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Chapter 438: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 438 You And She Look Alike.

“I also want to save Anna, but our opponent is Sixth Brother. We need to plan how to deal with him.” Dongzi spoke very fast, but it seemed that Yulin Xiao did not listen to him.

“I feel that all the mistakes are caused by me. If it wasn’t my fault, this wouldn’t have happened.” Yulin said with regret.

“Yes, it’s all your fault. It was you who leave her alone in the street.” said Dongzi. “But now is not the time to pursue whose fault this is.”

“We need to know why Anna was kidnapped and why she was auctioned off.” Dongzi continued.

He initially had the feeling that there was something strange about this matter, and now once he analyzed it, he felt even more strange about this matter.

Yulin also felt that this matter was a little strange. “Anna doesn’t come from a wealthy family, what did others kidnap her for?”

“Since you say so, I guess you already know the reason, right?” Yulin asked

“She was sold here by her cousin who lost a bet.” Dongzi said suddenly.

“Actually, there is a rule in this industry. The person who is used to pay back the gambling money has no personal rights. This also means that we can’t interfere in this matter.” he added.

“Dongzi, what exactly do you want to say?” Yulin was almost about to get angry. He always felt that Dongzi was strange today.

“You still don’t get it? You can’t save her.” Dongzi said sadly.

“Anyway, no matter what difficulties I encounter, I must get her out.” Yulin said determinedly.

However, he was a bit bewildered. Dongzi’s attitude had changed so quickly that he simply had no time to react.

“Will you be good to her for the rest of your life?” Dongzi said.

“I just want to get her out now. What’s happening to her now is all my fault. I just feel so sorry for her.” Yulin said. It was as if he was speaking to Dongzi, but also to himself.

“I must save this woman.” Yulin repeated, and then he walked out.

When Yulin was gone, Dongzi sighed. “Anna, I can only help you so far.”


In the dark basement, Anna Xie was nervously dealing with Sixth Brother.

Sixth Brother wanted to turn her into the image of the girl he liked. He wanted Anna to model that girl to please him.

Faced with the current situation, Anna had to obey Sixth Brother’s request, but she always thought of Yulin.

“Are you thinking of Yulin Xiao again?” Sixth Brother asked suddenly. Seeing Anna lost in thought, he already guessed that she w as thinking about other men, otherwise, she wouldn’t be oblivious to what was in front of her

Anna looked at him in surprise. She didn’t expect him to see through her mind.

Sixth Brother raised his hand and gently ran his fingers through her hair which was messed up by the wind. His movements were quite gentle, as if he was fondling a treasure. Even so, his action also made Anna feel quite uneasy.

“Thanks.” said she in a low voice.

“Juzi, you are so beautiful.” his voice suddenly turned soft. His mood shifts especially made Anna feel that he was a little scary.

“What?” Anna raised her voice “Sir, I’m not Juzi,. I’m…..”

“Your name will be Juzi from now on. I don’t care what you used to be called. Now you’re mine, and just do what I say.” He interrupted her. He was back to his old domineering ways.

“Okay, I get it.” Anna glanced at him and stopped talking.

He looked at her with satisfaction. He kept looking at Anna’s face that was almost the same as his beloved’s.

“You and she look too much alike.” he looked at Anna and murmured.

“This place has such a beautiful design here.” Anna said deliberately. The only thing she could do now was to please him and find a way to get out of here.


“The design here is specially prepared for her.” said he softly.

“Don’t touch anything here, or I won’t be able to guarantee that you’ll get out alive.” he warned. He seemed to be implying that there was a trap in the design of this place; otherwise he didn’t need to emphasize this point on purpose.

“Yes, sir. I definitely won’t touch anything in here.” Anna said.

Sixth Brother glanced at her with complicated look, and then continued to show her the other furnishings of this basement.

Anna did not dare to say anything more, just silently followed him. It was too big and too winding, so she never found the exit at all. Now she was just trying to remember the way she came.

She didn’t know exactly how long she had been following him before she finally came to a resting place. Feeling tired, she found a chair and sat down.

“I didn’t even know there were chairs in this basement, but you found them. How about you stay here tonight?”

“Okay, thanks.” Anna replied casually. She was actually quite worried about what dangers were in here, but she was more worried about staying with him.

Sixth Brother was surprised that she would agree to stay in this basement. But he was also glad that she agreed, because her resistance would only make him angry.

He continued to walk ahead, while she followed behind. She looked carefully at this basement, hoping to find an exit. As she passed a door she noticed a brick that was unusual. She kept an eye on it so she could remember the way she came when she returned.

A dim light shone through the only window in the place. It was clearly at night.

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