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Chapter 432: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 432 Approaching Cautiously

Anna Xie carefully held the pancake in one hand and carried the supposedly good-looking shirt in the other. She smiled with happiness and satisfaction.

This was the first time she bought clothes for a man and the first time she felt so relaxed.

In this way, Yulin Xiao and she would not owe each other anything, otherwise it always seemed like she had been causing him trouble.

But after a while, Anna felt that she had thought it wrong, it should be Yulin who did something wrong, and it should be Yulin who apologized to her, however, Anna didn’t mind.

“Look, how good it is.” Anna proudly looked at Yulin, “You know what, this is not worse than what you saw before, the clothes sold in that place are also purchased from here.”

Hearing Anna’s words, and looking at her proud look, Yulin was speechless, this silly girl even couldn’t distinguish what’s high-grade goods, or what’s a flea-market product?

However, at this moment, he quite enjoyed this feeling, especially when Anna said: “ you can pick whatever you want, I’ll buy it for you.”

This girl was so cute!

“Yes, you’re right.” Yulin smiled in a good mood.

Then Anna laughed louder.

“Shall I try this?” Seeing Anna’s smile, Yulin felt that the gloom in his life ran away all of a sudden.

Anna looked at Yulin and suddenly blushed, shyly like a little girl who had just been loved by a boy.

“Tut,” Anna felt her left cheek become surprisingly moist.

“Yulin, you …,” Anna came back to her senses, and only then did she realize that Yulin had given her a kiss. Yulin were still looking at her with some affection, “I … I just think the pancake looks delicious.”

Yulin just said that, and than wondered how he had become so clumsy at the moment. He just kissed a girl. This city, thousands of girls wanted his to kiss, but he has to find a stupid reason to explain after kissing her. This was not his style.

Seeing Anna’s shy look, the saleswoman seemed to understand something.

“Your boy friend is so elegant, girl, this jewel blue shirt is very nice for him. Moreover, you really have a good taste, this is our new shirt, but the price may be a little higher.” The saleswoman noticed that Yulin looked like a rich man, so he said the price first. What’s more, Anna seemed to usually hang around the wholesale market, so it was impossible to cheat her. However, the price should be said first, so that it was convenient to bargain later.

Jewel blue? Yulin heard this name and could not help but think of the host of the rural show, he had also been to the countryside because of the business, and happened to pass by a farming base of his company, where a performance was taking place in the countryside, and the host of the show was wearing this jewel blue shirt.

“Really?” Anna held the shirt while gesturing over Yulin, “Good, you’re so handsome like a host.”

As expected, Yulin guessed it. However, seeing Anna was so serious when she took the clothing and compared it to him, Yulin was even a little touched.

“How much is it? We’ll take this one.” Anna looked at the clothing with satisfaction and fussed over the material, “Well, it’s not worse than those in the big malls at all.”

Hearing Anna’s compliment, the saleswoman smiled smugly, “Of course, we purchase the clothes from the same place, of course our clothes are not worse.”

“200 yuan, the little girl is our regular customer, I’ll give you a 20% discount, 160 yuan.” The saleswoman said while nimbly handing Anna the wrapped shirt.

But Anna frowned, “Well, I remember last time the price tag of this shirt should be 100, right?”

Last time? Yulin didn’t continue to listen to what Anna was saying. But, she mentioned the price tag of this shirt last time? That meant she had been here before? Whom did she choose clothes for? He had felt something was wrong.

“Child, you must remember it wrong, it should be a lake blue one, not a jewel blue one.” The saleswoman was very experienced, and how could she admit that she had altered the price.

“Okay, then 160 yuan, I’ ll take it.” Anna finished, pulled out two hundred yuan bills from her wallet and handed them to the saleswoman.

“It feels so amazing to spend someone else ‘s money.” Yulin said with a tsk.

Anna gave Yulin a disdainful look, “Do you want to a pancake? I’ll buy it for you.”

It turned out that Anna thought Yulin was staring himself to death because he wanted to eat pancakes and fruit.

Yulin didn’t know how to answer, he didn’t believe that Anna was really a fool.

“Anna, whom exactly did you select the shirt for before? Why would you have come here before to see this shirt?” Yulin’s eyes suddenly became red, which made Anna a little confused.

“I’ll talk to you later.” Anna said as she ate her pancake.

Accidentally, the sauce inside the pancake dripped down.

“What?” Anna looked at her shoes annoyingly.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Anna’s expression, Yulin frowned. This noisy place made people unwilling to stay long, and Anna was always in a lot of troubles.

“The sauce dropped on my white shoes.” Anna was wearing the latest popular white shoes, and the sauce of the pancake was the hardest to wash off.

Yulin felt speechless once again, it’s just a drop of sauce, what’s the big deal? Seeing the way she bargained with the saleswoman, he guessed this pair of shoes was not very expensive.

“Take it off!” Yulin couldn’t stand it and said in a domineering manner.

“Why?” Anna almost shouted out. Hearing this, many people around looked at her, which made her embarrassed.

Yulin didn’t care too much, picked her up straight away and headed for the car, threw her shoes in the trash by the way.

“Hey, Yulin, what are you doing?” Anna whacked him while struggling. She didn’t even know what had happened, and her shoes were thrown by him, just for a drop of sauce.

“The shoes are dirty, don’t wear them anymore. And, you buy me the shirt, I’ll buy you the shoes, so we’ll be clear.”

Hearing Yulin say this, Anna finally relaxed.

However, to her surprise, Yulin drove the car all the way west, straight to his apartment.

When they arrived at the apartment, Anna looked at Yulin incredulously, “What exactly do you want?”

“I don’t know.” Yulin didn’t know what to do, but once thought that she had chosen a shirt for another man, he just wanted her.

They sat in Yulin’s Lamborghini quietly in front of his apartment, and Yulin had mixed feelings.

“Yulin, are you in love with me?” Anna’s sudden question made Yulin a little angry.

“Am I? If I say, I’m in love with you, and I also … want you.” Yulin was furious, this woman really didn’t know her own identity. Being in love with her? So ridiculous.

However, Yulin admitted that he had been aroused by her, and certain forces were slowly awakening and surging upwards.

“You threw my shoes, you have to pay me one.” Anna said to Yulin with her pouting lips, which looked like a girl flirting with her boyfriend.

Thinking about this, her cheeks surprisingly began to be red again.

In Yulin’s eyes, her red cheeks were so charming and sultry.

“Go!” As a young man, Yulin didn’t want to think about anything else at this moment.

Bang, the door of the Lamborghini was closed. Yulin regained Anna in his arms.

He didn’t want anything else right now, he only wanted the girl in his arms.

The elevator kept rising until it reached his room, and Yulin carried Anna into his apartment.

During that time, Anna was stunned, she had never been forcibly carried by a man like this before, and by a man she hadn’t known for very long. To be exact, she never been hugged by a man like this.

“What do you … want?” Anna was so anxious that she couldn’t speak clearly.

“Of course … you.”

After that, he kissed Anna on her lips, proving what he just said in a dominant way.

“Yulin, you … you go away.” Anna’s small fist smashed on Yulin, but this was only a massage for Yulin.

He wrapped his arms around Anna’s waist and kissed her.

“Mmm.” Anna desperately wanted to struggle, but her lips were covered by Yulin, and she could not utter any words at all, only a stammering voice.

Yulin kissed her, tasted a little salty of pancake … and then, surprisingly, there was a hint of sweetness, this was the unique sweet of a young girl.

Anna was simply kissed by Yulin to the point of suffocation, with eyes closed, and a strange feeling, and she seemed to like this feeling.

“Lin…” Anna didn’t know how could she call Yulin like that at this moment, she had never called his name like that before.

“Well?” Yulin’ s smile was charming and reckless, and his voice compelled Anna’s heart.

“Hmm…Lin.” Anna said, while moving her body towards Yulin and started to hug him involuntarily.

Yulin was satisfied with her hug, and a smile appeared on his face.

Suddenly, however, he stopped.

“Hmm?” Anna was curious, why did he suddenly stop?

Immediately after, Anna felt a chill on her back, only to find that her

T-shirt was tugged.

“Yulin, you …!” Anna was furious, but she could do nothing about it.

The next second, Yulin broke out.

“Yulin!” Anna couldn’t take it anymore.

Never mind, just once, from now on, she did not want to see this person again. But right now, she wanted him, she didn’t care about the reason or anything else, she simply wanted Yulin now.

“Well? Am I great?” Yulin’s voice was so seductive that Anna couldn’t help but sank into it.

“I haven’t been with another man, so I don’t know!” Anna said as they continued.

“Lin … Ah!” Anna leaned back.

Yulin hugged her. a room of romance. The room was full of romance.

Yulin liked apartments almost to madness, and bought many apartment suites. This apartment was on the top floor, the 33rd floor.

So, since they came in, he didn’t closed the curtains, firstly because both he and Anna were in a very emotional state, and secondly because he liked the feeling of the sunlight spilling over him.

Anna’ s red cheeks were like apples in autumn, making people want to take a bite …

The ginger sunlight shining through the window fell on Anna’s face, like a layer of golden light, looked unreal.

“Yulin … you …” Anna hadn’t finished speaking when interrupted by his movements.

“What? Do you like it?” Yulin whispered to Anna’ s ear.

This early spring season also let the sweat seep out …

With their wallow, the ginger sunlight outside the window turned banana yellow, and gradually, only the setting sun remained.

Anna felt wonderful when looked at Yulin’s perfect muscles.

“What? You want more?” Yulin’ s smile was tempting to Anna.

Anna was ashamed of herself, this was what she wanted? What would she get from this man? Even after this, she still didn’t want to be his appendage, and didn’t want to live on a man.

And, there was no interest between her and Yulin. They just happened to meet each other and take what they needed.

She wanted nothing more from him.

As darkness fell, Anna realized that it’s late.

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