Chuck Cannon’s classmates all think so. It’s right that Chuck Cannon is rich, but Zabrina is a big star and can’t be made by anyone, right?

Chuck Cannon is a rich sling. He has this kind of sling temperament all over his body. If he is rich, even if he wears gold and silver, he still has the sling temperament, which penetrates into his bones and cannot be changed.

Is Zabrina’s new boyfriend? This is just like it.

“Are you blind? Isn’t this Chuck Cannon?” Lara was sad because Chuck Cannon hadn’t been here for so long. It was even more sad to see this photo. Now that she hears these classmates so sad Chuck Cannon, how can she Can you stand it? ?

“Lara, don’t think that you are great when you hook up with Chuck Cannon,”

“That’s right, who do you think you are? Are you still complacent when you are thrown by Chuck Cannon? Are you too complacent?”

Some students were unhappy.

“Shut up, your rubbish, Chuck Cannon didn’t play with me, and, although this picture is not clear, but is it, Chuck Cannon, you can’t see it, right?” Lara was annoyed, she was annoyed!

Are these people crazy?

The classmates looked ugly. How could they be happy to be scolded by Lara? They are all around.

“What about Chuck Cannon?”

“Yes, what about him? I don’t envy! You think it’s great that he became a boyfriend of Zabrina? No one knows who plays with Zabrina, can he keep the beauty of Zabrina?”

“Lara, you are amazing. You dare to scold all the people in our class. Chuck Cannon is gone and dropped out of school. What are you going to criticize? Who will protect you?”

“You are blind, shameless pen, you all can’t eat the shameless pen that says grapes are sour, this is clearly Chuck Cannon,” Lara yelled angrily!


A girl slapped Lara, a red slap mark appeared on her cheek!

“Lara, do you have another try?” the girl said coldly.

Lara clutched her cheek, feeling wronged, tears of shame rolled in her eyes, “You hit me?”


“I’ll hit you!” The girl slapped again and immediately shot out Lara’s tears. It hurts and her face was numb.

“Furthermore, let’s talk about it!” The students scolded!

They are all around Lara.

“Dare to talk about us? I used to be too lazy to care about with you, now Chuck Cannon is no longer if you are a bitch, I will kill you!” The girl pointed at Lara.

The shame of the sky made Lara angry, she opened her teeth and bit the girl’s finger.

“Ah!!!” The girl cried bitterly and slapped her hand up.


Hit Lara’s face.

“Is it all she? Give me a silly pen! Dare to scold all of us?” The girl was angry.

Boom, boom. Boom, boom!

Basically, everyone slapped Lara and slapped Lara’s face with one slap. Lara’s hair was messed up, her face was swollen, and she ran out to a place where no one was. She covered her face and cried, there are too many people, how could she be an opponent?

“Chuck Cannon, I was beaten…” Lara cried and said if Chuck Cannon saw it, would he give her a head?

Lara cried and shed tears and wanted to send a WeChat message to Chuck Cannon, but he would definitely not reply. Lara cried and watched the entertainment news and saw the kissing photos of Chuck Cannon and Zabrina. She had more tears, “Chuck Cannon, do you like stars? Then if I go to be a star, will you like me?”

Lara is confident. Although her face is not particularly beautiful, it is of the level of a goddess. Once she was walking on the street, someone asked her to be a model because she was so good. Lara felt that she should be a star with her body. There should be no problem, she even regrets a little bit, she should go this way earlier!

Anyway, Charlotte manages the milk tea shop over there.

However, the pain on her face, her stomach, and her back made Lara cry even sadder…

When Kristen was bored, she watched the news and saw a photo of Chuck Cannon and Zabrina kissing. She suddenly threw her phone in anger, “You bastard?”

Kristen was sitting on the sofa, her eyes getting colder and colder, why would I give you my body?

After Lara waited for her face to swell, she went back to put on makeup, and then checked on the Internet to see if there were any brokerage companies. She wanted to be a celebrity, and of course, the company must support her. Otherwise, why would she be popular? How could Chuck Cannon notice himself?

She has submitted some resumes and some photos, all of which are full-body photos. Lara is confident that she can at least be a model, and then become popular, and then make movies, sing, and do everything. Then she is also a star, and Chuck Cannon will definitely do like it.

Lara closed her eyes and went to sleep, she would definitely be a star…

Chuck Cannon was overwhelmed by the news. He didn’t expect that there was such news. He sighed, the movie became popular, so he was miserable. Fortunately, Yvette didn’t call.

But Chuck Cannon was going to tell her proactively.

He posted a link to the photo and said it was hype and caused a topic.

After coming over for a while, Yvette sent a message: hum, hum, hum.

Chuck Cannon is worried, is this Yvette angry? Chuck Cannon immediately spoke about this, and Yvette called, “My husband, I am not happy in my heart, but I will not blame you,”

Chuck Cannon felt relieved, “Thank you, wife, where are you?”

Yvette was on a mission at this time. She had already received a new killer mission. She didn’t want to return it, but it was her husband Chuck Cannon. How could she not return?

“I have something.”

“Well, then you are busy, say you love me,”

Yvette was serious at this time. She blushed when Chuck Cannon said so and then she whispered, “I love you.”

When the call was hung up, Yvette’s heart was sweet, and she was really obedient. Yvette herself was shy and was really taken by Chuck Cannon, “It’s so cute,”

She put away her mobile phone. At this time, she was tracking a person. She was preparing to assassinate. If the murder was successful, then she could be famous in the killer world, but.

Suddenly, Yvette stopped because she saw someone…

Here Chuck Cannon received his mobile phone. At this time, it was night. He was learning to fight with Logan just now. He was exhausted and came back to rest. When he was lying on the bed, he was thinking about kissing Zabrina.

In any case, Chuck Cannon didn’t feel anything at all, but it reminded Chuck Cannon that when he was in the capital, outside the bar, kissing the woman in the cat mask was a beautiful kiss.

At that time, Shidao Lee said it was Logan, but wasn’t it?

This is not important anymore, I respect Logan!

Chuck Cannon didn’t think about it anymore and was about to sleep, but suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Chuck,” This is Logan’s.

Chuck Cannon hurriedly got up and went to open the door. Outside was a vigilant Logan.

“Auntie Logan, what’s the matter?” Chuck Cannon asked. Logan was so vigilant, could it be that Overlord Lee’s people came over? ?

It should not be that fast!

“I found someone, Black Rose? She has been monitoring you!” Logan said coldly. She told her alertly that he had been monitored for a few days. She thought it was an illusion, but it wasn’t.

Chuck Cannon’s eyes cooled down, Black Rose? It just happened!

This woman is playing with him very badly! After so many days, Chuck Cannon’s fighting strength has been greatly improved!

He couldn’t kill Black Rose, but she was injured. It was impossible to heal so soon. Then, if he met Black Rose, he must take revenge this time! How she tortured him last time, how to torture her back!

“What should we do then?” Chuck Cannon asked Logan, she should have a way, who is Logan? Her strength is much stronger than Black Rose, but Black Rose is too overcast. She always likes to attack and use dark guns. This is a big problem. How can one resist the main gun?

“I just have feelings, but I don’t know where it is, so in the past two days, I decided to stay with you!” Logan is now more serious. It must be like this. That black rose is really terrifying!

If she shoots Chuck Cannon, she will regret it forever!

“Then, thank Aunt Logan,” Chuck Cannon was moved.

“It’s okay, you go to sleep,” Logan smiled slightly, and took out a bulletproof vest, “Hey, put this on,”

Chuck Cannon nodded, he put on his body armour, worried, “But Aunt Logan, how do you rest?”

“I, on the sofa, go to bed early,” Logan said softly.

Chuck Cannon was moved, Logan was so kind.

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