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Chapter 434: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 434 She Was Mine

This night, she was so tired that she had a very good sleep.

Though the gossip and the rumor were getting more and more on the Internet, she didn’t care at all.

Now, what she wanted was a good sleep. She hoped that Tomorrow would be a brand-new day.

Yulin Xiao, however, at this moment, was still holding the note Anna Xie left.

Was this she wanted? Did she really think this would make them square? What a stupid woman.

Humph! He didn’t allow this to happen.

Yulin clenched his fist a little tighter and he had to take some action to make her understand that she was his. And she couldn’t just walk away like this.

She made him so humiliated and he would let her know the consequences of betraying him.

The next morning, the sunlight came in through the curtains and fell on Anna’s bed. The spring was almost over and she could feel the coming of summer.

Anna felt a bad headache, probably because she thought too much last night. But this offered her a good sleep.

“Ouch.” When she was about to get up, she stumbled and fell back. It turned out that she had walked so much yesterday that it chafed her heel. Now Anna remembered that yesterday, she had come out of Yulin’ s apartment with bare feet and walked for a while. It was only after that she met Dongzi. Thinking of Dongzi, Anna remembered that she hadn’t given Dongzi the money for buying her the shoes.

“Anna, phone!” Anna set her phone to mute after she came back, for she didn’t want to be annoyed by the phone.

However, it was from Yulin.

“Yes, thank you.” After hearing her classmate’s mention, Anna took a glance at her phone nervously.

She was thinking whether she should answer the phone. In fact, she wanted to know what he was going to say.

After pressing the answer button, Anna’s heart was beating fast, as if something had hit her.

“Anna, twenty minutes. Wash and dress yourself. After twenty minutes, make sure to show up at the east school gate. My license plate is…” Yulin ended with a fast speed, while Anna was stunned.

Although she disgusted Yulin, but now there was no way to get rid of him.

She was resisting, but every time she received his call, she would obediently follow his instructions.

“OK.” After a long silence, Anna finally spoke.

Yulin took a long breath. If she hadn’t spoken this time, he couldn’t guarantee he wouldn’t have rushed into his dorm and took her out.

“I’ll wait for you.” After a pause, Yulin spoke again.

There were many flowers in campuses, as well as Anna’s university.

Sitting in the car, Yulin looked at the flowers outside the window, and was reminded of a verse—I love the 100,000 acres of roses planted on your abdomen. He used to love this verse very much, and now, it seemed to be appropriate.

Looking at those flowers, he thought of the phone call from Wei Xu last night.

After Anna came out of the dormitory, she walked outside anxiously.

Before she reached the gate, she heard a “hiss”.

“Get in the car.” The man’s voice was rich and strong, and when she looked up, she saw Yulin’ s handsome face, with some heroism and a little bit of arrogance.

It was impossible for her to say no. He completely overwhelmed Anna

“I…can you not come back to me in the future?” Anna’s voice was very small, like squeezing out from her throat, but Yulin still heard it clearly.

“Is that so? You don’t want me to come to you? Is it because you want to be with Dongzi?” Yulin’ s voice was as harsh as a sword, stabbing straight into Anna’s heart.

It actually hurt her.

“No. You don’t know.” Anna didn’t know what Yulin was thinking. She just felt that she shouldn’t let Yulin misunderstand, especially her and Dongzi.

Yulin sneered, “Is that so? You kissed him and can you tell me it’s not true? I have the evidence.”

After saying that, he snorted, “Get in the car.”

The veins on his hands popped out, highlighting his anger.

Anna did not dare to say more and followed Yulin to the car.

“Anna, be good.” Yulin said while putting his foot on the gas. Then the car rushed out several meters at once, raising the dust. It’s a sad thing for the air and for the environment.

“Where are you going?” Anna was a little scared, grabbing the safety belt tighter.


“I don’t want to go there.” As soon as Anna heard Yulin say so, she strongly opposed. She wouldn’t go home with him. She couldn’t make it clear at the beginning and now, things got worse. What’s more, Dongzi got involved. This all made her incredibly confused.

But, at the moment, Anna’s cell phone rang.

Taking a look at the screen, she was not going to answer it.

“What? Answer the phone. Who is calling you?” Yulin said this with jealousy.

“Nothing. I won’t answer it.”

Yulin smiled, for he was actually a little happy. She now was considering his feelings. However, he glanced it and saw “Dongzi”. He got irritated again.

Dongzi was Yulin’ s buddy, so how could he treat him like this?

Moreover, he called Anna, which really made Yulin a little annoyed.

“Answer it. Maybe it’s urgent.” Yulin clenched his teeth and said this unwillingly.

“Okay.” Anna regretted when she said this. She did not sense he was sarcastic.

“Ah! A sudden stop made Anna almost hit the windshield.

In fact, Yulin had already been far away from her university and now he was at a crossroads.

“Get out.” Yulin was wondering whether she had shame or not. Now, he was picking her out of school, but she still minded Dongzi’ s call. What did she want? Two men at the same time?

Anna couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“Good.” But she didn’t allow herself to ask why.

After Anna got off, Yulin didn’t stay for a moment and drove away, leaving the dust and the confused Anna.

After calling Anna, Dongzi found that she did not answer, so he felt it was strange, feeling something was gonna happen.

He sent a message to Anna, who replied that she was on her way.

Dongzi called again.

“Dongzi, don’t worry about me. I’ll just go back by myself later. No, you really don’t have to come.” Anna and Dongzi were talking on the phone, but she didn’t notice that Yulin, who had changed his car, had actually been following her.

It turned out that Yulin still worried about her after leaving, so he changed a car to follow her.

However, he happened to hear her conversation with Dongzi.

“Humph, she really doesn’t need me.” Yulin punched on the steering wheel, deciding not to follow her. Since Dongzi would pick her up later, he should leave now.

She walked on the street and remembered her childhood when her parents and she often counted stars. It was indeed happy.

But now, she encountered so many difficulties.

However, she failed to anticipate, at this moment, the danger was approaching, little by little.

Several men suddenly appeared on the roadside, talking about something.

“Yes, it’s her, we’ve seen the photos. The boss said, if we can really sell her at a good price, he would give each one of us an extra 20,000.”

“Is she really the one the boss mentioned? We need to get the right person, otherwise, we will ruin ourselves.”

“We won’t.” One bearded man said while touching his beard, as if the beard was omnipotent. As long as he touched, he would be able to get things done.

“So, let’s get started now?” Another thin man asked.

“Guys, go!”

Anna walked while helplessly smiling. The rumor said she was adopted, but now she was left alone on the street. Sadness and sorrow overwhelmed her and no one could make her feel warm anymore.

Although Anna has told Dongzi not to come, Dongzi was still a little uneasy.

But in the next moment, after Anna hung up the phone, she felt she was choked out, as if someone knocked her down.

She fell to the ground, never to get up.

Immediately after that, she could see nothing.

What the hell was going on?

“Who are you? What the hell do you want?” Anna then realized that she had been kidnapped and someone covered her eyes. She also felt her arms and legs being restrained, and then they tied her up with ropes.

“What do you guys want? What exactly have I done to offend you?” Anna wanted to cry, for she had not offended anyone, so how could she be kidnapped?

“Do not speak, or we will fuck you.” A man sternly shouted. And Anna felt she was carried to another place.

Leaning forward, she knew she was in a car. Did they put her inside an illegal car? Anna couldn’t help but think of the previous episodes on the TV.

But those were daughters of rich families. Was she the target? She was just a normal girl.

“Boss, it’s done…”

In a daze, Anna heard them calling.

And at this time, Anna’s phone also rang. She guessed that it was from Dongzi, because Dongzi said that he was coming to pick her up.

“Bi…” Anna’s phone was turned off by them.

She got desperate, knowing that she had really been in trouble.

“Ha, ha. I didn’t expect someone was worrying about her.” One man, with a rough voice, said. Anna, with eyes being covered, could not see anything, only felt it’ s bumpy. It seemed to be a mountain road.

The road was extremely bumpy, and they talked all the way, but Anna didn’t know what they were saying.

Anna was terrified, for she didn’t know what was going on.

“Okay, boss, got it. Let the boy go. The girl he said was caught and we will send her to the auction you mentioned. She was beautiful and had a good body, so I’m sure she will be sold at a good price.” Another man with a soft voice was answering the phone.

The auction, the girl, the boss…everything frightened Anna. The girl they were talking about was her, but what about the auction?

“Girl, be good. Don’t do anything, otherwise, we will throw you to the deep forest and beasts will eat you.”

After Anna heard their conversation, she sensed she was in danger, so she used her perception to move to the car door, but before she could move a few steps, she was discovered.

When Dongzi couldn’t get Anna through, he called Yulin in the end.

“What? You see her?” Yulin was mad at what had done. At least, Dongzi was also his buddy, but he tried to take his woman away.

However, although Yulin was angry, he was sure that there was nothing between them. what he was angry was that she didn’t care his feelings. Damn it, stupid woman.

The breezed blew gently, the birds were flying and the flowers were blooming.

Standing on the top floor of his apartment and looking out the window at the sunshine, he didn’t know the woman he cherished was in danger.

When Dongzi heard Yulin’ s reprimand, he did not explain his emotions or the thing between him and Anna. He wasn’t in a good mood and he didn’t think it was necessary. Sooner or later, the truth would come out.

And at this moment, what he most wanted Yulin to know was that he could find Anna. He didn’t know where she was now, nor what was going on. Although he had talked to Anna on the phone before, he couldn’t get in touch with her all of a sudden. This made him think that something bad had happened.

“Hey, I don’t want to talk about this. Now, I can’t find Anna.” Dongzi deliberately used Anna’s full name to show they were not that closed.

However, Yulin was simply in great anger right now and he couldn’t make a right judgment on this. He even couldn’t make himself listen to him.

“Okay, stop, I don’t want to talk to you right now.” Yulin then hung up the phone.

Dongzi, stunned, didn’t know what he could do now.

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