Chapter 445 – 446: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 445: Success

The little monster could do nothing but passively bear even if he was afraid.

After countless collisions of ideas and constant error correction, Kris had got the clue.

After ten days and nights of sleeplessness, he tried numerous times, and finally came the result.

He immersed the divine power into the body of the little monster, drawing the tactic patterns on his four feet, waist and even internal organs.

However, most of the power of these patterns was limited by Kris, which was like installing a valve.

No matter who it is, there is a limit of strength.

Do you expect a seven-year-old to swing a sledgehammer of hundreds of Jin (half a kilo)?

It is obviously unrealistic.

The structures of human body and monster body are precise. Embedding the array is equivalent to adding the external plug to the structure.

Once the external plug is beyond the limit of the structure, it will collapse and explode, which is like a genetic breakdown.

Just with an idea, the basis of eight arrays was imprinted on the whole body of the little monster.

Then the next step was to verify whether his achievements in the past few days had been effective.

“First gear!”

Kris has added ten restrictions to the tactic pattern, so that he can clearly control the strength that the little monster can bear.

In fact, at the beginning, his opinion went wrong as he thought that he had a problem with the array or the container.

As a matter of fact, that was only part of it.

What really matters was how much power the little monster can bear.

Suppose that the array can display 100 percent, while the little monster can only bear 50 percent, so what to do?

Of course, based on the limit of power, enhance the ability of the little monster through he array catalysis. This method can make the weak stronger and the strong stronger.

But whether it works depends on this 20,000th experiment.

When Kris opened the first gear, the spirit Qi of heaven and earth within 10 meters was hooked and penetrated into the body of the little monster bit by bit.

The little monster began to become manic and restless. The sudden change made him frightened.

But after a few minutes, he calmed down and cultivate coordinately. The inhaling and exhaling became rhythmic.

“It’s done!”

Kris held back the excitement, and switched to the second gear.

The spirit Qi within 20 meters was concentrated, continuously infiltrating into the body of the little monster, which made him excited and full of gratitude.

“It’s not a big deal.” Kris was in a good mood and went straight to the fifth gear!


The spirit Qi within 50 meters seemed to be grasped by a big hand!

The little monster’s eyes were almost protruding with painfulness, whimpering. It was obvious that the wild spirit Qi of heaven and earth was about to blow him up.

Five gear was his limitation. He might exploded at any time. Kris tried to lower one gear, the fourth gear!

Then the little monster long sobbed, gradually pacified.

Within 40 meters, the spirit Qi was continuously introduced into his body, and the monster power increased at an incredible speed.

Kris took back his divine spiritual power and controlled the gear at the fourth level. The last step was persistence! One minute passed, ten minutes passed, and one hour passed. The speed of attracting spirit Qi did not change at all.

It was a complete success.

Although it is only the lowest level of spirit gathering array, at this speed, it only takes a month for a little monster to completely break through to Beast King.

This is incredible!

Kris looked up and laughed wildly like a lunatic. He’s likely to have developed something amazing.

Ironhead and Tu Guan were all thrilled by the laughter!

“From now on, you are called Liangwan(20,000). You’ll be sure to have a good treatment if become my pet.”

Liangwan, this name was very direct and meaningful. Many years later, he would be called the Dog God by Devil Land, although he is a wolf!

Liangwan has been able to understand the words of Kris, and with Kris’ help for cultivation, he naturally gets close to him… Well, actually, he succumbs to the pressure of Kris.

“You two, come here!”

Kris waves at the other two monsters.

The two came reluctantly.

“Well, from now on, he will be your little brother. Take good care of him!” Kris swaggered into the cave to sleep. Although he didn’t need to sleep at all, he felt that sleeping was the most comfortable! He didn’t want to become less like a person in the end.

Looking at Liangwan, the two monsters were dumbfounded.

A little brother? A beast with greater intelligence?

“Dog, remember, be honest in the future. When I eat meat, you should keep away from me!” Ironhead glared, “Have you heard?”

“Woo Hoo…”

“Wrong call, call again!”

“Woof… Woof!”

“By the way, you should call that way. You must remember that you will be called dog from now on!”

“Woof… Woof!” Liangwan aggrievedly cried.

Tu narrowed his eyes and pulled Liangwan over, “Just ignore him. Follow me later!”

“Son of a bitch, did you humiliate me?”

“Humiliate you?” Tu smiled, “The master clearly said that we should take good care of him, but you treat him like this. If master knows, what will happen?”

He did not forget the hatred between himself and Ironhead. Whatever Ironhead hated was what he loved. As a saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend!

In addition, the beast with greater intelligence was taken as a pet by their master, he must be special.

Liangwan, the success of the experiment, who survived after countless experiments, must be valuable to Kris.

“You insidious son of a bitch, I’ll kill you!” the two monsters fought together.

Of course, they did not dare to use monster power. They fought bare-handed.

Although no monster power was used, the damage caused by the fight between a Fulfilled period Beast King and a Supreme Beast was terrible.

Liangwan scared to shiver, lying on the ground, worrying about his future.

The next morning, Kris woke up with a wonderful sleep last night. He was full of energy and refreshing.

When he came out of the cave, he saw Liangwan lying at the door of the cave. He looked around and didn’t find the other two monsters.

“These two dogs. Where are they going?”

He looked at Liangwan again and became tender.

With an empty stomach, Kris took out the barbecue rack and a hundred jin of Supreme Beast meat from the storage ring. When prompted, the soul of the Firebird spat out the real fire, and the roasted Supreme Beast meat sizzled.

If you have a BBQ in the morning on the earth, you will certainly be scolded as a fool.

But here, the meat of the Supreme Beast was rich in energy and delicious in taste.

The fragrance was not far away, and there was a commotion in the grass nearby, followed by the two monsters, just like the horse that had taken off the reins, hurriedly rushing over!

Tired of Supreme Beast in words, but honest in action than anyone else.

“Meal, meal!” Seeing that big lump of Supreme Beast meat, the eyes of both monsters were shining.

Kris glanced at them with a cold smile, cut a palm of meat on a plate, and handed it to Liangwan.

Supreme Beast meat contains too much energy. Eating too much is not good for Liangwan.

Liangwan sniffed, full of eagerness. He looked up at Kris, wagging his tail, as if to say, “Master, can I eat it?”

“Eat it!” Kris smiled.

The other two monsters did not care, they rushed to divide up the meat of the Supreme Beast.

At this point, Kris said, “You can eat meat if the monthly installment payment of next month doubles! There’s no discrimination.”

The first sentence was for Ironhead, and the latter one was for Tu.

Ironhead was disappointed, so was Tu.

How to provide master with one hundred thousand superior spiritual stone, it’s impossible to make it even if he himself was sold.

Seeing that the two monsters were numb there, Kris went over and began to eat.

At this time, the two monsters were anxious, especially Ironhead, frowned tightly.

Tu neither has money, nor a spiritual stone. He was resigned.

“Pa!”Just then, Ironhead took out a storage ring in front of Kris once again , “See if these are enough!”

Kris happily took it, checking with divine spiritual power, which was a fruitful outcome.

“It’s enough!”He directly cut half of the meat to Ironhead by hand.

Ironhead was filled with unspeakable indignation by devouring Supreme Beast meat.

Tu: poor people don’t deserve to talk or eat!

Chapter 446: Improvement and Asking for Directions

Along the way, Kris Chen has observed how the array performed in Liangwan’s body. And till the fifth day that Liangwan has totally adapted to the array, so Kris turned up the level of it. Then, after some unrest, Liangwan adapted to it again.

And also in the process that Kris has improved his Taoist Practicing System. After all, the Divine Spiritual Power could be enhanced by forecasting the changes in his limited knowledge base for the frequent consumption of it and energy.

Finally, on the tenth day was there an improvement that Kris imprinted the array on the Monster Beast.

But he needed more knowledge about the arrays and learnt more about them. For there were nearly nothing feasible for him to apply. As for the thing that refining arrays on the weapons has been overlooked. At least, no one was going to be perfect. so was the thing. On his part, these strange ideas were creating the future.

On the thirteenth day, Liangwan had a breakthrough when they were away Infinite Sea for nearly ten thousand miles.

Kris imprinted another brand new array called Vajra Array on Liangwan because he easily got through the Thunder Punishment when in Tribulation-Undergoing Period. In fact, the Vajra array was merely a fundamentally defensive array rather than an offensive one. Even the simplest offensive arrays should be comprised of at least 15 array bases, which was far more dangerous than Spirit-Fetching Array and Vajra Array.

Therefore, Kris would be matchless if the offensive arrays furthered.

He got excited when thinking about Liangwan was totally a beast-shaped fort in Beast King stage with defensive arrays, offensive array, and spirit-fetching array.

“Liangwan, what are your holy talents?” ‘ Kris asked.

There was a gap from beasts with greater intelligence to Beast king which symbolized a process from beast to monster. In fact, the strength of a beast just mounted to the strength of monster’s toe. That was to say, no matter how weak the monster was, it still was unbeatable to the beast. Because, being a monster has stood great opportunity and hope.

“Bark! “Liangwan screamed in excitement. wagging his tail continuously, and spouting a ball of flames. Although the flame was only the size of a fist, the temperature contained could instantly scorched the ground. Even the crystals have been formed due to the high temperature.

Pretty nice, huh… After all, the temperature has been more than a thousand degrees. Besides, he would have a free refining boy in the future if the flame was developed and the temperature of it was constantly raised.

“Good, such an effective holy talent, keep practice. Liangwan!” Kris told Liangwan with unspeakable joy. And hearing Kris’s praise, Liangwan jumped around hilariously, as if it has really become a dog.

“Come and take this shape-changing pill, it’s about to reach the Infinite Sea, it’s not good for you to show your face like a monster!”

Brown magic pills have been swallowed into his belly which made his body shake a bit.

The first thing changed was his limbs. and then the head. Later on, a naked boy in seven or eight years old appeared in front of the crowd.

Kris nodded in satisfaction, threw a set of children’s wear to Liangwan and let him put it on. Standing behind Kris, Liangwan was like a little servant who traveled with a master. Of course, it would be even better if there were no two wretched men behind them.

The clothes worn by Liangwan were all superb treasures, and the shoes were also flying magic weapons. what’s more, the whisk in his hand with three thousand silks were also a treasure of killing. Even… even the hair bun on his head was magic weapon of defense.

“Eccentric. this is too eccentric…”

With an unhappy expression on his face, Ironhead was thinking about why this kid could obtain quite a lot treasures without doing anything, while he was tired and hardworking as a dog every day, he was either searching for treasures or on the way to search for treasures of heaven and earth. It’s unfair! Unfair!

Tu Guan also had a feeling like Ironhead’s. Although he wasn’t as rich as him. he has killed lots of monster beasts these days, including no less than one hundred Beast King even. According to the conversion standard that one Beast King equaled 100 superior spiritual stones. he has handed in 10000 superior spiritual stones as well. While it’s nothing he thought, after all, fairness was only in the hands of minorities.

As if feeling the grievance of Ironhead, Kris turned around, frowned, thought for a while and finally took out two things from his storage ring. The one given to Ironhead was a metallic Inferior Taoist Weapon, a Wind Sock which contained specially refined Celestial Sand and dozens of extremely poisonous sands. Inside it was sealed the Monster Soul of a nine-tailed scorpion which was very terrifying. In fact, Ironhead was a shallow-brained person who just relied on his claws to fight against others. While with this Wind Sock, even the Supreme Monster couldn’t be his opponent. The magic weapons of the Supreme Monster of Shiwan Mountain were so rough and crude that they couldn’t compare with Ironhead’s which once the Celestial Sand was sacrificed, all the flesh and primal spirit would be blurred by it.

After refining the Wind Sock, Ironhead was almost moved into tears! How sweet and touching kris was, he should give him the inferior Taoist weapon-Wind Sock without any hesitation. Although he seemed brainless sometimes, he was taught to distinguish some weapons by Lord Jin when in clan. For example, even the most inferior Taoist weapon required hundreds of thousands of spiritual stones at least. Thinking of this, he felt ashamed. Previously that he thought Kris was partial, while it turned out that he had prepared magic weapons for all. How selfish himself was he thought

What Kris gave Tu Guan was an inferior defensive Taoist tool, the Pangolin king Tripod. Why it called this because the main material of this tripod was the scale armor from Zhong Guan who prepared in advance.

In fact, no matter whether it was the Wind Sock or the Pangolin King Tripod. Kris didn’t spend

one spiritual stone on them, at most…to subdue two souls of Supreme Monster has taken some of his time. While it was nothing, after all, the stronger the two, the happier they could work for Kris to earn spiritual stones. The spiritual stones and half of the elixir had been exhausted, too expensive they were!

Even if Kris slowed down the speed of Taoist practice. he had successfully opened three thousand acupuncture points and the Thousands of Killing Knives had already broken through as well, which had been up to ninth Level. Therefore, his Spiritual Power skyrocketed again. Within a radius of 150, 000 meters. nothing could escape from his Divine Spiritual Power. It might be not intuitive enough to say that, even an ant couldn’t escape from his sight within six hundred miles when converted to Li. What’s more, his Spiritual power would increase again when he reached the tenth level. Even if he didn’t apply his physical talent, his flight speed had already surpassed the speed of sound by virtue of his Magic powers. In fact, almost 500, 000 catties of objects could be lifted up only by Divine Spiritual Power.

Get down to business, Ironhead and Tu were moved to tears, kneeling on the ground,

proclaiming Kris for eternal life and loyalty. As a matter of fact. they didn’t need to act like this, only be loyal to Kris was okay. After all, their soul sources were still in Kris’s hands, they must sacrifice when commanded.

“Alright, alright… you two work happily for me in the rest days… No…please search for

Taoist Practicing materials happily for me. I will never treat you badly.” Kris encouraged them.

“Yes, master!” The two monsters said solemnly.

After giving the treasures, the two monsters were overjoyed. Kris checked the time and found out it lunch time again. Taking out several hundred catties of Supreme Beast meat, Kris said:” Liangwan, come here, let me teach you how to barbecue. From now on, this important task is yours.” Taking out the grill. kris said earnestly.

Kris and the three monsters spent 25 days freely. and finally walked out of Shiwan Mountain till the 25th day.

Kris has thought that there was an endless sea besides the mountains, but…he thought too much. Followed by were the endless desert and wasteland. He flied the sky by his sword, and everything came into his view was yellow. What the hell… the desertification of Devil Land was also quite serious. And in this desert, Kris felt a few powerful soul fluctuations, which were hard to observe at first glance. He didn’t bother to care as long as that stuff wouldn’t provoke him, after all, he was not Aotian Long. No wonder the Monster Beasts of Shiwan Mountain were not willing to come here. This place was too desolate. After flying for thousands of miles, there was not even an oasis, and the sun was also very vicious.

At this moment, Kris saw a caravan walking in the desert ahead. Hurriedly the three monsters transformed into human form. And Kris carried the dagger–Kill Qin and flew slowly. There were probably more than two hundred camels in the caravan with heavy loads on their backs. Kris flew closer and discovered that these camels were surprisingly big, like an elephant. And many people sitting on top of the goods as well.

“Enemy attack!! The whole team was on alert, taking out weapons, and preparing to fight!” Someone in the crowd yelled, followed by hundreds of men in white gauze, drew the Full Moon Scimitars from their waists, and glared at Kris.

“who are you!” A burly man with a white turban and colorful lines painted on his face, whipping a flying knife, staring at Kris. He seemed to tell Kris that he was also a master in Pill Formation Stage. While Kris just intended to ask for directions, he didn’t expect that he was misunderstood. He explained quickly: “Don’t be nervous, I’m just a passer-by. I just want to ask how do I get to the Infinite Sea?”

“Ask for directions?” The man frowned. “Do you think I would believe what you said?”

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