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Black Rose is confident that this shot can blow the head of this person who dared to assassinate herself!!

She is the number one killer in the world!

But when the bullet came out, it hit this headshot, and there was no blood? Black Rose’s beautiful blue eyes immediately felt cold, bait?


A bullet came from one place and almost hit the black rose!

She evaded immediately. She stared at other places with blue eyes. It was shot from another direction. Is there a helper? ?

Who is this guy?

It’s quiet here!

The injured Yvette found the gunshot, and she immediately searched for it, but couldn’t find the source of the gunshot. This is a master!


A bullet was fired again, and it almost hit Black Rose. Black Rose knew who it was!


Karen Lee is not in Huaxia now, only Logan has this strength!

Black Rose stared at it with blue eyes, she hummed…

There were no gunshots in this place. Yvette was just about to lure Black Rose to take action, and then she shot out again. She couldn’t seem to give herself a chance, but suddenly another person appeared on the scene.

This is something Yvette did not expect.

This place has been quiet for a few minutes. Yvette didn’t know what was going on. She was going to take a look, but the phone vibrated suddenly.

She endured the sharp pain in her shoulder, she took out the phone to see that it was a stranger’s number, and she hesitated to answer it.


“It’s me, Logan, Black Rose is gone.” This is the voice on the phone.

Yvette breathed a sigh of relief, “Well, thank you.”

“You… are hurt, wait for me there, I’ll come to you,”


When the call was hung up, Yvette could relax. She didn’t expect that for the first time in a head-on confrontation with Black Rose, she would lose so badly. The gap between herself and her was still too big.

Yvette was a little bit disappointed. After coming over for a while, Yvette saw Logan appearing carrying the box.

Yvette stood up immediately, but the pain in her arm had already numbed half of her body.

Logan squatted down and took out the processing tools.

“Don’t move, I’ll handle it for you,” Logan tore apart Yvette’s clothes, with a shocking wound on her shoulder.

Yvette closed her beautiful eyes.

Logan is better than a doctor in this area, so the treatment was completed quickly, and Yvette did not feel any pain.

“When did it start?” Logan asked as she handled it.

“Huh?” Yvette was subconsciously surprised.

“I asked when you started to be a killer?”

“It started during this time.” Yvette lowered her head, like a child who made a mistake. Although Logan might not be too old for her, Chuck Cannon called her aunt!

Yvette respected her in her heart.

“Ready to continue?”

“Well, keep doing it,”

This difficulty can’t overwhelm Yvette. What if he is injured? Yvette will continue. Only in this assassination and killing can she grow.

“Did it, then kill Chuck’s mother, right?” Logan looked at Yvette, otherwise, what would Yvette do?

I definitely want to improve myself!

Yvette lowered his head, “I… she killed my dad, me…”

“Don’t talk about it, but you have to know that the person you wanna kill is Chuck’s Mother,”

“I know, especially,” Yvette raised her head, pain in those eyes.

It is because of Chuck Cannon, who grew up with him, that Yvette fell into painful enLoganlement!

What if Karen Lee is nothing and has nothing to do with Chuck Cannon??

Then she can do it herself, without any consideration, but, things are not what she thought, if she really killed Karen Lee, then what would Chuck Cannon do? Yvette is not afraid of death now, but is afraid of becoming an enemy with Chuck Cannon, then she will be more sad and anguished.

“Okay, you know it,” Logan helped Yvette treat the wound, “Don’t touch the water these days,”

“Well, thank you, please don’t tell Chuck Cannon that I’m a killer.” Yvette pulled Logan to pray.

“Why didn’t you tell him?”

“Because, I don’t want him to know what I’m doing,” Yvette was sad.

Logan looked at Yvette for a few seconds, “Well, you can tell him by yourself, can you go?”

“Yes, but I want to stay by myself for a while.”

“I’m afraid this won’t work, the black rose is still nearby,” Logan had a pair of beautiful eyes turning nearby. This black rose was a dog skin plaster, and couldn’t shake it off.

Logan helped Yvette up.

Taking Yvette out of here, the black rose saw that something was wrong and immediately left decisively. It is not so easy to solve this kind of vigilant woman.

Go downstairs.

“Yvette, you’d better find a place to rest for a few days,”

“Trouble you to protect my husband, I want to work,” Yes, Yvette’s task has not been completed yet. She still has one person to assassinate. After doing this, she will temporarily stop taking the task and talk about it after solving the black rose, otherwise, she will not be at ease.

“Even if you don’t tell me, I will protect him.” Logan would definitely do so.

“Thank you, my husband, now…”

“Fell asleep, but you can visit him.”

“No, I have an injury on my shoulder now, so I don’t want to see him,” Yvette shook her head. Chuck Cannon must not be able to see it, otherwise, how can she explain it?


Yvette glanced at the night hotel in the distance, then turned to leave, Logan kept watching, sighed slightly, and returned with the box.

This time Black Rose is pressing, she may be doing it in the next few days.

Chuck must be personally protected. After returning to the hotel, Betty breathed a sigh of relief. Logan was okay. She was able to judge the degree of thrill just by the gunshots.

“Is Yvette okay?” Betty walked over and asked.

“Injured. But the problem is not too big,”

“The black rose…”

“Ran, this woman is very smart,” Logan could see through her eyes.

Betty was a little worried, but Black Rose was the first person to assassinate!

“Go and rest. I’ll look at Chuck.” Logan gently pushed the door in, Chuck Cannon was still sleeping.

She closed the door and put the box away, then went to the sofa and sat down, raised the sleeping Chuck Cannon, and put him on her own lap. Chuck Cannon seemed to be sleeping soundly, he rubbed his face and held Logan. .

Logan smiled softly, “Sleep obediently, it’s okay,”

Then, Logan closed her beautiful eyes.

When he got up in the morning, Chuck Cannon felt that he had a beautiful dream and didn’t want to wake up, but Logan was no longer on the sofa, but Logan’s voice could be heard. She called from the balcony.

Yes, in the morning, her mobile phone suddenly vibrated, and the company called. She said that there was a problem with the company and she needed Logan to come back to the capital to deal with it, but Logan had no time for her instructions.

She must protect Chuck Cannon every step of the way.

Other things, no matter what they are, must be put aside.

But when Chuck Cannon heard this, Logan’s company had a problem, so what about going back to the capital with Logan?

As soon as Logan hung up and turned around, she saw Chuck Cannon, and she was astonished.

In fact, it was Chuck Cannon who was surprised. She saw that Logan’s skirts were all wet. This was because he leaned on her to sleep last night and drooled.

“Auntie Logan… How about going to the capital,” Chuck Cannon said.

“What are you going to do in the capital? Just stay here, safe,” Logan smiled softly.

“But Aunt Logan you have a problem with your company. Anyway, I haven’t been to the capital for a long time, so I think it will be a good vacation,” Chuck Cannon walked over.

Moved to the extreme, Logan was too considerate of herself.

“Aunt Logan, is it okay? Can we go to the capital?”

“Chuck…” Logan was gentle and moved. Chuck Cannon heard her call, so he was going to the capital with himself!

Why would Logan refuse? In fact, if she went to the capital with chuck Cannon, Logan could protect Chuck Cannon in a better way. After all, the capital was her base camp for development.

She will also catch Black Rose by surprise! After all, Black Rose has been guarding here! Can she react when she goes to the capital suddenly?

Logan wanted to go, so she decided to go back, “Okay, it’s up to you,”

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, “Aunt Logan last night…”

“It’s okay,” Logan grabbed Chuck Cannon’s hair, “I’m hungry, I’ll make breakfast for you, and we will go to the capital after eating.”

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