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Chapter 440: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 440 Wonderful Arrays

Otherwise, it’s all in vain.

All of it is just fate. Some things are just meant to be.

For example, the arrival of Anna Xie, the use of Anna as a sally port. For Brother Six, all those things were destined.

That was, perhaps, the beginning of Brother Six’s rivalry with Ye family.

Seeing Brother Six is sad, Huzi gritted his teeth and said relentlessly, “Brother Six, how about blocking the road?”

“There is no one in the world who can make Brother Six unhappy. How can I allow a little girl to hurt him?” Huzi thought. It’s illogical and not what Huzi wanted to see that a little girl made Brother Six so sad.

Therefore, Huzi transferred his anger on Anna.

Anna, however, didn’t know that she’s on the chopping block and her fate was in the hands of others.

Sansan is a minor celebrity is his circle, but compared with Brother Six, he is far behind.

As a businessman, Yulin Xiao knew nothing about the so-called array.

“No. Let them find their way out.” Brother Six said. Brother Six waved his hand at Huzi, indicating that he should not make rash moves, because it’s not the right time yet. However, Huzi made up his mind to block the way, because he could not stand to see Brother Six be influenced by the emotions of others.

Seeing Huzi moved along angrily, Brother Six seemed to think of something and said immediately, “Huzi, what are you going to?”

“Nothing, boss. I’m just going to answer the nature’s call.” Huzi said. Huzi knew what Brother Six wanted to say, but how could he admit that he would go to block the way?

“When my boss taught me about the array, he told him not to use it to harm people, but he didn’t say not to use it to stop bad people.” Huzi thought.

In Huzi’s eyes, anyone who makes his boss unhappy is a bad person, and anyone who makes his boss happy is a good person.

That’s his logic. Sometimes Huzi is such a headstrong person. He’s like this ever since he has been with Brother Six.

“OK. Huzi, don’t act recklessly.” Brother Six said. Looking at Huzi’s facial expression, Brother Six felt something’s wrong. Brother Six didn’t think things were that simple.

Huzi paid no attention to Brother Six’s persuasion. He had already rushed all the way to the eye of the array and wanted to play some tricks. Over the years, they rarely play tricks on the eye of the array, and Brother Six has never allowed him to do that.

Huzi knew clearly in his mind that the reason why Brother Six didn’t allow him to do that is Brother Six was afraid he would get himself trapped in the array.

In the past, Huzi has done countless such things, and Brother Six managed to get him out finally.

Of course, Brother Six ‘s concern is not out of thin air, but real.

Huzi walked to the eye of the array and pushed it gently with his hand. He picked up some stones at random and threw them at the eye of the array. Then, with a push of his hand, he changed the positions of some plants.

Huzi employed two arrays at the same time.

Huzi thought that the average person couldn’t get out of the array, unless he is as awesome as Brother Six.

After finishing all this, Huzi complacently looked at Sansan and Anna who were trapped in the array. “Just try you best to figure out how to get out of the array. I don’t think you can get out of the array for another ten days. Hum, you deserve to be trapped there because the girl made my boss angry.” Huzi thought.

Though Huzi was very hostile to Anna, he still took a look at Anna and walked straight away.

Huzi could see Sansan and Anna, but they couldn’t see Huzi, because the array had already obscured their vision.

“Sansan, is your name Sansan?” Anna said tentatively. Though she had heard him mentioned casually that his name is Sansan, she was not quite sure what to call him.

“Yes.” Sansan said. Sansan was irritable, and he hoped Anna could be quiet, rather than as noisy as now.

At that moment, Sansan couldn’t find the exit as well as the eye of the array, and he had no clue at all. Therefore, he was a little irritable. However, there was no quick way to get out of the array. Everything he has now seems to have been bought with his life.

Sansan had thought he could make a lot of money this time, but to his surprise, the problem he encountered this time was even more intractable. It’s a lot harder than what he had ever encountered before.

All these made Sansan don’t want to talk to Anna, but Anna took the initiative to talk to him again and again.

“Have you ever encountered array before?” Anna asked. Anna didn’t know how to ask Sansan, and the question’s basically what she meant. She thought she had made herself clear.

“Before? When? Of course I have encountered array.” Sansan said somewhat absent-mindedly. But when he heard Anna say array, he was carried away. After all, array is a mysterious thing, and it was one of his favorite things.

Today, however, he seemed to have met a master and he couldn’t unravel the array easily.

After looking around for several times, Sansan seemed to feel a breath blowing toward him. His intuition, as well as his past experience, told him that he’s in the eye of the array. “I will have a try.” Sansan said.

Anna thought it’s hardly justifiable if she doesn’t help Sansan and let him be busy alone, so she said, “What can I do for you?”

Sansan took a look at Anna and said, “No. I can handle it myself.”

Anna obediently stood aside, watching him to unravel the array. Anna was curious about all this.

Sansan and Anna were trying hard to unravel the eyes of the array and get out of the array, while Yulin and Dongzi were sweating out of anxiety and didn’t know what to do.

By rights, Sansan and Anna should have come out of the basement by this time. All of these maps show the distance between them.

So far, however, there has been no sight of them to be seen. It’s just not normal and not what should happen in normal time.

Dongzi wiped away his sweat and walked to Yulin’s side noiselessly. Dongzi wanted to comfort Yulin, but he didn’t know what to say. Dongzi just took a look at Yulin and said in a soft voice, “Let’s wait for some more time. They should probably be back soon.”

Yulin did not say anything. He thought it’s not so simple. Yulin didn’t worry about the strength of Sansan. He just felt the one who set up the array is strong. This feeling is a kind of psychological intuition.

“It’s not that easy for me to make such a large sum of money. Since Yulin gave me so much money, I must unravel the array, or I will ruin my reputation. I still need to make myself more viable in this society and so I can’t give up so easily.” Sansan thought.

The third time Sansan took the stone and smashed it into the trees opposite, everything seemed to change. “It’s right here.” Sansan said.

Anna saw the trees move out of place, change direction and even grow in reverse. The trees have been replaced with lush fruit trees, which are nothing like the bushes before.

“It turns out there is really an array. It’s amazing.” Anna said. Anna was surprised at how powerful Sansan is. She also felt she’s ignorant.

Instead of being masculine, Sansan smiled gently.

“Thank you.” Anna said to Sansan unfeignedly.

Sansan smiled shyly and said, “That’s what I should do.”

Anna looked at Sansan and was about to say “Let’s go” when she discovered the place transformed again. It’s so unexpected and it’s not like what she thought. “Ah? Why it changed again?” Anna said.

This time, it’s completely different.

“Oh dear! Our way is blocked.” Sansan said. Sweat beaded rapidly on Sansan’s forehead. This time, he was trying to get out, but the situation didn’t allow him to do that.

Sansan found a quiet place and gestured to Anna not to follow. He had to figure out for himself how to unravel the array. Unraveling an array requires much energy and it makes people feel tired.

Sansan just unraveled an array, and here came another one. Just as the sayings goes, it never rains but it pours.

Brother Six was waiting for news in the basement. He knew something about the strength of Sansan and it’s almost time for Sansan to unravel the array.

Sansan has some skills and he is the best among the younger generation.

However, it seemed that nothing happened for so long. Brother Six wondered if Sansan lost his usual skills.

Brother Six quietly walked out of the basement and went to array through the back of the bamboo trees.

“Oh? How do I feel something’s wrong? This is obviously not the way it started out. It looks like it has changed completely.” Brother Six thought.

All these made Brother Six suspicious.

Brother Six suddenly thought of what Huzi had said before and he wanted to question him. Did these really have anything to do with Huzi? All these made Brother Six feel hard to accept because he told Huzi not to do anything to the array.

“But why Huzi disobeyed me? Such bad arrays must be set up by Huzi. I wouldn’t have made it so obvious even if I was trying to block someone else’s way. It seems that Huzi is not skillful enough.” Brother Six thought.

“Huzi?” Brother Six said.

“Brother Six, I am here.” Huzi said. Huzi was scared, but he walked up to Brother Six along the wall. He knew he had to be responsible for his own mistakes.

Huzi still had some fear of Brother Six in his heart, but since he had done something for Brother Six, he wouldn’t regret even if Brother Six scolds him. He didn’t flinch because he didn’t want to see his boss sad.

“What the hell is going on?” Brother Six said angrily and amusedly. “Huzi considers himself always right. Such arrays, which are crappy and full of loopholes, are apparently not set up by an expert.” Brother Six said.

A person with some skills can unravel the array by mere careful deliberation.

However, the array didn’t seem to be so easy to Sansan, because the array is difficult when it’s set up by Brother Six first, and it became harder after Huzi added another two arrays.

After waiting for such a long time, Brother Six was impatient and he went to check what happened.

It turned out that Huzi had played some tricks.

“Boss, I think these two guys are out of line. How can they think poorly of you and want to escape under your nose? I just can’t bear to see you be bullied like this. You can beat me or curse me as you like.” Huzi said. After saying that, Huzi put on a desperate facial expression, which amused Brother Six.

Instead of being angry, Brother Six laughed. Brother Six looked at Huzi and said, “Huzi, you are versatile now. You even dare to threaten your boss. Go to unravel the arrays now and set up difficult ones. Such low-end ones make me annoyed.”

“OK.” Huzi said. After hearing what Brother Six said, Huzi turned around several times. “I am happy that my boss can’t bear to scold me. He still wants me to display my talent.” Huzi thought.

“Go ahead! Don’t make it so low.” Brother Six said with a smile on his face.

Sansan was moved inexplicably when Anna looked at him gently by his side.

Although they’ve only been together for less than two hours, Anna tried to make considerations for him. This’s the first time there’s one doing that for Sansan.

Sansan lives by himself and there is no one can do anything for him.

“Sansan, can I do something for you?” Anna looked at Sansan nervously and said. Anna spoke awkwardly, as if this’s a normal way of communicating between them.

Sansan, however, was not like that. He just looked up and took a look at Anna, and said no more.

Huzi was happy to see that his low-end arrays had trapped Sansan and Anna.

In the old days, Brother Six has never allowed Huzi to practice setting up arrays. Brother Six told Huzi not to use array frequently, because it will bring unnecessary troubles. Brother Six also told Huzi to be reserved and sheathe his talents, because perhaps only in this way can he stop making a fool of himself. Besides, setting up arrays is a skill that has long been lost in this world.

Just as the saying goes, the precious stone lands its innocent possessor in jail. Brother Six was afraid that Huzi would be kept an eye on by people with ulterior motives, otherwise, he won’t stop Huzi from handling everything through arrays.

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