Don’t tell Chuck Cannon?

Du Pei was stunned. She didn’t understand why Yvette wanted to do this. This time the Zhao family was destroyed. She already knew Chuck Cannon’s amazing strength!

Why does Yvette want to be a killer? ?

This is unnecessary.

“You, why didn’t you tell him?” Du Peixin asked this question.

“Because he is my husband.” Yvette said she has her own ideas, to improve herself, then be a killer and constantly do tasks, then she can improve her strength.

But this profession, Chuck Cannon will oppose.

Yvette has nothing to do with Chuck Cannon. If Chuck Cannon tells herself not to do it, she really cannot refuse.

“Understood,” Du Pei understood a little bit.

Yvette is so cold, does she want to be independent? Do you not rely on Chuck Cannon?

That’s why she did such a dangerous thing?

It is estimated to be like this.

Just how to say it, Du Peixin was a little bit envious. Yvette was a woman too, so much better than her.

“Thank you, this protection mission is over, please give me a comment.” Yvette cares more about this. The mission success rate is high. Then the killer organization will give her better and better missions, then she will be in the killer world. More and more famous, eventually, beyond the first!

“It is good.”


Yvette left, she had to talk to her mother Yan Li about this.

Du Peixin was silent. She was a bit lucky. Fortunately, Yvette didn’t know what she was thinking at the time. It’s good to live by herself. She thought Yvette was just a money-making woman.

Otherwise, would Yvette be angry?

I have thought about it a lot. Yvette is not a psychiatrist, so how can she know what I think?

She would never know.

Du Pei felt at ease.

She went to Chuck Cannon and talked about work thoroughly. Last night, she discussed with her parents and said that for a period of five years, she didn’t have much time to manage the family business. Her parents’ reaction was particularly great!

But after Du Peixin explained, his parents were shocked.

Can only agree, after all, Chuck Cannon destroyed the Zhao family! Also, if Chuck Cannon destroyed the Zhao family, will all the Zhao family’s industries be taken over?

That’s amazing!

Chuck Cannon should let her manage most of it. This is a good opportunity to win interpersonal relationships. Maybe she can have better contact with the other three families.

It can be said that Du Peixin does not resist this thing in her heart, and thinks that five years should be able to make her a great improvement. After five years, her Du family will rise due to this, and becoming substitute of the fourth major family was not necessary.

Thinking of this, Du Pei was happy in her heart.

Chuck Cannon came out from the inside, just to see Du Pei’s heart, and there was a hint in his heart that this woman is smart and came here so early.

“Mr. Cannon.” Du Peixin walked over respectfully.

Seeing Chuck Cannon today, she felt a little scared in her heart. After all, this man looked ordinary, but destroyed the Zhao family!

“Don’t call me that, just call me Chuck.” Chuck Cannon doesn’t care about this, just keep it simple.

“Okay.” Du Peixin nodded, “Then, what am I going to do next?”

She is looking forward to taking over the Zhao family’s industry, so she can learn a lot from it.

“You, manage this hotel,” Chuck Cannon said. Yolanda was too busy and wanted to watch the land.

Moreover, Chuck Cannon has other plans recently, and they will gradually let Du Pei take care of them.

“Do I only manage this hotel? The Zhao family…” Du Peixin asked in a low voice.

“You don’t need to take care of the Zhao family, I let my wife take care of it,”

Du Pei’s heart was cold, how can he be like this?

“Oh.” Du Pei sighed, disappointed in her heart, do you want to manage the five-year of the hotel by me?

What’s the point? When I was the president, I managed a lot of industries!

This is overkill.

Du Pei felt that Chuck Cannon just wanted to rectify her, just want to let her go to waste, five years of youth will be abandoned here when she is over 30, Du Pei wants to cry without tears.

Of course, Chuck Cannon will not say that he has plans to build his own business empire. Du Peixin will follow up in the follow-up. Of course, Chuck Cannon still trusts Yolanda the most in his own work.

Du Peixin first take a look.

Chuck Cannon was going to learn to fight, so he had to go back to the night hotel.

The nine days hotel here, then let Du Pei take care of it.

“You are here, I’m going back,” Chuck Cannon explained.

“En.” Du Peixin sighed. Sure enough, Chuck Cannon, a young master of the top family, still likes to torture people like Zhao Yunlei. Zhao Yunlei’s torture is physical, and Chuck Cannon’s torture is psychological.

Du Pei felt uncomfortable.

“Also, the hotel is my business. Don’t tell others, don’t tell anyone about the Zhao family being destroyed by me,” Chuck Cannon said.


Chuck Cannon walked outside. Yolanda was already waiting in the car at this time and they went back to the sea market together, but when he got to the parking lot, Chuck Cannon saw a sports car coming in.

Chuck Cannon knew this car, it was Du Peixin’s brother, Du Xinye’s car.

It’s a coincidence. Does Du Xinye know that his sister works here?

Du Xinye also saw Chuck Cannon. He sneered in the car, and there was a beautiful woman who had just got soaked next to him. At this time, he came to open the hour room.

“My dear, what do you think of the hanging silk in front of you, do you know?” The beauty was originally a woman who worshipped gold. At this time, seeing Du Xinye in the car sneer at Chuck Cannon, of course, she wanted to ask.

“He’s not hanging silk,” Du Xinye sneered and sneered. He really couldn’t figure out why Chuck Cannon was so rich. He wanted to go, but he had only one explanation. He was lucky and reborn. OK!

Otherwise, just like him, no girlfriend will be found.

“Oh, it’s not a hanging wire, what is that? Is it a shame?” The beauty laughed in the car.

It must be!

“It’s a bit of a brake.” Du Xinye parked the car, and the two got out of the car. Du Xinye hugged the beauty and walked to Chuck Cannon.

“Where’s Ouyang Fei? Why don’t you bring Ouyang Fei?” Du Xinye hummed, the woman he was so fascinated with, unexpectedly let you pick it up, can he not get angry? The last time he was attacked by Ouyang Fei, he was even angrier!

Chuck Cannon glanced at him and didn’t bother to tell him.

Du Xinye became even more fierce, “What are you doing here? Could this be yours?”

Definitely not. How can Chuck Cannon have so many hotels?

He has been soaking in beauties, and he doesn’t know about the destruction of the Zhao family.

“It’s not yours anyway,” Chuck Cannon said with a shrug, getting into Yolanda’s car.

Yolanda drove Chuck Cannon back. Chuck Cannon hadn’t seen Ouyang Fei for a while. This shameless woman didn’t know where she went, so it’s better not to show up in front of her again!

“The one who eats soft food is actually sitting in Lincoln. The one who drove just now was a big beauty, but is a big beauty so low-sighted?” the beauty muttered.

Du Xinye is a little annoyed, Chuck Cannon is ignoring him? If this hotel belongs to Lao Tzu, he would drive him away!


What to wear? It’s not mine anyway, is it yours!

“It’s the one who eats soft rice,” Du Xinye snorted.

“What is he doing with such a shame? Honey, I miss you, let’s go in.” Beauty can’t wait.

“En.” Du Xinye hugged the beauty and walked inside.

He suddenly saw his sister Du Peixin, he was curious, “Sister, why are you here?”

There’s no reason. His sister doesn’t have a boyfriend, and he knows his sister’s character. If she doesn’t get married, she will definitely not come to open a room with a man. So what is the reason for being here at this time?

Moreover, Du Xinye was pleasantly surprised that there was a general manager’s brand on her sister’s clothes, and she was still directing hotel staff to work.

Is it?

My Du family bought this hotel? So my sister came here?


Unexpectedly, my own Du family started to enter the hotel industry, yes, yes, then I will open a room for free? Just come and drive! Haha!

Du Xinye was pretty.

Du Peixin was in a bad mood. At this moment, when she saw her brother hugged another woman and came out, she stopped getting angry.

My younger brother is too bothersome. If I am his sister, I must teach. How can this be done?

“Come here!” Du Peixin ordered!

“Sister, elder sister, you are here, is this hotel now ours?” Du Xinye asked excitedly.

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