Chapter 436: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 436 I Am Not His Girlfriend

“Mr. Xiao, I messed it up.” After he said so, Yulin Xiao just hung up the phone.

“Dongzi, check it for me. Who did this?” Yulin, at this moment, got to know that this seemed to be planned by someone, or, it was a conspiracy. Otherwise, things wouldn’t get this worse.

Everything was related. But now, what Yulin was worried about was that he didn’t even know what was the cause. How could he not know it?

He couldn’t even know their identities.

“Okay.” Finding Yulin didn’t look good, Dongzi naturally understood the final result.

However, at the auction, Anna imposed herself to smile at the gaze of the buyer.

She knew her situation, so the only thing she could do now was not to let others hurt her.

However, only by leaving a good impression could she not get hurt.

She had to protect herself, absolutely…absolutely…

The limelight turned into warm colors, making her warmer.

“Baby, I like your body.” Looking at Anna, the man smiled, meaningfully.

Though Anna’ s face was pale, she helplessly forced a smile. She told herself not to show any emotion to this person in front of her.

She could not figure out who this person was.

“It would be a pity if such a beautiful lady was gotten by someone with bad intentions.” The man stroked Anna’s chin and laughed.

Anna turned her head to the other side. Originally, she wanted to pretend to smile, but in the end, she could not smile at the person who hurt her. However, this person was not the one who planned all this, but her cousin. If this kind of people did not exist, she would not have to be sold here by her cousin.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she was at her cousin. All this made Anna feel incredibly annoyed.

Dongzi, staying with Yulin got more and more desperate.

“Dongzi, any clues?”

“Yes, a man called Brother Six.” Dongzi then stopped halfway and looked at Yulin.

“Who?” The daggers shot out of his eyes.

“Brother Six, that’s him. It is said that he is very cruel.” Dongzi paused for a moment before using the word “cruel”. He had no idea which word could express the meaning.

“Is the man we’ve heard before?” Yulin frowned. He had heard of him long ago, as well as his legend.

However, he had never seen him in person and what Yulin knew was his stories.

But, now, he needed to face him.

“Right.” There was some pain in Dongzi’ s eyes, as well as Yulin.

If it was just men coveting girls, they could save Anna by offering them a good price.

However, now they were facing Brother Six, not an ordinary person.

“Yulin, what should we do?” Dongzi hoped he could do something to help Yulin to save Anna out.

However, now it seemed that they have to take other measures.

It was something heavy in Yulin.

No matter what, as a man, he would not allow his woman to become another man’s toy.

It was said that Brother Six was the lover of ultimate transformation and there were countless women who had died because of him. But no one could stop him.

Yulin closed his eyes to think what he could do.

Brother Six, looking at the woman in front of him, was satisfied.

This was exactly what he wanted. The thing happening three years ago made him regret for life. Now, he wouldn’t allow it to happen again.

And at the moment, when he saw this woman, he found that she really resembled her, and he swore that it reminded him of her again.

“Girl…” His voice suddenly became extremely gentle.

His gentleness made Anna a little uncomfortable, for he was fierce just now. But now he changed so fast, which was wired.

“Good, then today’s girl will go to this gentleman. Let’s congratulate this gentleman.” The host’s voice charmed the whole house.

“Who’s next?”

“Yes, let’s see the next one.”

Everyone on the stage was no longer interested in Anna because she had already been sold. Everyone was just looking forward to the next one.

Anna was taken to a car, and she tried to escape, but it was an RV, and no matter which exits, they were locked.

Seeing Anna look around, Brother Six slapped Anna.

Anna tried to move back, but she didn’t make it.

The slap hurt Anna so much that she immediately cried out.

“Baby? Does it hurt?” Anna’s tears just came out and the man in front of her asked.

Anna was so frightened that she dodged back, but unfortunately, no matter what she did, she still couldn’t get away. This man simply didn’t know how to get along with girls.

“Humph! Women are really the same. Don’t you know to fight back when I beat you?” The man looked her in the eyes.

“Ah!” Anna cried out. This man was so strange, for his eyes were purple. This made Anna got curious, but fear was still inside her.

Moreover, his eyes were pretty, making her worry more.

“Don’t move. I’m telling you, the reason I spent so much to get you today is not because you are beautiful. Don’t be complacent.” The man’s voice was seductive like a poppy and no one could resist, let alone the naïve Anna.

“Don’t. I…I have a boyfriend.” Anna didn’t know what to say, for she was panicked. But seeing his hand reaching her chin, she just said this without thinking.

However, then man smiled, “Really, is that so? You’ll soon lose him anyway.”

After the man said this, he took a glance at Anna.

Anna was shocked, regretting her recklessness. This man’s words did not seem like a joke, but rather like he really had the ability to control the life of others.

“Brother Six, we’re here.” Just when Anna regretted that she had just spoken without thinking, the driver said coldly. If it wasn’t for the fact that this car was an RV, even Anna wouldn’t have known that there was a driver in this car.

Until now, Anna was able to see that the driver in front of her was also black, as well as the car, and it was impossible to see where he was.

Now, with the light on, Anna realized that this driver was also handsome, but his look was too simple and he was not as soft as the other gloomy man.


So, his name was Brother Six, sounded powerful, so it’s better not to mess with him.

The way Brother Six looked at Anna surprisingly became gentle.

“Baby, you know what? You are really beautiful.” His voice also became unusually gentle.

This all got Anna caught off guard. What was going on her? He was just now very violent, but in a moment, he actually became such a gentleman, which really disgusted her.

Then the door of the RV was opened suddenly.

The sky outside the window was light green, hard to tell it was day or night. Or was it dusk or dawn?

Due to the bumps and the fear of being placed in a cage earlier, Anna was in a nervous state.

“Sir…” Anna thought for a while before choosing a right word to start. She could never offend this man.

“What? What do you want? Baby?” The man’s sudden change was puzzling, but Anna was now anxious to know where the hell she was. What time was it now?

She paused and thought for a moment, “Sir, I’d like to know, where exactly we are? I also do not know how I came back with you. Because, someone has set me up to be locked in the cage.”

Anna said with tears, for she hoped to arouse his sympathy. She did not expect him to let her go, but at least not to kill her.

“Come here!” Without answering Anna’s question, he ordered and opened his arms coldly.

Anna trembled and she really didn’t know him. But she knew the consequences of not obeying, so without any hesitation, she walked to him alarmedly.

“I know you are his woman.” Brother Six said this softly as Anna walked to him.

Anna looked at him in horror, “Who?”

“The young master of Xiao family. Hmph, I want him to know the feeling of his woman being stolen.” When he said this, his eyes were filled with cruelness, like it’s the deepest secrets inside him and people could easily catch it.

But today Anna didn’t catch it. Brother Six said it himself.

Anna then realized that he had spent 60 million to buy her. Was this only for teaching Yulin a lesson?

However, he made a mistake. She and Yulin just had one-night stand and they were not a couple at all. Although perhaps everyone thought she was Yulin’ s woman, she knew it clearly that Yulin, such a playboy wouldn’t fall on her only. And she was just a dessert for him.

“Sir, maybe it’s a mistake.” Anna firstly wanted to tell him the truth that she and Yulin had no relationship at all, and secondly, she did not want to bring any trouble to Yulin because of her. That’s the thing she needed to tell him.

Therefore, Anna decided to explain to him.

“Mistake? No one can tell me I’m wrong. No one, ever. Baby, tell me.” Brother Six gently moved Anna’ s hair. His fingers were long, elegant and charming. And it was obviously that he played the piano.

“I…” What he was doing was creepy. She didn’t know how to deal with such a fickle man.

“I…am not Yulin’ s girlfriend.” Anna blushed when she said this.

“Good, send it to Yulin. Did you record it when she was saying?” He glanced at Anna with satisfaction, “No more?”

Hearing his words, Anna glanced at him with fear. She simply did not know that this RV could record.

She could not imagine what Yulin would react if he heard this. Last time, Dongzi and she were photographed and this narrow-minded man scolded her. Now if because of other men, yes, he would misunderstand. In order to please other man, she said Yulin was not their boyfriend, which seemed to be a little too much.

Yulin, having no information about Anna now, was quarrelling with his people. But at this time, he received a video message.

For Yulin, he didn’t want to miss any information about her, even if it’s only some details. He missed her so much and also worried her so much.

He never knew that he would miss a woman so much, for he thought his love had died on that beach.

Ten years ago, on the beach, he remembered the turquoise blue sky and the beautiful sea view. But he almost drowned there, and at that time, fortunately, a girl saved himself. However, that girl was…

Thinking of this, he actually smiled. The joy was like the spring lake water.

“Dongzi, find the address of Brother Six.” Yulin looked at Dongzi with a complicated look, as if there were something hard to tell. However, Dongzi knew nothing about it.

Although for Dongzi, he did not show any dissatisfaction, or the emotions that he should have before.

However, Dongzi knew that Yulin minded a lot his contact with Anna.

Now, Dongzi didn’t want to argue about anything, for his only concern right now was when he could get Anna back from Brother Six.

That was the top priority of their conversation today.

“Okay, no problem.” Dongzi replied, taking a piece of paper to draw a series of graphics.

And Yulin was a little puzzled, not knowing what he was actually doing.

He seemed to draw a treasure map. Although Yulin was worried, this did not stop Yulin getting curious.

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