Qian Yueying really felt sick. Chuck Cannon’s mobile phone was in his hand at this time. She saw some pictures of women’s bodies on the screen. What is he looking at?

Seeing the colour website? ?

How could there be such a disgusting person?

Beat women, open houses and ask women to pay for them. Now people still look at this kind of photos in broad daylight. What kind of strange trash man is this?

Qian Yueying didn’t want to see Chuck Cannon for a second!

Chuck Cannon had something in his heart but found that Qian Yueying was just irritated, and there was no such anger. Chuck Cannon understood that her mobile phone is not a good mobile phone, and she should not be able to see her face in broad daylight.

To put it simply, the screen is not good, and with reflections, she thinks she is looking at colour photos, so she is so disgusted as a woman.

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, and it was better to make her misunderstand him than she found out that she was looking at her photos, right?

“Nothing.” Chuck Cannon explained casually.

“Why are you so sick?” Qian Yueying said coldly.

I really can’t understand, how could there be such a trash man?

What are you doing here? Want to show me this kind of photos?

Qian Yueying didn’t want to stay any longer, “Get out of the way!”

“I want to ask, did you live here last night?” Chuck Cannon felt that he still had to figure out how this photo was taken.

It looks like it is a surveillance camera. Could it be that my mother’s hotel was installed with a hidden camera by someone who used to live in it? This should be impossible, right?

However, after taking pictures of the best women of a big family like Qian Yueying, how did you post the photos on your phone? Shouldn’t it be sent directly to Qian Yueying to blackmail her? ?

Chuck Cannon didn’t understand.

But the photos are still very comfortable. How to say, she is beautiful and good in the figure, and the mystery of the camera is created very well, Chuck Cannon admits, but there is no intersection between the two people, and she will definitely not take her for no reason. Show it to Chuck Cannon, right?

Chuck Cannon felt that it was cheaper to pick it up.

He wanted to laugh in his heart.

“Yes, what does living here have to do with you?” Qian Yueying said coldly.

“Uh, it’s still a bit related,” Chuck Cannon shrugged, this is his mother’s hotel? Why doesn’t it matter?

It’s okay to say that this hotel is your own. Anyway, tell my mom that this hotel is mine. Then if you stay at my hotel, can’t I ask?

“What does it matter? The hotel belongs to you? What qualifications do you have to ask?” Qian Yueying was annoyed. She felt that she was polite enough. For this kind of person, Qian Yueying usually ignores it directly.

“Uh.” Chuck Cannon was shocked. Has this woman taken medicine? Chuck Cannon sighed, “I didn’t seem to offend you, right?”

“I ask you, what does Karen Lee, the owner of this hotel have to do with you?” Qian Yueying’s last worry is this Chuck Cannon the younger brother of Karen Lee??

She must be cautious, after all, this Karen Lee is too powerful!

“Oh, are you here to find her?” Chuck Cannon smiled, looking for his mother? What is she going to do?

“What does it matter? Just answer me!” Qian Yueying said.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and smiled, “What do you think?”

“Do you have??”

“Of course there is.” Chuck Cannon said.

“what relationship?”

“If I say, you may not believe it,” Chuck Cannon sighed. Qian Yueying had such a big opinion about himself inexplicably. If he said he is Karen Lee’s son. She definitely wouldn’t believe it. Chuck Cannon didn’t bother to prove it. He has other things. How can you waste time on this kind of thing?


“Forget it, I won’t say it,” Chuck Cannon shook his head, “I just tell you that I have a relationship with her. As for what the relationship is, you guessed it. Now can I ask you other questions?”

“Guess?” Qian Yueying didn’t have such patience for Chuck Cannon.

“You don’t need to go on. Even if you are Karen Lee, I only see Karen Lee, and everyone else will stand aside!” Qian Yueying said coldly.

Yes, now Qian Yueying thought, who would be Karen Lee for this kind of man who knows women? ?

It may be that Karen Lee was blind, and let such a person into the hotel!

Maybe it was the son of some friend of Karen Lee, Karen Lee was forced to let him here.

“What the hell did you see her doing? She has not been in China recently, and has gone to the United States.” Chuck Cannon was helpless, does this woman have any important things?

Chuck Cannon still feels he has to ask clearly.

“In the United States?” Qian Yueying frowned.

“If you have anything, you can tell me,” Chuck Cannon said straight.

“Tell you?” Qian Yueying was disgusted, and her eyes were cold.

“Uh,” Chuck Cannon was too lazy to continue, the woman had a bad impression of herself.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “Ms. Qian, the last time we were in the hotel…”

“What do you want to say? You want to say that the hotel was bought by you? Do you still want to say that the Zhao family was also destroyed by you?” Qian Yueying said coldly.

Chuck Cannon understood that this Qian Yueying was here to ask about this. The Qian family was also one of the four major families. Their family received the news that the Zhao family was destroyed, of course, they would treat this matter with caution.

Worrying about destroying their Qian family.

But, Chuck Cannon didn’t mean to destroy the other three families. It’s unnecessary. Chuck Cannon didn’t just destroy other families. In these three families, no one offended him, just Qian Yueying from the Qian family. Too inexplicably has a bad impression of him.

“Um,” Chuck Cannon felt like don’t tell her this in advance.

Mainly, she didn’t believe it!

“It’s not you, let it go!” Qian Yueying said.

“Are you worried that your Qian family will also be destroyed?” Chuck Cannon laughed.

Qian Yueying’s beautiful eyes are cold, she got out of the car with a tall and charming figure. She is very tall, this kind of temperament is really only talent of this kind of big family, Chuck Cannon just looked at her photos, at this time, looking at her real person, really, a bit strange.

“Who are you?” Qian Yueying said word by word.

“You guess.” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

Qian Yueying’s heart was extremely angry. The destruction of the Zhao family in the past few days has caused turmoil in China. It can be said that many people in China are talking about the destruction of the Zhao family, so the other three families Up? Will they be destroyed one after another?

Such words can be said to be the words that Qian Yueying is most reluctant to hear now.

“I warn you, don’t challenge my endurance!”

“If you are here to ask her whether the Qian family will be destroyed, then I can tell you that if your Qian family does nothing bad, no one will destroy you,” Chuck Cannon said.

Is this straightforward enough?

“Why do you say that?” Qian Yueying suddenly felt that she was ridiculous. He actually talked about this kind of topic with this person. What qualifications did he have to talk about this kind of topic with himself?

She was wasting saliva on such a person again!

“Because I can say that.” Chuck Cannon is unpredictable! If he can’t say it yet, who can say it?

But these words fell in Qian Yueying’s ears, making her even more disgusted, “Who do you say you are? If you are Karen Lee’s immediate family member, son, then you are qualified to speak.”

“Hey, why are you so smart? I’m Karen Lee’s son.” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, okay, he deserves to be from a big family, so smart, she can think of this.

Qian Yueying was a little surprised. She was so angry just now, so she blurted out and said something like this.

But this is possible? If Karen Lee can destroy the Zhao family, there will be such a trash son? ?

After Qian Yueying was suspicious, to the point of anger, she was tricked by herself.

“Okay, you are Karen Lee’s son. How can you prove it if you show evidence?” Qian Yueying sneered. ridiculous!

Why do you ask yourself such a thing? Certainly not!!

“Okay, do you want proof? Come with me,” Chuck Cannon shrugged. After he went in, all the employees in the hotel called him Master. Can’t it prove?

Qian Yueying stared at Chuck Cannon, “Okay, I’ll go with you!”

She herself didn’t expect to say such a thing, trust him? How boring I am!

Chuck Cannon walked ahead and Qian Yueying followed. Chuck Cannon thinks that it is better to let this woman know, then she knows who he is, and at least she can cooperate with his problems!

She was photographed in my mother’s hotel, this is a big problem!

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