Logan felt a bit regretful herself.

What does she regret?

At that time, when Karen lee matched herself and Chuck Cannon, she didn’t have any ideas in this regard. Her mate selection criteria were very simple, just as she liked.

But because when Karen lee made the match, Logan felt that Chuck Cannon was too young, so Logan didn’t think about it at all.

But slowly, she came into contact with Chuck Cannon and felt that Chuck Cannon was a very polite and innocent child, especially when she was wearing a cat mask in the bar, and when Chuck Cannon kissed herself.

Logan was dumbfounded, and her first reaction was not anger, but shyness, because it was her first kiss.

Then, in the days that followed, Logan missed Chuck Cannon especially. She wondered if she could try with Chuck Cannon?

But Logan is a person who doesn’t like to express the feelings in her heart. She will not express such thoughts. She is a silent person, just stay with Chuck Cannon. After all, Chuck Cannon has a wife, Yvette.

But she regrets a little bit. If Yvette left, she took the initiative to think a little bit in this respect, would it be different now?

But there is no regret taking medicine in this world.

Actually regretting is useless, his thoughts slowly changed, but Chuck Cannon did not change, he has always regarded himself as Aunt Tang!

Thinking of this, Logan sighed in her heart, she was free, as long as Chuck Cannon was happy, she didn’t care…

Logan drove Chuck Cannon to the killing scene. In fact, Logan rarely, not, did not even appear on such occasions, because she herself did not like to show her face, she liked to keep a low profile.

Another thing is that Logan is so beautiful. Every time she appears, she attracts the attention of others. Logan particularly dislikes this, especially now that she has Chuck Cannon in her heart… Now that she has Chuck Cannon, she is even more reluctant to be seen by other men.

It depends… Chuck Cannon is good alone, and others can’t be seen!

However, learning to fight is very boring, you have to take Chuck Cannon out for a walk, otherwise, Chuck Cannon will be bored.

“Here, Chuck,” Logan said.

Chuck Cannon, in fact, he wanted to see how his investment scene was going. When he arrived at the scene, Logan parked the car, but she received a call from Karen lee.

“Aunt Karen, you said Overlord Lee has sent someone to China?” Logan’s face was cold.

“Yes, I asked someone to stop it, but I didn’t stop it. I am ready to take the initiative against Bastian Lee. You can help me deal with the people he sent over. You will definitely not let them hurt my son,” Karen lee. It’s a headache!

She had been kicked out of the Lee family, she didn’t think anything, she had been paying attention to the situation of Overlord Lee, and absolutely could not let him come to China. So Karen lee decided to solve Overlord Lee just in case.

But Overlord Lee is too cunning. It has been ten days since he showed up. Even Karen lee doesn’t know where Overlord Lee is hiding. If Overlord Lee is not found within three days, then she will consider immediately. Return to China to protect Chuck Cannon.

But before that, Logan had to guarantee Chuck Cannon’s safety.

“Okay, I will protect Chuck, don’t worry,” Logan saw Chuck Cannon waiting outside the car.

“Due to you, I have always been particularly relieved. By the way, is Chuck by your side?”

“No, Aunt Karen, you want to talk to Chuck?”

“No, I called him, I want to tell you one thing…”

“Okay, then I will let Chuck go in, we are outside,”

“It is good,”

“Chuck, you go in first, and I will come to see you later, be good, don’t run around, don’t you know?” Logan opened the car door and said softly.


Chuck Cannon shrugged, he walked towards the final battlefield, Logan closed the door, “Aunt Karen, what are you going to say?”

“I want to say…”

In a car far away, there is a cold blonde woman in this car. She is very beautiful, perfect to the extreme, with thick lips, high nose, especially eyes, blue, very beautiful, which is also the most beautiful in the United States. One of the faces too!

However, her beautiful blue eyes are staring at someone at this time! There is killing intent in the eyes!

That’s right, staring at Chuck Cannon!

This blonde woman, of course, was the black rose that was hit hard by Karen lee last time!

After 20 days of healing, she was considered to have come out of the last injury. She has not taken any killer missions now. She now has only one mission, which belongs to her!

That is to kill Karen lee’s son and then Karen lee!!

This is a goal for Black Rose!

She has been following Chuck Cannon for two days, looking for an opportunity to act against Chuck Cannon, but there are not many opportunities because this Logan has been secretly protecting.

This Logan’s strength is very good!

She stared for a while, took out her mobile phone to read some news in the killer world, and suddenly she saw a new killer, Blood Leopard, who had just debuted for less than a month, killed thirty people yesterday in the defence of a person!

There has been no such female killer in the killer world for a long time! This is rare news!

Black Rose frowned, revealing sarcasm, this kind of strength can also make news among killers? It’s simply pulling down one’s own grade!

But she saw it: I heard that this blood leopard is also a great beauty, will it be more beautiful than the number one black rose?

I think it is impossible. Black Rose is the most beautiful woman in my heart!

Seeing this, Black Rose sneered. In this case, she had heard too much, which was boring.

But then some people continued to say: I think the blood leopard should be more beautiful than the black rose. After all, I like Chinese women. I think this blood leopard is so fierce that it may replace the black rose and become the new first female killer!

Black Rose is not interested in watching it anymore, because an unknown junior also wants to take my place as Black Rose??

Is it possible?

Black Rose turned off the phone and continued to stare at Chuck Cannon from a distance! Opportunity, Chance!

Chuck Cannon walked into the finale scene. How can he say that this scene was a little messy and crowded? Chuck Cannon looked very happy. At least the movie he invested in is about to have results.

How much money will this movie make for yourself? A literary film with a box office of more than 100 million is considered very good, but is it possible for three to four billion?

Chuck Cannon is still looking forward to it!

“Hey, who are you, how can you come in casually?” A field worker scolded, who are you? don’t you know its the shooting scene? Why did you come in casually? You don’t understand the rules.

“I’m a producer, don’t you know?” Chuck Cannon was also not angry, the atmosphere on the scene was good!

“Are you a producer?” The staff was suspicious. There was a producer who seemed to have only missed the interview. What was Chuck Cannon’s name? Is this the one?

The producers are all rich, so why doesn’t this look like 300 yuan?

The staff member did not believe, “Are you, Chuck Cannon?”

“Yes, I am, you can ask the director Yue Buying to come out.” Chuck Cannon said.

The staff immediately asked the director on the intercom, “Director, director, there is a person named Chuck Cannon…”

“What? Chuck Cannon? Where is it?”

“I stopped him.”

“Asshole thing, he is the producer of this play!” On the intercom, the director scolded!

“Ah? I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” The staff hurriedly apologized to Chuck Cannon, “I’m sorry,”

“It’s okay.” Chuck Cannon waved his hand. At this time, the director Yue Buying came out, and she was relieved when he saw Chuck Cannon, “Why don’t you notify me in advance that you are coming here?”

Today is the final day of the show, and also the birthday of the heroine of the show, Zabrina, so the scene is preparing to celebrate Zabrina’s birthday. Let’s join in the fun, after all, Zabrina is a big star!

“No, I want to come and have a look.” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“Today is Zabrina’s birthday. You came here to celebrate Zabrina’s birthday!?” The director was a little confused, otherwise, Chuck Cannon, who had never cared about it, would come here suddenly? Isn’t this interesting with Zabrina? It’s not bad to create a little scandal now, you can build momentum before the movie is released!

“No,” Chuck Cannon didn’t even know that it was Zabrina’s birthday. How could he come here specifically?

“Production, I think you should be.” The director said.

“What do you mean?” Chuck Cannon was confused.

“I suggest you and Zabrina wait and kiss,” the director continued. Chuck Cannon was stunned. Why did you want me to do, kiss Zabrina?

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