“What are you talking about? Which hotel is ours?” Du Peixin frowned.

What do you mean? Paranoia?

“Sister, don’t lie to me, I’m your brother, did our family secretly buy this hotel? Absolutely, otherwise, you are so busy, why would you come to the hotel?” Du Xinye said happily.

He was so happy, he didn’t expect that sister who had always been strict would surprise himself, okay!

The beautiful women who were hugged by Du Xinye were full of joy. I didn’t expect this handsome guy to have such a rich family!

Really see it!

She thought Du Xinye was just an ordinary rich second-generation, but now, no!

Still a super-rich second generation!

This wave is not bad, if he will be happy later, maybe she can hook up with such a handsome man!!

The beauty was thinking happily.

“Are you nervous? This hotel was bought by someone else,” Du Peixin frowned, his brother is really a daydreamer.


“Haha, elder sister, are you still lying to me?” Du Xinye laughed, his sister was joking seriously?

“Who lied to you? Are you stupid when you pick up girls all day? I said it was bought by someone else.” Du Peixin stared at the beautiful woman with his brother’s arms around her, her brows were darkened.

“By whom?”

“Be…” Du Peixin suddenly thought of what Chuck Cannon said.

“Sister, don’t be kidding me. If it wasn’t acquired by our family, why did you come here? He also brought the general manager’s brand,” Du Xinye pouted.

“I, let me be honest with you. The hotel was bought by Chuck Cannon, whom you offended last time. I came here to help him work,” Du Peixin said. This is her own brother. She can’t hide it. She is not afraid of her brother. If you offend Chuck Cannon again, she really doesn’t know what to do.

After all, when Chuck Cannon was angry he destroyed the entire Zhao family overnight!

Such anger is not enough for her Du Family.

“Sister, what are you kidding?” Du Xinye frowned and looked upset. His sister said that Chuck Cannon bought it. How could this be possible?

This hotel is a standard five-star!

If you say that you want to buy, you will buy, what kind of onion do you think Chuck Cannon is?

Also, the last sentence his sister said, helping Chuck Cannon come to work, he didn’t believe it even more!

This is even more impossible. How could his sister work for others?

“I’m not kidding. The hotel was really bought by Chuck Cannon,” Du Peixin sighed.

The beauty who was hugged by Du Xinye was taken aback by Chuck Cannon? Who is Chuck Cannon? Why hasn’t she heard of it?

Du Xinye looked ugly, “Sister, this joke is really not funny, so how do you explain, why are you here?”

How does Du Peixin explain? Did you tell your brother that she was beaten, and then asked Chuck Cannon for help?

“Oh, do you think I will tell lies in front of you?” Du Peixin sighed.

Du Xinye was irritated. Yes, he knew her sister’s personality, and when she said that, she was definitely not kidding.

But what is going on? What did your sister do for Chuck Cannon’s wicked job?


definitely is!!

“Sister, tell me, did Chuck Cannon’s wicked pen force you? Say, did he catch you for something? Didn’t it…” Du Xinye was cold.

It! Is it?? Chuck Cannon secretly fascinated his sister and took pictures? Do you do the same with Ouyang Fei?

Actually, applied this to his sister?

“No, don’t think about it, I…Hey, brother, where are you going?” Du Peixin was scared, what is his brother doing?

He had already run out, and Du Pei hurried to chase.

The beauty who was embracing Du Pei’s heart was stunned, why did he run out? Could it be that the sly pen hanging on Lincoln just now was the Chuck Cannon that bought this hotel?

The beauty was stunned…

“C!!! Chuck Cannon, you and her, stop it for me!” Du Xinye rushed out angrily, grabbed a vase at the door, and smashed it out.

Yolanda, who had just come out of the parking lot, heard the movement and stopped abruptly. Chuck Cannon frowned.

He looked back and saw Du Xinye running out. What was he doing?

“Chuck Cannon, what is he going to do? He broke things.” Yolanda was angry. She managed this hotel for a few days, but now she sees someone destroying it?

“Wait.” Chuck Cannon got out of the car.

Some people at the door were watching when something happened so suddenly.

Chuck Cannon’s eyes narrowed. Is this Du Xinye looking for death?

“Don’t leave for me!” Du Xinye rushed over, grabbing Chuck Cannon by the collar angrily, “Did you force my sister to work for you? Did you? Did you do something, did you? “

Du Xinye wants to kill. Although his sister usually beats him, he respects his sister very much. But now, is being threatened by Chuck Cannon? Otherwise, why would you come here to do anything shit general manager? ?

“You are sick, what do I want your sister to do?” Chuck Cannon remained motionless, his current strength can easily subdue Du Xinye.

After all, this guy has never learned to fight!

“You said no? I kill you!” Du Xinye smashed his fist, but how did he get Chuck Cannon? Chuck Cannon raised his leg.

Du Xinye’s stomach is about to break, he clutched his stomach and screamed, “Ah…”

The food I ate just now has to be topped out.

“I think you are Du Peixin’s brother, I don’t care about you! Let your sister come out to deal with the vase that you broke!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

“You and her, do you still say?” Du Xinye got up and yelled, “Are you still qualified to tell me? What are you? What a shit!”

“Du Xinye, shut up!” Du Peixin ran out, her heart was cold, her brother was fighting with Chuck Cannon?

“Sister, don’t worry about it, I will stand up for you today and beat him to death!” Du Xinye raised his leg angrily and kicked Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon frowned, raised his hand and slapped it off!


Du Xinye’s face was numb, and he fell to the ground, and everyone was stunned by Chuck Cannon.

“Don’t hit, don’t hit,” Du Peixin worried, “please don’t hit my brother,”

Chuck Cannon glanced at Du Peixin.

“Du Xinye, get up and apologize to Chuck Cannon!” Du Pei heartily pulled her brother up.

Du Xinye was angry, “Let me apologize to him? Impossible!”

“I don’t accept it either.” Chuck Cannon shrugged, this kid, Chuck Cannon wants to show him some colour today.

Du Pei was anxious, and immediately slapped Du Xinye, “Can you be silent for me! Did you hear me? You say one more word to see??”

Du Xinye was pointed at by his sister like this, and he suddenly didn’t dare.

“Apologize!” Du Pei rebuked.

Du Xinye was so wronged that he cried, “Sister, are you being caught by him…”

“No, did he hear the apology?” Du Pei was anxious, if Chuck Cannon became angry, then her Du family is over!

Du Xinye shook his head, impossible, how could he apologize to Chuck Cannon.

“Have you heard?” Du Pei leaned in anxiously, “Brother, if you don’t apologize, our Du family will be over, hurry up!”

“It will be over? Sister, what are you kidding? Can he let the Du family finish?” Du Xinye disdain.

He admits that Chuck Cannon has the strength, but his Du family is not vegetarian either!

Just rely on him!

“Yes, you haven’t heard that the Zhao family was destroyed?” Du Peixin could only say, brother, did you watch the Moments when you pick up girls? It’s crazy!

“What? The Zhao family?” Du Xinye was suspicious.

“Look at the circle of friends for yourself.”

Du Xinye took out his mobile phone, clicked on the circle of friends and looked at it. He didn’t see anything. Soon, he saw a friend post: Starting today, the Zhao family is gone, and the signs of all his industries are dimmed. , Who did this?

Du Xinye was stunned.

How is this possible? My sister said, could it be Chuck Cannon?

She seemed to remember that what was happening in the group last night that the Zhao family was annihilated. He didn’t even think about the Zhao family of the four big families. He thought it was a small family. What’s so strange about being annihilated?

But now… Du Xinye was stunned.

“Don’t be late, hurry up and apologize to him, do you want our Du family should also be destroyed?” Du Pei was anxious, his brother was too reckless!

Du Xinye looked up at Chuck Cannon. At this moment, he was dumbfounded. This Chuck Cannon actually had the power to destroy the Zhao family? Nothing wrong!

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