“Why do you want me to kiss Zabrina?” Chuck Cannon confused, what does this director mean?

He and Zabrina simply knew each other, so why did you kiss her?

“This, the new drama is about to be released, and it has to create a scandal! This can create a topic and make the whole people pay attention to this matter, and then the box office will be much higher.” Director Yue Buying said.

This is nothing more than a marketing method, creating a topic, then the movie will have a good heat when it is released, and the box office will definitely not be bad.

Chuck Cannon collapsed, “I don’t want this. If you want a kiss to find topics and create hot spots, you should find other people.”

Chuck Cannon understands this, so he must be unhappy. He doesn’t feel much about Zabrina, so why do you want to kiss her?

When the news and videos all come out, then I am not a celebrity?

This is not in line with Chuck Cannon’s usual thinking.

Too high-profile is not enough.

“Producer, this is the best for you, pretending to come over to celebrate her birthday especially, you go up and kiss her, I will say hello to her, Zabrina will cooperate with you,” said the director Yue Buying.

This is a common technique, and there is nothing wrong with kissing. Besides, Zabrina is also a beautiful woman!

How many people want to kiss!

“No,” Chuck Cannon still refused, surreptitiously, maybe it’s okay, Yvette would definitely be particularly sad when Yvette saw the news.

She would not say it on the surface, but Chuck Cannon knew that she would be particularly uncomfortable. He did so many things that I was sorry for Yvette, starting from Zelda Maine, Queenie Carson and then Kristen. Now Chuck Cannon does not want to continue doing this It’s up.

You have to be well with Yvette, that’s all.

“Um… Think about it.” Yue Buying got a headache.

“What are you thinking about?” A nice voice came. Chuck Cannon turned around and saw the beautiful Logan approaching with a smile on her face.

She finished the call.

“Well, I want to create a little scandal when the new movie is released to increase the popularity of the movie, so I want the producer to cooperate and kiss the heroine Zabrina…” Yue Buying said.

“No!” Logan shook her head, her face was particularly serious, without hesitation!

She found that Chuck Cannon looked at herself with a bit of astonishment, and she continued, “He has a wife. Don’t take him for hype, find someone else.”

Of course not. How can Logan watch Chuck Cannon kissing other people??

This way Logan would be lost. Logan thought of Chuck Cannon kissing herself that night.

“Well, since Ms Logan you said that then I will arrange others.” Yue Buying was surprised how Logan’s reaction was so big? This is a bit strange!

Yue Buying went in and talked to Zabrina.

“Aunt Logan…” Chuck Cannon felt. Logan’s reaction was so subconscious!

“Chuck, do you want to kiss Zabrina, right?” Logan compromised. If Chuck Cannon wanted to do anything, she would agree.

If Chuck Cannon says yes, then she will immediately call someone to make arrangements.

“No, I don’t want to,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

Logan was happy in her heart, she saw that Chuck Cannon really didn’t want to be like this, she was a simple little boy.

“Yeah, let’s go to a place with few people,” Logan smiled slightly, Chuck Cannon and Logan went inside.

The crew was finished, and Zabrina had her birthday today, so the scene was very lively.

After Chuck Cannon and Logan entered, Chuck Cannon saw today’s protagonist, Zabrina. She is very beautiful today. Her small suit and jeans exude the beauty of a woman.

Jeans are the best way to show the beauty of a woman’s figure. Chuck Cannon can see that Zabrina has a very good figure.

This is a charm.

“Chuck, is she good-looking?” Logan smiled softly, whispering in her heart, look at him, wouldn’t it be regretful that he wanted to kiss her?

“She looks good because there is no Aunt Logan,” Chuck Cannon said seriously, which is the truth.

In Chuck Cannon, Yvette is the most perfect and the one with the best body. Logan can be tied with Yvette because Logan’s temperament is flawless, her face, body, and voice are all perfect.

At that time, Chuck Cannon was still thinking about telling Logan to wear jeans to show the figure of a woman. However, Chuck Cannon didn’t think so much now. Logan didn’t like to reveal these things in her bones. Chuck Cannon knew that, plus Chuck Cannon had only respect for Logan at this time, so Chuck Cannon didn’t think so.

Logan’s temperament is better when she wears the skirt now. At least she looks very charming with admiration.

Logan’s beautiful face was a little reddened. By this, Logan was very happy in her heart. She was really able to talk.

“Aunt Logan, I’m serious, Zabrina is much worse than you, Aunt Logan,” Chuck Cannon continued. This is also the truth, this light temperament is not of the same grade.

What’s more in terms of the body?

“Okay, thank you.” Logan smiled softly. She was particularly disgusted when others praised her, but Chuck Cannon praised her so much that she was happy and special in her heart.

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, and told Logan that this topic was not quite appropriate, and how could he respect her.

At this time, the two were too close, Logan thought of the kiss in her tender heart. If Chuck Cannon was the same as that night, she would not refuse, but Chuck Cannon did not move.

Logan felt lost in her heart, what should she do?

It’s better to protect him silently.

Thinking of this, Logan felt a little better in her heart.

Chuck Cannon looked at Zabrina, who was surrounded by people, and she really wanted a man to kiss, but Zabrina was particularly unhappy because this man was particularly annoying, but she could only do this to match the heat.

But when she saw this man approaching, Zabrina was disgusted, she refused, her beautiful eyes were turning, and suddenly she found Chuck Cannon behind the crowd, biting her lip and squeezing away the crowd.

In any case, she didn’t feel much about Chuck Cannon, but at least the man didn’t seem to disgust him anymore.

Then you have to kiss others, or you can kiss Chuck Cannon, at least to complete this propaganda.

Suddenly she came over like this, and without saying a word, she kissed Chuck Cannon. Chuck Cannon was astonished. What was she doing?

“Wow, is this Zabrina’s new boyfriend? Why is it so strange!”

“Just take a picture!”

“If this photo is taken, it will be news headlines tomorrow!”

“Why do I think it’s hype? This man doesn’t look worthy of Zabrina, speechless, why does Zabrina look for this kind of male propaganda.”

“Follow him, this man is lucky with shit,”

The people at the scene were all taking pictures, and Chuck Cannon was broken. Why did Zabrina choose him?

Does she like him? This is impossible, there is no intersection between him and her!

Logan sighed in her heart. She was happy just now when Chuck Cannon said that about her, and now Zabrina has come over on her own initiative, also!!

Logan wanted to stop it, but she couldn’t stop it…

“Hold me and cooperate with the publicity,” Zabrina said in a low voice, Chuck Cannon sighed and could only do so.

The next day, the headlines of major entertainment news were the appearance of popular star Zabrina’s mysterious boyfriend.

Who is this mysterious man? Nobody knows.

At school, college students love to watch the news. Chuck Cannon hasn’t come to school for a long time. Everyone in the class almost forgot about Chuck Cannon. Lara sat in a chair and was unhappy. She sent a message to Chuck Cannon, but Chuck Cannon couldn’t reply. What did you do? ?

She felt that she was broken in love, and Chuck Cannon couldn’t come, she didn’t have the mind to go to school.

“Wow, look, Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon!” The classmates who were reading news in the class jumped up, they couldn’t believe their eyes, because they actually saw Chuck Cannon on the entertainment news!

He still kissed Zabrina!


“What’s wrong? Right, what’s wrong with Chuck Cannon?” The classmates gathered around, and Lara rushed up immediately. When she saw the news, she was stunned. What happened??

How could Chuck Cannon be Zabrina’s boyfriend? Could it be that he has been missing for so long to become Zabrina’s boyfriend? Lara was upset and discouraged all at once, and she was in good shape, much better than Zabrina. Why would Chuck Cannon like her? Is it because Chuck Cannon likes stars?

Lara vowed to be a star herself!

“Not Chuck Cannon?”

“Chuck Cannon is a rich second-generation, but he is too slender, I can’t see it, you see this photo is so vague, it is used for taking pictures of dragons? No, it must not be! It’s just like it. Where is Chuck Cannon so good? Yeah!”

“I think so, everyone was gone, Zabrina was just kissing a man like Chuck Cannon.”

Everyone talked a lot.

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