Chuck Cannon took Qian Yueying back to the hotel. Qian Yueying was very angry. Why did she follow in?

Did you believe it? Want to verify his words?

Qian Yueying felt that she was wasting time.

Chuck Cannon suddenly saw Logan coming out of the elevator. Chuck Cannon smiled. Is Logan famous in China? Her strength, if you want to enter the four big families, then you can do whatever you want.

Logan, Qian Yueying must know each other.

Compared with the hotel staff calling herself Young Master, Logan’s words can convince Qian Yueying even more!

Logan said, what else does Qian Yueying have to question?

Chuck Cannon was a little dumbfounded. Today, Logan is very beautiful, with high heels and a blue skirt, so beautiful.

Chuck Cannon remembered this time, but he was learning to fight with Logan.

Instructed by Logan, Chuck Cannon has made great progress, but how to put it, because of Logan’s training, Chuck Cannon has lost some of the illusions about Logan before.

This is respect for Logan.

Chuck Cannon felt that Logan was so good to him, so meticulous, when was he thinking about things, and insulting Logan in his thoughts, then he was too inhuman.

Chuck Cannon warned himself!

In fact, when Chuck Cannon met Logan for the first time because he was so shocked, he had illusions about such a woman.

This is normal.

But after a long time of contact, Chuck Cannon gradually matured. He felt that it was wrong to think so, especially wrong. It was simply not a human idea, so now Chuck Cannon thought of Logan as his big sister.

He has a special respect for Logan!

“Aunt Logan…” Chuck Cannon said.

Qian Yueying was surprised, of course, she knew Logan! Who doesn’t know Logan for the high-end Chinese family?

Her strong strength, to be honest, her Qian family is not as good as she is, this is only a hidden industry, who knows how much Logan has?

But how could Logan be in Karen Lee’s hotel? Does she know Karen Lee?

It should be. They are all high-end upper-class people. How can they not know each other?

But this Chuck Cannon has a happy face. Does he know Logan?

Is Chuck Cannon really Karen Lee’s son? How is this possible? Unbelievable! !

However, Chuck Cannon and Qian Yueying were both stunned.

“You, come here and drive me!” Logan glanced at Chuck Cannon, her tone a little cold.

It’s like telling employees.

Chuck Cannon is stunned, what’s the situation? Why is Logan so cold to him? Did she see him and Qian Yueying together, so angry? Ignore me, why is Logan angry?

After Qian Yueying was surprised, she frowned and stared at Chuck Cannon!

“You want me to say it a second time? Come and drive me!” Logan said coldly.

Chuck Cannon collapsed. “Aunt…”

Logan narrowed her eyes, full of the boss’s majesty, “Don’t think you are the son of an ordinary friend of Karen Lee, I dare not fire you!”

what? What is Logan talking about?

Chuck Cannon was completely dumbfounded!

Qian Yueying’s heart changed a lot. First of all, she was angry and ridiculous. He actually believed that Chuck Cannon was Karen Lee’s son, and she actually followed in. Is she so stupid today?? ridiculous!

It depends on how you explain and how you want to continue to install it. You actually said that you are Karen Lee’s son, are you still shameless? ?

“Not enough!” Logan frowned.

Chuck Cannon nodded brokenly, “Oh.”

When he walked to Logan’s side, her scent was everywhere in the air.

“President Qian, it’s been a long time since I saw you,” Logan showed a little smile.

“Hello, it’s been a long time.” Qian Yueying’s expression improved a little.

“Does President Qian also live in this hotel?” Logan asked with a smile.

“Yes, I came in… this person said he was Karen Lee’s son, so.” Qian Yueying stared at Chuck Cannon.

“He is not.” Logan shook her head.

“I don’t think he is either. I was too confused just now.” Qian Yueying was about to emit fire from her beautiful eyes. She was really fooled by him!

When she followed up, was he laughing at her in his heart?

“Well, see you next time,” Logan said.

“Okay, see you next time.”

“What are you still doing? Not coming out yet!” Logan asked coldly.

“Oh.” Chuck Cannon followed Logan out dejectedly.

Qian Yueying was mad, she was so stupid today, she believed this kind of person’s words, she was mad at herself!!

Chuck Cannon followed out and got into Logan’s car, “Auntie Logan…”

Chuck Cannon has been wronged to the extreme, what’s the situation?

Logan turned her head, “Why you contact her?”

“Aunt Logan, your voice is so cold.” Chuck Cannon is particularly uncomfortable. In his heart, Logan is the most gentle. Why at this moment, suddenly speaking makes people feel so cold?

“Puff.” Logan smiled suddenly, “Is my voice very cold?”

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. This gentle smile is Logan, but why did Logan say that just now?


“Do you wanna know now why I did that?” Logan looked at Chuck Cannon seriously, worrying in her beautiful eyes.

“I don’t know, anyway, Aunt Logan, you scared me just now.”

“Okay, I’m sorry.” Logan smiled slightly, reached out and grabbed Chuck Cannon’s hair, and then said very seriously, “Qian Yueying is good at everything, but you, as a man, don’t come into contact with her. Did you hear that? Touch her again.”

“Uh, I haven’t touched her, just what she said just now…”

“Okay, I don’t want to know how you talk with her, but you have to remember my words Chuck, don’t… No, you are not allowed to contact her again!” Logan is very serious!

“Why?” Chuck Cannon was stunned, Logan was so serious, why is this?

“Because Qian Yueying is a beautiful woman. This is really beautiful, a beautiful woman. She has been married twice, but her husband was killed by her…” Logan sighed, she also sympathized with Qian Yueying.

She didn’t believe in those things, but this was true. Both Qian Yueying men died violently. They were hit by a car when they were going out.

This is a bit evil!

Chuck Cannon understood in his heart that Logan was protecting him, so she said that? But in this world, there is no evil at all. Huaxia hasn’t had anything in this area for thousands of years. So, does Chuck Cannon think there are other hidden things in this Kerf??

“No one can say this, but as a man, it is not good for you to contact her more. In case you are also hit by a car…” Logan stopped suddenly, “So be obedient, you know?”

Chuck Cannon understood, “But Aunt Logan, she had a bad impression of me just now, so I brought her in…”

“Well, don’t you listen to me?” Logan smiled slightly.

“Listen, I will definitely listen to what you said, Auntie Logan,” Chuck Cannon felt that he would rather believe it than unbelieving it, so he should be careful.

If you really contact her, you’ll hold a stroke of bad luck for yourself, and let yourself be hit to death, it would be wrong!

“Okay, so good!” Logan felt relieved, “Chuck, you have been training these days. I will take you for a walk to relax. The movie you invested in is finished today. I will take you to see it. ?”

Yes, the film that Chuck Cannon invested in last time is finished today, and the later stage will be carried out immediately, and it will be ready for publicity.

Logan has her own theatre in China, so she can arrange all the movies directly, which will make Chuck Cannon earn a lot of money from this movie.

If Logan didn’t talk about this, Chuck Cannon had forgotten that the movie he invested in was actually finished. Is this going to be post-production?

“Well, Aunt Logan, you drive, I like to ride in your car.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Okay, were you not angry just now?”

Chuck Cannon joked, “Yes, Aunt Logan scared me.”

“Then I will apologize to you again? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Logan’s beautiful eyes are gentle, but how to say it, Logan feels a little lost in her heart.

Recently, basically, I have to teach Chuck Cannon every day. The two people have more contact with each other, and it is inevitable that there will be bumps and bumps in the body. However, Logan discovered a subtle problem. Chuck Cannon is very careful, that is, he respects her very much. This respect he also gives when learning to fight, he doesn’t touch her.

This is a good signal, but also a bad impression.

The good thing is because, in Logan’s mind, Chuck Cannon is still so simple, but the bad thing is that Chuck Cannon just regards himself as an elder…

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