Chapter 433 – 434: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 433: Cut off the cause and effect

“Yes, Mr. Zhang, what you say you want, we have it all!”

Kris Chen said: “Ten catties of star sand, 100 catties of rootless water, 100 spiritual Stones…”

Kris reported dozens of refining artifacts in a row, but he only had a few of them, which also needed to be sent from the headquarters.

Counting the medicinal materials and the treasures of these refining tools, it cost more than 200,000 Superior Spiritual Stones. Otherwise, why did some people said that if you wanted to cultivate, you must have treasures, partners, exercises, and treasures!

“Mr. Zhang, these also need to be sent from the headquarters.”

Kris nodded, “Apart from these, do you have folk remedy here?”

Naturally, there was folk remedy, but this kind of thing was not like the exercise method, which was a one-time buyout.

So the price was much cheaper than exercise method.

“I don’t know what type of folk remedy Mr. needs!”

“It’s best to respond to God-level quality folk remedy with enhanced repair.”

God-level quality folk remedy!

Shopkeeper Wang was taken aback. The price of God-level folk remedy was not cheap. The lowest-level God-level folk remedy needed tens of thousands of Superior Spiritual Stones.

“We also have these, and they also need to be transmitted.”

Shopkeeper Wang thought for a while, “But I have a catalog of folk remedy here, you can choose it.”

While talking, shopkeeper Wang had an extra booklet in his hand, which recorded a lot of folk remedy, of course it was just a catalog.

From the lowest level nine folk remedy to the highest God-level quality folk remedy, everything is available. There is even a holy product folk remedy on the catalog, even above God-level quality folk remedy, but the price was too exaggerated, starting with a million Superior Spiritual Stones!

Kris just felt that he was rich, and the money was just able to buy a folk remedy.

Moreover, the medicinal materials needed by the holy folk remedy were certainly not simple, which was another big expense.

He directly skipped first-class Folk Remedy and super-class Folk Remedy.

From last-class God-level quality to the middle class God-level quality, there were hundreds of them.

The cheapest was only 10,000 Superior Spiritual Stones, and the most expensive required hundreds of thousands, which was too expensive, really too expensive!

In the end, Kris chose ten copies of folk remedy with last-class God-level quality magical pills, and one copy of folk remedy with middle-class God-level quality magical pills!

Five hundred thousand Superior Spiritual Stones were only a few hundred thousand left in the blink of an eye.

Kris gritted his teeth and chose a middle-grade god-level exercise technique for cultivating the flesh from here,it was turned three times into a golden body.

As for shenfa, he thought about it and forgot.

Kris left the secret room in pain, and the shopkeeper Wang blossomed.

“Mr. Zhang, welcome!”

In the end, the shopkeeper Wang did not reveal his true identity.

Whether he was Kris or not, whether he was the great power who saved the whole Wuwei City or not, was not important anymore. What was important was that Kris was his noble man, and Kris helped him to overfulfill his mission this year.

When he sent nearly a thousand storage rings to the headquarters, the big shopkeeper in the headquarters praised him severely and revealed that he was going to transfer him to the prosperous state city, which made him excited.

After leaving Seven-treasures House, Kris wanted to go directly to the small courtyard, but he didn’t expect to be stopped by two women.

These two people, not Xuefei Yuan and Yujie, who else could they be!

Kris was wearing a mask, so the two women couldn’t see his real face.

But Xuefei had an intuition that he was Kris.

“You…are here!”

Xuefei pulled a trace of hair behind her ears and lowered her head, a little embarrassed!

“Girl, do we know each other?”

Kris didn’t know why she was here or how she recognized him, but Kris didn’t want to recognize her.

So he changed his voice.

Xuefei raised her head and looked at Kris, “I know it’s you, I won’t feel wrong.”

“I do not know what you’re talking about!”

Kris said.

Xuefei smiled miserably, “Sure enough, you still hate me, right? Hate me be too ignorant to identify you, hate me…”


Kris interrupted her. He didn’t want to pretend anymore. From the beginning, he had no affection for Xuefei.

He was not someone who gone crazy when he saw a slightly beautiful woman.

Xuefei was very beautiful, even they once became couple by chance, but these were not important anymore. After the peaceful separation deal was signed, they were completely irrelevant.

“It’s clear between me and you, we don’t need to be entangled, I don’t like you at all!”

Kris’s words were like a sharp knife that stabbed into Xuefei’s heart.

“You…you are not allowed to talk to Xuefei like this!”

Yujie bit her scalp and said, her eyes were also red at this time. For her, Xuefei was everything to her, and she can pay her own life for Xuefei.

“As the saying goes, one day the couple hundred days grace, are you so cruel?”

“Haha… this is a bit funny!”

Kris shook his head. He finally knew why he had been a little irritable these days. It turned out that it was because he hadn’t completely cut off contact with the Yuan family.

“Why don’t you say this when you deceived me? Do you think I am your husband? When you slander me with nonsense, have you ever thought about my feelings? Sign a peaceful separation deal in front of everyone, do you show me any respect?”

Kris snorted coldly, “I didn’t kill you, I have already shown you enough respect. Don’t take an inch. What I owe you has long been paid off. “

Yujie’s complexion looked like soil, and Xuefei even lowered her head and sobbed, unable to say a word.

How did she refute, and why did she refute, what Kris said was the truth.

“You came to me, just knowing my true identity, knowing that I am a great practitioner with some ability.”

Kris relentlessly revealed her true face, “What if I am an ordinary person? What if I am really a little novice? Can I get your favor in this way? Your superior appearance is really disgusting! “

“No… not like this, really not like this…”

Xuefei burst into tears, “I just hope that my husband is an indomitable man, a hero…”

“Oh, is it so?”

Kris laughed loudly, “What happened to the son-in-law the other day? Don’t tell me, you have a second woman named Xuefei in the Yuan family, right?”


Xuefei stopped talking.

As far as Kris was concerned, there was nothing in Wuwei City that can be concealed from him.

Will Kris lack women?

As long as he releases the news, the next day, the big families in Wuwei City squeezed the threshold to send their daughters to his bed to warm his feet.

But did he need it?

If he was purely for desire, just spent some spiritual Stones to find prostitutes.

He had no mental cleanliness.

“You and I are basically two different people. I am standing here today to talk to you, not because you used to be my wife. To tell the truth, I am married. I have more than one wife, and each of them is slightly more beautiful than you. You haven’t thought of me as a husband, why have I ever regarded you as a wife?”

Kris said: “Don’t try to get anything from me, I have given you enough, people must be content, otherwise…sooner or later you will bring yourself to death!”

When the words fell, Kris disappeared directly from them.

Just two funny women!

When Kris left, Xuefei walked away desperately.

Her heart, her self-esteem and pride, were stepped on the ground fiercely and shattered by someone at this moment.

Yes, what Kris said is right. If he was just an ordinary person, would she put down her body and come to him?

She remembered what Kris said to herself that night. He said, it’s okay, and the Yuan family will be safe and sound.

She didn’t believe it, thinking he was talking about dreams.

Sure enough, her father became the City Lord of Wuwei City the next day, and she also became the most noble woman in Wuwei City, not one of them!

She should have thought long ago, who in Wuwei City has this ability, and who would really help the Yuan family?

Others coveted her beauty and wanted to occupy the Yuan family.

She was really a fool. She usually prided herself on being smart, but she only thought she was stupid at that time.

Ridiculous, really ridiculous.

She could have stood beside the hero, but now, he didn’t even look at her.

“Miss…Miss, don’t scare me…”

Yujie was scared to tears.

“Yujie, do you think I’m particularly hypocritical and stupid?”

“No, Miss did this for the Yuan family!”

Yujie bit her lip and tried to comfort Xuefei as much as possible.

Unfortunately it was useless,

Xuefei’s heart was dead. But what could she do, she found everything herself.

A hand of good cards were broke by her.

After returning to the courtyard, Kris’s mood did not fluctuate.

As his cultivation level got higher and higher, he saw the worldly, the love of men and women more and more thoroughly.

What exactly did cultivation cultivate? In addition to practicing spells and strengthening the body, it was more important to cultivate the mind.

There were medicines for all diseases, but there was no medicine for heart disease.

Cut off the cause and effect, Kris knew it was time to leave this place.

Forget it, it was better to hit the sun if you chose another day, and it was not too late to leave when things arrive tomorrow!

Chapter 434: Arrive at Wuwei City

Time passed quietly. Inside Shiwan Mountain, Fox Rui felt his injury stabilized and walked out of a hidden cave.

The sword cultivator was really powerful. Kris scrapped his tail and hurt his soul. Even the primal spirit was full of cracks.

Unless Lord Heavenly Monster was given the ancestral blood again, otherwise…without a century of work, it will be difficult for him to recover from this injury.

But he was embarrassed to go back now.

But he had no choice but to go back, and in desperation, he came to the Hall of Demon Sealing in a panic.

He came to the Heavenly Monster Hall and called out a few times without seeing Lord Heavenly Monster, which made Fox Rui panic.

“Could it be that Lord Heavenly Monster already knew that I had failed and would not want to see me?”

Thinking of this, Fox Rui’s heart sank to the bottom.

“Subordinate Fox Rui is asking to see Lord Heavenly Monster!”

Fox Rui gritted his teeth and shouted again.

“What’s going on.”

An abrupt voice rang from above, Fox Rui was overjoyed, and quickly raised his head. On the throne, there was a black shadow. Who else could it be if it wasn’t Heavenly Monster!

With a ‘plop’, Fox Rui knelt directly on the ground.


The black shadow’s voice changed, “Something went wrong? Why are you alone? What about that stupid bear?”

“Report to Lord Heavenly Monster…Bear King he was cut by the sword cultivator!”


The black shadow swelled up suddenly, and two red lights like lanterns lit up during the period. His eyes looked very scary.

Fox Rui did not dare to conceal it, and told about the attack on Wuwei City the other day.

Above the throne, the shadow shrank, and the huge hall fell into deathly silence.

Immediately afterwards, Fox Rui felt an extremely cold breath entangled, he did not dare to move, letting this breath circulate in his body.

At this moment, his meridians were damaged, the primal spirit was cracked, and he was seriously injured.

After checking that Fox Rui did not lie, Sombra spoke again, “Do you know what the cultivation base of the human Practitioner is?”

Fox Rui bowed down, “I am incompetent, the sword cultivator, killing us is like killing chickens!”

The five Supreme Monsters, death and injury, can’t stop him.

This cultivation base was really terrifying. For thousands of years, had there ever been such a powerful person in Wuwei City?

Of course, that old thing called ‘Bone’ didn’t count.


The shadow became restless, and the Practitioner was sitting in Wuwei City. He was probably not an opponent either, after all, they were too far apart.

Without blood food, how could he obliterate the ban?

He had been trapped in this ghost place for thousands of years, and if he stay, his true spirit would really be extinguished.

Fox Rui was trembling with fright, the thunderous anger, and the little breath revealed from above, made his heart palpitate.

“Lord Heavenly Monster, please help me!”

“How dare you let me let you go?”

Fox Rui dropped his head on the ground, afraid to speak.

For a long time, Sombra was frustrated. There was no way. He still had to rely on these wastes to help him capture the blood food. If it was impossible, he tried to find a way to attract the human Practitioner.

Even if the accumulated spirit got here, it was a dead end!

Thinking of this, he snorted, “Forget it, in the past, I will spare your life!”

Hearing this, Fox Rui was overjoyed and squatted his head quickly, “Thank you Lord Heavenly Monster for not killing, thank you Lord Heavenly Monster…”

“Don’t be happy so early.”

Sombra interrupted him, “I have a task for you. If you can do it, I will not blame the past. If you can’t do it… then it will naturally be the fox head landing. Not only that, but I will kill You Qingqiu clan!”

His words made Fox Rui’s neck cool, “No matter what the task, Fox Rui will go through fire and water at all costs!”

“Okay, you go and lead that Practitioner to the Heavenly Monster Hall.”


Hearing this, Fox Rui was dumbfounded.

He…went to bring the sword cultivator over. It was impossible to do this, okay?

Don’t talk about seduction, he was afraid that Kris would kill him just after he showed up.

He feared Kris Chen to his bones, and this was hard to change.

In addition, he was seriously injured, and he had no such ability.

“Master Heavenly Monster, I am seriously injured at this time, how can I seduce that…”

Before he finished speaking, three drops of black, cold blood floating in the air.

Fox Rui breathed quickly, “Three…three drops of ancestral blood!”

Fox Rui was so excited, his heart almost jumped into his throat.

“Take two drops should restore you. This third drop of blood contains one of my magical powers. You can crush it when you are in distress, and you can save your head and tail.”

The shadow said lightly.

“Thank you Lord Heavenly Monster, thank you Lord Heavenly Monster, the subordinates will definitely complete the task.”

Fox Rui collected the three drops of ancestral blood like a treasure. With these three drops of ancestral blood, he could not only recover to his prosperity, but also gained a life-saving magical power. This time he came to the Heavenly Monster Palace, he was right!

Seeing Fox Rui leaving behind, a curse came from the shadows: “Trash, it’s all trash…wasting my precious blood!”

He hurt his soul a few days ago, and he was in a very bad state at this time. Then he had paid three drops of his essence and blood. It was definitely his weakest time.

But then again, when Fox Rui deceived the human sword cultivator and swallowed the high-strength sword cultivator, how much can he recover?

On the flying spacecraft, Yueming Zhang, the Michiko of the Criminal Justice Department, stood up, looked at the city in the distance, exhaled, “Look, Wuwei City is here!”

After the words fell, everyone on the spaceship stood up.

In the past three days, they had been eating and drinking in this small place, which was inconvenient, and no matter how good the scenery was, they were tired of seeing it.

Some people with fear of heights are dizzy even for three days.

After flying thousands of miles in three days, they can finally step with their feet on the ground.

Fumo Zhou carried the sword box on his back. He was Michiko from the Demon Division, and it was him who controlled the flying spacecraft.

With a pinch, the flying spacecraft slowly lowered, and they saw the messy grassland and the bottomless gully. The blood of the beast almost stained the earth red.

Even at an altitude of 100 meters, they can smell the blood soaring!

It’s over, there must be fierce fighting here.

Everyone’s hearts were raised, and it seemed that things were still developing in a direction they didn’t want to see.

Fast, speed up!

Changkong Li urged.

He was Michiko from the Ministry of Education.

And Michiko in Ministry of People’s Livelihood, from the time of boarding the spacecraft, had not yet woken up.

“No… Without massacre, I sensed a lot of life characteristics in the city.”

Fumo said.

He was the Later period Pill formation. Among all people, his cultivation is the highest.

The flying spacecraft was several tens of meters above the ground, and finally came to Wuwei City. Underneath the collapsed city wall, thousands of people were building the city wall.

Everyone was relieved!

On the city wall, there were also many soldiers patrolling.

“Look, everyone, what is that!

“A ship is flying in the sky!”

The people below shouted one after another.

Hearing what they said, the people on the flying spaceship showed pride. They were really hillbillies, and they had never seen the flying spacecraft.

The spacecraft landed slowly, opened the hatch, and a group of people walked out of it.

Seeing this scene, the soldiers who defended the city quickly went downstairs and asked the soldiers to go to the City Lord’s Mansion to inform!

“Who are you guys!”

The general defending the city asked.

“I am Fumo from Yaoguang Mansion’s arrest division Michiko, and I am ordered to guard Wuwei City!”

“I am Michiko Yueming from the Criminal Justice Department, and I am ordered to guard Wuwei City!”

“I am Michiko Changkong from the Ministry of Government, and I am ordered to guard Wuwei City!”

“And me… I am Ministry of People’s, vomit…”

A young man with a pale face and trembling legs walked off the spaceship, “I am Ministry of People’s Livelihood Michiko, Yuan Ji, I am…I am ordered to come and guard Wuwei City!”

The soldier guarding the city was shocked, looking at their clothes, knowing that what they were saying was true.

Kneeling on one knee quickly, “The young general has seen the Master!”

“Get up, I ask you, after Wuwei City City Lord Tianxiong Ning’s death, who is in charge?”

The general who defended the city had a cold sweat on his forehead, “Master, we have re…re-selected a new City Lord!”


Yueming scolded: “Without Yaoguang Mansion’s approval, who would dare to be the City Lord, pretending to be the City Lord privately, is tantamount to treason, in the country… it is to punish all the family members, don’t you know?”

The young general’s legs were weak, “We are also forced to be helpless… the beast tide came the other day. If Wuwei City had no leader, we would have died early! I hope you will forgive us!”

“Okay, he is a warrior defending the city. Why do you embarrass him!”

Changkong said: “I want to see who is so brave. Without the authorization of Yaoguang Mansion, he dare to pretend to be the City Lord!”

“Go, take me to City Lord’s Mansion!”

The teenager guarding the city nodded repeatedly, “Master, please follow me.”

At the same time, he was extremely angry, these shit masters are nothing.

If Tiangang Yuan had not taken them to resist the beast tide, they would have died long ago.

These people were here to show their prestige at this time!

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