Chapter 433: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 433 I Used to Like Her Very Much

Finally, it’s over …

“Yulin, please buy me a pair of shoes, I need to go back to school.” Anna Xie looked at Yulin Xiao almost pleadingly.

However, Yulin buried his head in Anna’s arms as if he didn’t hear.

He clung to Anna like a little child.

“You know what? I used to like her very much, very much…” Yulin said, looked up at Anna, Anna felt depressed as if something had hit her heart.

“You mean, the girl at the banquet that day?” Anna vaguely felt a little jealousy, that girl, with a good family and good looks, was also missed by Yulin for so many years.

“She once said to me very affectionately that when I return, was still a young boy in her heart. I also jokingly said, when she return was still my little girl.” There was a little sadness in Yulin’s smile. She gently reached out her hand to touch him, but then stopped.

What’s she doing?

However, she couldn’t help but take Yulin in her arms.

“Don’t be sad, you are so outstanding, there will be many girls like you.” Anna’s voice was already sweet, and at this time, it was even more seductive and mesmerizing.

However, Yulin seemed not hear it and continued: “But, finally, she went abroad. She went away for a few years. When came back, she is still a little girl, but not the girl who loved me. She even said she wanted to marry another man.”

Yulin said while the tears wet Anna’s legs.

“Don’t be like this, please don’t…” Anna didn’t know how to comfort Yulin, she just wanted to be by his side at this moment and made him feel better. At this moment, Anna felt like the happiest woman in the world. It was the first time to be relied on by a man like this.

“Anna, can you stay with me? always …” Yulin angular face presented in front of Anna.

She had to admit that Yulin was indeed very handsome, not the kind of mediocre face and skin tone, but a distinctive angular face, as fascinating as a sculpture.

“I …”

“I’ve been missing you … in spring breeze”

Before Anna said the word “I”, Yulin’s cell phone rang.

When he heard the ringtone, Yulin jumped to the phone as if by reflex.

“Spring Breeze?” Anna frowned, this was one of her favorite songs, and she didn’t expect that Yulin also liked it.

But Anna accidentally glanced at the phone screen and saw that the caller ID written on it was “Wei Xu”.

Wei Xu? Well, whoever you think of would call you immediately.

Anna felt more despondent.

Yulin, however, gave Anna a look and took his phone into the bathroom. He seemed to have some secret that he didn’t want Anna to hear.

Anna sneered, she was just a tool for him .

“Yulin, I’m leaving.” Anna saw Yulin go to the bathroom to answer the phone, left a note, and walked out of Yulin’s apartment with bare feet.

She was getting more and more despondent. Forget it, it was just a dream.

Anna was like a hedgehog abandoned by the world, even without a pair of shoes.

“Anna, is that you?”

Just as Anna was walking along the roadsides feeling desperate, she heard someone call her name and looked back, then she was stunned.

“Dongzi?” Anna felt so lucky to run into someone she knew here.

However, at the moment she saw Dongzi, her eyes became dull again.

She was not wearing shoes, walking barefoot on the road, and her white T-shirt had the mud that was accidentally rubbed on it while passing through an alley earlier.

The apartments here were in a high-class villa area, so there were no small affordable stores nearby at all, and the shoes in the big stores were thousands of yuan.

“Anna, what’s wrong with you? Why are you barefoot?” Dongzi asked carefully, and he even approached Anna and picked her up. “How can you do that? What if you hurt your feet?”

At this moment, Dongzi could not care so much, just quickly carry her to the car. When he just passed by here, he saw a girl’s back some familiar, and did not expect that this girl was Anna.

“Dongzi, please don’t.” Anna felt so shy that her face was as red as a ripe peach.

This shyness made Dongzi a little dazed for a moment.

However, he shook his head, Anna was the boss’s woman, how could he think that.

Once he thought that Yulin let Anna walk alone on the road, but also barefoot, Dongzi felt some dissatisfied on Yulin. He would call him later and asked him what the hell was going on. He must teach Yulin a lesson. Although he knew that Yulin was originally a playboy, he really couldn’t stand that Yulin treated Anna like this.

“Anna, did Yulin bully you again?” Dongzi was furious with Yulin.

“No, it has nothing to do with him.”

Anna didn’t want to have anything to do with Yulin anymore, just to get rid of her relationship with him as much as possible. There were many gossips about her and Yulin. She didn’t want to let herself be affected by them anymore.

While Dongzi was holding Anna tightly, they didn’t notice that a pair of eyes were staring at them behind the green belt.

By the time Dongzi took Anna to a mall to try on shoes, it was already 8:00 p.m. and the mall was about to close.

“Dongzi, thank you.” Looking at the shoes on her feet, Anna knew that they must be very expensive, and she didn’t know how to thank Dongzi …

“It’s okay, Anna. Let me take you back to school.” Dongzi was surprised to see Anna’s ruffled look, and was a little touched that no girl had ever said thank you to him.

This sincerity was what Dongzi had wanted for so many years.

“Okay. Dongzi,” Anna’s feeling was complicated, she didn’t know how to face Dongzi, didn’t know whether Dongzi knew about those posts on the school website, about Anna and Dongzi’ s gossip, and what happened between Anna and Yulin.

However, seeing Dongzi’s so sincere, Anna had no courage to refuse, so she said yes.

On the way, Dongzi kept looking for topics of conversation, tried to cheer Anna up a bit, and Anna could only try to match Dongzi and laughed.

However, everything was filmed by someone who was following behind.

When Anna got out of Dongzi’s BMW, she heard the students around were discussing.

“Wow, who is this? It’s Anna who is kept by the president?”

“It’s not President Xiao, right? So soon to be with another man?”

“What a pleasure.”

The sound was getting louder, and Dongzi glanced at Anna with some concern.

“Anna, don’t listen to them, let’s go.” Dongzi was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to handle it and to do something stupid, and didn’t want her to go back to the dorm by herself.

“Thank you, Dongzi, I’m fine. I’m sorry to get you involved.” Anna looked at Dongzi apologetically.

They were apologizing to each other here like this, in others’ opinion, however, they were saying goodbye reluctantly.

Yulin looked at their intimate expressions on the phone photos, his hand involuntarily clenched tighter, and his fist hit the bed.

He just happened to see the note Anna left at the bedside, and his heart felt like stuffed with a ball of cotton, blocked with panic.

“Damn it.” Yulin’s abdominal muscle rose and fell, seeming to swear his displeasure.

Anna sneezed uncontrollably.

“Anna?” Dongzi took out a tissue and handed it to Anna.

“Thanks.” Anna took the tissue from Dongzi’s hand, and heard someone scolding her.

The night was getting darker and darker, and everything seemed to be signaling that this night was unusual.

“Dongzi, you should go back, be careful on the way.” Anna gave Dongzi a grateful look, “The money for the shoes, I’ll pay you back later.”

She didn’t want to owe Dongzi anything, nor did she want anything to happen between them because of this incident, let alone cause any trouble for Dongzi.

When thinking about the last time she looked at the chicken wings in Dongzi’s hand, and was told to be a fool, she was a little scared.

“No, you don’t have to pay it, it’s a gift from me.” Dongzi said with a feeling of guilt in his heart, he wanted to stay with Anna for a little longer, but he couldn’t.

“Then I’ll go back first, take care of yourself, you don’t need to care about what other people say.” Dongzi was still most worried about Anna being troubled by those gossips.

Anna, however, smiled wearily, “Don’t worry.”

When Anna returned to the dormitory, Qiqi looked at her, wanting to say something.

“Qiqi, what’s wrong?” Anna looked at Qiqi bewilderingly, although she had expected that she must have been slandered by those people again.

However, she did not know exactly how serious it was.

“No… nothing…,” Qiqi covered up in a way that made Anna want to know exactly.

“Qiqi, let me see it.” Seeing Qiqi kept blocking the computer, Anna became even more curious.

“Anna…Anna. “Qiqi acted so panic, Anna felt something strange, she pushed Qiqi away and sat in front of the computer, wanted to see what was going on.

Sure enough, whether it was the school’s official website, college forums, or the city’s local news, she was all the headlines.

“Story of A Female College Students And A Rich”, “Female College Student and Young Man Kiss in the Street” … and so on, countless.

Anna was so angry that she barely stood up, leaned against the wall, tried not to fall down. She tried to keep calm, but still felt her heartbeat picking up.

“Anna, Anna.” Qiqi anxiously powered off the computer, “Sit down and take a break.”

“Qiqi, do you believe me?” Anna’s eyes were filled with tears, she surprisingly came up with Yulin now, would he also misunderstand her?

Anna laughed to herself, she was really crazy, at this time, she was thinking about that man. He was just a passing visitor in her life, in his eyes, she was nothing at all.

“Anna, I believe in you, always believe in you.” Qiqi knew Anna, she was definitely not the kind of person who would betray herself for money, unless it was for love … although seeing the man send Anna back, Qiqi believed that Anna would definitely give her a reasonable explanation.

For some rumors on the Internet, Anna was still more or less concerned, although at this time she should not have such thoughts, but she can not control her emotions.

He could not do anything but talk to Qiqi about her grievances.

“Qiqi, do you believe me?” Anna cried out, she didn’t expect the result to be like this, she had thought that since then they wouldn’t have relationships anymore, but now, the rumors about them on the Internet were surprisingly overwhelming.

“I told you, I believe you.” Qiqi said, in fact, this was the second time Anna asked her this question.

However, Qiqi could understand Anna’s feelings at this moment.

“Wow, it turned out that the president’s little lover will also cry. Haven’t you enjoyed enough of the luxury life?”

“Look, She’s crying, it must be because she’s cheating on the president and was found out.”

“Yeah, it’s her honor to be with president, and she dares to hook up with another man.”

Anna was in the dormitory, when listened to their words, she felt so sorrowful. Yulin, you have made me miserable.

“Anna, don’t be like this, you still have me, you still have me, I will always be with you!” Qiqi didn’t know how to comfort Anna, or know much about Yulin’s situation now, just knew that Anna had been caught in the scandal of being raised by the president. What’s worse, another set of photos had been spread, which confirmed that Anna and Dongzi’s relationship was ambiguous.

“Thank you, Qiqi,” Anna said, and lied in her bed in exhaustion.

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