Chapter 445: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 445 Who did you Offend?

Qiqi was so anxious that even her voice was shaking.

Anna Xie frowned as she was puzzled, she asked, “What’s wrong this time?”

“A reporter wants to interview you.”

“I’m not a celebrity at all, what’s for?”

“Girl, don’t be silly now! Someone took a picture of you and the professor, you looked so intimate on that photo, and he posted it online, thousands of people followed this post within only half a day. Even television journalists come here too, they want to expose this matter.”

“Expose? What do they want to cover?”

“They said that female student seduced her teacher for scholarship.”

“Crazy!” Anna was irritated, she said, “Where are those reporters, I need to explain to them in details, they are hilarious, oh my.”

“Girl, how can you explain to them clearly, they carried cameras and all those flashlights made the professor unbearable, he blamed it all on you and went home for a suspension from duties, how can you prove yourself, you silly girl?”

“He blamed it all on me? What does that mean?”

Qiqi paused for a while, it’s too hard for her to tell the truth.

Yet Anna couldn’t wait, she yelled at Qiqi, “Say something!”

Qiqi had no choice, she ground her teeth and said.

“Professor said that it’s you, you seduced him and got laid with him in voluntary. He didn’t hold on to it and let you get what’s you want.”

Anna felt the whole world spinning that even her body trembled, she gritted her teeth and said, “That bastard, he’s lying!”

“I thought so, he must be lying, yet nobody believed you. Those reporters are waiting downstair the girl’s dormitory, don’t come back now, I’ll find a way to drive them away.”

After that, Qiqi hung up the phone.

Anna, standing on the street, feeling rather blankly.

It’s a big world, but she has nowhere to stay.

How did things end up like this?

She sat by the roadside vacantly. It wasn’t until the dusk did Qiqi called her.

Qiqi said that the school send security guards and drove all these reporters away, Anna could come back now.

But to be honest, Anna didn’t want to go back to her university, she could imagine what kind of storm she has to face there.

But things couldn’t disappear when you hide away and not to deal with them. Anna has to handle it by herself no matter how hard it is.

She took a deep breath, then came back to her university by taxi.

As she expected, she became the focus of her school again.

But this time, not only students hate Anna.

When she walked inside her dormitory, the building manager pointed at one person while accused another, she scolded, “We are all ordinary people, why somebody acts so shameless! Her private life is totally a mess, that’s fine, but she seduces our noble professor! Disaster!”

Anna stopped her footsteps, not knowing what to do.

Seeing that Anna didn’t turn around, the building manager yelled at her, “Hey, Anna Xie, I’m talking to you. I don’t give a fuck about what you do outside the university, but once you’re here, in the school, behave yourself, don’t try to use your dirty tricks. Do you know how hard it was to drive off those reporters?”

Anna turned around, and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

Then she went upstairs.

Seeing Anna’s back, the building manager sighed, “Jesus, a good-looking young girl, why is she such a man trap.”

Meeting all kinds of complicated sights, Anna finally went back to her dormitory.

Qiqi just took a shower, she was now enjoying the cool breeze brought by the fan.

Hearing the door opened, Qiqi turned around to see, she said, “Anna, you’re back.”


“No people troubled you, right?”

“Yeah, no one is downstairs.”

Qiqi took a take-away and handed to Anna, she said, “I think you haven’t eat yet, here you are.”

“Thank you, but I don’t have the appetite.”

Anna’s voice was hoarse, she insisted to decline Qiqi, “I just can’t, thank you anyway.”

“Don’t, I’m your friend.”

She leaned her head on Qiqi’s shoulder, then said in a low voice, “Qiqi, if it weren’t you, I don’t know how to hold on.”

“Don’t be sad, sham is sham and the mask must be stripped off.”

Anna nodded her head, she could only comfort herself in that way.

Fortunately, she wasn’t always a bad luck girl, she has to cheer up as a new shooting would start tomorrow.

The next day.

Anna put on a delicate makeup and went to the film base.

She sat on the dressing room, reviewing her lines and waiting for grip’s call.

At this time, the grip walked into the room and saw Anna who was strange to her, she asked, “Who are you, why are you sitting here?”

Anna stood up instantly, she said in a good manner, “Oh, yesterday I walked through, Director Li let me play Mingxin, a little girl.”

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Anna Xie.”

The grip browsed through her files, she frowned.

“Do you get it wrong, your name isn’t listed on our record, it’s not you who plays Mingxin.”

Anna was stunned, she murmured, “How did that happen…”

“Look it by yourself.”

Anna took over the grip’s files, she really didn’t find her name on it.


“Alright, since you’re not working here, please leave, don’t make us any trouble.”

Anna left the dressing room, she called Director Li to ask what had happened.

“Hello, Director Li, I’m Anna. I just went to the base, but why…”

Anna didn’t finish her speaking, yet Director Li interrupt her.

“Sorry, we decided to change the actress of Mingxin.”

Anna was startled, she asked hastily, “Why, you said I act it well.”

“We saw the post about you, we don’t want to let a newcomer ruin our play.”

“But I…”

Director Li hung up the phone when Anna was still speaking.

Facing her phone, Anna was on the verge of tears, she sobbed, “I didn’t do anything wrong, why should it all fell upon me?”

Walking out of the film base, Anna sat beside a creek, she was crying silently.

Anna was desperate now, she didn’t know how to end all these troubles, she even didn’t know what would her future be like.

She couldn’t handle it even with all her efforts, that’s useless, she couldn’t hold on to it even she’s brave.

Yulin Xiao saw Anna sitting beside the creek far away.

He learned from others that Anna would come to the film base for a play, so he wanted to surprise her.

Yet when he saw the crying Anna, he was shocked.

“I just left for a few days for a business trip, what’s wrong with you? Are you okay?”

Seeing Yulin, Anna felt her support’s here, she rushed to Yulin and hugged him tightly.

Yulin liked Anna falling in his arms, but he was worried about her condition.

Tears wet his clothes, but he didn’t care. He patted on Anna’s shoulder gently and asked, “Don’t cry, what’s exactly happened?”

Anna was chocked, she was so desperate that felt she’s all alone, now she was talking to herself in a vacant universe.

“Why all people think I’m a evil woman? I didn’t do anything, those real bad guys, they slander me, frame me, and want to destroy me. Can they gain any benefits in destroying me? I even lost my last opportunity that I had fought for it, what do they want!”

Yulin said nothing when Anna was complaining tearfully, he let her vent it all out.

He asked when Anna finally calmed down, “Feeling better?”

After let off all anger in her heart, Anna felt much better.

She stepped away from Yulin’s hug, and said shyly, “Yeah, umm, sorry for that, I stained your suits.”

“Nothing, don’t mention that. But why are you so sad?”

Anna was again depressed, she asked, “Don’t you surf on the internet?”

“Sometimes, what?”

“Yesterday a post came from nowhere, it said I was tangling with the professor, I even tempted the professor for the scholarship, and everyone believed that. So I lost my scholarship, my role. I’m totally a misfortune.”

After she said that, she turned to Yulin and looked at him nervously, “Wait, you don’t believe that, do you?”

“Am I stupid, why should I trust that fake news. If you want money, you can simply ask me and be coquetry, why should you seduce an old man? Those who believed it must be ulterior or fool.”

Anna felt relieved that Yulin trust her.

Although they didn’t get to know each other for a long time, Anna hoped he wouldn’t misunderstand her.

As for why, she couldn’t tell.

She looked at the calm brook, sighed, “How I wish everyone can be rational like you.”

“If anyone was rational, how can they set you up?”

“Set me up?”

He made it so clear but she still couldn’t ring a bell, Yulin sighed, he thought Anna’s really a slow girl.

Alright, he can just state it clearer.

“Hey, did you offend someone lately?”

“How can I offend other people, it’s not gonna happen.”

“But judge from what have happened to you, sort those incidents in order, it’s clearly that someone wants to ruin you, he or she is ruthless to you.”

Hearing what Yulin say, she thought it might be the case.

But after pondered for a while, Anna was still confused, she said, “But I didn’t mess with anyone.”

“You are muddled, you won’t even notice it if you offend others.”

“I’m not that stupid,” Anna murmured, she suddenly said, “Oh my, hey, would it be the Sixth Brother?”

“You did offend him, but he wouldn’t do such narrow-minded thing with his social status. I think it might be a woman.”


Did I displease any vicious women lately?

Anna started to recall all the women she had meet recently.

Yet no one seemed like to be the “murder”.

Anna didn’t sleep well last night, and she cried for a long time just now, so she felt her brain was about to blow at this moment.

Seeing Anna frowned, Yulin asked, “What’s wrong?”

“My head aches.”

Yulin hugged Anna in his arms, and said, “Forget it, just leave it to me. Who dares to put a finger on you is a fool who don’t respect me, I must teach him a lesson in case he thinks I’m the one to be bullied.”

Anna didn’t want to involve Yulin in her mess.

But she couldn’t handle it by herself, so, she wanted to be lazy for once and let Yulin help her.

Thinking of that, Anna put down her guard and leaned against Yulin’s arms.

It’s rare that she curled up in his arms like a kitten, Yulin was delighted.

Yet he has to warn Anna for one thing.

“Umm, you’d better do something about your face, your makeup is running.”

Jesus, that’s embarrassing.

Anna was blushed, she stood up immediately and said, “I need to go to the restroom.”

“Quickly, join me for a meal later. I didn’t eat anything in order to meet you.”

Anna was running far away, but she heard what Yulin said, she felt warm.

Anna didn’t want to let Yulin send her back to school, rumors already shrouded her, she wanted to let Yulin stay out of it.

But Yulin declined her, he insisted to send her back to her dormitory.

She could imagine how many people will be there to watch them.

Started from the school gate, everywhere she went, she became the focus.

She felt so strange.

However, Yulin enjoyed it, he put his arm around Anna’s shoulder, as if they were so intimate.

“Hey, can you go back home now?”


“I’m afraid people would misunderstand us.”

“I don’t care what other people think.”

“But I do,” Anna felt awkward, “Later, rumor 2.0 will be updated!”

Yulin smiled, he said, “Look at you, so timid, why are you so bold when you accuse me?”

“I’m not joking!”

“Alright, since you already said that, I’m leaving.”

Yulin didn’t insist on that, he stood downstair the female dormitory and looked at Anna with a big smile.

“Have a good night, I’ll give you a surprise tomorrow.”

Anna said with a long sigh, “I don’t want a surprise, I just want a calm life that nobody comes after me.”

“Relax, you’ll have it soon.”

Saying that, Yulin kissed on Anna’s cheek and stepped back.

Many people gasped when they see it.

Even Anna herself was startled.

Didn’t he know he would make her trouble by doing that?

Anna didn’t want to see onlookers talking in whispers, she ran away to her dormitory.

Anna and Yulin were both gone, yet onlookers were still here and started to chat.

“Is that Yulin?”

“Yeah! That’s him!”

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