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Chapter 441: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 441 His Philosophy

Array was only allowed to be used as a last resort, which was the the rule of Brother Six, and the rule that Huzi must follow.

“I’d like to see if the two can break out of my array.” Huzi made another change to the array, making it a little more complicated.

At this time, Sansan clearly felt the aura had changed once again. He knew that it was someone challenging him, or someone setting him up.

“Let’s just sit here and not move.” Sansan looked at Anna and said calmly. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t break the array.

“Okay, I do not understand and I’ll follow you.” Anna nodded and obediently sat there without moving, watching the array change.

Huzi had no idea what the two inside this array were doing, so he just made it more and more complex as he wanted, but the complexity was just to satisfy himself, instead of changing the whole situation.

“It’s getting more and more complicated.” Sansan frowned and said softly. He kept watching the surrounding trees, hoping to break out from some points.

However, the gray and yellow sky and the thin air were so depressed that they got more irritated and upset.

“Then what should we do?” Anna was full of worry. She did not know what to do, but she was sure that they may have to be trapped here for a long time.

“Where is Yulin?” Anna suddenly thought of something and asked. Where did he go?

Sansan was stunned, for he didn’t expect that Anna would just call Yulin by his name. This was not what Sansan thought about, so he could not help but start thinking who she was.

Why are these things going on?

“He’s waiting for us outside.” Sansan’ s tone was a little heavy, as if Yulin was very important to him. Of course he was important, for he was one who would pay him.

However, thinking of this made Sansan a little sad. After all, he was now, for the first time, in a dilemma. No, no, no, he would definitely get out.

When it’s almost the time, Sansan and Anna still hadn’t come out. Yulin and Dongzi got a little anxious.

“Is there anything else underground?” Yulin was very curious about the underground world.

“I heard that the Brother Six is an incomparable talent and he knows a lot about array, five elements and Tai Chi.” Dongzi said slowly, for he didn’t want to mention this, or it was something he was not willing to face. However, something still existed even if you didn’t talk about it.

“Does that mean they may be trapped in it?” Yulin asked with some concern. In fact, deep inside, he got a feeling, but he only felt it was all too incredible. It was not at all what he had imagined.

Or rather, these things were no longer within his control, which all made him panicked. All was just a suffocating battle.

In this game, Yulin did not want to lose, but this time he was unexpectedly defeated.

“Hang on.” Yulin closed his eyes and thought about the next step. He didn’t dare to do anything rashly to Brother Six.

However, this did not mean that he did not have any preparation. He had put Anna in danger, so how could Yulin just stand there and watch?

The only thing was that he wouldn’t act now and he needed to wait for the moment that he would not lose. He must let Brother Six pay for this. But the right time hadn’t come yet.

“Good.” Dongzi was suspicious, for he did not know what Yulin was thinking. Recently, because of Anna, they were not as close as before. But he really had nothing to do with Anna. Sometimes, the more you explained, the more tiresome you became.

For example, this thing, he could only try his best to save Anna, although they had no doubt about Sansan’s ability. The current situation, however, seemed to prove that Sansan was not the opponent of Brother Six.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken so long.

“What is Sansan going to do?” Yulin’ s forehead was filled with sweat. And this was not his usual style. Today he was anxious because of Anna.

Sansan sneezed.

“It’ s so hot today. Damn it.” Sansan complained while watching the change around him.

“Who are doing this? What a cheeseball.” Sansan shook his head helplessly, for this really humiliated the ancestors. How could he show off his such shitty style?

Huzi did not know that he would be teased in this way, for he was still gloating.

All this really made Sansan feel funny. When it got slower, Sansan only used five minutes to find the eye of the array. He walked all the way through, so that in a short time, the array would be destroyed, so as to open a path to the outside world.

“Huzi, come here.” After seeing the array set up by Huzi, Brother Six got furious. No one could know how to describe his terrible look.

Huizi came to him with hope, for he was eager to hear his praise. However, when he got there, he found Brother Six was with a sullen look, making Huizi feel strange.

Why didn’t he give him some compliment? What’s going on?

“Boss, I…” Huzi was full of confusion, making Brother Six speechless.

Although just now he told Huzi to do a good job, he did not expect he would let him down, very humiliating.

What a trash array.

“Look at it, do you think it’s a good one?” Brother Six said quite euphemistic, not scolding. However, this still hurt Huzi.

Originally, he wanted to help the boss to solve the problem, but he did not expect that in the end, he created problems.

And, now it seemed that the boss was also very depressed.

“Sorry, boss, I messed it up again.” Huzi said with sorry, keeping his head down the whole time.

Brother Six sighed, but he didn’t blame him. However, Brother Six’s expression betrayed himself. No matter how he tried to hide it, Huzi still found his displeasure.

“Good. I’m glad you know this.” Brother Six was actually didn’t care Huzi so much, for he was now thinking how to meet Yulin and how to get more information about Ye family.

Now, although he did not see Yulin nor contact with Ye family, he at least had taken the first step.

In any case, he got closer to his success.

“Boss, you can blame me. I’m sorry I let you down.” Huzi said this once again.

Brother Six frowned, “Huzi, can we change the words? Can you not say this all the time? How many times have you used it?”

Huzi seemed to realize something, so he flushed. Then he didn’t say anything more.

“Look at this array. He is an expert, so you need to be careful. If you meet someone grumpy, he might mess up your array. And this will be a terrible thing.” Brother Six said extremely serious. He valued the array a lot and loved it so much and he had never been so serious about a thing.

The rumors were not all fake, except for the fact that he liked SM. Other things such as harshness and so on, were still true.

“Okay, boss. I will pay more attention to it.” Saying so, Huzi was studying his own array to see how could he improve.

Suddenly, they saw that the trees were all moving, and the power coming out of that array were extremely strong.

“They made it.” Brother Six calmly looked at Huzi.

Huzi had an urge to go over and see what was going on. He was wondering why they were still inside and how they had broken his array.

“Boss, I want to go and take a look.” Huzi had the urge to try, but because of the boss’s strictness, he didn’t dare to run there recklessly.

“Stay here.” Brother Six was obviously afraid of Huzi to mess around again. Because skilled people were more likely to get into trouble without being conscious of it.

Brother Six had experienced this before, so he was trying very hard to restrain himself from being controlled by the terrible desire to show off, which was never allowed.

He was not willing to let Huzi be controlled by this unnecessary feeling, and the biggest disadvantage was to put them in a passive state. Huzi was not so easy to control and sometimes he was still obedient, but sometimes, he had his own thoughts.

“Don’t go rush into things.” was often said to Brother Six himself. He believed that in time, Huzi would do better, for he was too young now.

“OK.” Huzi just followed his boss.

“Follow me.” After Sansan broke the array, Brother Six said to Huzi, and walked away.

Huzi was confused and he didn’t know what his boss was going to do. He only knew to follow him, but he had no idea what his boss was planning to do.

“What the hell was going on here?” Huzi still frozen there and it took him a long time to realize what’s the next step.

The boss was asking him to follow the two and see what was going on. Otherwise, he wouldn’t say that.

“Okay, boss, I got it.” When Brother Six was far away, Huzi then hurriedly followed Sansan and Anna.

“Sansan, thank you.” Anna was now relieved, for she would soon see Yulin. She didn’t know how to explain her kidnapping to him, nor did she know What Yulin would say.

Perhaps it was best for them to end up here.

The closer she got to her, the more afraid she was to see him. This kind of feeling was weird and complex and this was the reason why Anna was trembling.

Since she did not know how to explain to him and she didn’t know how to face him, she thought it was not necessary to meet him.

Yulin, at the moment, was hoping to see Anna. He was eager to know Anna’s current situation. He was waiting in anxiety.

“Here we are. Go ahead. They’re waiting for you there.” Sansan sent Anna to where Yulin and Dongzi were staying, and walked straight to a corner of the park by himself.

There was an unwritten rule in their industry that they should never meet with their clients, and the money were put in a secret place, which was only known by the two. Of course, one-third was paid before and the rest was put somewhere they knew when things were done.

Seeing Anna walk out, he finally breathed in relief. This was too difficult this time and he was running his risk.

However, he was also thankful. Because in this field, he finally met a rival. He had never had this kind of feeling for so many years. For him, it was a good choice to have a rival, and it was also a pleasure to know someone was there waiting for him.

“Anna?” When Yulin saw Anna, Yulin stumbled and jumped to Anna’s arms. He had never been so awkward in front of others.

Looking at Yulin’ s beard, she felt he had aged a lot. She seemed to never know this man.

Staring at him, Anna blamed herself. Was this person she had been thinking about recently? In any case, this man had paid a lot to save her, so he at least cared her.

She didn’t want to care how much he loved her, but now, she was sure she was important to him.

“I worry too much about you, Anna.” This was the first time Yulin called Anna. When Anna heard Yulin call himself, she froze and then looked at Yulin obsessively.

They looked at each other like this for several minutes and Dongzi next to them felt disgusting.

“Yulin, how can you…” He wanted to say something, but he did not know how to speak. Seeing Anna back, he was sincerely happy for them.

“Come here.” Yulin said this after thinking for a while. He blushed and had the urge to hug Anna tightly, but he walked to Anna slowly. He said this a few meters away from her.

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