Chapter 435: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 435 He Did Not Want to Lose Her

But now, if Yulin Xiao didn’t do anything, he simply could do nothing.

Who were they? What exactly had happened? Dongzi had no idea.

Yulin stood at the window for a long time and he didn’t know what was wrong with him. The laziest and the happiest Yulin was now bothered by a woman. What’ s more, it was because of her affairs with his friend, which was even more distressing to Yulin.

For him, if he wanted a woman, he would easily get her.

However, what he wanted now was Anna and her love. He even decided to confine her to his world, so that she could never get away from him.

However, this was all just his own wishful thinking. He had no idea of what Anna was thinking.

He thought for a long time before he turned around and thought of Dongzi’ s phone call just now, who told him that Anna couldn’t be reached.

Thinking of this, Yulin got panicked. What was going on?

Just now, he only focused on his own sadness and did not pay attention to what Dongzi had said.

And now, he seemed to miss something important.

After the phone call, he was a little worried and he didn’t know what Dongzi was going to do. He hoped that he didn’t act alone.

Anyway, Dongzi was also his good friend and even if Dongzi loved his woman, he was still his buddy. Men sometimes were very strange, for in their opinions, friends were friends and women were women.

“Yulin, listen to me, I called Anna before and she answered my phone. I said she was not safe on the road alone and I could pick her up if she wanted. Maybe the rumors on the Internet make her terrified. So, she refused me. Now, she doesn’t answer me.” When Dongzi said this, he was talking fast, sounded like he was about to cry, with sob in his voice.

“What are you crying about?” Yulin said disdainfully. In fact, he was blaming himself inside. He was one who caused this.

Because of seeing her answer the call from Dongzi, he kicked her out of the car. Was he a little too much?

While the two were on the phone, Anna had been pushed into a dark room.

Anna’s eyes, at this moment had been cover by a white cloth. So, just a moment of changing the cloth, she seemed to see some light, which was the limelight.

As a little star, Anna still knew this.

She did not know where she was, but at least this was a public place.

Thinking about this, she didn’t worry that much.

After being pushed and shoved along the way, Anna was finally set to a place where she was no longer moving.

“Girl, be nice or we’ll kill you.” Somehow, a woman was talking to her. Along the way, she was carried by several men. Now since she didn’t know exactly where she had arrived, nor did she know why a woman was watching her.

This, however, made Anna feel safe. Otherwise, she would have to worry about whether she would be raped.

“I see.” Anna’s voice was surprisingly calm, for she had been analyzing who exactly she had met?

She heard some music outside. Immediately after that, someone was talking.

“Hurry up, give her a light makeup and wash her body.”

“A bath? No way. She has just gotten here.”

Hearing the conversations, she realized that she was kidnapped. This kind of plot had only seen in the movie before, but she didn’t know it did happen in her daily life. And unfortunately, it happened to her. It was incredible.

“Who the hell is trying to harm me?” Anna’s voice trembled, as if she was asking herself, but also those women around her.

“Women who come here often have only one end—slaves.” When these women said this, they didn’t even bother to pay attention to Anna’s emotions, as if they were like talking to a piece of wood and they didn’t even treat her as a real person.

“What?” Anna got more scared after hearing this. She never thought that she would meet this.

“But I have nothing.” Anna wanted to say that she was not in a good shape, but what was the point of saying so now?

“Alas. You should blame your cousin.” These women looked at Anna with some regret and continued what they had just done. Oh, yes, they needed to obey the order to give Anna makeup, for only in this way, Anna could look better, which was exactly what they wanted.

At this time, Anna realized the situation. This was ridiculous, making Anna desperate.

She thought of her family, and what they just said now and it was not hard to see she was sold by her cousin…

However, Anna always took him as her closest relatives.

Once she thought of this, Anna’s eyes were filled with tears.

“It’s over.”

At this desperate moment, she actually thought of Yulin, his warm hands, his strong chest, and his bossiness. These were the things that Anna used to miss. Although Yulin liked controlling her and Anna was a bit annoyed with him, it seemed that she felt more comfortable staying with him, much better than it was now… If she went back, she would have chosen not to care the gossips and rumors.

Yulin always thought he would get Anna in the end, no matter how. But now, it seemed he was wrong.

“Mr. Xiao, I’m sorry.” The person on the phone said, with sorry.


Hearing his voice, Yulin was originally full of hope, but when he told him he didn’t make it, he got gloomy.

“Say it again. I only want the result.” Yulin’ s voice was fierce and vicious, exactly like the winter, gloomy and damp, making people terrified.

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