Chapter 437 – 438: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 437: When the enemies meet

Shoo! A sharp knife came, flying with thunder.


With the crackle of electricity in the wind, the knife was directly held in the hand by Zhong Guan. Such a small attack was like a tickle to him!

He snorted coldly, and the power of the Supreme Monster of the Fulfilled Period was released.

Like the master of the primal spirit stage, Supreme Monster had mastered the general rules of heaven and earth, while the Pill Formation Period was the foundation.

Under the general background of heaven and earth, they had no strength to fight back at all.


In a flash, Mingyue Zhang’s body and spirit were totally destroyed, impossible for him to have a reincarnation.

“Oh mine!”

The people of the Ministry of Criminal Laws were furious to death, but they couldn’t do anything. They didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

A killing machine, this old man was a killer without mercy.

Fumo Zhou, Changkong Li and Yuan Ji were frozen there and dared not move at all.

When Zhong turned around, Changkong knelt down on the ground. At this moment, he’s not a master of the Ministry of Martial Arts. Even if he had got countless magic weapons on him, he dared not attack Zhong

“Master, it’s Yueming who attacked you, which has nothing to do with us. Please pardon us and let us go!”

This Wuwei city was so terrible. With this old man there, there’s nothing they could do!

“Want to go?”

Zhong sneered. Without saying a word, he shattered his soul again.

Even if they didn’t fight back, Mingyue had to be defeated, because he was with them.

Fumo was shocked. He knew that he was doomed today. He must kill this old man even if he would die together with him.

But… He was thinking too much!

Zhong was not an opponent of Kris, but Fumo was nothing to him.

He killed him with one strike.

He’s not some big Master, so there’s no difficulty at all!

The four principles of the Ministry of Martial Arts, in a blink of an eye, were reduced to only one person.

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”

Yuan knelt on the ground, shivering all over, and a terrible smell spread from him.

Other members of Ministry of Martial Arts also knelt down to beg for mercy.

Even the principles were not his rival. How could they be of threat?

Was begging for mercy useful?

Zhong was a demon. He didn’t feel guilty at all when killing people.

Countless yellow lights flashed across the hall, and blood mist filled the hall, but he didn’t kill all of them. He spared Yuan’s life.

“I am saving your life to let you tell the upper leaders of Wuwei City, that the city will be under my charge. If they dare to send anyone here, I’ll kill them all!”

Then, Zhong left with Tu Guan with the Earth Escape Technique.

Yuan was scared to death and ran out like crazy man.

Tiangang and others were covered with blood and looked at each other with a look of horror in their eyes. They were not excited at all though surviving a disaster.

“I should quit thinking about being the City Lord.”

Tiangang made a quick decision, “Let’s go back and pack up. The faster we go, the better!”

The old man Zhong Guan was not afraid of Yaoguang Mansion, but they were!

Xuefei Yuan was still immersed in grief. Tiangang didn’t pay attention to that. He just told Yujie to take her to leave the City Lord’s house in a hurry.

It had to be said that Tiangang was decisive. Although the Yuan Family was a big family and had a great career here, they had to sell their property in a hurry and replaced them with magic stones. They dismissed their servants and started their journey of escape.

After learning the news, Kris didn’t say anything. He did everything he had to do, and the cause and effect between them had been cut off.

He couldn’t be helping later, either.

After arriving at Seven-treasures House, shopkeeper Wang had been waiting for a long time.

“Mr. Zhang, everything you want is here.”

Shopkeeper Wang handed out a storing ring. Kris glanced at it and was slightly surprised. The space inside it was thousands of cubic meters, which was more than ten times larger than the senior storing ring he used!

“Mr. Zhang, you have traded more than one million Spiritual Stones of goods here in Seven-treasures House. This is a reward from the headquarters.”

Then, he took out a token and said, “This is the top membership card of Seven-treasures House, which is much better than the token given to you before. Similarly, this is also what the headquarters’s reward. With this top-level membership card, you can enjoy the first-class treatment in any branch of Seven-treasures House. “

The reason why Yelang Kingdom headquarters of Seven-treasures House attached so much importance to Kris was all based on the information reported by shopkeeper Wang.

Kris was suspected to be a senior alchemist, and he was suspected to be a master of accumulated spirit stage. The weapon refining materials purchased by him could even prove him to be a weapon refiner.

Although it was only an assumption, the hunting trade was real. After their processing, the price of the Superior Spiritual Weapon could at least double!

This alone was enough for the Seven-treasures House to attach importance to Kris.

Kris readily accepted.

“I shall accept your kindness.”

After that, Kris disappeared directly from the secret chamber.

Shopkeeper Wang sighed deeply. He had a premonition that he would never see Kris again.

At the same time, Kris stepped out of the Seven-treasures House.

He was a little annoyed, “It’s hard to control this skill”

It turned out that after going back yesterday, Kris had studied for the whole day and finally understood his physical talent, which could enable him to move instantly.

It’s a bit like a diversion which could only be controlled by someone of the Primal Spirit Field Stage.

However, the master of the primal spirit stage could only move tens of meters, and the direction was not certain.

But Kris had a stubborn character, and the more so, the more he wanted to control this talent.

After going back to his yard, he took out the herbs and started to refine magical pills.

Of course, it was divine pills that he was refining. At his stage, the effect of ordinary pills was very weak.

Mainly because his body and the spirit were too powerful.

Take the spiritual stone as an example, the lower level practitioners could cultivate with the lower level of the spiritual stones, while the middle level practitioners could cultivate with the middle level spiritual stones. Even if the Pill Formation Practitioners could use the Superior Spiritual Stones, which was enough.

Kris couldn’t. He had to use the ultimate Spiritual Stones.

With 1080 acupoints and sword energy transformed into Sword Vital Energy, his power had been greatly enhanced. So had the consumption.

Kris calculated that the difficulty of his practice was more than 100 times that of the ordinary practitioner.

More than 100 times more resources were needed.

Wuwei city was too small and had limited resources. He had to go to some more prosperous places to seek opportunities for himself.

Now he had ten days left. During the ten days, he refined pills in the daytime and practiced sword at night. As for the Three Turn Golden Body Tactic, he had no time to practice it for the time being.

Soon ten days passed.

When Kris called out the dagger: kill Qin, he used his Divine Spiritual Power and the dagger: kill Qin’s power was suddenly enhanced several times, and Kris directly sat on it with his legs crossed.

“Zhong Guan, you are the guardian of Wuwei city. I will come back to you when I complete my cultivation.”

Zhong quickly bowed down, “Yes, master!”

In fact, he also wanted to leave together with Kris, but unfortunately, he was worried about the pangolin family, and finally let Tu leave with Kris.

“Grandfather, I don’t know how many years I will be gone. Take care of yourself.”

Tu knelt on the ground and kowtowed three times heavily.

It’s not the manner of the monster race, But Tu had been living in the human world for many years, so he had picked up a trace of human behaviors.

“You must serve the master well, or I will not spare you!” Said Zhong.

“Don’t worry about it. I know what to do!”

After the two demons said goodbye, Kris read the magic formula and instantly turned into a stream of light and shot himself into the sky.

“Take care!”

Zhong looked at the sky, and he had a feeling that pangolins will rise again in Tu’s hands.

In the sky, Kris was so excited that he screamed.

How wonderful it felt!

Flying with the sword was what men should do.

Kris had no idea how fast it was. It must have exceeded the speed of sound. He had thought that three thousand miles a day would be great. Now it seemed that ten thousand miles a day was possible.

In 20 days, he could cross Shiwan Mountain.

“By the way, I almost forgot one thing!”

Kris used his Divine Spiritual Power and the dagger: kill Qin turned and went straight down.

About five hundred miles south, the dagger: kill Qin stopped.

“Come down, and I’ll introduce you a companion!”

Kris stepped off the sword and yelled, “Come out Ironhead!”

As the words fell, the grass nearby moved, and a black and bright gold swallowing beast emerged from it.

It was Ironhead who had just broke through the Supreme Monster.

“Tu, let me introduce. This is…”

Before he finished his words, Tu called out, “Good boy, it’s you!”

Ironhead was also full of excitement, “Son of a bitch, is th at really you?”

Kris blinked and guessed the two knew each other.

“Son of a bitch, you hurt my second brother. I haven’t settled it with you yet!”

“That’s your second brother’s fault; don’t blame it on me.”

Ironhead held up his head disdainfully, “You’ve been bluffing how invincible you are in the world. As a result, he couldn’t even take the attack of my one paw!”

“Shut up!”

Tu’s eyes were red, “Let’s take it on our own.”

Chapter 438: Their eyes blazed with hate

“You wanna fight me?”

Ironhead laughed and said, “I’m the Supreme Monster now. You’re just a little brother in front of me. A sneeze from me could scare you to death!”

“Is the Supreme Monster a big deal? Since you are so capable, why not go to mess with my grandfather? Go!”

Kris Chen could see clearly that the two guys not only knew each other, but also hated each other!

But how could they fight, being his pets?

“Well, you two, have a nice talk…”

“Shut up!”

The two demons yelled at the same time.

And then…

“Oh, master, I’m wrong… I’m wrong. Please forgive me. My filthy mouth couldn’t water nice language. Please forgive me!”

“Master, I’m wrong, I dare not be like this any more; it’s all his fault!”

The two were tied to the dagger: kill Qin by Kris with a piece of top-notch treasure level rope.

Kris flew at least ten thousand meters with the dagger: kill Qin.

The fierce vigorous wind made the two demons pee.

Ironhead had acrophobia. Even though it had broken through the Supreme Monster, this problem still remained unchanged!

Tu Guan was simply unable to withstand the vigorous wind, even if his scale armor defense was strong.

“Didn’t you tell me to shut up? You can only come up here when you confess! “

The two was really pissing Kris off.

“Master, let me go. I’ve brought all the herbs and rings I’ve collected over the years!”

When the words fell, the storing ring appeared on top of the dagger: kill Qin.

Its four legs were shaking and its tiny eyes were full of fear.

“Where is it?” Kris said with a smile.

“On… On my paws!”

Kris looked down and saw that there was a ring on each finger of its paws.

What the heck!

But for the sake of him being so smart, he decided to forgive him.

He swept through one ring after another happily. The elixir, spirit stones, all kinds of magic tools and even the secret script of martial arts all made Kris overjoyed.

“Yes, well done. You are my best helper.”

Kris patted Ironhead and took out a Vitality Pill from the Storing Ring, with seven propitious clouds on it.

Ironhead swallowed the pill happily, lay at the feet of Kris, and took a provocative look at Tu.

But he just took one glace because… He was afraid of heights, feeling a little dizzy.

Tu’s internal organs were rolling. Seeing that Kris praised Ironhead and rewarded him with magical pills, Tu shed tears of regret.

Being master’s pet, why was he treated so differently?

“No, it must be because of his high level of cultivation that the owner treated him differently. I must try to surpass him as soon as possible.” Tu swore fiercely in his heart.

After staying in the wind for an hour, Tu finally came up, looking like a dead dog. He looked at Kris with a sad look on his face. He shrank silently in the corner and felt sorry for himself.

Kris didn’t care to comfort him. Even the siblings hate each other, not to mention the pets.

Sitting on the dagger: kill Qin, he took out a reclining chair with a table on the side, with all kinds of food on it, and Ironhead eating the food on the side.

Kris counted the herbs in the Storing Ring with a smile.

Six hundred strains of super elixir, two hundred strains treasure medicine of 500 year old.

These miraculous medicines were worth tens of thousands of Superior Spiritual Stones.

Not to mention the hundreds of Storing Rings.

Although the high-level things were nothing, there were many kinds of Spiritual Stones and medicinal materials.

In total, there were tens of thousands of Superior Spiritual Stones.

Yes, Kris naturally favored Ironhead who could make money.

“Ironhead, is it hot in here? I still have cold drinks here. Would you like to have a taste?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Ironhead nodded quickly.


Tu sighed.His eyes were sad, so he just slept by the side.


Fox Rui came out of the Heavenly Monster Hall and returned to Fox Mountain. It took only two days to recover to its peak.

The effect of the ancestral blood was too wonderful.

It’s time to lure that hateful human sword cultivator over.

He transformed himself into a human figure, and his whole body was full of evil spirit.

Naturally, this was his talent. Even a powerful array like Yaoguang Mansion couldn’t identify him. No one in Wuwei city could see through him.

He came to Wuwei City. At this time, Wuwei City was in ruins and many brave men were laying bricks and walls.

Fox Rui swaggered in and there was no one to stop him.

After entering Wuwei City, fox Rui was confused. How to lure him?

How could he lure the human out in such a city neither too big nor too small, when he didn’t even know who he was?

Or… Should he kill people in the city?

And lure that Sword Cultivator out?

Forget it. The sword in that guy’s hand was not a joke . He couldn’t stop it.

Yes, how could he forget this method!

He called out his magic weapon, the Soul Summoning Bell, and shook it gently!

Within 100 meters, all the people and animals were in a coma.

In this way, he should show up, right?

He shook the Soul Summoning Belll all the way as he walked. He was very careful. He shook it dozens of times and didn’t know how many people passed out.

Just then, his heart throbbed.

Something big must have happened.


All of a sudden, thrones started to grow out of the ground.

Fortunately, fox Rui was alerted, and he dodged in an instant.

“Who is it?”

Fox Rui inspired the Demon power all over his body, and if there’s anything wrong, he would try his best to escape.

“Fox boy, how dare you! Who allowed you to come here?”

Just then, an old man’s voice sounded, which was familiar. He looked up and found an old man with white beard standing opposite him.

Fox Rui was surprised and said, “Pangolin king, how come? Didn’t you already… “

“You must think I’m dead?”

Zhong Guan sneered, “I am sorry to let you down. I’m not dead; I am alive and well!”

His heart was full of hatred for Fox Rui. If it hadn’t been for this son of a bitch, he would not have been here. He should be in his scale mountain.

It was this fox’s trick.

Fox Rui frowned and said, “Pangolin king, why are you here?”

According to his speculation, Pangolin King fled by some means, and he would definitely return to scale mountain, and he was seriously injured by then.

“I am here because of you, don’t you know it?”

Zhong had already accepted being Tian Xiao’s pet, but he was naturally impatient with the initiator of evil.


Fox Rui was speechless.

“What? I’m asking you, what are you doing here? “

Zhong looked at him with a bad look. He was also the city protector of Wuwei City. Was he seekin death here, trying to cause trouble?

“If you don’t tell me the truth, you’ll have to face the responsibility!”

With his ability, it could be seen that these people were just in a coma, and Fox Rui did not kill them.

With this tone and attitude, fox Rui was also slightly annoyed. “I am here to kill the human Sword Cultivator at the command of the heavenly monster. Are you satisfied?”

“Oh, I see!”

He nodded. The next second, his eyes were full of cold killing momentous.

“In that case, you could stay here.”

“God-binding Whip!”

Zhong turned his hand and a gold whip was in his hand.

This whip was refined by Kris, and its power was more than ten times greater.

In addition, a lot of treasure had been added to it, which had been promoted to the top grade tool.


Fox Rui rolled his eyes and directly moved to hundreds of meters away. However, the whip firmly followed him.

“It’s no use. I’ve locked your breath with my whip. Even if you escape to the end of the earth, it’s no use!”

Zhong was proud.

In fact, this function was nothing. Instead, Kris learned it from the cruise missile. As long as he locked the human breath, it would follow him firmly.

Of course, this function is also limited; it would lose the sense if it’s more than a hundred miles away.

“Pangolin King, stop it. I respect you as an elder. I don’twant to fight with you, you should stop now. If you lure the human Practitioner here, we will all be doomed!” Cried Fox Rui.

“You fool, I have already recognized that man as my master. He is my master now. How could he hurt me?”

As he spoke, Zhong pulled out another object. It was a big net which could cover the sky, and was also a tool of Taoism. However, its grade was not as high as that of the God-binding whip.

It’s just a middle class tool.

Similarly, this big net also enhanced the ability of locking breath automatically.

Therefore, the battle became simple. Zhong only needed to control the magic weapon and watch the play.

“Old man, you are a disgrace to our monster race!”

Fox Rui was furious. “Didn’t you think about the consequences?”

Fox Rui dodged in embarrassment.

“Consequence, what consequence?” Zhong sneered, “Your so-called consequence is to offend the heavenly monster. I’m telling you now; I’m not afraid of him at all. If he’s really that good, why did he send us to attack Wuwei City? Why not come directly? With his accomplishments, the small defensive formation should be nothing to him. he could just break it with one hand!”

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