Chapter 443: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 443 The Rumor Has Taken Air

The next day …

When Anna Xie woke up, it was already late in the morning.

Anna walked downstairs, yawning sleepily. Yulin Xiao was sitting at the table, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

“Woke up?”

Nodding with a smile, Anna replied, “I haven’t had such a good sleep for a long time. I …… I should leave now, I need to go back to school.”

Saying that, Anna turned around and was about to leave.

Yulin stopped her and said, “Don’t rush off! I’ll take you to school after breakfast.”

“No, thanks. I’m not hungry.”

Saying this, Anna’s stomach rumbled .

Feeling embarrassed, Anna wished she could just disappear right here, right now.

Yulin grinned and held Anna’s hand, leading her to sit at the dining table, “You’re hungry, have a taste of these.”

Raising her eyes, Anna saw the table was full of delicious food with good look and smell.

It seems that Yulin has made great progress in his cooking skills.

After tasting the wonton, Anna exclaimed in surprise, “It’s so delicious and fresh. Yulin, you are improving so fast.”

Smiling bashfully, Yulin explained, “These are take-out foods.”


Seeing Anna was confused, Yulin explained again, “Well, I was going to cook for you. But the pot suddenly broke down, so I had no choice but to order take-out. Next time I’ll invite you to enjoy my cuisines.”

Anna was sure that the pots and pans Yulin bought must be of high quality. How could he break the pot just for cooking wonton?

Anna wanted to go over and take a look, Yulin stopped her.

“It’s best to stifle your curiosity, just eat! You think these bought from outside are not delicious?”

“No, it’s good. I like it! No matter it was made by you, or from the outside. I like it very much.”

Anna’s smile was sweet and gentle, soothing and refreshing him.

Yulin had made his mind, since Anna was so supportive, he decided to practice more to improve his cooking skills, turning Anna into a happy chubby girl!

After the breakfast, Anna decided to go back to school.

She hadn’t shown up for days, she was worrying about punishment the school was going to give her.

Feeling perturbed, Anna and Yulin arrived at school.

Seeing that Anna looked uneasy and nervous, Yulin asked, “Are you going back to school, or to the hell? Look at your face, you look like you’re going to be executed.”

With a deep sigh, Anna replied, “I haven’t asked for leave in the past few days since I left the school. The teachers couldn’t contact me, and I didn’t come back to the dormitory at night. There must be punishments waiting for me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already asked for a sick leave for you. I told the teacher that you were not feeling well, I brought you to the hospital to see a doctor. I also prepared a sick note and handed it to your teacher.”

Anna blinked in surprise, then stared at Yulin beside her, feeling warm from the bottom of her heart.

He was very thoughtful. Even such a trivial thing, he had considered and planned for her.

Though Yulin seems like a cynical playboy, when he gets serious, he will surprise everyone with his stunning ability.

Seeing Anna staring at him but not saying anything, Yulin grinned and waved to her, asking, “What are you thinking?”

Then Anna turned her gaze and said sincerely, “Thank you so much.”

“If you really want to thank me, don’t tell me how grateful you are. What about giving me your love?”

Anna had just praised Yulin in her heart, in the blink of an eye, he turned so explicit that Anna couldn’t help blushing.

Not wanting to converse with Yulin anymore, Anna opened the door and jumped out of the car.

Staring after Anna, a faint smile flickered across Yulin’s lips.


Although Yulin had asked a leave for her, there were rumors and gossips among the students.

The more the girls chatted, the louder their voices got. Even other people around them, all stared at Anna with disdain.

Qiqi couldn’t bear their discussion anymore, she slapped the table, turned around and yelled, “Hey, have you finished? Don’t talk about others behind their backs! Shame on you!”

As Qiqi yelled, she directly became the center of public attention.

Anna secretly pulled Qiqi’s coat and whispered, “Qiqi, forget it.”

“They are talking nonsense! We have to stop them. Those rumors are out of thin air!”

A few of the girls across the table retorted as if they were righteous, “If it’s really something out of nothing, how come so many people are spreading the rumors? After all, there is no smoke without fire!”

“That’s right, why don’t we talk about others, but only about Anna Xie? Instead of reflecting on yourself, you want us to shut up. So ridiculous!”

“You ……”

Qiqi’s eye were red from anger, but simply didn’t know how to refute because she was an inarticulate person.

Anna Xie, on the other hand, was much calmer. She pulled Qiqi back to her side, lowered her head and continued to read book.

The best way to handle the rumors and slanders is to ignore them.

They keep talking about those same old gossips. There will be a day, they’ll get tired of discussing them, then they will naturally let me go.

She has always been honest and upright. People will know it. Time will tell.

Seeing that Anna wasn’t affected by them, Jing Wu couldn’t help but snort: “Such a cheeky woman! We have spread so many rumors about her. She’s still acting like nothing happened.”

Qiaoqiao Su said calmly, “Everyone has self-esteem. She is just pretending. I know how fragile she is. She’s going to break down very soon.”

Jing then replied maliciously, “Seriously, I’m really looking forward to seeing her devastate!”

After class, Qiqi was intended to go to the canteen with Anna.

But the teacher asked her to stay, so Anna had to go to have lunch alone.

She could imagine that if she sat there alone, she would definitely become the center of the crowd. At that time, no matter how delicious the food was, it would be difficult to enjoy.

So, Anna decided to go back to her dormitory to eat instant noodles.

But when she was walking through the grove near the dormitory, someone blocked her way.

It was her cousin, Anna’s face immediately turned pale.

She didn’t want to talk to him and was about to swerve from him.

But her cousin stopped her and dragged her to a remote place.

Shaking off her cousin’s hand, Anna yelled at him angrily, “How dare you come to find me?”

“Anna, I know you are kind. You won’t leave me in the lurch, right? Help me!” He was such an impudent man. Anna felt sick listening to his begging.

But her cousin was feeling good about himself and was still making unreasonable requests to Anna, “You must have earned a lot of money from acting career! Give me some money.”

Anna originally thought her cousin came to see her to beg for forgiveness.

She didn’t expect that his real intention was to ask for money.

Anna was so angry that she started trembling, shouting, “How dare you come to me to borrow money, I’ve already lent you quite a lot before. And you haven’t paid the money back.”

“Ah, but there is an emergency this time. I’m not lying.”

“What emergency? I bet you have squandered all your money on gambling. You have to stop gambling, or you will be ruined! You will lose everything!”

Seeing that Anna was reluctant to lend money, her cousin showed his true color. He said impatiently, “Cut the crap, just tell me, will you borrow me!”


“You ……”

Anna’s cousin wanted to grab her hair and slap her in the face.

But thinking of her relationship with Yulin Xiao, he could only swallow his anger and said politely, “Dear Anna, aren’t you dating with Yulin? He must have bought you a lot of luxury goods, just give me one of those. It will help me get through.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but he hasn’t bought me anything expensive.”

“That’s impossible.”

“Believe it or not, I’m telling you the truth.”

“How can you treat me so indifferently? I’m your cousin.”

Hearing this, Anna stared at her cousin angrily and questioned, “Has it ever occurred to you that I was your cousin when you tried to sell me to a stranger?”

Her cousin didn’t know how to answer, grunting, “I …… I didn’t have a choice back then. I was tricked by others. You see, I come to visit after knowing you’re fine.”

“You think I will believe what you say?”

After saying that, Anna turned around and left.

Anna’s cousin also felt anxious about selling Anna to a strange man.

But isn’t she safe now? Why couldn’t she let go?

Well, she must be unwilling to lend me her money. She’s such a penny pincher!

Anna was his last hope. Now she had refused to help him. Her cousin was irritated.

Grabbing Anna’s arm, her cousin glared at her murderously and threatened: “Anna Xie, you’d better behave well! I’m negotiating with you. Don’t force me to play some dirty tricks. “

“What do you want?”

“Humph, don’t you want to be an actress? If I make up some secrets about you and reveal them to the reporters, you think you can still survive in the entertainment industry?”

Realizing that her cousin was virulently hostile to her, Anna found herself pathetic.

Her cousin was supposed to be supportive to her, but were trying to find ways to ruin her now.

Holding back the tears in her eyes, Anna pretended to be strong and indifferent, saying, “I’m just a nobody in the entertainment industry. Even if you want to earn money by making up my scandals, who would want to buy it? You shouldn’t waste your time setting me up. Go get a real job! Make some money!”

Anna walked away without hesitation.

“Bitch, how dare you treat me like this?”

Her cousin spat angrily, turned around and left the school. Meanwhile, he was still wondering how to cheat Anna out of her money.

He wouldn’t let Anna go. She was his cash cow.

He was concentrating on his thoughts, didn’t find that three men were following him.

When he walked to an empty place, the three men behind him suddenly rushed forward and covered his head with a black bag, pushing him into a car.

“Help! Help! Forgive me! I will find a way to repay the money I owe you as soon as possible, I swear!”

Anna’s cousin did not ask who they were, directly knelt on the ground, begging for mercy.

Wiping the dagger with a clean cloth, Yulin asked carelessly with seeming indifference, “You have owed me so much money, how can you get so much money in a short time?”

“I …… I have a cousin. She’s beautiful and charming, you guys can take a look at her. See how much she’s worth.”

If he hadn’t mentioned Anna, perhaps Yulin would let him go.

But hearing this, Yulin immediately flew into great rage.

“It seems that you haven’t changed!” Yulin removed the mask and said, “What a scum! Why are you still alive? You should go to hell.”

“What? You can’t kill me. Don’t you want your money back?”

Dongzi snorted, “We are not loan sharks.”

“Then who are you?”

“We’re Anna’s friends.”

Anna’s cousin, after a pause, suddenly stood up and cursed, “That bitch told you to come after me? What a disgrace! She thinks she will marry up, so she disdains me? She’s just a plaything of those toffs. Tell me, did you guys sleep with her? Is that why you’re willing to work for her?”

Yulin also paused, then slowly raised his head, looked cold and terrific.

Anna’s cousin shivered and suddenly realized that he seemed to have provoked someone he shouldn’t have.

He shrank backward, licking his dry lips.

But the space inside the car was limited, there was no place to hide even if he wanted to.

Grabbing his collar, Yulin showed an evil grin: “Today, I’ll show you what disgrace truly means.”

Grabbing this man’s hand, Yulin gave it a yank and put it on the ground. Holding the dagger in his other hand, he slashed down on his finger.

Instantly, the car resounded with the screams of Anna’s cousin.

Dongzi rubbed his ears, thought to himself that this guy had the guts of a mouse, but his voice was like an elephant.

Seeing that his little finger was rolling down on the ground, this man’s face turned pale. He almost fell in a faint.

“Remember, if you still dare to find Anna’s trouble, it won’t be ended with cutting your finger.”

After saying that, Yulin ordered the driver to stop and then threw Anna’s cousin out like he was a trash.

With his finger, as well.

It was quiet again, Dongzi leaned on the window and asked, “He had done such a disgusting thing to Anna. Wouldn’t it be too good for him to cut only one of his fingers?”

“That’s enough. We can’t put Anna in a dilemma. After all, he is her cousin.”

What Yulin said shocked Dongzi. With eyes wide open, he said in surprise, “This is not like what you would say. You have been doing things for your own pleasure, when did you ever care about others’ feeling?”

Squinting at Dongzi, Yulin said, “That sounds like a complaint to me.”

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