Chapter 439: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 439 The Thing Happened on The Beach

“Sir, how big is this room?” Anyway, Anna Xie was still a naïve girl and she was still afraid of such a thing. Moreover, she had never seen such a big room, which was also underground, unbelievable. However, in this situation, she had no way to choose.

She could only follow Brother Six and keep moving forward.

“Girl, remember, no one will be nice to you for no reason.” Hearing the man across her saying this, Anna was a little puzzled. Why did this man buy her? If it was because of her beauty, he shouldn’t have gone to such great lengths to do all this, because there were too many beautiful girls in this world. It’s insane to spend so much to buy her.

“Okay, I see.” Anna behaved well at this moment, just like a girl living next door, which made him want to care for her.

Brother Six gazed at her, for she was like her so much and they both had a delicate smile, with the special and elegant charming.

“Girl, you are really like her.” Brother Six was wearing a smile, which was soft and warm, making Anna guard down, so she looked at Brother Six, smiling.

They now were like a couple in love and they only saw each other at the moment.

“What?” Anna, at this time, was only to understand that he liked her. He was nice to girls and was not as cruel as others said. It turned out that Anna was the replacement, otherwise, how could he be so kind to her?

Thinking in this way, Anna gradually understood that being alike to the girl he loved saved her. Otherwise, she would have already been killed somewhere.

Anna felt it’s funny, for she was relying on another woman to make herself survive. If he didn’t love that woman anymore, then Anna wouldn’t be so lucky.

But, no matter what, she still followed Brother Six and moved forward.

When they came to a dark place, Anna was suspicious. Was this another secret room? Because when they were walking, they had passed countless forks. Anna simply had no idea how big this was or how many secret rooms inside.

“Ah!” Walking into the darkness, Anna felt her arms grabbed, as if they were being pulled by something. She was unable to shake it off.

She was too weak to run away, so she was grabbed over like this.

In the darkness, there was no way to see the man’ s face, and of course, she didn’t know what would be done to her. Subconsciously, Anna felt that it might be someone from the other side, because he was the only one who could get in here.

“Anna?” Brother Six seemed to feel the abnormality and he started to worry about her. However, no woman could make him worry before. Anna was the special one.

When he turned back, he found that she was not there and he didn’t know the direction where she was missing, so how could he find her?

“Well, it starts.” Brother Six was disdainful.

He knew everything about this woman and now, he just wanted to use Anna to draw the forces behind Yulin Xiao.

The man’s purple eyes were shining whit strange lights. He gently raised his hand, wanting to put all the things back to their original positions, but he stopped. It turned out that his superpower was lost.

Now, he smiled bitterly. What had happened these days were not something he wanted. It was the disaster created the present him.

He could have gotten everything that Jingyan Ye got, but God caused him to miss everything, and made him go through the trials and tribulations that he shouldn’t have.

Was this because God didn’t love him? Was because he was a bastard?

When he thought of the word “bastard”, Brother Six slammed on the door frame next to him and it hurt.

His anger was from his hatred for Ye family, as well as his disdain for Xiao family.

He knew that if he wanted to draw Yulin, Anna would be the best choice.

And Anna had no idea what was going on, and she was more terrified because of Brother Six’ s action.

“Anna, don’t say anything.” When Anna was curious about all this and wanted to use all her strength to escape, she found he actually knew her name.

This made Anna was a little curious. Who was this person? It was surprising that he knew her.

“Who are you?” Anna was frightened, but she still wanted to confirm again. Who was he and how could he find this place?

Those who could enter here were obviously not the ordinary people.

“Who the hell are you?” Anna was not familiar with his voice, so she didn’t know who he was. She was already in this situation now and things couldn’t get worse.

“Anna, you don’t know me. But, please believe me that I am here to get you out.” He was resolute, making Anna feel that he would definitely succeed.

However, Anna now did not believe anyone. Compared to be controlled by an unknown person in an unknown place, she’d better choose the man in front of her.

“Why should I believe you?” Anna didn’t know how to trust him.

“Because of Dongzi and Mr. Xiao.” The man seemed to have lost patience for Anna long ago, not wanting to explain more. He got irritated, for originally what he needed to do was to get her out and he did not expect this woman had so much to say.

When he was asked to help Yulin, he didn’t know too much about this woman, so he surely didn’t know she would ask so much.

Solv ing the irrelevant questions was never required in this industry. For Sansan, it was the first time.

“I only answer once, are you leaving or not? We’ve got no time.” Sansan had no more patience for Anna.

God knew how much he wanted to leave. However, Yulin had spent a lot for Anna, so even if she was a dog, Sansan had to take her out. The only thing he could do now was to chat with Anna and make every effort to please her.

“Yes.” Anna found he was a little impatient, so she stopped asking irrelevant questions.

Anna, along with Sansan, had passed many intersections, but in the end, they got back to the beginning. They had walked where they’re walking now.

“This place is so familiar. Have we been here before?” Anna frowned, for this place was so familiar, yet incredible.

Sansan was with no expression the whole time. In fact, this was not about familiarity. They had walked before, but Anna didn’t remember.

In fact, they just kept going round and round inside this big circle. Again, and again, they were back to the original point in the end.

“We haven’t gone out yet and this is still the original point.” Sansan looked at the sad Anna and chose to tell her the truth. Otherwise, she might still have been happy that she had gone out far.

“What? How is this possible? I’m obviously tired and I feel like I’ve walked a long way”. For Anna, she had walked a long way, so how could she be at the beginning?

They were trapped in this small space, walking round and round. And Yulin, who was waiting not far away, was holding some tissues and wiping his sweat.

“Dongzi, do you think he will make it?” Yulin was wiping the sweat with the tissue, but suddenly, he stopped and asked Dongzi.

Dongzi nodded, “No problem. He will do it.”

Hearing Dongzi’ s words, Yulin then put the tissue back away.

When she thought of Anna, there was another figure appeared at the same time in his mind who had saved him. Was there any connection between them?

He was now eager to know Anna’s identification, and then find out the relationship between her and that girl.

But behind this wall, Sansan and Anna were tired, trapped behind that wall.

“What should we do?” Anna was not afraid at all. Let’s say, she didn’t know the danger she was facing. She was too silly, naïve and stupid. She was now a bit depressed, for someone had come to save her, but they were trapped here.

“What to do? Don’t bother me, okay? Let me think about it. I really don’t know why Yulin would spend so much money to save a guy like you.” Sansan was very disdainful of Anna.

However, he still couldn’t take his eyes off her, afraid that if something happened to her, he couldn’t face Yulin.

Although he disliked Anna, he still kept looking at her.

“Am I very stupid?” Anna looked at Sansan somewhat apologetically. It seemed that after saying this, they were in a good mood.

“Yeah, it’s good that you know this.” Sansan looked at Anna, disdainfully.

Anna got annoyed by his attitude, so she simply started not to listen to him.

However, Sansan seemed to have a lot to say to Anna, but Anna kept walking forward. She thought that if she kept walking, she could always reach her destination.

“Anna, where are you going”? Sansan anxiously asked, for he still cared about Anna’s behavior. After all, he was experienced and he knew this was the man’ s trap, but Anna may not know it.

Anna couldn’t figure out anything at the moment.

“I just want to try again and see when we can walk out.” Anna was so confident that she didn’t even notice Sansan’ s face and his helpless expression. She just walked forward on her own.

“Stop. This is a dead end. Moreover, we are already trapped here.” Sansan just didn’t understand how could this woman be so stupid? He had already made it so clearly, but she still wanted to have a try. Didn’t she know how dangerous it was?

Anna looked at Sansan, dead end? What did he mean?

“You can’t understand, can you? We have been trapped in a space set up by others.” When he was saying this, even Sansan was in puzzle.

He had only heard of this before, so how could he know exactly what it was all about?

But, was this the long-lost one? It slowly disappeared in times. Originally Sansan wanted to see it, but he never expected to see it in such a situation.

Sansan knew something about it before, but most of them were hearsay. Today, he saw it with his eyes, but at the same time, he was trapped.

“Let me have a try.” Anna once heard so, she automatically began to search in her brain. She also had studied before.

Although it had been a long time, she still remembered the basic thing about it.

Anna looked at Sansan with uneasiness.

How could here still be one to trap them?

It was not something early before the last century. Shouldn’t it be something from a long time ago?

“Are you sure?” Anna’s gentle voice was like breeze, making Sansan a little dizzy, but he still tried to explain to her.

“I suspect that we are being set up.” Sansan said while thinking about how to find the opening. In fact, at this time, the only way to get out was to find it could they get out, instead of waiting here like two idiots.

However, inside the basement, Brother Six was sneered.

“Do you think you can get out of the maze I create? You don’t know me.” Brother Six crushed the glass in hand and the glass shatters stabbed into his hands, with blood oozing out. How much was Anna afraid of him? Why did she run the risk?

With eyes closed, Brother Six thought this was the riskiest bet.

He had been bet for many years and had never lost, so he wondered the result of this time. For this game with Ye family, he still couldn’t decide what he should do.

However, for now, he had already taken the first step and there was no way back. Since it had already started, he must make every endeavor to win, in order not to waste his effort.

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