Chapter 444: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 444 Heaven Never Seals Off All the Exits

“No, no, I’m just saying it casually. You don’t have to take it to heart. Today’s thing is done nicely, I’ll have a drink later.”

“For drinking, when do I get cold feet?”

“Then go to a bar. Let’s go!”

The two didn’t say anything else, but of them knew that the previous contradiction had disappeared.

The next day.

Yulin Xiao came to Anna Xie and offered to invite her to dinner.

“Well, you’ve done me such a big favor, this meal is on my treat.”

“It’s up to men to pay the bill.”


He reached out to cover Anna’s lips, “Don’t worry, there will be a time for you to repay my kindness in the future.”

With that, Yulin rubbed Anna’s lips gently with his fingers.

The rough touch made Anna’s body shudder. She stepped back instantly and kept the distance between them.

“Well, I won’t tease you anymore. Get in the car. I’ll take you to some delicious food.”

Anna thought about it and sat in beside Yulin. Her manner was more self-confident now, without the expression like a thief before.

Seeing this, Yulin couldn’t help asking curiously, “Why have you changed your attitude?”

As she was wearing the seat belt, she said, “Anyway, the gossip about us outside had spread like crazy. It doesn’t matter if adding more to the gossip.”

Although they were just plain words, it hurt Yulin to hear it.

They hadn’t known each other for a long time. Yulin knew that she was a tolerant girl who liked to hide her emotions deep in her heart.

If she could say such fate-accepting words, she must have suffered a lot of grievances before.

Were there really so many unkind men of ill intentions in school?

It seemed that he didn’t know enough about Anna.

The look in his eyes sank, Yulin stepped on the gas to drive the car.

Yulin knew that going to a fancy restaurant would make Anna uncomfortable, so this time, he took Anna to a unique Japanese food store with elegant environment and good atmosphere.

Such an elaborate and careful arrangement didn’t make Anna appreciate. During eating, she was absent-minded.

“Why are you not happy while enjoying your meal? Still thinking about the gossip?”

She shook her head and said, “I met my cousin yesterday.”

Being reminded of the yelling man, Yulin suddenly felt a bit disgusted, and the food in front of him lost its appeal.

No wonder Anna was not happy eating. It turned out that there was someone who brough unhappiness to her.

However, he should not dare to show up in front of Anna in the future, otherwise, his remaining nine fingers would be cut off!

A trace of ruthlessness flashed through in the light of Yulin’s eyes, but Yulin hid it well and didn’t let Anna find it.

She frowned and thought for a moment, then asked, “Can you tell me what I can do to make him correct himself?”

Yulin shook his head and said, “You can’t save a man from gambling. He will only destroy his life and break down his family.”

Although Anna said harsh words to her cousin, he was still in her mind.

Thinking back to his good old days, she was even more reluctant to give up on him.

“In fact, my cousin used to be very nice and kind to me. He was led astray by his friends, and that’s why he got these problems.”

But Yulin didn’t believe it at all. He shook his finger and said, “You don’t have to defend him. That kind of person is bad to the core. He can’t be saved, hopeless.”

Listening to Yulin’s words, Anna stopped talking, but the expression on her face turned depressed.

This was a big meal Yulin specially prepared for Anna. He didn’t want it to be destroyed by some unmeaningful person, so he patted Anna’s hand and said, “Don’t be upset for that kind of person. Eat quickly. I’ll take you to the movie later.”

At this time, Anna didn’t have the mood to see a movie at all. She nodded absent-mindedly.

See Anna like this, Yulin felt more distressed.

This kind-hearted silly girl, others calculated her like that, but she still had others’ goodness in mind.

It was easy for her to get hurt like that.

However, he would never let anyone hurt her.


There was an exam next week, Anna was going to the library to review with a pile of reference books.

When she got to the library, she found that her book used for occupying the seat had been thrown to the ground. And now, there was a boy sitting in that seat.

Anna reminded him with a good temper: “Hi, this is my seat.”

The boy said angrily in a ruffian way, “Your seat? Then you call for it and see if it responds to you.”

His words let the people around snicker, looks of watching a show all over their faces.

Anna didn’t want to argue with him, so she bent down and picked up the book. She started to look for another seat.

But the library at this time was overcrowded, otherwise, the students would not occupy seats with books in advance.

But today’s Anna had some lucks, she found an empty seat in the corner.

She went over quietly. When she was about to sit down, a person next to her was a step faster, throwing the bag on it.

Obviously, that person was picking on her.

Frowning, she asked, “What are you doing?”

“This seat is taken.”

“There was no one here.”

“But now, there are someone here.”


Anna was angry, staring at the person.

But the person looked justified and said sarcastically, “This is a place to study. For whom just pretending to study, I suggest you’d better get out of here quickly. Don’t insult this place.”

This student’s words immediately got the support of people around.

“Yes, with her here, the air becomes dirty.”

“Why are you still standing here? After being rejected like that, aren’t you leaving now? So shameless.”

“Does that kind of person have any shame left?”

“That’s right.”

Next, words got more and more ugly, which were intolerable to the ear. Anna felt very embarrassed, turned and left.

Anna was a strong girl, but it didn’t mean that those vicious words and evil tongue wouldn’t hurt her.

She walked out of the library quickly and found a place where there was no one. She put her arm around herself, her shoulder shaking slightly.

Why was there such a rumor? Why should she have to bear a false charge when she hadn’t done anything wrong?

She was just an ordinary student, why did she have to go through all this?

Thinking of what happened recently, Anna couldn’t help but burst into tears.


A sudden voice coming from behind made Anna quickly wipe the corner of her eyes. She turned around and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“Is your name Anna Xie?”


“Professor Zhang is looking for you and said it was related to the scholarship.”

The corner of her eyes brightened, “OK, I see. I’ll go now.”

At the door of the office, Anna knocked.

“Come in.”

Pushing the door to go in, Anna asked: “Professor, are you looking for me?”


Seeing Anna, Professor Zhang showed a loving smile. He stood up, walked to her, closed the door.

“Come on, sit down first.”

Sitting quietly opposite Professor Zhang, Anna waited for Professor Zhang to come to the point.

After pouring a glass of water for Anna, Professor Zhang said, “I’ve heard some rumors in school recently.”

Anna’s face changed, and she said: “Professor, none of that is true. I didn’t do those things!”

Patting Anna’s hand, Professor Zhang comforted her: “I understand. I know you well. I don’t believe those rumors at all.”

After listening to Professor Zhang’s words, Anna smiled gratefully and said, “Thank you.”

“But you are a girl after all, and those rumors have a bad effect on you. Moreover, the results of last semester’s scholarship evaluation came out. You got it originally, but now…”

Half way through the words, Professor Zhang shook his head frequently.

Her quieted-down heart tightened again, “Professor, I didn’t do anything. Cancelling my scholarship will mean that the school also acquiesced in the false of the rumor!”

“I know, I know, this matter is very important, which won’t be decided easily. But you have to understand my difficulties. Although I want to help you, I have to have a suitable excuse. Otherwise, it will be difficult to stop people’s judgement.”

Anna made a deep bow to Professor Zhang and said, “Professor, you must help me.”

“Well, I surely will help you, but I have done so much for you, don’t you need to repay your teacher?”

With that, Professor Zhang took Anna’s hand and scratched her palm gently.

She was stunned for a moment. Standing up, her face was full of shock.

She never expected that such a beloved professor would give her such a hint!

Still maintaining a decent smile, Professor Zhang waved to Anna, “Why are you standing so far away, come closer.”


Seeing Anna not moving, Professor Zhang walked behind Anna and suddenly reached his hands to hug around her waist.

“Anna, I am still very optimistic about you. Whether you will have a good future ahead of you depends on how you choose.”

“No, no!”

Like being burned, Anna broke away from Professor Zhang’s arms, her face turning red.

Her resistance had a kind of beauty of shyness, making Professor Zhang’s desire her more.

“It’s already like this. What else can’t be done? Even if you want to pretend, there should be a limit. Anyway, you’re selling your body, which is more important, money or degree?”

Listening to Professor Zhang’s words, Anna turned pale, “So you believe those rumors, don’t you?”

“It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s true or not. The important thing is, it depends on how you choose.”

Under Professor Zhang’s coaxing eyes, Anna straightened her waist, looking proud.

“Don’t you worry about my scholarship. I don’t want it anymore.”

With that, she opened the door and left.

Trotting all the way back to the dorm, Anna was crying her eyes red.

It didn’t matter what other people thought of her or said about her. It seemed that she had become a bad woman, even the teacher was convinced in that she was a whore.

Was she hopeless? Was her life destroyed, too?

However, she wouldn’t let it go easily because she was innocent. She was not a bad woman at all.

She sat still on the floor not knowing for how long, until Qiqi was back.

Seeing a person on the ground, Qiqi was and scared and shocked. Waiting for a closer look, she ran to the side of Anna.

“Anna, what’s the matter with you? Why are you sitting on the floor? Why are your eyes so red?”

Anna lowered her head slightly and said, “No, I just didn’t have a good rest.”

“You are not having a bad rest, you are bullied by the people outside again, aren’t you? “

With a bleak smile on her pale lips, Anna said, “Now, is there anyone else except you who doesn’t bully me?”

Qiqi looked righteously indignant, “Those stupid bastards are so hateful. Do they have brains? Believe whatever others say.”

Feeling very tired, Anna shook her head, “Forget it, it’s already like this, what can be changed?”

But Qiqi didn’t agree with that. She said with a little excitement, “That’s not OK. Why do you have to carry the bad reputation for what you didn’t do?”

“What should I do then? Explain it to everyone? It won’t have any effect other than making me a joke.”

“What should we do…”

Qiqi lost idea too. Sitting next to Anna, she was almost crying.

Seeing Qiqi like that, Anna had to put away her own sorrow and comforted her instead.

“Maybe it’s a test from heaven. As long as I can survive this, I can become a King Kong.”

Qiqi’s lips moved, just as she was about to say something, she heard Anna’s cell phone ringing.

Anna was so depressed that she picked up the phone without looking at the caller ID.


“Anna, I’m director Li. I invited you for a casting last time. Now there’s a new character. I’m calling to see if you’re interested. “

Stunning for a moment, Anna stood up abruptly. With a bright smile on her face, she said, “Of course.”

“Then you’d better come now. We’re at Hilton Hotel, room number 3303. It happens that the screenwriter is also here. We can have a chat together.”

“Well, I’ll be right there.”

Hanging up the phone, Anna went to wash her face and change her clothes. She dressed herself up carefully.

Seeing the great change of Anna’s state, Qiqi asked, “Anna, what’s up?”

“A director wanted me for an audition,” Anna held Qiqi’s wrist and asked smilingly. “As long as there is no despair, there will be hope. You see, isn’t this hope coming?”

“Yes, so you have to be strong and don’t be knocked down by those bad guys.”

“Yes, I will.”

Finishing dressing herself up, Anna walked out of the door full of vigor.

Looking at Anna’s back, Qiqi sighed uncontrolled.

Such a simple girl, a little good thing could make her so satisfied.

She wished this storm would pass quickly and stopped tormenting poor Anna.


The audition went smooth this time. The director asked Anna to go back and prepare well, not to stay up late or drink, so as to avoid facial swelling and affect the shooting.

She would naturally cherish the chance she uneasily got.

Besides, she didn’t have those bad habits. She just needed to keep a good schedule.

To keep quiet, she turned off her cell phone.

When she left the hotel and turned on her cell phone, she found several missed calls, which were all from Qiqi.

Was there anything wrong?

As soon as she was about to call Qiqi back, Qiqi’s call came.

“Qiqi, what happened?”

“Anna, something bad happened!”

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