Chapter 442: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 442 For a Woman, He Couldn’t Fall Asleep

Anna Xie felt that everything happened all of a sudden. Thinking of what happened to her in the past few days, she might only see it in a movie. Being kidnapped, being auctioned off, being imprisoned in the basement and being trapped in the array…

At this moment, Anna actually had a feeling of rebirth.

She moved to Yulin Xiao and whispered, “Long time no see!”

It’s not a long time and in fact, they just hadn’t seen each other for several days.

However, this experience made Anna feel that it had been a century and this was simply a cruel waiting that made people collapse.

“Girl, are you okay?” Yulin paused and looked Anna into her eyes.

It was the first time that he couldn’t fall asleep at night for a woman and he used all his power for a woman, but he always thought he would use it for an appropriate time.

However, this time, for Anna, he used almost all of his resources. Although at that time, Dongzi had advised him not to do that.

However, he was still afraid that there was any failure, so if Sansan couldn’t succeed this time, he still got Plan B, C… He always felt that Anna made him peaceful.

“Are you okay?” When Anna said this, her tears ran out, for this was the first time she said such words to a man.

“Yes, it’ s worth it. I’m happy to see you again.” Yulin said so and walked to Anna and gave her a hug.

Anna smelled smoke from his body, which made Anna a little confused. Before, she never saw Yulin smoking, but today, it was strong. It all made her feel weird.

“You’re smoking?” Anna frowned, trying to hide her uneasiness. But for Yulin, her uneasiness was something else.

“I’ve smoked some in the past few days.” Though he was smiling, Anna found he was actually tired. But at the same time, he was happy, for Anna was saved.

What a coincidence, Yulin, at this time, yawned. It was obvious that he was exhausted.

“Thank you.” Anna extended her hands for the first time to hug Yulin.

And Yulin, was instantly froze, for he never thought that one day Anna would take the initiative to hug him, which was something that had never happened before.

However, this scene, surprisingly, was so familiar. It seemed that long ago, such a thing had happened. However, he really did not remember it.

“Yulin, since Anna has returned, I’ll leave first.” Dongzi did not want to be the third wheel.

And this time, he found out that Yulin really loved Anna.

The sky was yellow, enveloping the whole city, with a little bit of hazy gray.

Anna kept hugging Yulin and the time seemed to stop. Under the sky, they were looking at each other.

Anna gently stroked Yulin’ s eyebrows and whispered, “Your eyebrows…”

She then touched his eyelashes and said softly, “Your eyes…”

Yulin just smiled and looked at her dotingly, with his fingers stroking her face and whispered, “Your face…”

Next to them were a line of Tung flowers, blooming.

It was said that “Tung blossom was like endless talks between a couple.” And everything stopped on the Fengling Street, next to Brother Six’ s basement. The scenery here had always been recited.

Someone once said, if one couple had not been to Fengling Street for a walk, it was not in love.

This moment, Anna was happy and this would be memorized for the rest of her life.

In the dark, a man, with purple eyes, was staring at them. His eyes were like diamonds, like the ghost fire in the darkness night, terrifying.

“Boss, aren’t we going there?”

“I’ve changed my mind,” with an evil smile on his face, Brother Six said, “Yulin likes this woman more than I’ve thought. She is his weakness. Don’t rush. Game just starts.”

Huzi didn’t understand what his boss was saying.

Of course, Brother Six didn’t intend to let him understand. He smiled and took several steps back, hiding into the darkness.

And the two, in love, didn’t notice the presence of Brother Six.

Yulin said to send Anna back to take a rest, and without thinking too much, she sat on the car and closed her eyes to rest.

“Here we are.”

Dozy, she heard Yulin’ s voice. Then she opened her eyes and looked out of the window.

Huh, this was not her school.

Turning her head to Yulin, Anna asked, “Why didn’t you send me back to school?”

“You need to take a shower now, lie down on a soft cotton queen-size bed, and get some rest. The small and narrow bed in the dormitory is uncomfortable.”

Yulin said and leaned down to help Anna unbuckle her seat belt. He then took her out of the car without saying a word, and went back to his apartment.

Anna was really tired, so she did not resist.

Now what she wanted was to lie in bed and sleep for several days.

After the shower, Anna walked out of the bathroom and smelled the grilled sausages.

Following the scent, Anna walked to the kitchen. And she then saw Yulin in an apron, making fried eggs and sandwiches.

Yulin was in a mess, making Anna laugh out. Taking over the spatula, she said, “Let me do it.”

“No, this is the dinner I prepare for you. You can just wait there.”

Yulin insisted, so Anna had no choice but to sit next to him and watch Yulin in a mess.

Finally, after countless yawns, Anna saw Yulin took two plates of black stuff.


“How about it? It smells good, isn’t it?”

Facing Yulin, Anna chose not to tell the truth.

Under Yulin’ s gaze, Anna picked up the sandwich and took a bite.

“Do you like it?”

The outer layer of the sandwich was overcooked and a little hard, but the inside was not bad.

“Well, delicious.”

Receiving Anna’s praise, Yulin smiled like a child.

“It seems I have a talent to be a chef. Tomorrow, the breakfast, I will give you another surprise…”

Yulin turned around and found that Anna was crying.

“What’s going on…? If you don’t like it, don’t eat it.”

Anna shook her head and smiled, “It’s delicious. See, I eat it all.”

“Then why are you crying?”

Bowing down her head, Anna felt bad inside.

She and Yulin had only known each other for a short time, but he did whatever he could to save her.

But what about her cousin? How dare he sell herself to that kind of pervert for getting the money to gamble. It’s barbaric, unconscionable. Wouldn’t he worry for her?

Anyway, they were cousins.

The more Anna thought, the harder she felt, and finally she cried so hard that her eyes got red.

Looking at her sad appearance, Yulin seemed to guess what was going on.

Reaching out to wipe away Anna’s tears, Yulin said, “In the future, I will protect you, and will never let you down.”

Looking up at Yulin, Anna cried like a rabbit and choked up, “Can I, can I trust you?”

“Of course, I, Yulin, keep my word. You can trust me.”

Yulin’ s seriousness made Anna smile and said, “Then I’ll take it seriously. If you don’t keep your word, I will never let you go.”

“Good.” Smiling dotingly, Yulin asked, “Are you in a better mood? Eat more.”

Wiping the tears on her face, Anna nodded and continued the shitty food.

Yulin took a hand towel over and gently wiped Anna’s long hair.

“You’re a girl and why don’t you know how to care yourself? You can’t sleep until your hair is dry.”

Though Yulin looked sloppy, he inside was very gentle and delicate.

When he showed this, girls would all fall for him.

Anna, at this moment, was treated tenderly by Yulin, making her feel that she was the happiest girl in the world.

But, did he also do so to Wei Yu?

Thinking of this, Anna laughed at herself.

Who was she? She just had a one-night stand with him and he would soon kick her out. She shouldn’t think she was the special one.

Thinking about this, Anna got a little upset.

And Yulin, who helped her wipe her hair, didn’t even notice her change.

After the meal, Anna was ready to rest.

But just as she laid down, she felt someone was sleeping beside him.

Immediately sitting up, Anna looked at Yulin warily and asked, “What do you want?”

“Sleep. I’ve been tired for days too and I need to rest.”

Yulin said and stretched his back with a very comfortable expression.

“It’s fine for you to rest, but why are you lying next to me?”

“Because this bed is comfortable.”

Anna didn’t know what to say.

Lifting the quilt, Anna said helplessly, “Then I’ll just go to another room.”

But Yulin pressed Anna to the bed with one hand and supported himself with two arms, looking at her from above.

“Is it that hard to sleep with me?”

The two people were facing each other in this position, which made Anna a little nervous.

“Not really, the problem is…is…”

“What? Don’t care that much. Hurry up and sleep. I won’t do anything to you.”

Then Yulin lied back to Anna’s side, with his arm across and forced Anna to stay with him. It was impossible for her to move.

However, Anna still tried, but she had no way to escape.

Since this was the case, she could only accept it.

And with Yulin by her side, Anna felt very safe, so she closed her eyes and fell asleep quickly.

Listening to Anna’s even breathing, Yulin opened his eyes, smiled and rubbed her hair, and also fell asleep.

But in her sleep, Anna was not at peace.

In the dream, she seemed to be back to that weird place. She couldn’t find the exit in maze-like basement.

Anna ran hard and it was exhausted. Finally, she saw the light.

The light was full of hope and made Anna full of hope again.

Come on, run, then you can get out!

Anna cheered herself up and ran fast to the exit.

But what was waiting for her there was not the hope, but the man with purple eyes.


Anna suddenly sat up, with sweat all over and breathed heavily.

“A nightmare?”

Yulin woke up with shock, looking at Anna and asked.

Anna was freaked out and she couldn’t say anything. She just nodded.

Looking at her, Yulin felt heartbroken.

Taking her into his arms, Yulin said gently, “It’s fine. It’s just a dream. Don’t be afraid.”

Staying in Yulin’ s arms, Anna murmured, “Yes, it’s over. I will never see that terrible man again.”

“I’m sorry, Anna. It’s my fault for not protecting you. I promise, this will never happen again.”

Anna had come to her senses. She looked up, and said to Yulin, “Don’t say sorry. It was my cousin who sold me. I’ll let him pay for it.”

“Let me do it. I will definitely make him regret coming to this world.”

Looking at Yulin’ s fierce face, Anna knew that if Yulin was going to do that, her cousin would definitely face a tragic death.

Anna was very angry, but she didn’t want her cousin to die, so she said, “Just let me do this. I still have something to ask him.”

“You do it. I won’t stop you. But I have to teach him a lesson. If you don’t give him a hard time, he will harm you in the future.”

This was very true.

Forget it. She would leave it to him. Her cousin had been spoiled, so someone needed to wake him up, or he would ruin himself in this life.

After that nightmare, Anna was not sleepy at all.

She rested on Yulin’ s shoulder and asked, “Why didn’t you even ask me what happened in the past two days?”

Holding Anna, Yulin said, “I’ve got to know everything, including Brother Six. I will definitely make him pay for it.”

Thinking back to what Brother Six said, Anna said, “I do feel that that Brother Six and you, seem to have some stories.”

“How is it possible? What can I have with him? He is a gangster and has such a bad reputation.”

These words made Anna complain, “It seems that you don’t have a good reputation either.”

Looking at Anna in his arms, Yulin did not get angry, but laughed, “It seems that you have recovered. You still know how to make jokes about me. How about doing something else?”

“No, no, I’m still sleepy. Good night.”

Anna, like a fish, slipped out of Yulin’ s arms. Turning her back on Yulin, she tucked herself in.

Anna knew how “fierce” Yulin was. If they were going to do that, then she didn’t have to sleep.

Looking at Anna’s guarded appearance, Yulin shook his head.

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