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Chapter 439 – 440: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 439: Fox Rui died

The older a man is, the wiser he gets. So is the demon.

For hundreds of years, Zhong Guan had lived, he had seen all kinds of things.

If the Heavenly Monster was really that good, they wouldn’t have been here to help. Around ten thousand miles, Wuwei City was the only city here. Another ten thousand miles further, there was another kingdom, which was out of the Shiwan Mountain’s range.

A few miles eastwards was the Yaoguang Mansion. The great array of the Yaoguang Mansion was unbreakable to Monster Emperor, not to mention to him.

There were many human Practitioners and no one dared to get Blood Food there.

Overseas immortal sect was all unique in the whole Yelang Kingdom, even northern Luzhou City and the infinite sea, not to mention the Shiwan Mountain.

It’s said that over there, the people of the primary spirit were not as good as the dog. The people of the accumulated spirit were everywhere, and the people of the actualized spirit could be seen easily.

For countless years, there had been a legend about Shiwan Mountain. Shiwan Mountain was actually a wild animal breeding garden of an overseas sect. It was originally intended to train the disciples.

But this immortal sect offended a super large sect and was killed directly.

It was impossible to tell whether the legend was true or not.

Zhong Guan knew that many legends and stories existed in the Devil Land, but the truth of the matter is impossible to investigate because the stories were too old and the people had been dead for a long time.

“Do you know what you’re talking about?”

Fox Rui was angry, “Heaven monster is the only savior of our Shiwan Mountain demon race!”

“Is it?”

“Zhong sneered, “Perhaps what you said is right, but I don’t want to get involved in this kind of nonsense now.”

“You know, I’ve been stuck in the Fulfilled Period of Supreme Monster for hundreds of years, and I’ve been fooled by you to come here. Today I’ll settle this with you first!”

When the voice dropped, he opened his mouth again and spewed out a copper bell. The copper bell was the same as the big net. The effect of the copper bell was very simple, that was, it could automatically lock the enemy and capture the soul!

This was also the work of Kris Chen, which was imitated from the Soul Summoning bell.

Anyway, Kris couldn’t use these things, so he simply gave them to Zhong, which increased his combat effectiveness.


With the sound of the copper bell, Fox Rui felt dizzy and confused, and even the Monster Soul in his body trembled.

The three magic weapons attacked together, and Fox Rui could not escape. At this critical moment, he crushed the drop of ancestral blood.

A whirlpool formed behind him, drawing him in directly.

When the weapon missed its target, Zhong said coldly, “You are fast. If you dare to come again, I will peel off your skin and tear down your bones. I will destroy your demon soul and you will never be able to have another life.”

Thousands of miles away, a whirlpool generated out of thin air. The dizzy Fox Rui fell to the ground from the inside, and his internal organs were badly injured.

“It’s terrible. It’s terrible. Is this diversion?”

Fox Rui was sitting on the ground. Just for a moment, he felt the terrible space. If he was careless, he might be lost in the space tunnel forever.

But fortunately, he survived, but this time he failed again and again!

What should he do? The mission again failed. If he went back like this, he would for sure suffer.

Fox Rui gritted his teeth. “Forget it, just run away. The fox race… As long as he lived… The whole race could survive.

Fox Rui knew that if he went back this time, the heavenly monster would not let him go.

After a distant view of the direction of the Heavenly Monster hall, he determined to leave. But at this time… He suddenly stopped.

Then his seven orifices started to bleed, and the monster soul in the body broke down.

A trace of black gas escaped from his body, his eyes became scarlet, full of coldness and brutality. “You want to escape? Do you really think ancestral blood is so helpful? “

This voice was not Fox Rui’s, but… Heavenly Monster’s!

“The Fulfilled Period of the Supreme Monster. The stage was a little weaker, but it was always better than none!”

With that, he turned into a black smoke and disappeared in the sky.


These two days, Kris flew more than 20000 miles. When he was bored, he refined pills, weapons and array methods.

The great advantage of Divine Spiritual Power lied in this, not to mention doing two or three things at the same time.

When tired of the scenery, he would find a beautiful place to take out the monster beast meat for barbecue. Ironhead took advantage of this opportunity to look for miraculous medicine.

Tu Guan, who had no great ability, felt like a burden for the first time, so he devoted his life to the cultivation. He hoped that in the first awakening, he would have magical power. Even if it’s a talent with stronger fighting ability, it would be better than now!

For example, he was now in the middle period of the Pill Formation Stage. He is gifted with supernatural powers. His talent was to actually change into the human form!

What a nonsense!

Seeing that Tu had been sullen, Kris asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

Tu was surprised and said, “master, I’m okay!”

Kris was too lazy to talk nonsense and said, “First, speak up right away. Or second, I’ll give you a day of bungee jumping!”

With a bitter face, Tu chose the former!

Knowing the cause of Tu’s sullen mood, Kris touched his chin and said, “I remember, it seems that you can transform into different human beings, right?”

“Yes, master, both men and women!”

Tu said bitterly, “But it can’t improve my combat effectiveness at all.”

“But have you ever thought about continuing to develop your talent?”

Kris touched his chin and said, “I think it is a wonderful talent.”


Tu looked at him eagerly as if he had grasped the straw to save his life. “Master, do you think my talent has a great development potential?”

“Of course!”

“Once upon a time, there was a great demon that could change himself into a falcon, which could fly in the sky; and a tiger which could roar in mountains and forests. He could even change in to an actualized spirit dragon which could move the ocean!”

Hearing this, Tu was dumbfounded.

“This… How could this be possible?”


Kris snorted, “Narrow-minded, as long as you think, there is nothing impossible in this world. There is garbage talent in this world, only garbage people or monsters!”

Tu was silent. His grandfather also said this.

For example, grandfather’s gifted magic power was to drill the earth, but he developed it to be able to break through the big array. This was the effect of the deep development of the talent supernatural power.

He thought about it for a long time, but Kris ignored him and did his barbecue.

Finally Tu figured it out. He came to Kris and knelt down. “Thank you for your advice. I shall never forget it!”

“All right, don’t talk nonsense. I tell you, it’s not easy to be my pet. It’s OK if you want to eat barbecue. You have to pay 1000 superior spiritual stones every month. If not, you must take care of your own food and clothing. Not only that, I don’t provide protection!”

Kris played the capitalist business incisively and vividly.

“If you want to eat barbecue, you have to find a cure or resource like ironhead.”

He didn’t want to raise garbage.

After he said all the words, he was angry to death.

“A thousand Superior spiritual stones.”

He wouldn’t be able to get a thousand stones! All he had was five hundred stones!

“Master… I only have 500 superior spiritual stones…”

Tu took out his storing ring.

After that, his storing ring flew to Kris. “Five hundred is fine. In this half month, you can eat delicious food, and you can get my protection.”

In the bag, there are five hundred superior spiritual stones, several medium spiritual stones and some precious miraculous medicines.

Without saying a word, Kris put it into his own super large storing ring.

Patting Tu on the shoulder, Kris smiled genially, “Come on, sit down, the barbecue will be ready soon!”

It’s not that Kris was being realistic, nor was it that Kris was cruel. It’s because he needed a lot of resources to practice.

In order to improve his accomplishments, Kris had to squeeze their value out.

Tu grinned bitterly. Sitting with the legs crossed, he had a new view of Kris.

There was no trace of elegant in Kris.

Soon, Ironhead came back. This time, he was in bad luck. He didn’t find any good medicinal materials. There were only a few old herbs of hundreds of years.

After returning home, Ironhead put the medicinal materials in front of Kris. “Master, this is a barren area, there is nothing good. If you go inside, there must be something better!”

Kris looked at the herbs on the ground, curled his mouth, and threw a piece of beast king meat as big as a palm. “Oh, this is your dinner today!”

Chapter 440: The Arrival at the Monster Jail Mountain

Ironhead was green with envy at once as he laid eyes on Tu Guan who was sitting there and buried himself in gorging on Supreme Beast.

Was he speaking ill of others to the master?

Or how could he sit down to eat!

“I can’t understand it, Master, for what reasons can he eat Supreme Beast while I can only get Beast King?”

Ironhead was so frustrated. He was such a good boy. Plus, he was exceled in making money for his master. Why was he treated so unfairly?

“Tu pays fifty thousand superior spiritual stones for board every month. If you pay that much, you can also be treated in t he same way.”

Ironhead had greater potential of earning than Tu, what an exceptional advantage that should be brought into full play! So, it was not too much to ask him for fifty thousand Superior spiritual stones of board expenses!

Kris Chen had decided to let Ironhead go further on the path of treasure hunting, so that one day he could become the best treasure hunter.

But, of course, all these treasures would eventually be in Kris’s bag and became part of his cultivation.

Kris thought that he was doing the right thing, a master should do his best for his followers, even if he was just a pet!

“What? Can this poor man afford fifty thousand Superior Spiritual Stones?”

Ironhead could hardly believe a word of it, but the fact proved its truth.

No, he would never allow this son of a bitch to overtake him.

All those magical pills, all that Supreme Beasts should belong to him!

This also completely aroused Ironhead’s fighting spirit, “Fine, just fifty thousand Superior Spiritual Stone, I can afford it too!”

Gathering up courage to make a determination, he spat out a storage ring, “Here you go, my master, the stuff here should be worth fifty thousand Superior Spiritual Stones!”

The decision almost killed him because these were his personal treasures and he would only take them out when absolutely necessary.

Kris took the ring and scanned it with his Divine Spiritual Power, suddenly, his eyes lit up.

It was filled with a large amount of Superior Spiritual Stones, treasures for refining magic weapons, and treasures of heaven and earth of five hundred years’ worth, which were roughly equal to the value of fifty thousand Superior Spiritual Stones.

How dared this son of bitch hide such a great deal of fortunes?

Kris was on the verge of anger, but he soon realized that he could only wait for another chance to get something awesome out of this slippery son of bitch.

At that thought, he forced a genial smile and said, “Very good. I’m quite satisfied with that. Have a seat!”

Ironhead were pleased to sit down before the monster beast.

He looked at Tu with a mischievous expression on his face while the latter gave back a pitying look.

Then looked at Kris who displayed a grim smile to him, shuddering, “Looks like I need to strive for earning money in addition to training.”


The next day, after flying thousands of miles with his two pets, Kris saw a towering bulk of mountain reared against the sky.

Kris showed a serious look on his face, realizing that this was the Monster Jail Mountain.

Ironhead had also heard about it, but unfortunately his acrophobia placed him in a coma so that he knew nothing about what happened.

Instead, Tu seemed rather terrified, “Master, we’d better take a detour.”

“Take a detour? What for?”

Kris knew that there was something powerful sealed under the mountain, but it was nothing serious since the seal had remained intact for such a long time.

The detour from Monster Jail Mountain would take them at least fifteen miles extra, that is, they had to walk for another three days.

“This is Shiwan Mountain, the center of the monster race, and… the Heavenly Monster may also stay here…”

“Don’t worry. No matter how many Supreme Monsters there will be, we can kill them all.”

Kris, who had upgraded his strength again, now seemed to go to his head a tad bit. His immediate concern was to fish around in the mountain.

The story went that there always existed treasures of heaven and earth in these places.

Now he was… lacking in money…

Kris had confident in his ability to handle all of this, and he had been clear about this mountain before the trip.

Zhong Guan had told him what he knew about it without reservation, so Kris shew no fears and worries about the trip to the Monster Jail Mountain.

Tu stopped talking. He knew that Kris was odd but rather powerful.

He could not only refine pills and weapons, but was also a sword cultivator with superb strength.

Taking a good grasp of these three aspects together can equip a man with considerably power.

Besides, he had a super sturdy physical body. The Ancestor privately guessed that Kris’ body was even stronger than his.

Although no match for the Dragon Turtles, they Pangolins were in the front rank of defense.

The Ancestor said, however, Kris’s physical defense was stronger than his, a rather terrifying fact indeed.

Among so many human cultivation systems, body refining practice was the hardest and required more efforts than others.

But once you had succeeded in this cultivation, you could become a Human Weapon yourself.

People’s fears resulted from the lack of confidence, which was a rare sight you could catch from Kris.

As the dagger Kill Qin descended slowly, Kris jumped of it agilely. At the same time, Ironhead recovered from his acrophobia upon his landing.

He preferred to stand on the ground.

Kris released his divine spiritual power and found that there were indeed a multitude of monsters. The Beast Kings, even the Supreme Kings, could be seen across the board, not to mention the beasts with greater intelligence.

Kris had an idea after withdrawing his divine spiritual power, “Go, Ironhead… Only by exploring this area of hundreds of miles can you obtain tasty supreme monsters and divine pills that can improve yourself.”

Kris exchanged a divine pill that could enhance the strength of the monster beast.

This divine pill, handed down from the ancient Beast-Training Cult, was of divine-level middle-grade even though it was only a weakened version of the original.

The Divine Pill!

Ironhead licked his lips and his eyes glittered with greed!

“Wait for my good news, Master!”

Then he darted away.

The Gold-swallowing Beast was not afraid of anything. Besides, he could also ask for help even if he was defeated since he had such a powerful master.

Not a bit did Ironhead feel sorry to beat the fewer enemies under the help of a large number of assistants.

After Ironhead left, Kris looked over at Tu and said, “Well, I think you’d better follow my lead or you may die of your poor performance.”

Tu’s heart ached by hearing this. “Please don’t speak it out bluntly even if it’s the truth, my Master.” thought him.

The spirit qi of this Monster Jail Mountain, however, was even almost ten times more abundant than that of the Wuwei City. The thick blanket of fog covered the ground was by no means the miasma but the spirit qi!

Their cultivation must be more efficient if they built a Taoist rite or cave in a place full with spirit qi!

If they could live in peace with the Heavenly Monster, Kris intended to cultivate here for a while.

How many spirit stones could be saved by cultivating here?

Besides, the superior spirit qi could even civilize a pig who lived here for years.

Kris encountered a number of monsters who were weak but had the ability of transformation. They were no doubt cleared by his sword energy.

Only a few of these inferior monsters could be graded beasts with intelligence.

He looked at Tu with puzzlement, flashing with speculation in his eyes.

Was that means transformation was just a common talent of monster beats?

If so, what’s the point of cultivating pets with such a useless talent?

Tu got his point and hastened to explain, “Master, they can change their shapes after taking the Enlightenment Grass and Shape Changing Grass from the Monster Jail Mountain, but at the same time they can’t go any further from then on. They don’t belong to any race but are the humblest beings of the Shiwan Mountain.”

Enlightenment Grass and the Shape-Changing Grass!

Kris didn’t listen carefully to what Tu said, but these two magical herbs caught his attention. They were the main ingredients of a kind of divine pills!

You could guess from the names that they were for the monsters.

“Do you know the exact locations of this Enlightenment Grass and Shape-Changing Grass?”

“I don’t know, I’ve only been to this place once with the Bear King before I was sent to lurk in the Wuwei City.”

Kris Chen was slightly disappointed, but he knew that it was true. Tu was merely the Beast King, a junior manager in this stronghold of the monster race. It was unlikely for him to know much about this place.

Just then, the sound of help came from the front, “Help me master, help…”

“It’s Ironhead!”

Kris shifted a hundred meters to Ironhead in a blink of an eye with a serious look.

Ironhead was surrounded by three fierce Supreme Monsters: The Crocodile King, the Leopard King and the Bee King.

When he saw Kris Chen, Ironhead settled down and shouted, “Help me, master…. These three bastards want to kill me!”

He quickly rushed behind Kris and whispered, “Master, I found herb fields with dense spirit qi three hundred miles ahead. Thousands of superior herbs are planted there!”

What? Herb fields!

How did Kris become rich? By stealing, his speciality, of course!

He learnt Feng Shui and the magical art of alchemy at Dongmang Mountain.

He took away the valuable book stolen by Changkong Yin at the branch of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

Then he made a fortune in herbs from Holy Dragon Cult.

A word can conclude Kris’s experience of getting rich, that is, robing.

Kris got an idea in a second.

He looked at the three demons with a cold face, “You three, how dare you bully my per… my pet! Now I’ll let you know how tough I am!”

As he spoke, three thousand sword spirits condensed into a stream of light and swung sharply to the three monsters!

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