Du Xinye’s heart is complicated, and he is afraid, what did he do just now?

“Yes, I’m sorry.” Du Xinye hesitated.

He feels ashamed, feels no face, feels desperate, so he has been trampled under Chuck Cannon all his life??

He is not reconciled!

“Sorry, it’s over?” Chuck Cannon looked at him lightly.

Du Xinye trembled.

Du Peixin was impatient, “I’m sorry, my brother really knows he was wrong.”

Chuck Cannon’s words scared her. What does this mean?

“I’m not so generous, give me a reason to let him go.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Me, me,” Du Pei was stunned, a reason? What reason?

What did Chuck Cannon let himself do?

“I give you one day to think about it.” Chuck Cannon got into the car.

Yolanda drove Chuck Cannon away.

“Sister, sister.” Du Xinye called.

Du Peixin’s heart has become extremely complicated, “It’s all good things you do, all you!”

“Sister, how do I know that he is so powerful? Even the Zhao family can be destroyed. Tell me, how did he destroy the Zhao family?” Du Xinye felt that he was dreaming, too unreal. The Zhao family, he couldn’t even think about it.


Du Peixin slapped his brother!

Du Xinye felt wronged and touched his cheek, “Sister.”

“I’m telling you, starting today, if you provoke Chuck Cannon again, I will drive you out. Also, if you dare to speak out the affairs of Chuck Cannon kills Zhao’s family , see how I can clean you up!” Du Pei angrily went to the hotel entrance go.

What should she do? Chuck Cannon gave himself a day, what reason should she find? Should she continue to work for Chuck Cannon for another five years?

Then she would collapse, but apart from this reason, how should she find it? What else can I find?

“Hey, elder sister, elder sister…” Du Xinye continued to look at the phone, getting more and more frightened as he watched, why Chuck Cannon hides so deeply!

He was shivering and didn’t know what to do. At this moment, the beauty who was going to open the hour room just now forced out, “Honey, that person just now…”

“Don’t tell him before me!!” Du Xinye was angry!

“But, he, is he very powerful? Chuck Cannon? What kind of family does it belong to, Cannon family? But there is no such a powerful Cannon family in China,” said the beauty, her eyes brightened. If he is powerful, then she should go to him. Ah, she is in good shape, he will definitely like it.


Du Xinye slapped her.

“I’ve said everything, let’s not talk about him.” Du Xinye was angry.

The beauty covered her face, stunned, “Why are you angry with me?”

Du Xinye went to find his sister, but Du Pei ignored him. Du Xinye could only come out by himself. He thought, what will happen to his sister? Does that Chuck Cannon imply that his sister wants to accompany him?

Thinking of this, Du Xinye was so angry that he vomited blood!

He drove out, but when he reached the door, a car stopped him.

Du Xinye saw that she was a big beauty!


Yes, it was Qian Yueying who drove!

She is investigating who killed the Zhao family, so coming to this hotel is the most direct way! Huaxia had such a big incident. As one of the four big families, she had to find out who this person was. Otherwise, if she accidentally offended that person in the future, wouldn’t she be in the footsteps of the Zhao family?

Du Xinye was disturbed just now, but at this time, seeing such a beauty, he had an idea and opened the window of the car, “Hey, beauty, I will invite you to dinner, this hotel, my sister is the general manager in it. Yeah!”

“General manager?” Qian Yueying was surprised, could it be that Yolanda? When she came here last time, she saw Yolanda’s.

However, unlike, how does this boy look like Du Peixin?

What’s going on? How could Du Peixin be the general manager here?

“Your sister is Du Peixin, right?” Qian Yueying asked.

“Yes, you know my elder sister!” Du Xinye is happy, his sister and she are friends, isn’t it better?

“Yes, acquaintance, I’ll go over there for dinner, I invite you,”

“Okay,” Du Xinye chuckled, there is a play!

The two drove to a restaurant not far away and found a private room to sit down.

“Why did your sister be the manager of this hotel? Who asked her to do it?” Qian Yueying asked this is very important!

The hotel was acquired, and the boss behind the scenes should be the one who destroyed the Zhao family. Then, by finding the boss, you can find that person.

“Do you want to know this?” Du Xinye smiled, what is this asking for?

Asking about Chuck Cannon? Du Xinye is angry, is she, Chuck Cannon is so feminine? ?

Of course, he doesn’t want to say it, let this beauty take the initiative to chase Chuck Cannon? He can’t do it, he must prevent this from happening, and Du Xinye is jealous.

“Yes, I want to know, can you tell me?”

“What’s your name for a beautiful woman?” Du Xinye smiled slightly and looked at Qian Yueying. She is so beautiful, how could there be such a beautiful woman?

“Qian Yueying.”

“What?? Qian Yueying of Kerf?” Du Xinye suddenly lost his mind. This is the Qian family of the four major families he can’t afford to provoke her. What’s more, this woman, Kefu, has been married several times and the man has died. Who dares to play? Do you want to die?

Qian Yueying frowned, “Yes, it’s me!”

Suddenly, Du Xinye had an idea in his mind. Qian Yueying, who is so effective, can be introduced to Chuck Cannon and he can overcome Chuck Cannon without knowing it.

Haha, this idea is good.

“I can’t tell you this, my sister said, this boss is very powerful, I can’t tell you,” Du Xinye smiled slightly. It’s a pity that such a beautiful woman is actually Kefu, hehe, I’d better keep it for you, Chuck Cannon.

Qian Yueying stood up frowning and took out 30,000 in cash. She was going to leave for this meal.

“Wait,” Du Xinye also stood up.


“You can ask someone, and he would tell you,”


“You go to the sea market to find a night hotel, ask the owner of the night hotel, he will tell you, but don’t say that I said,” Du Xinye is serious, this is not a joke.

In case Chuck Cannon knows, then he is done.

“Okay.” Qian Yueying went out, Du Xinye sneered, “Chuck Cannon, I found you a great beauty, you have to catch it…”

Qian Yueying got into the car, listened to Du Xinye’s words, and went to the night hotel. The person who had destroyed the Zhao family must be found!

Yvette came back and told her mother Yan Li about this. Yan Li was shocked, “Daughter, what did you say? Chuck Cannon gave you the Zhao family?”

She had not heard that the Zhao family was destroyed, but she knew who the Zhao family was. Now Chuck Cannon actually gave Yvette such a big family?

“Well, mom, I will continue to be a killer. You will manage everything in this family!” When Yvette came back, she had already taken another task on the road. She must improve herself!

Be the killer first!

Yan Li thought about it, and she resisted in her heart. How can she say she hates Chuck Cannon and doesn’t want Chuck Cannon’s things.

But this is an opportunity that Yan Li wants to seize.

If you take over the Zhao family, will you be much safer?


“Okay,” Yan Li nodded, she must agree!

Yvette breathed a sigh of relief, and after carefully telling Yan Li about everything about the Zhao family, Yan Li nodded clearly. She also had a management company before. How could she not know?

Yan Li set off to take over the Zhao family’s industry. The process was complicated and could not be completed in one or two days. Yvette continued to be a killer. The task she received was…

Chuck Cannon came back here, Yolanda went to the square, Chuck Cannon came back by himself, and asked Logan to teach how to fight. After all, it has been so long, Overlord Lee may have to do it himself, he must prevent it in advance!

She hasn’t seen Logan for several days and misses her.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, thinking about Logan’s gentle smile. This is a particularly wonderful thing, but when he first entered the hotel door, a woman ran over, it was Ouyang Fei!

Chuck Cannon still has a picture of her in his hand, he must get it back!

“Hey, give me the photos!” Ouyang Fei pulled Chuck Cannon.

She squatted on guard for many days, and this Chuck Cannon didn’t even go to school. Prodigal!

Chuck Cannon frowned, “Let me go!”

This horrible woman actually appeared again, but at this time, Qian Yueying had already drove over, the night hotel? She has heard of…

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