Chapter 435 – 436: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 435: Indiscriminately

The guardian took a group of people to the City Lord’s Mansion.

Seeing the passing pedestrians look in a state of uncertainty, even the little pawns who followed them looked contemptuous.

People in small places were not like people from big cities like them.

In no time, they arrived at the City Lord’s Mansion.

Tiangang Yuan thought that everyone in the City Lord’s Mansion would abandon him after the war, but that was not the case.

By virtue of his own ability, he won the recognition of everyone.

This also made Tiangang greatly relieved.

“Report to the City Lord, outside… Yaoguang Mansion is here, saying that they want to see you!”

A child of the Yuan family hurried forward.

This time the City Lord’s Mansion suffered heavy casualties, and in desperation, Tiangang had to let the Yuan family’s children serve as entourage.


Yaoguang Mansion was here? !

“Do you know who they are?”

The disciple shook his head, “I don’t know, they have a lot of people, and their cultivation bases are very high, I’m afraid the people who come are not good!”

Tiangang was secretly surprised that Wuwei City was a wasteland. Although it was under the jurisdiction of Yaoguang Mansion, it had not been in charge for decades. Why were they sending someone over now?

After thinking for a while, Tiangang said: “Go, invite people in.”

When the words fell, noise came from outside.


One of the gatekeepers was directly knocked to the ground by the strong wind, “Huh, bite off more than you can chew, you dare to block our way, get out!”

Mingyue Zhang gave a cold snort and walked in first.

“Are you the one who is bold enough to pretend to be the City Lord?”

Mingyue looked at Tiangang, and his eyes showed sarcasm, “You are so brave, but the thief of the Middle period of Back-to-self stage dare to steal the position of the City Lord, do you… want to die?”

With that said, his power of Middle period of Pill formation was released without reservation.


Tiangang felt the tremendous pressure, his knees softened and he knelt directly on the ground.

The strength was so great that he directly smashed the floor, and his knees sank into the ground.

“You…who are you!”

Tiangang’s forehead oozed big beads of sweat, and his back was instantly soaked with cold sweat.

Too strong, this young man was too strong, he felt that this person was stronger than Tianxiong Ning.

Moreover, he was very unreasonable.

“You hillbilly, I’m Michiko Mingyue from Yaoguang Mansion Criminal Law Department. This time I am here to handle Wuwei City Criminal Law.”

Mingyue said proudly.

“Since you are from Yaoguang Mansion, why do you treat me this way?”

Tiangang said with red eyes.

“Thief, I ask you, have you been authorized by Yaoguang Mansion Lord Prefect to become the City Lord?”

Mingyue drew out his short sword, and the murderous intent appeared in his eyes, “In order to let you know and die, stealing the position of City Lord is tantamount to treason, and you should blame the Nine Clan for crime in the country!”

Just when he was about to cut off Tiangang’s head with a sword, Xuefei Yuan rushed to him, “Stop hurting my father!”


The ice flying sword flew away, an attack of this level was nothing short of pediatrics for Mingyue.

“Well, well, you dare to attack, if I don’t kill you today, I…”

He was half talking, but he couldn’t say the rest.

He stared at Xuefei with straight eyes, his throat twitching, what a beautiful woman, he didn’t expect that there was such a beautiful woman in Wuwei City.

No, she called the thief “father.” He didn’t expect the thief to have such a beautiful daughter.

Even in Yaoguang Mansion, he had never seen such a beautiful woman.

Not just him, everyone behind him looked straight.

Fumo Zhou, Changkong Li, Yuan Ji… were all dumbfounded.

It was just a pity, Qing Ben was a thief!

Mingyue sneered coldly. Even if she was beautiful, she couldn’t escape death. Of course, such a beautiful woman could still be put in a jail before she died, and he could also enjoy it.

“Xuefei, go!”

Tiangang’s eyes were crimson, these people were indiscriminate, they just came up to shout and scream, he didn’t even have a chance to explain!

They said that they were members of the government, and they were more devil than demon!

“I do not go!”

Xuefei’s flying sword was easily knocked off, and she knew in her heart that these people were extraordinary.

Especially the aura surrounding them was amazing.

When Changkong saw Xuefei rushing over, he removed a ring from his waist and threw it directly.

The ring suddenly skyrocketed several times in the air, firmly trapping Xuefei.

Although this indefinite fly ring was only the best treasure, it was still very easy to tie up the small Back-to-self stage Practitioner.

The imprisoned Xuefei instantly lost the ability to act, fell to the ground and became a lamb to be slaughtered.

“Brother Zhang, this old thief has a low level of cultivation and can steal the seat of the City Lord. There must be an accomplice!”

Changkong said.

“No, I smell a monster here!”

Fumo was on the verge of an enemy, taking out the sword of slayer behind him.

The smell was very weak, but the aura was very strong. It was definitely the big monster of Pill formation.

He held Tiangang’s neck with the tip of his sword and looked at him condescendingly, “Tell me your party members honestly, maybe I can spare your life!”

“I don’t have any party members, where’s my party members!”

Tiangang was furious, “You pride yourself on being extraordinary, but don’t give me the opportunity to explain at all. How are you different from demons?”

Mingyue was furious, “You are looking for death!”

When he turned his hand over, there was an iron whip in his hand. This was his natal spirit weapon. Under this whip, many criminals were killed.


With a sudden pump, Tiangang’s skin sprang and his blood drained.

“I’ll ask you again, where’s your accomplice!”

“I have no accomplices!”

Tiangang exclaimed: “You demon who do not distinguish between right and wrong, Wuwei City coincides with the beast tide, where are you? What are you guys, if it weren’t for me to lead the people in Wuwei City to actively resist the beast tide, it would have been dead city here long ago!”

He hated in his heart, hated his strength was too low.

Didn’t he want to contact Yaoguang Mansion?

Just as the beast tide was coming, the official road was occupied by the beasts, how did he contact?

Also, he resisted the beast tide, there was hard work without credit.

“You still dare to take the blame.”

Mingyue didn’t care so much. He stole the position of the City Lord and that was a crime.


He pumped dozens of whips in a row, exposing Tiangang’s skin to the flesh, and he was covered in blood.

“Don’t, please don’t!”

Xuefei burst into tears.

“My father is a hero, the hero who saved Wuwei City, you can’t do this to him!”

Although the final moment was Kris Chen’s credit, without Tiangang, Wuwei City would be broken that night.

It is impossible to wait for the next day.

Tiangang tried his best for Wuwei City, but why was he treated like this by these people.

“I will ask you one last time, who is the accomplice behind you!”

Tiangang said: “I…I have no accomplices…no…”

At this moment, Butler Mei arrived, walking out of the back hall with a bright white sword in his hand.

“Let go of the master and the young lady, otherwise you will not be able to get out of here today!”

Butler Mei was scared, all his courage was in the sword in his hand.

Just because this sword was given to him by Kris.

He remembered what Kris said. If he was in danger, took out this sword, it could save his life!

It was the critical moment.

Seeing Butler Mei, everyone was taken aback for a moment, and then burst into laughter.

An old slave of The return-to-nature stage, holding an ordinary dagger in his hand, dare to speak out here?

Mingyue laughed so much that his stomach hurts.

“Okay, I want to see, how do you make me…”


Before he could finish his words, Butler Mei waved the sword in his hand and shot out a powerful Sword Energy.

Mingyue didn’t have time to dodge and blocked in haste. With just one sword, his real name magic weapons was cut off.


Magic weapons were closely related to the owner, and if the magic weapons were damaged, the owner would certainly not be spared.

Everyone was stunned, Mingyue flew out of the hall!

This sudden change made everyone’s face changed drastically.


Everyone looked at Butler Mei like an enemy.

They didn’t expect that this old slave, who seemed to have only The return-to-nature stage, was so powerful.

One sword flew Mingyue in the Middle period of Pill formation. Although there was a suspicion of a sneak attack, it could be seen from the side that he was powerful!

Fumo and Changkong glanced at each other and both assumed a fighting posture.

“Old dog, you are the cultivation base of Pill formation, stop pretending!”

Fumo’s sword pointed at Butler Mei with a serious face.

I pretend?

In fact, Butler Mei was also very miserable.

He didn’t expect that the sword that Kris had given him was so powerful that it would cut the man flying in one blow.

“I warn you, it’s too late to get out now, don’t force me to kill!”

Butler Mei said calmly.

Chapter 436: Pangolin King offers help

Butler Mei noticed that he had swung a sword just now, and the brilliance of the sword in his hand was dimmed.

This was obviously a one-time consumption weapon, and he didn’t know how many swords he could cut.

If all the opportunities were used up and these people were not killed, they will die.

Tiangang Yuan was still in a trapped state.

What was going on?

Was it possible that Chamberlain is a hidden master?

Xuefei Yuan was very smart, and she understood it all at once.

The truly powerful one must be the sword in Butler Mei’s hands!

She didn’t know where his sword came from.

Somehow, she once again remembered Kris Chen’s dissipated appearance of swaying Sword Energy.

But at the moment, getting through this difficulty is the most important thing.

The faces of Fumo Zhou and others were uncertain. There was only one person on the other side, but there were hundreds of them.

He was the Later period of Pill formation, and Changkong Li was the Middle period of Pill formation. They also had dozens of Back-to-self stages. It should be no problem to win this old dog.

They were afraid that there were people behind this old dog!

The two looked at each other and made a gesture. The people behind them understood in seconds, and they quickly dispersed to form an encirclement, enclosing the three!

At this moment, a flying axe flew over from behind, and one of the members of the Taoist Division did not pay attention, and was directly split in half by the flying ax!


The disciple of that department screamed, and the sudden change made the already tense atmosphere even more tense.

“Who dares to hurt my Family Head!”

Yan Tu yelled and rushed over with dozens of outstanding Yuan family children.

With the swing of the axe in his hand, he killed several soap collectors of the Demon Division.

Fumo’s face changed drastically, “Old thief, you said you have no accomplices, what is this!”

Yan rushed in to help Tiangang up, and Yujie came along. Yujie walked over and quickly helped Xuefei up, crying and said, “Miss, are you all right!”

“I’m fine!”

Xuefei shook her head. At this time, she felt her breathing more and more difficult. Turning her head to see, Michiko Li Changkong from that department spoke plausibly, as if he was saying something.

“You dogs, dare to come to my Wuwei City to make trouble, do you know what site this is?”

Whether they belonged to Yaoguang Mansion or not, Yan even dared to fight even if the king of heaven came.

The faces of Fumo and others were very ugly, instead of taking the opponent down, they injured Michiko on their own side, and a back-to-self stage arrester and dozens of soap officials were killed.

His heart was raging, and General Fumo instantly covered the fiery red Genuine Vital Energy.

A scorching breath rushed toward him, “No matter who you are, and no matter what means you have, you will die!”

Fumo swung his sword and rushed towards him.

Butler Mei was startled and waved his sword again and again.


Two more Sword Energy cut out.


Fumo faced the two Sword Energy and split the two swords. Although his hands were numb, he was still within the acceptance range.

Mingyue Zhang was not very good at fighting himself, but Fumo fights with monster beasts every day, and his martial arts are also very superb.

What, he actually blocked it.

Butler Mei was very anxious and waved the sword again, and three more Sword Energy flew out.

But it was easily blocked by the other party.

At this time, the brilliance of the sword in his hand was almost bleak. The sword can release two Sword Energy at most, and then it will be scrapped.

How to do?

In the end how to do?

Butler Mei was anxious when the opponent was beaten back. He couldn’t help but yelled: “Sir, come and save us. If you don’t come, we are really going to be killed by these people.”

The sword can release two Sword Energy at most. Without the confidence, Butler Mei never dared to be like before.

To put it bluntly, he was just an ordinary chamberlain, he had never experienced a fight in his life, facing a powerful enemy… he had already panicked at this time.

Yan took the Yuan family’s children and resisted desperately, but the opponent was crowded with people, and under the closer count, the strong back-to-self stage was no less than fifty!

How to fight?

The children of the Yuan family he brought were killed in an instant, less than a handful.

“You old dog, it turns out that you are fighting the might of the sword in your hand!”

Fumo’s face burst into anger. Butler Mei’s words had already vented his old bottom completely.

Tiangang’s face was gray.

Kris will come to rescue them, how is this possible!

What he had said that day was very clear, and there could be no connection between them.

Xuefei bit her lip, her heart was already desperate, Kris pushed his father to the position of City Lord with one hand, and pushed them into the cliff with one hand!

She was very entangled in her heart. On the one hand, she slightly blamed Kris for not helping them solve the problem, and on the other hand, she regretted her low ability.

Kris helped them sit in the seat of City Lord, and they couldn’t sit still.

Kris was right, she was a hypocritical woman.

“Don’t come here, there is more than this sword in my hand!”

Butler Mei delayed as much as possible. He raised the sword and faced them. As long as there was something wrong with them, he would release Sword Energy without hesitation.

He underestimated the strength of the strong Pill formation.

In the previous encounter, Fumo had an intuitive understanding of the power of Sword Energy, which was probably a full blow from the early stage of Pill formation to the Middle period.

He can resist.

Thinking of this, he cut out two fiery red Sword Energy again and again.

Butler Mei was shocked and waved the sword again!


Sword Energy collided with each other, sending out violent explosions, shock waves, and instantly hitting him, and he flew upside down, vomiting blood.

After all, his Stage was too low.

Even the aftermath of the battle at the Pill formation level was not something he can bear.

The sword in his hand was completely dimmed, and even the blade was full of cracks.

This sword carried hundreds of Sword Energy of Kris, and it was completely abandoned!

“Now you can go to death!”

He was a strong man in the Later period of Pill formation, and it was ridiculous to be confused by an old dog of The return-to-nature stage.

“With this sword, I want to kill you completely!”

All the Genuine Energy in his acupuncture hole was condensed on the sword, and he even used this trick to kill the Fulfilled period Pill formation.

It was an honor for them to die under this strong sword!


When the words fell, he swung his long sword, and a Sword Energy that was dozens of feet long swept away, even scraping the floor along the way.

It cannot be resisted, and it was impossible for anyone to resist this sword.

Yan used the strength to suckle and threw the two large axes in his hand.

Like a hot knife cutting butter, the big axe of the best treasure was instantly cut into pieces.

When Sword Energy was about to behead them, an old man suddenly appeared in front of them.

Facing Sword Energy, his expression was very indifferent, he stretched out his hand lightly, grabbed Sword Energy, and then used force.

That Sword Energy was crushed directly.

Looking at the old man’s hand, there was nothing, not even a trace of marks.

The appearance of the old man shocked the audience.

Fumo and others froze in an instant, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

This… when did this old man appear? He actually caught Fumo’s strong sword with his bare hands.

The same dumbfounded person is Tiangang and his group.

But they saw this old man very familiar, or Xuefei responded quickly, and said quickly: “Mr., you…you are… the person next to Kris, aren’t you?”

The old man turned to look at Xuefei and nodded.

He is no one else, but the patriarch of the pangolin family, Pangolin King Zhong Guan.

Seeing Zhong nodded, Xuefei was ecstatic, “Did he forgive me, did he…”

“No, the master said, he was the one who pushed your house into the position of the City Lord. Now he is responsible for this kind of danger. He just doesn’t want to owe you anything. After saving you this time, the position of the City Lord , Let the capable people do it!”

After that, he was not looking at Xuefei, and turned to look at Fumo, “Give you a choice, get out of the City Lord’s Mansion immediately, do what you should do, I will protect the Yuan family!”

Fumo let out his thoughts, the breath of the old man’s body was as deep as a mountain, unfathomable.

Primal spirit, it was definitely the power of primal spirit!

He didn’t expect that behind the Yuan family, there was a great power of primal spirit standing!

This feeling was stronger than the oppression his adoptive father gave him. This old man was probably the great power of the primal spirit Later period!

Although Fumo was arrogant, he also understood that he can’t beat him at all. The old man can kill him with just one finger!

Changkong also understood that he had kicked the iron board at this moment.

They looked at each other without saying anything, just one look!

They must retreat, they will really die if they do not retreat!

“It’s our fault, goodbye!”

Fumo’s practice is magical and very sensitive to evil spirits. Even so, he can’t perceive the evil spirit on Pangolin King, thinking he is a human expert.

Just when the two were about to lead everyone away, Mingyue, who had passed out of a coma outside the temple, woke up.

“Fuck, dare to attack me, I must kill you!”

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