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“What did you say??”

Zhao Tianlong was shaking, Betty’s eyes were full of fear.

He didn’t expect to be k!lled, the Zhao family’s anger hadn’t even begun, they would be defeated in a mess.

Who are these people?

“Disappear! Let you disappear!”

Betty took out her mobile phone and gave Chuck Cannon a video call!

Betty mobile phone, everyone at the scene was terrified, because they saw the face of a young man on the phone screen, expressionless and full of indifference!

“Master, the Zhao family are all here,” Betty said.

“Well, good work.”

Chuck Cannon faintly, his eyes looked at Zhao Tianlong, “Zhao Tianlong, I said, I will let your Zhao family disappear, why don’t you believe it?”

This is a chuckle! Yes, Chuck Cannon is a little excited now!

But in this case, falling into the ears of every descendant of the Zhao family, like a thunderbolt, fear, oppression, and unbelievable, spreading rapidly in their hearts!

Everyone knows what is happening now, but this is the Zhao family!

Actually at this time, so vulnerable!

The lives of all people are in the hands of this man named Chuck Cannon.

Zhao Tianlong was horrified, he was stunned. It has only been less than four hours, right? It’s still dark, Chuck Cannon, it really is that simple to do it.

“Cannon, Master Cannon… I was wrong, our Zhao family was wrong, I beg you to give my Zhao family a chance.” Zhao Tianlong trembled.

The Chuck Cannon he saw on the phone screen gave him a feeling of facing God.

“No, no, no, why should I give you a chance?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, this is your Zhao family looking for death!

“Master Cannon, the faults are all Yunlei’s fault. The rest of our Zhao family are innocent. Please, let go of our Zhao family. I will kneel for you!” There are descendants of the Zhao family kneeling.

The oppressive atmosphere made them more and more fearful.

“I also kneel down, I don’t want to die, please, woo…” A beauty from the Zhao family was crying, she was terrified to the extreme. No one had ever made her so scared.

Chuck Cannon was not in front of her, but he did it!

One after another, the descendants of the Zhao family were kneeling, Zhao Tianlong trembled, and his face became a lot older. Today, what day is the Zhao family?

Is the Zhao family going to be destroyed?

“Master Cannon, I know I was wrong, I’m sorry,” Zhao Tianlong trembled, shaking his body, and he knelt down.

The descendants of the Zhao family were terrified. This is the Patriarch, who also kneeled down?

“Wrong, you are not wrong, who told you to have such a grandson? I already said everything you have doesn’t belong to you anymore. Your Zhao family will disappear today. When I said it, then you must do it!” Chuck Cannon Said coldly!

Zhao Tianlong sat on the ground in fear. He couldn’t breathe. He actually did it. Who are his parents?

The Zhao family is over…

“Sister Li, go ahead!” Chuck Cannon said.

“Yes, Master,” the video call ended, Betty raised her hand, and people outside walked in, fear spreading in everyone’s heart…

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Today is the end of the Zhao family!

Huaxia, belonging to the Zhao family’s industries, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, clubhouses…the signs of the lights are extinguished one after another!

At first, some people thought it was out of power, so they didn’t care, but when one, two, hundreds of industrial signs in various places in China were all off, some people were surprised, shocked, and unbelievable. This night, the Zhao family what happened? ?

The money family of the four big families!

Someone passed the news, and many members of the Qian family were puzzled, including Qian Yueying.

“What’s the situation? The Zhao family’s industrial sign lights were basically turned off within half an hour. What happened?” Someone from the Qian family was solemn and vigilant.

At this level, no one would think that this was an electrical problem or that the sign was wrong. This meant that something went wrong with the Zhao family, but the Zhao family is one of the four major families. What would happen?

Does the industry under the Zhao family want to renew its signs? So all went out overnight?

How else can he explain it?

Everyone knows what the sign lights represent. This is definitely what happened!

What’s the big deal?

“Yueying, you have always been in charge of the Zhao family, do you know what happened?” the Patriarch of the Qian family asked lightly.

The descendants of the Qian family looked at Qian Yueying, they were full of curiosity!

So far, no one has received any news about this matter.

“I… I don’t know the specifics.” Qian Yueying was shocked by this incident. She had been paying attention to the Zhao family, but how to say, the Zhao family had such a big change overnight, she was k!lled Unexpectedly.

“But a few days ago, I learned that someone broke into Zhao’s house at night!”

“What? Someone broke into Zhao’s family? Is it from the Xiao family?” Someone was surprised. Everyone knew what this meant.

All the descendants of the Qian family looked at each other, including the head of the Qian family, who also changed in expression.

“No, the Xiao family will definitely not do this. If it does, then the Zhao family will fight back that day!” Qian Yueying shook her head, “What’s the point? Someone broke into Zhao’s house like this, but the next day, the third day, The Zhao family seemed like nothing happened, so calm… You know, I got the news. Zhao Yunlei of the Zhao family broke his leg. According to the time, it should be the night when someone rushed into the night…”

“Yueying, what are you talking about? The Zhao family was broken by the night, and Zhao Yunlei’s leg was broken, but nothing happened to Zhao’ enemy?” Someone was shocked.

This is a great shame for a family!

If it happened to the Qian family, then this type of person, the Qian family will make him pay a h.uge price!

But the Zhao family didn’t do anything, what’s the reason!

The Qian family understood a little bit in their hearts.

This person is stronger than the Zhao family, so the Zhao family dare not speak…

“Yes, that’s it… And, I found out that a hotel in the Zhao family became someone else’s the next day…”

“Is this the Zhao family apologizing?”

“This is not clear, but the person who rushed to Zhao’s house at night is very powerful!” Qian Yueying’s beautiful eyes were all bright!

“who is this?”

“I don’t know,” Qian Yueying shook her head. At this time, she suddenly received a call, and she was surprised soon, everyone in the Qian family was silent.

The phone hung up, and the owner asked, “Yueying, what happened?”

“An undercover agent from the Zhao family came here at this time. He is a member of the Zhao family guard.” Qian Yueying said.

“Then let him in quickly and tell us what happened,” Patriarch ordered.

The other Qian’s descendants were also curious at once, what happened?

The Zhao family changed so much overnight!

Soon, a man with bl00d on his face came in outside, and he maintained an expression of fear.

Qian Yueying walked over, “Let’s talk, what happened to the Zhao family?”

It is difficult for the Zhao family to get in, and this person is just a very low-level member of the family guard.

“The Zhao family, the Zhao family is gone…” The man lingered in his heart and slumped on the ground in front of all the descendants of the Qian family.

These people looked at each other, what does it mean that the Zhao family is gone?

What does it mean? Well, the Zhao family is gone?

“To be clear, what does it mean that the Zhao family is gone?” Qian Yueying frowned. How could this person be so scared?

“The Zhao family is destroyed!” The man was terrified. He faced the fear of those people just now. At this time, he was more and more fearful as it was vividly visible in his mind.

“What, the Zhao family was destroyed?”

For a moment, Qian’s family was silent.

what’s the situation? The Zhao family, one of the four major families, was destroyed. How did it happen?

Qian Yueying was shocked. You should know that the strength of each of the four major families is not much different. Although the Zhao family has the worst strength, it is not so bad that it can be wiped out!

The Zhao family has been destroyed, so does the other money family also have this danger? Are the other two families also in the scope of being destroyed?

The Patriarch of the Qian family stood up busy, “Make it clear, who k!lled the Zhao family, what is going on!!”

It’s so shocking that the Zhao family was actually extinguished overnight, so all the signboard lights will go out?

It means that the Zhao family is gone?

“I don’t know too much. I only know that this person who destroyed the Zhao family broke into the Zhao family at night last time. All of us couldn’t hold it. This time it is the same.

“Who is it, who is the one who destroyed the Zhao family?” Patriarch Qian asked hurriedly.

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