As one of the four major families, how could the Qian family fail to pay attention to all the investment objects in Huaxia?

The Ye Se Hotel was taken down by a woman named Karen Lee for several billion, and then she was to entertain high-end people nearby.

Speaking of it, this hotel has grown very fast, with amazing management and service. Once it opens, it can be said to have a place in the China Hotel rankings.

Qian Yueying also noticed that this Karen Lee was not in China before, and had only recently returned to China.

And began to invest in China.

Qian Yueying noticed it, but after a thorough investigation, nothing was found.

Karen Lee may be a member of some foreign consortium, otherwise, there is not such a large capital to invest.

But Du Xinye asked her to come over here to look for it. Could it be that Karen Lee, the owner of this hotel, destroyed the Zhao family? ?

Qian Yueying took a breath!

Is it such a great strength?

Qian Yueying is now desperately trying to figure this out.

She parked the car on the side of the road, thinking about how to get in and ask?

However, when she thought about it, Chuck Cannon and Ouyang Fei were about to quarrel here. Ouyang Fei insisted on Chuck Cannon to give her the photo. In fact, Chuck Cannon only saw it once and thought she was in good shape, but Chuck Cannon later didn’t look at it. To tell the truth, he might as well look at Lara in the phone.

At the very least, Lara looks a little pleasing to the eye now.

As for this Ouyang Fei, Chuck Cannon hates her very much and thinks of her!

She had a better attitude and a better tone. Maybe Chuck Cannon deleted it in front of her, but Ouyang Fei’s attitude was so bad that Chuck Cannon was not bad at hitting her.

“What are you going to do to give me the photos?” Ouyang Fei stared at Chuck Cannon. She was really too entangled, squatting for so many days before meeting Chuck Cannon.

If he doesn’t give it, he must have done something dirty with his photo!


Chuck Cannon was too lazy to care about her and left directly.

Ouyang Fei grabbed Chuck Cannon and prevented Chuck Cannon from leaving, “Photo, you give me the photo, I beg you.”

” Is this attitude?” Chuck Cannon glanced at her and said coldly.

“Then what do you want to do?” Ouyang Fei was wary, she wanted to kill! Just like Du Xinye, she stabbed him in the neck with a knife, and then took a picture of him. He would dare to act in front of her in the future!

“Open the house and wait for me!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

Ouyang Fei’s beautiful eyes are full of disgust. Sure enough, you think this way. During this period of time, have you used your photos to do bad things?

No problem, open a good room, and when you are dazzled by sex, I will stab your neck with a knife to see if you can give it back!

“Okay!” Ouyang Fei sneered inside, “In your hotel, or in another hotel!”

“Of course it’s mine.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Okay, I’ll drive now.” Ouyang Fei walked in, and Chuck Cannon touched his nose, a little weird, so simple? Seeing Ouyang Fei’s beautiful figure, she is very beautiful today. She was tall and model-like. Chuck Cannon smiled.

Is there such a thing. Of course, Chuck Cannon agreed. He walked in and instructed the front desk, “Open a presidential suite for her.”

“Yes, master!” The beauty at the front desk smiled slightly.

Ouyang Fei feels disgusted, and actually wants to hack me a sum of money? ?

“Here!” Ouyang Fei took out the money from the bag, and the front desk quickly handled it, “Hello, it’s okay.”

“Go!” Ouyang Fei was disgusted, Chuck Cannon shrugged and followed the big beauty Ouyang Fei to the elevator. The two entered the elevator, and Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “Aren’t you nervous?”

“Do you think I’m you?” Ouyang Fei sneered and disdain, who? Pretend to be pure at this time? Okay, I’ll fix you later. Fortunately, I prepared the knife in my bag in advance.

“It seems that you often come over with people!” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“I warn you, I have never opened a room with a man!” Ouyang Fei’s beautiful eyes burst into flames.

“Haha, it was du Xinye last time…”

“You still said that!!” Ouyang Fei was annoyed to hit Chuck Cannon.

But seeing Chuck Cannon expressionless, she stopped.

The two people were quiet in the elevator.

The beauty at the front desk saw the two of them go up and smiled, “Master is so charming! Such a beautiful little beauty is done.”

Qian Yueying came over, her brows were frowning, she just saw a scene in which a man and a woman opened a house and actually made a woman pay the bill!

There are still such trash men? You don’t want to pay when you open a house. ?

It simply subverted Qian Yueying’s three views!


And she also saw the man’s face, my god, it was the one who met in the hotel last time, who wanted to buy the Zhao Yunlei Hotel!

Qian Yueying was surprised, actually ran into him here?

In fact, she was thinking in her heart, what did she think? It was the last time that after meeting Chuck Cannon, after listening to Chuck Cannon, saying that he would buy a hotel, the hotel was actually bought. Of course, based on Qian Yueying’s impression of Chuck Cannon, she didn’t think, and absolutely not. Maybe Chuck Cannon bought it.

Just now she saw things like opening a room with a woman and asking the woman to pay for it. Qian Yueying would not even think that the hotel was bought by Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon is a liar who eats soft food. He is cheated everywhere. Did he still want to lie to himself that day?

However, she saw Betty who was driving over, and she thought, was that woman Karen Lee?

Chuck Cannon is just a little brother of Karen Lee??


There are still too many garbage men!

Qian Yueying felt sick. She calmed down and walked over, “Hello, is Ms. Lee here?”

“Sorry, not here,” the beauty at the front desk smiled slightly.

“Not here?” Qian Yueying frowned, too, the Zhao family was destroyed, and now she should be anxious to control everything in the Zhao family. There may indeed be no time.

“Hello, what can I do?” asked the beauty at the front desk. The rule of the night hotel is to treat every guest who comes in respectfully!

The temperament of Qian Yueying in front of him was not comparable to that of ordinary people.

Is this kind of woman coming over to find the boss for trouble? As a reception, you must ask clearly.

“Something is going on, but I want to see your Madame Lee.” Qian Yueying said bluntly.

“Then, sorry, our Madame Lee is not here. If you are in a hurry, I can ask our manager to come over and talk to you.” In fact, the beauty at the front desk wanted to ask Chuck Cannon to come over and talk. However, Chuck Cannon just went up with the beautiful woman, it’s not very good to disturb this time! Forget it, disturb Chuck Cannon’s interest, this is not so good!

“no need.”

Qian Yueying shook his head. It seems that today is not the time to come, but Du Xinye really didn’t lie to himself, he is not far from ten, this person who destroyed the Zhao family is this Karen Lee!

Let’s talk about it after she comes back. The Qian family’s attitude must be good. After all, Karen Lee destroyed the Zhao family!

“Then hello, what is your surname, our President Lee is here, I will say to President Lee,”

“Surname Qian, my name is Qian Yueying!”

She swayed her long legs and walked outside. It’s better to look around first. Maybe this Karen Lee will come back?

“Qian Yueying?” The beauty at the front desk had never heard of it, but she was such a beautiful woman!

Qian Yueying got into the car and looked at the hotel beautifully.

In the room, Chuck Cannon followed Ouyang Fei in. He didn’t have any bad thoughts. The main reason was that this woman was too annoying. Chuck Cannon wanted to teach her a lesson and let her know that a man should like you?

I, Chuck Cannon, hate you so much!

Ouyang Fei sneered. She saw the red wine prepared in the room. She opened a bottle of red wine and poured two glasses out, “Come here, let us have a drink.”

Chuck Cannon just looked at her, walked over, took a drink from his glass.

Chuck Cannon wants to know, what exactly is this woman going to do? Drink all the wine!

“Now, you can tell me the truth, do you like me, right?” Ouyang Fei asked with a sneer, holding her own photo, isn’t it what she likes?

It’s just a pity, I don’t like you myself!

What if you have money? A prodigal! Not promising! You may lose all your money later!

“I think you like me.” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“You… yes, I like you very much, come here!” Ouyang Fei gritted her teeth, come over, I will take out a knife and stab your neck, see if you dare to provoke Ouyang Fei!!

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