think you can be recklessly just because someone is protecting you.”

“Sorry, my friend may be a little excited, for seeing her favorite man being snatched away by others.” Qiaoqiao, who had not spoken from the beginning, said with a smile.

She was so elegant like a princess, with a smile all the time, she had never spoken until Yulin arrived, and just watched Jing Wu.

Yulin frowned and looked at Qiaoqiao, then at Anna in his arms.

“Get away.”

Yulin was very happy originally, but the happiness was worn down by Qiaoqiao ‘s words.

Yulin didn’t know what’s wrong with him, it seemed that as long as there’ re something about Anna lately, he always cared about it without thinking.

Qiaoqiao, who just stood here to apologize for her friend, said that her friend’s most beloved man was snatched away. By whom? By Anna?

If not, why did that shrew bullied Anna just now and called Anna a little bitch who seduced the president?

Yulin was angered by such a casual apology from Qiaoqiao.

Anna rubbed her head, looked up and asked Yulin, “Sorry, I …”

Anna stammered, and slightly blushed, ” I seem to have my snot on your clothes …”

Yulin was speechless, what a silly girl. And the displeasure he had just felt was dissipated by Anna’s words.

Well, how could Anna steal someone’s boyfriend? She was too stupid and dumb to do such a thing.

“Let’s go, I have to buy some clothes.” Yulin smiled and rubbed the Anna’s head.

Yulin’s clothes must be very expensive, Anna looked at Yulin’s clothes and frowned.

“Come on, what are you doing?” Yulin, who was already walking beside the car, said.

“Oh, okay.” Anna looked at Yulin ‘s new car and truly thought Yulin was a dude.

“Why do you get a new car again?” Anna asked Yulin curiously from the passenger side.

Why? Of course because of Anna. “I can change it whenever I want, I have plenty of money.” But Yulin, such a proud person, would not tell the story about last night.

“Huh!” What a complacent man.

This new car was really good-looking, however, it was as extravagant and eye-catching as ever.


“Wow, I’ve never been here before,” Anna said as she followed Yulin to the city’s most prosperous and luxurious mall.

Anna remembered a classmate who worked here, she went back and bragged that the coffee here was the best coffee, and it’s free, because the people who spent here were the richest people in the city, anyone of their clothes was enough for them students to live for a year.

Now for the first time here, Anna’s first impression was that it’s so big, and then it’s a little shaky with lights everywhere.

“Follow me, don’t get lost.” Anna looked so ignorant, but in Yulin’s eyes, she’s quite cute. It sounded crazy for Yulin.

“Okay.” Anna looked around at the place, where her classmate had been bragging about.

Yulin walked ahead with a smile, Anna made him feel so happy.

They came to the Men’ s Section. The shop guide at the entrance had noticed Yulin early, and looked at him with a smile.

Anna felt that when these guides looked at Yulin, their eyes were glowing without any disguise.

Yulin picked out a shirt, and before he started to speak, a sharp-eyed saleswoman asked attentively, “Sir, this is the latest shirt, may I help you wrap it up?”

Perfect smile, perfect service, all of these seemed so perfect, but Anna just think that the saleswoman smiled very ugly, and looked ugly too.

Anna just didn’t like the way she looked at Yulin.

“No.” Anna walked over and took the clothes in Yulin’s hand unexpectedly, and put it back.

The saleswoman froze, who was this ugly woman dressed in cheap, rustic clothes?

Yulin laughed, “Isn’t that good?”

“It’s not good, it’s ugly. Let’s go and take a look over there.” Saying that, she took Yulin’s arm and left that area directly.

Yulin wondered what happened to Anna, “What’s wrong?” He smiled and rubbed Anna’ s head.

“Nothing, I just think I got your clothes dirty, so I should pick one for you by myself.” Anna said in a somewhat awkward tone.

“Sure, then I’ll wait for you to buy a clothes for me.” Yulin laughed happily.

“I just saw a nice one over there, let’s go to take a look.” Anna looked at the store on the right and said.

Anna ran over with Yulin gleefully, picked up a clothing and looked at it, and instantly froze. Holy shit? Are they robbing? A clothing costs more than 10,000 RMB, which is even more horrible than robbing.

Anna looked at the price and did not know what to do.

She just said she would buy a clothing for Yulin, and now she was directly shocked by the high price.

She turned her head to see Yulin’s smiling handsome face, and felt so embarrassed.

“Well, why are all the clothes here so ugly? I don’t like it actually.” Anna waved her hand and pulled Yulin to walked away.

The saleswoman was stunned, what did the girl in cheap dress say? Our clothes here are ugly? Come on, our clothes are of the latest style and the best fabric, how could she said the clothes here are not good?

“Who is that girl with Mr.Xiao?” A saleswoman curiously asked another person.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen her before either.” Another woman replied.

This girl had never appeared before, and Mr.Xiao indulged her so much, maybe she was very important to Mr.Xiao.


Yulin had never seen this kind of place, with so many people coming and going, street stalls, pancakes, baked sweet potatoes, fruit … you could buy almost anything you want here.

This place was completely comparable to a large supermarket, but the only drawback was that it looked so unhygienic.

Yulin frowned at the unhygienic food, and watched with disgust as various people walked past him.

“Hey, what are you doing there?” Yulin looked at Anna beside him, “I’m going to buy a pancake, do you want it?” Yulin looked at the cart that sold pancakes … really disgusting.

“No.” Yulin frowned.

“Then I’ll have one.” Anna walked to the stall and asked for a pancake. “Two eggs, one sausage, more chili, scallions and cilantro please.”


Yulin still frowned, he did not want to stay in this place for a moment. The place was cluttered, noisy and made him particularly irritable.

But Anna liked this place, she seemed to come here a lot. Anna was holding the pancake in her hand and enjoyed it happily, which Yulin had never seen before.

“What are we doing here?” Yulin asked Anna, who was eating with a mouthful of oil.

“Buy clothes.” Anna said with wide, blinking eyes.

“This place? What kind of clothes?” Yulin asked, frowning in confusion.

Anna noticed that Yulin had been frowning since he came here.

“Uh-huh, yes. Let’s go, I’ll take you there.” Anna said and walked straight away.

Anna seemed to think of something, suddenly stopped and said with a smile, “Stay close to me, don’t get lost, it’s a big place.”

Indeed, this place was very big, and if people who had only come here few times would sure to get lost, that’s why Anna said so.

Yulin froze when he heard Anna say this, he used to be the one who said this to others, no one had ever said this to him before, but this feeling seemed so good.

Yulin finally stopped frowning and revealed a long-lost smile, “Hurry up.” Anna urged.

The first floor of the market was mostly to sell school bags, and the second floor was to sell clothes.

“Here it is, go to pick one you like and I’ll buy it for you.” Anna held her head high and looked at Yulin with pride.

Yulin was obedient and happily went into a store and started picking a clothing in earnest.

Yulin remembered the women who had a relationship with him in the past, it was always he who said these words to those women, no one had ever spoken to him like this.

However, the girl behind him who was eating with oil on mouth said to him, “Choose whatever you want, I’ll buy it for you.”

This feeling seemed to be not bad. This stupid girl always brought him surprises.

“Look, how about this one, it’s nice.” Anna held up a blue shirt and asked Yulin.

Yulin looked at the shirt for a long time, then said: “Well, it’s really… special.”

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