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Chapter 437: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 437 I Built This Place for You

“Buddy, what are you doing?” Yulin Xiao asked.

Dongzi looked serious and keep writing, which made Yulin wonder what he was doing.

“These are the places where Sixth Brother often goes. Maybe if we go to these places we can find him as soon as possible.” Dongzi said.

Yulin was now a little anxious. According to the rumors, he was afraid that Anna Xie had been sexually assaulted by Sixth Brother. He now had no more time to wait for Dongzi to find out the facts. He must now find a way to save Anna as soon as possible.

“No need to look at this. Let’s go straight to the auction house.” Yulin said.

“Do you really plan to go there? It is very dangerous.” Dongzi said worriedly.

“I’ve already decided. I have to find a way to save Anna. It’s no use to wait like this.” Yulin’s voice was slightly hoarse.

“Actually, there is no need to save her at the risk of your life.” Dongzi said. Although he was also worried about Anna, he did not want Yulin to save her at the risk of his life.

“Don’t you want to save her?” Yulin said. “I heard that a lot of people died in the auction house. Anna is in danger now.”

“The cost of rescuing her is too high.” Dongzi said.

“I had thought you cared about her. But now it seems you care more about your own life.” Yulin said. He was glad that Dongzi and Anna were not that close, and also disappointed that Dongzi was so cold to her.

In Dongzi’s opinion, it was obviously irrational to risk his life to save a woman he hadn’t known for long. And Dongzi just like Anna and he did not want to sacrifice anything for her. But in Yulin’s eyes, he felt increasingly that Anna was the woman he was destined to be with. The more he thought this way, the more he felt the pain of losing her.

However, while they all thought Anna was being treated cruelly by Sixth Brother, she was just visiting the basement with Sixth Brother.

She was taken to a lavishly decorated basement by Sixth Brother. Looking at the furnishings here, Anna thought it was a luxurious palace.

“Baby, get in.” Sixth Brother said gently. He was completely devoid of his previous harshness and gloom.

“I …… I ……” Anna wanted to refuse him, but she didn’t dare. She was afraid that refusing him would have bad consequences.

“You don’t want to go in, do you?” Sixth brother asked in a low voice. He was sometimes fierce and sometimes gentle, which made Anna a little uneasy.

It seemed that he would still continue this uncertain tenderness and madness. Anna simply did not dare to anger him. The only thing she can do now was to ple ase him and make him let down his guard.

“No …no …I…..” Anna stammered.

“Come on, get in.” Sixth brother gently opened the door to the basement. There were lights inside illuminating the entire basement.

Anna followed him in with trepidation. As soon as she entered the basement, she immediately felt coolness. The temperature here was a little low.

“Is it good here?” asked he. He suddenly became like a child showing off his stuff. “Everything here is of my own design, how is it?”

There was a look of longing for recognition in his eyes.

Somehow, Anna pitied the man in front of her. She gently nodded her head, as if to encourage him to continue.

Sixth Brother looked at Anna deeply. “I built this place for you.” He said suddenly.

Then he cried, “Unfortunately, you are not her. You and she just look alike.”

Immediately then, his face changed. “I will make the person who harmed her get the harsh punishment. He killed my woman. I will also let him know what it is like to lose his loved one.”

Then he wrapped his arms around Anna like a madman, and frantically tore her clothes.

“Sir, I am not her.” Anna said nervously. “Please, don’t……”

He suddenly stopped. “Yeah, you’re not her. She’s not as timid as you are.”

After all these years, he would still go crazy when he thought about her.

Anna continued to walk inside with trepidation. The place was lavishly decorated. Most of it was designed with two main colors, gold and black. Anna was surprised that he was able to use those colors to create a romantic atmosphere. Looking at the flowerers placed on the table, she could feel that the designer was very attentive.

“It’s beautiful.” said she.

“Do you like it?” He became gloomy again, which made Anna feel scared.

Staying with such a gloomy person, she would go crazy sooner or later. What’s more, now she didn’t dare to say anything at all for fear of accidentally angering him.

“Yeah. I can see that you like that girl so much.” Anna said cautiously. Through the conversation between them just now, she could deduce that this basement should be built for a girl.

At this moment, Anna’s heart became heavy. She was now worried that he would take her as the one he liked and do terrible things to her. Then suddenly her tears sprang out from the corners of her eyes at once.

“What are you crying for?” said Sixth Brother. He was annoyed with Anna’s sudden crying.

“I’m not crying.” Anna was still sobbing. She was very afraid that he would kill her if he was not happy, but she failed to control her sobbing.


And now Yulin and Dongzi were still arguing constantly over whether women were important or career was important.

“Dongzi, what the hell are you talking about?” Yulin was very angry with Dongzi. He didn’t understand that why Dongzi kept stopping him from saving Anna.

“You’ve put in a lot of work to get to where you are today. I just want you to think about how to save her instead of sacrifice everything you have for her.” said Dongzi.

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