Chapter 441 – 442: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 441: The soil couldn’t be wasted

It was no doubt that the three supreme monsters were killed directly. Kris quickly kept their bodies in the storage ring. And their soul spirit was absorbed by the dagger: kill Qin, whose power got strengthened again by these three ones.

Ironhead’s lip trembled, and the fear in his eyes was much more than ever.

Kris was so invincible that he could finish the supreme monster by killing three little birds.

“Where is the herb field? Take me there.”

Kris cared not his feats but the panacea he could make from the herb in the field.

“Master, the field is guarded by troops with the led of the supreme monster of the fulfilled period!”

” In the view of our master, the supreme monster of the fulfilled period is just like little bird. Shut your mouth and lead the way quickly!”

Said Tu Guan in a harsh tone.


“All right, stop talking and just go!”

Said Kris impatiently.

Ironhead had no choice but accept it.

All the trophies of beast king killed along the way were rewarded to Ironhead and Tu.

The internal alchemy of Beast king had benefits on Ironhead, which impressed him with a precursor to promotion of his stage. It seemed that he was now going to stand in the later period of beast king.

Meanwhile, Tu directly broke through the later period, and his power continued to grow. This feeling, for both of them, was really exciting.

Being in Shiwan mountain, they would not dare to target at beast king so wantonly because this might cause disputes among different races.

In fact, among races of monster was more unbelievable cruelty than human.

A race with no alive ancestor of supreme monster would be invaded by other races.

Soon, Kris came to the herb field. It was a field full of misty aura, where a stream flowing through.

No, it was not simple water, it was the spirit liquid condensed by aura.

Kris could easily find there was a array set up here.

Spirit gathering array, spirit guiding array, defense array and attack array, all of them were connected to each other. It was untouchable for a ordinary invader.

But is Kris an ordinary one?

“It is no wonder that no monsters guard here. It seems that the host is very confident in his arrays.”

Kris touched his chin and sank into thoughts. On the Tactics of the Magic Weapons, besides the recordings of array, there are also various ways to crack the array.

However, it was no easy thing to break the arrays as the spirit liquid and aura were the energy sources of defense array and attack array.

If he broke the arrays by force, then these miraculous herbs would die directly. Then everything would be in vain.

Interesting. The puzzle arose his strong interest.

When Kris turned into a brainstorm, the divine power on him were shining with dazzling light.

Countless ideas appeared in his mind.

“There’s a way!”Said Kris minutes later.

As he said that, he gathered a sword-like energy and directly waved it out.


The energy cut on the large array and dissipated directly. By this he could observe the operation of the array.

There must be linking points in each ring of four arrays. As long as he could find the points, he could break the large arrays.

“Boom, boom!”

While hundreds of sword-like energy smashed upon the surface of the arrays, Kris finally found the linking point of the first array.

With a “Click” sound, the surface of the defense array was directly tore apart.

Without the defensive guard, the rest three arrays were just paper tiger for Kris.

In the same way, he located the other three points and broke through them one by one.

When all the four arrays were broken, the aura therein was released. Being in the aura, Kris was engulfed by the surge of aura.

It was a good opportunity for Kris to absorb the aura released therein.

“Oh, so many Enlightenment Grass here, and Shape Changing Grass!”

The master and his two servants harvested the herbs as much as possible.

There were countless invaluable herbs like Energy-building Grass of three hundred years, Longyan flower of five hundred years, Blood ginseng of eight hundred years, and even a high-quality purple Ganoderma of thousand years.

The herbs they got could promote their future development greatly.

After their efforts, Kris found his dozens of storage rings were fully packed with herbs.

“Hiss, look, there is a large area of Sword Energy Grass here!”

On the left side of the medicinal field, there is a cliff with sword shaped grass on it.

This was not an ordinary grass, but one with strong sword intent.

It was a surprising gift for Kris because combined with the sword intention, his power could be raised and rival the full blow from a master in fulfilled period of Pill formation.

In addition, there were different effects of sword intention like Metal-tearing sword intention, with which one could greatly increase the possibility of defense breaking. Another example is the Heavy Earth sword intention, which could provide one with a mountain-like energy.

In fact, it was because of his Sword Fetus which served him limitless sword energy that he could made progresses in such a short period.

While the attribute of sword fetus was earth, the lightsaber he condensed would be on weight. And if he could gain the sword intention, the weight of his lightsaber would continue to increase.

However, he was not sure about the attribute of Sword Energy Grass.

Just forget it now, he had to leave the Monster Jail Mountain first.

“What did you two get?”

“The harvest is over in the south field!”

“The harvest is over in the north field, too!”

“Well, hand it in.” Said Kris with satisfaction.

“My master, can you share us some?”Said Ironhead.

He was surprised to see that Kris nodded to his request.

“That’s reasonable. I’ll give you ten miraculous herbs.”

What, only ten?

Ironhead was speechless.

They had got tens of thousands of herbs at least just now!

Obviously, Kris was not a generous person, but he was the one who would keep his words always.

This might be his only highlight.

He threw ten miraculous herbs of 200 years old from the storage ring and said, “well, you can pay off the debt when you had to pay me the living expenses next time.”

“Well,as I’ve collected too many low-level miracles here, the value of these ten miracles will be reduced by half according to the market inflation!”

Both Ironhead and Tu was speechless.

Was Kris a miser?

Of course not.

In fact, these herbs were useless for those two monster servants.

They couldn’t make pills to play the real role of herbs.

And on the way here, Kris rewarded them so much inner alchemy of beast king, which could worth tens of thousands of superior spiritual stone at least.

However, Kris kept thrifty as his virtue.

“This spirit liquid is good. It can’t be wasted. We must take it away. And this spiritual land can’t be wasted, either! “

Kris took out the dagger: kill Qin and cut the medicinal field into countless pieces and put them into the storage ring.

A few minutes later, the medicinal field of fairy spirit now was full of confusion.

At this time, Kris nodded contentedly and said, “remember, if we come across a medicinal field next time, we can’t waste anything including its soil!”

Chapter 442: Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire

After collecting the medicinal field, Kris Chen didn’t want to stay here for a long time. He was about to leave by his flying sword with two monsters.

Just less than a hundred miles away, a black hand that was so big that it could cover the sky just fell downwards.

Kris Chen felt himself was locked in by a tyrannical force.

I can’t get out of that, I can’t!

“Oops, their companions are going to make trouble for me!”

The one who had such tyrannical strength at Monster Jail Mountain could only be the mysterious Heavenly Monster!

That big black hand was full of evil atmosphere, as if condensing all the evil in the world.

If you couldn’t get out it, then you have to face the difficulties.

Let’s begin with three thousand sword spirits!


The light sword turned into a streamer and cut directly towards the big black hand.


The light sword and the big black hand collided with each other, making an earth-shaking roar, the light sword did not break, and the big black hand was also not cut apart!

The just stopped in the air, eventually the big black hand gradually pressed down.


The light sword was directly crushed.

Kris Chen’s eyes winked, thinking that the Heavenly Monster was really tough.

This magical big black hand even couldn’t be cut apart by the light sword.


“Try four thousand sword spirits this time!”

The light sword weighing 100,000 kilos chopped down, trying to penetrate the big black hand.

This time the hand couldn’t stand the attack. The light sword was directly inserted half an inch, and a slight crack appeared in the hand!


The light sword was completely crushed again by the big black hand!

Even the Half-stage Monster Emperor couldn’t take this sword, but it was crushed by this big black hand.

Just two trials, seven thousand sword spirits were wasted.

If he wanted to recover the energy, at least 700 superior spiritual stones were needed. How could this fighting burn so much money!

Right now, he had something more useful than spiritual stones, and that was spiritual liquid!

He opened his mouth, and a cube of spirit liquid was went right into his mouth.

The spiritual energy exploded in the body in an instant, and the sword spirit in his acupoints quickly condensed.

Only in several breath moment, the lost energy had been fully compensated, and only half of the spiritual liquid in the body had been consumed.

“Four thousand five hundred sword spirits!”

This was the largest amount of sword spirits that Kris Chen’s body could hold.

Otherwise he needed the help of the dagger: Kill Qin.


This time the big black hand resisted for a while, and was directly penetrated by the lightsaber.

Kris Chen used the method of manipulating flying swords manipulated light sword, thus it could reach any place the Divine Spiritual Power went to.

The big black hand was stabbed so hard that it just collapsed and turned into a blast of dark mist!

“You are the sword cultivator of Wuwei City?”

A gloomy voice came from the dark mist, which caused hallucination, and Tu Guan, the dog thing, was instantly fainted.

Ironhead felt alright, just shaking his head and growling at the dark mist.

Kris knocked down Tu Guan and handed it to Ironhead, and rose to a height equal to the mist. “You are the sealed Heavenly Monster?”


Through their fightings just now, the Heavenly Monster had already known how powerful Kris Chen was… he must stronger than him. If he couldn’t coax him to the Heavenly Monster palace, he could never beat Kris.

“How dare you ruin my business. Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you?”

Kris Chen shook his head and sneered: “Okay, I have heard this kind of words thousands of times. Have you seen anyone do that? Can you guys say something creative next time?”

“Furthermore, if you could kill me, why would you still talk shit to me here?”

Kris Chen was not stupid. He was sure that that so-called Heavenly Monster couldn’t do anything to him, otherwise he wouldn’t just stop attacking, but ran over to talk rubbish to him. He just couldn’t beat him.


“Don’t talk shit!”

Kris Chen smiled, “I’m telling the truth, but your daddy now has no time to play with you. I will just go now.”

Then he waved his hands, the Ironhead and Guan Tu on the ground directly floated up.

“Shit… I’m dying. I’m afraid of heights…”

Ironhead quickly covered his eyes with his paws.

“You want to be out of my hands? That’s impossible!”

The Invisible Heaven Net!

“The sword cultivator, let me tell you, within ten miles, the net has been laid, unless your stage is higher than mine, otherwise…”

Before he finished speaking, a bright red glow released from Kris Chen’s hand.

The red light spread a heart-palpitating feeling, and flew dozens of miles away in the blink of an eye.


“You said that unless my stage is higher than yours, then what will happen if mine is lower than yours?”

Kris Chen was found himself standing outside the net bounds and looked at the Heavenly Monster with a smile.

“You… how did you do that?”

The Heavenly Monster was angry.

“Are you blind? Oh… Sorry, I forgot that you are just a black air now, you couldn’t even see me!”

Kris Chen said: “I don’t care about your net, I will kill you with a single sword!”

The Heavenly Monster stopped talking. The red glow just now was more powerful than the stage of accumulated spirit.

Was this sword cultivator a strong man of accumulated spirit?

“Damn, if you are an accumulated spirit powerhouse, what the hell are you doing in this place?”

The Heavenly Monster was discomfited. In the outside world, his double couldn’t be the opponent of the accumulated spirit powerhouse.

“Nothing, I’ll just leave.”

After speaking, he set up the sword and flew away directly.

The breath of Kris Chen gradually faded, and the Heavenly Monster also yelled furiously.

“By the way, I forgot one more thing!”

The voice of Kris Chen came from a distance, then between the sky and the earth there came the sword energy, flying from far away.

In the blink of an eye, it was in front of the Heavenly Monster.

This blow was even more powerful than the move he did for breaking the Net.


The double of Heavenly Monster was directly killed, even unable to fight back.

Deep thousands of feet underground in the Heavenly Monster Palace, the black mist again became smaller and weaker.

“Damn the human sword cultivator, you have once again ruined my good thing, and I swear I will never let you off!

His identity was in the middle of escaping, but he hadn’t expect to meet troubles one after another: his double being killed and his body being injured.

At the beginning, a million blood food was enough to destroy the seal, but now he needed more than ten millions of it.

He had been planning it for a thousand years, but now he had failed at the most critical moment, he couldn’t reconcile to it.

“Gu, you such a fucking asshole, why are you keeping me here, I will definitely not let you go!”

After these angry words, the Heavenly Monster gradually calmed down.

It looked to the north, “Now all of my hope lies in you, don’t let me down!”


Kris Chen’s sword flew over tens of thousands of miles until it stopped. It had already left the area of Monster Jail Mountain.

It was too exciting, just run after the fight, full of rewards.

Thinking of the storage ring full of supplies, Kris Chen felt very satisfied.

This time, in a short time, there was no need to worry about practicing supplies.

Finding a place to stay, Kris Chen took out the barbecue tools he made.

There he put the monster soul of the firebird monster.

Once activated, the real fire can cook the Supreme Beast’s meat in no time.

It could also adjust the temperature intelligently. That’s really awesome.

After cooking Supreme Beast’s meat, Kris Chen opened a cave alone and went in to count what he had harvested.

“Look what a fortune I’ve made.”

Kris Chen’s frantic laughter could be heard from time to time in the cave.

Ironhead and Tu Guan glanced at each other, and they both saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

After counting the supplies, Kris Chen divided his Divine Spiritual Power into several parts.

Refining alchemy, practicing weapons, practicing formations, and practicing three turn golden body tactic.

After Kris Chen’s Divine Spiritual Power strengthened, his powerful Divine Spiritual Power could make him do multiple tasks at the same time without interfering with each other.

This…was the powerful benefit of Divine Spiritual Power, which could greatly shorten the time to strengthen himself.

That night, Kris Chen put most of his mind on practicing the Three Turn Golden Body tactic.

The Three Turn Golden Body tactic was fragments. In other words, it was a simplified version of a certain advanced physical exercise.

The name showed that the exercise was divided into three stages: the first turn, blood like beacon fire; the second turn, blood like dragon; and the third turn, the blood like oven.

This was for cultivating qi and blood, not for the physical body.

Kris Chen’s body was very powerful, but the blood, muscles, and bones in his body had not been systematically cultivated.

His physical body could neither break down the middle-grade Dao weapons, nor condense more than four or five thousand energy. For him it should be fixed.

Now Kris Chen knew the problem.

If the human body was a big ship, then the flesh was as the shell, the bones as the keel, flesh, blood and the meridians as the other components.

This didn’t mean that if one part of your body became strong, the others could turn strong naturally.

Once the problem was found, why wait, just solve it.

The cruel three turn golden body tactic needed people to use the heaven and earth to flexibly practice their own blood, and to supplement with precious medicine to increase the strength of their blood.


How sick was that!

To burn oneself with the spiritual fire?

Why the cultivation practices on the Devil Land were all so sick?

Kris Chen was speechless, and he was also thinking about the overwhelming power of the self-abuse cultivation he would get if he could successfully completed it.

Kris needed no more but large amount of time.

If he wanted to show off like a master, then he had to suffer the pain others couldn’t stand.

He had made the choice!

But when he prepared to practice, there was a problem ahead of him.

Shit, I have no spiritual fire in my hands. How should I practice without that? Kris asked himself.

The power of the spiritual fire on the Devil Land was beyond his mind: there were thousands of them, and the Three Turn Golden Body specifically required the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire.

The most important usage of the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire was that it could strengthen people’s Qi and blood.

Now Kris Chen faced the biggest problem: where should he go and find the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire?

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