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Chapter 446: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 446 I Want to Give You a Surprise

“Wow, Yulin Xiao is so handsome. He looks more handsome than he is on TV.”

“But why he is with Anna Xie?”

“Don’t underestimate Anna. She is good at seducing men.”

“Oh, how poor Yulin is. He is the most handsome man in Capital City, but he is fascinated by a low-end woman like Anna.”

“It’s not a big deal that he is fascinated by Anna. This’s just temporary. It won’t be long before Yulin gets tired of Anna. Then Anna won’t be able to act arrogantly.”

The students were talking in groups. They were not involved in the matter and had no idea what was going on, but they were talking nonsense in earnest.

Anna didn’t understand what they were thinking, and didn’t bother to think about it.

Though Anna was sad in her heart, she’s full of energy at that moment again. She would go on living bravely.


Because of the post, Anna was called in for questioning by the school official.

It’s said to be a questioning, but in fact the school official wanted Anna to assume all the responsibility alone.

Compared with a famous professor, the loss of a profligate girl is nothing at all.

But Anna didn’t want to give in.

Why should she admit something she hasn’t done?

To persuade Anna to give in, the school official exercised a combination of inflexibility and yielding. He even said he would offer the postgraduate recommendation to Anna, but Anna was insusceptible.

The school official’ mouth was dry out of persuading, but Anna was adamant.

“Anna, if you are perverse, you’ll be expulsed.”

As there’s no solution, the school official had to threaten Anna.

“Expulse me? For what reason?” Anna said.

“You leave bad influence on school spirit for your misbehavior.” The official said.

Anna breathed quickly and said, “But it was the professor who pestered me. I did not lure him at all.”

“Really? The professor’s statement is the exact opposite of yours. He said you lured him. Who do you think we’re gonna believe?” The official said.

Obviously, the official wanted Anna to confess to false charge.

Anna clenched her fists and said indignantly, “Since we don’t have any evidence, you can fire me and the professor. Only in this way can you show the fairness of the school!”

“You…” The official said.

Ignoring what the official said, Anna turned and walked out of the office.

Looking at the view of Anna’s back, the official said angrily, “This is too much!”

Back in her dorm, Anna kept thinking about the conversation and buried her head between her knees.

“Is there really no favourable turn? If I do get expulsed, I will be too shameful to go home.” Anna thought.

Tears welled up in Anna’s eyes.

Then Anna’s phone rang and she took a look at it lazily.

It’s Yulin calling.

Anna raised her hand to dry her tears and then answered the phone.

“What’s up?” Anna said.

“Come down.” Yulin said.

“Where are you?” Anna asked.

“Are you stupid? I’m under your dorm building.” Yulin said.

“Oh my god, is he really here?” Anna thought.

Anna hurried to the window and looked out. She caught sight of Yulin’s gleaming white teeth as he greeted her.

“Why is he here…” Anna thought.

Anna washed her face and went downstairs hurriedly.

“Why are you here?” Anna asked.

“I haven’t seen you for ages. I miss you.” Yulin said.

“It was only yesterday that we met.” Anna said.

“You lack a sense of romance.” Yulin said. Then he handed a beautifully wrapped gift box to Anna and said, “Here you are. Go back to your dorm and change the clothes.”

“Why should I change my clothes?” Anna asked.

“I want you to dine out with me.” Yulin said.

“Why should I change my clothes to dine out with you?” Anna asked confusedly.

“Because I think your clothes are too shabby to stand beside me.” Yulin said.

Anna stuffed the box back to Yulin’s arms and said somewhat angrily, “I am such a poor person. If you think I’m holding you back, don’t come to me.”

As Anna spoke, she turned to leave.

Yulin reached out and grabbed Anna. He wanted to laugh and weep all at once.

“Am I being too nice to her? Her temper is getting worse and worse. But I like her just the way she is. She is sincere without affectation.” Yulin thought.

With a smile on his face, Yulin said, “I have a big favor to do for you. In return, you should dress nicely to make me happy. It’s unblamable.”

“What favor you have to do for me?” Anna asked.

“You’ll find it out in a minute.” Yulin said.

“But I…” Anna said.

Before Anna finished what she wanted to say, Qiqi rushed over to her.

“Anna, I saw a cool car when I returned just now. It’ red and it’s coquettish. It’s plate number is rare. It must be a rich man’s car.” Qiqi said.

“Er…” Anna said.

After hearing what Qiqi said, Anna was embarrassed.

If Anna guessed it right, the car Qiqi saw should be Yulin’s.

Anna looked sideways at Yulin, who nodded at her with a smile, indicating that she had guessed correctly.

Seeing Anna ignore her, and flirt with the man beside, Qiqi couldn’t help but look at the man.

As soon as Qiqi saw Yulin, she was surprised.

“Oh, isn’t he…” Qiqi said.

The word “playboy” nearly escaped Qiqi’s lips, but Yulin thought Qiqi was about to say “male god”, so he waved his hand with a smile, indicating Qiqi to keep a low profile.

“Are you Anna’s classmate?” Yulin asked.

Qiqi nodded her head.

“Then I give you an assignment. Make Anna look good and send her back here. I’ll wait right here for you.” Yulin said.

“Make Anna look good? That’s a good thing.” Qiqi thought.

“OK.” Qiqi said.

Then Qiqi took Anna by the arm and dragged her back to the dormitory.

“Qiqi, whose side are you on anyway?” Anna asked helplessly.

“I’m on your side.” Qiqi said.

“Then why are you helping Yulin?” Anna asked.

“Aren’t you and Yulin on the same side? Otherwise, why were you two acting so intimate?” Qiqi said.

“I’m not intimate to him at all. You’re wrong. I don’t want to wear the clothes he gave me. It’s troublesome to change clothes to go to dine with him.” Anna said.

When Anna complained, Qiqi helped Anna change her clothes neatly. Qiqi also coiled Anna’s hair.

After dressing up, the way Qiqi looked at Anna changed. With bright eyes and her hands clasped, Qiqi said, “Wow, Anna, you are so beautiful.”

Anna turned to look at herself in the mirror. She wore a fitted white strapless fishtail dress.

Although there is no pattern in the dress, it is elegant and noble, which makes Anna look graceful.

There is also a set of pearl jewelry in the bag. Qiqi didn’t know how much the pearl jewelry is, but she knew it must be worth a fortune by colour and lustre.

Qiqi’s hands trembled as she helped Anna put on the jewelry. “This must be the most expensive piece of jewelry I’ve ever touched in my life.” Qiqi said.

“I don’t want to wear it. What if I break it?” Anna said worriedly.

“You are going to eat, not fight. How can you break it? Just wear it. You look nice on it.” Qiqi said.

Then Qiqi took out her makeup box.

“What else do you want to do?” Anna asked.

“Make up for you, of course. You’re like a princess right now, and I’m gonna make you more perfect.” Qiqi said.

“No. I can’t enjoy the meal with makeup on my face.” Anna said reluctantly.

“I’ll just give you light makeup. It won’t…” Qiqi said.

When Qiqi turned around and was about to powder Anna’s face, she found that Anna had slipped out when she was not looking.

“Hum, she really pisses me off.” Qiqi thought.

In the girls’ dormitory, girls were surprised when they suddenly saw Anna dress gorgeously.

Even the dorm supervisor was surprised and opened her mouth wide. She didn’t know what to say.

Anna was awkward and she walked fast with her head down.

“Needless to say, what I do today will cause a big scandal and become my original sin.” Anna thought.

At the thought of that, Anna was angry.

“If Yulin had not asked me to wear the dress, there would have been no trouble.” Anna thought.

Then she pouted and blamed Yulin in her heart.

As soon as Anna came downstairs, Yulin saw her.

She’s beautiful.

Although she did not make up, she was pretty and dazzling.

With high heels, Anna stood in front of Yulin and said, “Are you satisfied now? Now I’m the focus of the school again.”

“You are not only the focus of the school. You are about to become the center of attention of the whole Capital City.” Yulin said.

“What do you want to do?” Anna asked.

“I will keep it a secret temporarily.” Yulin said.

After putting Anna’s hand on his arm, Yulin smiled mysteriously.

But Ana always had a feeling of uneasiness.

As Anna and Yulin walked away, a pair of beautiful eyes were staring coldly after them from upstairs.

After driving for some time, Yulin took Anna to a luxury villa.

Outside the villa, luxury cars were parked along both sides of the road, which looks spectacular.

From time to time, well-dressed men and women came in and out of the villa. They are elegant and appear to be the elites of upper class.

At that moment, Anna knew that she had been cheated by Yulin.

Looking at Yulin unhappily, Anna asked, “This is where you’re taking me to dinner?”

Yulin nodded and said, “Yes.”

Anna freaked out and said, “It’s a party.”

“You can eat at the party.” Yulin said.

“You argue irrationally.” Anna said.

“You are one-ideaed.” Yulin said.

“You are one-ideaed.” Anna said.

As Anna spoke, she opened the door of the car and left.

Yulin ran after her and grabbed her hand, saying, “Come back! Why are you angry? I didn’t say anything too harsh. You’re not cute.”

Anna frowned and said, “I have enough troubles right now. Just don’t make it harder for me, OK?”

“No. I’m trying to rescue you. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.” Yulin said.

Then Yulin took Anna’s hand and walked towards the door of the villa.

Anna didn’t want to be with the rich young man any longer. She just wanted to keep as low a profile as possible and not let anyone catch on to her.

But she could not break free of Yulin’s big hand. She got closer and closer to the party.

There were Yulin’s friends nearby, who greeted Yulin with a smile on their faces and looked at Anna curiously.

“Oh, that girl seems to be the one who accompanied Yulin to the birthday party last time.”

“It seems that they are really together. I thought Yulin was just having fun.”

“Yulin’s taste has really changed a lot. He used to be surrounded by hot girls, and now are schoolgirls. But the girl is pretty, too.”

“Could he have been provoked?”

“Shush! How dare you say that? Are you courting your death?”

The voice behind Anna suddenly became smaller. Anna listened carefully but could not hear it clearly.

She turned to look at the man next to her and saw that he was smiling and greeting others. She wondered if he had heard the gossip.

“I don’t think he heard that. The one who dares gossip about him will die very miserably.” Anna thought.

“Hey, what are you thinking about?” Yulin asked.

After being patted on the forehead, Anna turned to look at Yulin next to her and saw him smiling at her.

“I was wondering what kind of party this is.” Anna said.

“It’s a charity auction. You can tell me what you like later and I will buy it for you.” Yulin said.

“Auction?” Anna said. Then she thought for a while and said with disgusted facial expression, “Doesn’t that mean paying high prices for things that have been used by others? I don’t want to buy things that have been used by others.”

After hearing what Anna said, Yulin didn’t know what to answer. After thinking for a long time, Yulin rubbed Anna’s hair helplessly and said, “You are quirky.”

Anna dodged Yulin’s hand. Then she looked up and saw a beautiful woman coming over to them.

As soon as Anna saw that woman, the smile on her face disappeared.

Wei Yu walked up to Yulin. She smiled at Anna first and then looked at Yulin, saying, “I didn’t expect you to be here. You never like these occasions, and I thought I would not see you today.”

Yulin put his arm around Anna ‘s shoulder and said, “Anna likes the atmosphere of festive gaiety, so I bring her here.”

With a trace of sadness in her eyes, Wei said, “It seems that you have really changed a lot for her.”

“Everyone will change. Haven’t you changed, too?” Yulin said.

Wei was embarrassed, but she still kept a decent smile.

Her smile was full of bitterness.

Yulin turned his head away to not to look at Wei’s eyes.

“Wei, there are guests over there. Go and greet them.”

Enduring the sadness in her heart, Wei turned back and said “OK.”

After nodding at Anna, Wei turned to leave.

It’s clear that Wei’s sad.

“But she’s the one who asked for break up. Why is it like she’s the victim?” Anna wondered.

But there was one thing Anna had just made clear.

Anna looked sideways at Yulin and asked, “Is Wei the host of this party?”

“What if she is? We’re here to eat. It doesn’t matter who the host is.” Yulin said nonchalantly.

“Do you believe what you’re saying?” Anna thought in her heart.

Yulin took Anna’s hand and walked into the villa. Anna was a little distracted.

From a distance, Dongzi saw Yulin and ran over to Yulin, saying, “Boss, you are here too.”

When Dongzi was in front of Yulin, he found the woman beside Yulin is Anna.

After being stunned for a while, Dongzi smiled and said, “Anna, you are so beautiful today.”

“Thank you.” Anna said.

After seeing Dongzi and Anna behave like that in front of him, Yulin was unhappy.

Yulin blocked Anna with his body and said with a sullen face, “Where is the food? Anna is hungry.”

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