Chapter 443 – 444: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 443: Mind Explosion

Damn, that was rip-off!

Kris Chen thought that the Three Turn Golden Body tactic was the first-class exercise, and it only cost one hundred and fifty thousand superior spiritual stones, so he bought it without any second thought.

Who would have thought that this Three Turn Golden Body tactic actually had to practice together with its matching Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire!

Although his own pill fire was powerful, it was far less powerful than the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fire.

In short, it was not worth mentioning.

It seemed that practicing Three Turn Golden Body tactic should be put off for a while, and when he arrived in the Overseas Immortal Sect, he should be able to find traces of the spirit fire.

At the same time, Yuan Ji sent the news back to Yaoguang Mansion through Seven-treasure House. Now he had no sense of security at all, for fear that someone might come out of the City Lord’s mansion and would kill him.

No way, with a low cultivation base, he was just like a prey waiting to be slaughtered.

Upon receiving the news from Yuan Ji, Ming Ying and others became silent.

Things had far exceeded their expectations.

It was suspected that the masters at the Later Period of the primal spirit occupied Wuwei City, and it didn’t rule out that the opponent might be a mysterious organization.

“How to do?”

Ming Ying looked at the other three people. The Daotai had already sent a new Futai official over. And they must clear their mess before the new Futai take office. There would be time to take care of other things.

“Tell Yuan Ji, let him stabilize those people, and when the new Futai takes office, we will consider the long-term plan.”

Gongpu Li’s idea was very simple, that was “wait until change happens”!

“Yes, Director Li is right.”

Zhidao Zhou nodded, “Tell Yuan Ji, let him lurk in Wuwei City, and try to dig out the true purpose of that mysterious organization.”

Tian Xiong agreed.

“The three of you go too far. Doesn’t this mean that he is doomed to die?”

Ming Ying glared at the three people.

“Why do you rush, our people are all dead, your people are all but well. Now I wonder that if Yuan Ji is also part of the mysterious organization!”

Gongpu Li glanced at Ming Ying.

“You just talk shit!”

Ming Ying was furious, because if Yuan Ji was the member of that organization, how can he get rid of it?

“Ying, there are some things we just need to keep it secret. Do you understand?”

Zhidao Zhou said meaningfully.

His proud disciple died in Wuwei City. Although Tian Xiong was angry, he knew how serious it was. So many people of the four departments were killed. This was a great disaster. Once it spread out, they as the head of each department would meet severe punishment

The two places were separated by tens of thousands of miles, and the emperor was far away. No one would ever know what happened there.

The life and death of their disciples meant nothing if it involved their interest.

Tian Xiong stood up, his eyes flashing with cold light, “Yuan Ji colluded with monsters and killed his colleagues. He deserves ten thousand times of death. Now we issue a Tumo Order to eliminate the evil.”


Ming Ying’s eyes widened and his face was full of disbelief, “How can you do this, you… I will write to report to Daotai…”

“Ying, I advise you not to do that.”

Zhidao Zhou sipped his tea, “Director Xiong has already made it very clear. If you mess around, you will draw fire against yourself.”

Even fools could understand the threat in his words.

Gongpu Li, as the director of the Criminal and Legal Department, said: “If the superiors protect their subordinates, you will have harsher punishment.”

“You…how could you…”

Ming Ying’s face flushed red, and after a long time he sighed heavily, “Then alright, I will do as you say!”

Ming Ying compromised after all. Because if he had dared to step out of this door just now, he would be killed instantly!

“Well, this is the figure we want!”

The three laughed together.

If someone would benefit from the death of the Futai of Yaoguang Mansion, then it must be directors of three divisions. They would be just like tigers out of the cage then.

During this period of time, who would believe that they did not collect much money. The treasury in the mansion was also swept away by them.

And then all they needed to do was just passing all the buck directly to the former Futai, who would be dead anyway at that time.

Ming Ying ‘s strength couldn’t compare with others, and at first he wouldn’t get his share. Since he was with them now, he certainly would get some interest.

The four were now bound together on the same boat, they could only unite in fixing troubles!

It was precisely the situation of three strong and one weak that made them so harmonious.

The time flies fast. Kris Chen traveled for thousands of miles during the day. At night, he sent out two monsters to find resources for cultivation, and for himself, he was enjoying enhancing skills.

The Shiwan Mountain had no human traces, but there were a lot of monster beasts. Anyway, these days, the two monsters had eaten so much meat of the Supreme Monster, and they were so full that the meat smell made them want to throw up.

Tu Guan’s cultivation was even more quick, he ate so much that he just became a Fulfilled-period Beast King. The only problem was that he strengthened so fast in such a short time that his base was a little unstable. Kris Chen didn’t mean to let him go out to hunt for treasure, but just let him find monsters and fight with them.

Kris thought than the fighting power of this fellow was really weak. As a Fulfilled-period Beast King, he could not even beat the younger brother of the Later period Beast King.

This also allowed Tu Guan to realize his shortcomings, so he worked hard to cultivate himself and keep fighting.

After more than ten days, his combat effectiveness has soared, and now he could at least kill monsters and take it to pay for his living expenses.

However, Ironhead constantly kept running around every day, and there was no way that he could provide fifty thousand top-grade spiritual stones a month.

On this day, Kris Chen opened two thousand our hundred acupoints, meaning that he officially entered the later period of Pill formation.

The cultivation speed was so fast that it made Kris Chen a little scared.

With two thousand four hundred acupoints and four hundred thirty and thousand sword energy, Kris’s combat duration time doubled again.

His had practiced “Hacked in Pieces” before and now he had reached the ninth level, and his spiritual power increased nine times.

Adding the promotion that he acquired through the Pill formation, it meant that Kris Chen’s current Divine Spiritual Power was more than ten times that of ordinary people, or precisely, more than ten times that of the ordinary practitioner.

However, the description of dozen times was not accurate. Kris Chen wondered if there had any way to measure the intensity of Divine Spiritual Power.

“There should be relaxation in the intensity of practice, because practicing too fast might be possessed by the devil.

Kris Chen knew that the slack bottleneck would easily for him to get lost while improving his strength.

So from now on, he would be either refining weapons or refining alchemy, and he also gradually learnt the Tactics of the Magic Weapons.

At present, he could sketch eight hundred formation patterns in an instant, and the best grand formation could be arranged just by turning his palm.

This was the advantage of the Divine Spiritual Power, and the power of Array Master depends not on others but on Divine Spiritual Power.

Moreover, when sketching the formation pattern, Kris Chen found that his Divine Spiritual Power had been improved a lot, even if he hadn’t practiced “Hackled in Pieces”, his Divine Spiritual Power had also become more resilient and still kept growing. He had a feeling that when the day he could draw a thousand formations in a flash came, then his Divine Spiritual Power would have another huge leap of growing.

Just when Kris Chen was thinking emotionally, a streak of light suddenly flashed in his mind.

From the Tactic of the Magic Weapons, Kris Chen had learned to refining weapons, and also learned how to used formations. The first volume showed how to refine weapons, the second volume formations, and the third volume the magic weapon seal formation.

But the third volume was lost.

He thought of that the dagger: Kill Qin could be attached with sword energy, then could he practice sealing the formation by using the method of attaching spiritual energy?

Countless thoughts flashed through his mind, and finally he came to a conclusion that could be worth trial!

He did not call out the dagger: Kill Qin, but took out a flying sword which was an inferior treasure from the storage ring.

He tried to draw patterns on the sword.

The first formation pattern, the second formation pattern, the third formation pattern… the fourth formation pattern…

When the fifth formation pattern was outlined, the sword body burst into dazzling light.

“No, it’s going to explode!”

Kris Chen threw the flying sword out instantly.


The flying sword exploded into pieces, and the power of the explosion was comparable to a hand grenade.

“No… I still take it for granted.”

Kris Chen thought with his chin on his hand, “This flying sword is originally an artifact, and it can’t contain spirit at all. The formation patterns are mysterious runes between the heavens and the earth with unpredictable powers. Still, they also need spirit to be able to exert true strength.”

“It’s like driving a car. If you want to run, you have to add gasoline.”

After thinking about it for a long time, Kris Chen’s eyes flashed, “Yes, a car!”

If the flying sword was like a car, was it possible to refine the material that could be attached to the formation pattern inside the flying sword?

The biggest difference between Kris Chen and the people of Devil Land was that he could always think out of the box.

It was like spiritual stone. The reason why people could outline the pattern was because spiritual stones themselves were the carriers of spiritual energy.

Some patterns were made to absorb spiritual energy, some absorbed the spirits themselves. And the patterns that he had just drawn on the sword were exactly the patterns that could absorb spirit.

The low-grade treasures had limited spirit carrying capacity, and the four formation patterns were already at their limit, and they couldn’t exert the power that the formation patterns should have. That’s why the flying sword just exploded.

Kris Chen’s thoughts expanded, thinking of countless possibilities.

He took out the treasures and directly refined the weapons. The pill fire had a good effect in refining the alchemy, but it was unsatisfactory when used to refine the weapons.

It seemed that searching for the heaven and earth spirit fire should be put on the agenda.

How could an outstanding alchemy and weapon-refining master don’t have his own spiritual fire?

A red glow was burning in the darkness. The high temperature very slowly melted the minerals.

Chapter 444: The Power of Taboo

After melting the minerals, Kris Chen added a bit of star sand, which could make the magic weapon more resilient

He took out another super-grade spiritual stone, waved his Sword Energy, and divided it into several strips of the same shape and size.

After half an hour, the embryo of the magic weapon was gradually formed.

Kris hastily stuffed the spiritual stone strips into it.

Immediately afterwards, he took out the rootless water and cooled the embryos of magic weapons,

Soon, a gray sword showed up. This sword didn’t even have a hilt or a sharpened edge. It was just a rough blade. This was the embryo of a sword.

He impatiently sketched a pattern on the sword embryo.

The first formation pattern, the second formation pattern, the third formation pattern…the tenth formation pattern…

When the eleventh pattern was sketched, the sword embryo trembled, and it was covered with fragile cracks.

Kris Chen quickly threw the sword embryo out 100 meters away. There was a loud bang, and a bright light shot into the sky. A few hundred meters away, the explosion sound could be heard clearly.

The Divine Spiritual Power swept across, and a large pit several meters deep imprinted in his eyes.

With the addition of spiritual stone, the blade could stand more patterns, but it was still useless. The truth was that even the most inferior formation required thirty-six formation patterns in one breath, and it was for one of the formation bases. Even the most common inferior formation required at least dozens of formation bases.

Even for a spiritual weapon, it was hard to bear so many formation patterns.

Moreover, if the formation could function, it must be arranged according to certain position.

“Does my method go in the wrong direction?”

Kris Chen frowned, no…no, by adding the spiritual stone to the sword body, it could indeed carry two or three times of patterns than before.

It meant that he was right.

But nothing wrong didn’t mean that everything was just right, there must be some key points that have not been figured out.

Kris Chen was not discouraged. Although he was confident, he was not arrogant.

He didn’t think that he could seal the formation on magic weapons casually.

That would be too naive.

In fact, if Kris just wanted to add the function of formation to the magic weapons, he could make it.

For example, find some containers, have sketched enough array patterns on them, then refine some high-level magic weapons, drill some holes on the magic weapons, and then arrange them according to the orientation of the formation array. Finally, just imbed the outlined pattern in the containers, which could also enhance strength.

But…even though this method was pretty complicated, it could only contribute limited power growth. Zhenqi Wu mentioned this point in the second volume, and he also tried it himself, but little effect was acquired.

It would even lower the quality of magic weapons.

If you embed a low-grade spirit weapon in the inferior formation, why bother?

Moreover, it took time to activate the formation. What he wanted to do first was to increase the power of magic weapons.

Just like runes, sticking runes to weapons could gain short-term powerful strength.

What Zhenqi Wu wanted was a permanent ability, which was to increase the ability and power of magic weapons without damaging the magic weapons themselves.

It was too difficult.

How great it was that Zhenqi Wu could overcome these difficulties.

In fact, Kris Chen’s idea was even more terrifying than what Zhenqi Wu had thought of. If magic weapons could permanently seal the formation, then…what about the human body?

If it was said that there had the most suitable spirit container, nothing was more suitable than human bodies.

For example, human cells, bones, and even blood and muscles were good containers for storing energy.

If a first-class spirit-inducing array was embedded in his body, could he absorb heaven and earth spirit without limitation?

There was also Jinggang Formation, a first-class defense formation, that could seal oneself, and might that permanently increase the strength of one’s physical body?

It had to admit that his idea was really terrifying. But Kris was still a little bit eager to verify his thoughts.

Finally, this thought was suppressed by him, because he believed his own life mattered. If he made a mistake, that would definitely kill himself.

He didn’t want to try his own body, then how about others?

Kris Chen was not that kind person who killed innocent people indiscriminately. It would be cruel to experiment with people, but using the monster beast of Shiwan Mountain to do it…he didn’t have such moral burden.

At this moment, Ironhead and Tu Guan rushed back.

“Why did you two come back so early?”

Kris Chen asked.

“We felt a strong spiritual fluctuation here, and thought something were wrong.”

Tu Guan who recovered his true identity said.

Upon hearing this, Kris Chen looked relieved, and he thought these two guys still had a conscience.

“It’s okay, there was just a small accident.”

Kris Chen waved his hand, “By the way…you guys need to go out and help me catch some live beasts, beasts with intelligence, and beasts with greater intelligence.”

“As for Beast Kings, I will leave it to Ironhead!”

Then Kris Chen walked into the cave again.

The Ironhead and Tu Guan looked at each other, and wondered what Kris prepared to do.

“What’s the use of flattering? He still didn’t trust us.”

Ironhead said proudly: “You are such a trash, even cannot beat the younger brother of the Later period Beast King. What a shame!”

“Dare you say that again…”

“Forget it, I don’t want to talk to some rubbish.”

After speaking, Ironhead flashed away.

Tu Guan was extremely mad. Now Ironhead laughed at him about it from time to time. One day, he would beat this dog thing on the ground and make him know who was the real daddy.

Just now there was an explosion, and all monster beasts within ten miles ran away.

They could perceive the danger much easily than human beings. This was instinct and talent.

Half an hour later, the two monsters spent a lot of effort to get the monster beast that Kris wanted.

From beasts to Beast Kings, there were no fewer than twenty.

Kris Chen knocked out of a lion that was at the beasts with intelligence level. He just made a shackling formation on all the beasts and imprisoned them.

In front of the two monsters, he began to draw the formation pattern.

He first outlined the lowest-level defensive formation, requiring only eight cornerstones of the formation.

Then with the astounding eyes of the two monsters, the lion was blown into blood pieces.


Kris Chen touched his nose.

It was not over, then he knocked out a rhino.

Without exception, the rhino was also blown into nothing.

“Come on, it doesn’t make sense, why did it explode again!”




Ironhead and Tu Guanhid were stood far away for fear that the explosion would hit them.”


Ironhead swallowed saliva, and said with difficulty, “Or…Shall we leave and seek for elixir and treasure?”

Tu Guan nodded and said, “Is it because we have handed in less things in the past two days, so master himself is warning us this way?”

“Very likely…”

Ironhead felt his neck was chilly, because he had to hand in fifty thousand superior spiritual stones every month to Kris. What a heavy pressure, and he didn’t want to explode and die like those unlucky dogs!

Half an hour later, the last Beast King also exploded, and now the place within a radius of 100 meters were all covered with blood foam.

“Ironhead, Tu Guan…give me another twenty beasts…”

Kris Chen looked up and found that the two of them were long gone.

These two guys were cowards.

Kris Chen smiled.

From the experiment just now, he had found a little clue. Although they all failed, he had thought of a solution.

Could this method work? He needed a large amount of experimentation.

In the next several days, Kris Chen decided to stay in this place.

Anyway, there was still more than a month before the Overseas Immortal Sect came out of the mountain to receive apprentices. At this time, it was only about 100,000 miles away from the Infinite Sea, and there was enough time for him.

He desperately wanted to confirm the idea. Once Kris succeeded, no one knew how much trouble he would cause in this world.

This was definitely the power of taboo.

Kris consumed a hundred monster beasts on the first day, five hundred on the second day, and one thousand on the third day…

By the fourth day, the monster beast within a hundred miles had been all captured…

The person with his two monsters had to move thousands of miles forward.

On the fourth day, the two monsters took on the great cause of catching monsters again, and they got a few Supreme Monsters to give them to Kris as experimental materials.

The fifth day…Kris Chen made his five thousandth mistake, meaning that five thousand innocent monsters’ lives had died in his hands.

Ironhead and Tu Guan’s fear of Kris Chen was deepening day by day.

“Tu Guan, did you say that our master has gone crazy, what magical skills was he practicing?”

Ironhead was lying on the side, frightened, and couldn’t help worrying about his future.

“No…no, the master is a sword cultivator, how could he practice magic skills? Isn’t that would make his practice all gone?”

He said so, but he was afraid of death in his heart. In the past two days, Kris Chen always looked at them in a strange way, and that made them feel uneasy.

He didn’t even dare to close his eyes at night!

He was just afraid that Kris Chen suddenly grabbed himself over and blew his body into pieces.

Not only that, what really frightened him was Kris Chen’s sword “the dagger: Kill Qin”. Every time a monster beast was blown up, their souls would be sucked into the dagger: Kill Qin and help expand the ghosts and monsters in it.

This was nothing much crueler than the ghost wandering after one’s death.

But Kris Chen didn’t know it, and kept doing experiments with great interest.

The ninth day…Kris Chen, who had made fifteen thousand mistakes, had become unkempt, but his spirit was still very excited.

“Soon. It would be soon. I have found the trick!”

On the tenth day, the twenty thousandth monster beast was caught. The little monster was only at the state of beasts with greater intelligence. It was trembling in his hands. Just now, it had witnessed the death of hundreds of its own race.

It already had intelligence, although it was not smart, but the crisis of death was deeply carved into its soul.

However, all struggles were in vain.

“Hey, it’s nothing… everything will be fine!”

A smile was on Kris’s face. For a monster with a short life span, that smile was even more frightening than the fierce companions of the same kind.

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