Chapter 447 – 448: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 447: The desert bandits

“All of you, attack!”

Without other words, the leader of the caravan rushed forward and hundreds of caravans after him took out their weapons, with energy of sword, fire, ice waving ahead one after another.

The overwhelming attack sealed all the retreat routes of Kris.

As ants could hunt one much bigger than them, Kris might not survive through hundreds of enemies if he was just a common fighter of the Pill Formation

We hit it!

The caravan leader wore an exciting smile on his face. He was a fighter of the late period of the Pilling Formation, and the desert sword was the weapon he took pride of. With his sword, he could find no rival around 30000 Li of the desert.

He was confident that he would end Kris.

Just as he thought the fight finished, someone exclaimed, “you see… the boy… it seemed we didn’t hurt him at all.”

The fact amazed them, indeed.

Kris and his companions were still alive. Liangwan even took out fruit of Shiwan mountain and enjoyed it.

How satisfied he looked even if he had the experience that he got exchanged from wolf to dog and finally to an appearance of human being.

The leader seemed panic and he tried to look more closely, only to find that Kris was covered by a protective energy cover.

It was an excellent defense array which seemed unbreakable for the caravan.

Although Kris could end the caravan single-handed, he would never hurt any innocent one. It seemed the caravan had taken him as a desert bandit because he had asked the way in an abrupt manner.

“I said, I just want to have the way. I don’t want to have a war.”Said Kris.

“You are lying, you look like a desert bandit!”

The caravan leader stared at Kris, trying to get a clue from his face.

“Since your reason doesn’t work, let me teach you with my fist now.”

Kris had no way but convinced them by his power.

“Let me do it, my master, let me teach them a lesson!”

Said Ironhead excitedly.

Kris was surprised to find that this lazy guy, a active eater in the regular time, would spare him effort to help his master.

It seemed not only Ironhead, but also Tu Guan was ready to move.

“Master, since these people don’t respect to you, let me teach them a good lesson for you please!” Said Tu.

These two guys were so eager to try that Kris had to let them go.

“OK, remember, be reasonable, don’t kill any innocent one!”

On hearing this, Ironhead could not help but jump directly from a height of more than ten meters.

So excited he was.

Tu also rushed down with the Pangolin King Tripod on top of his head. As a Beast king, Tu could stay in the air for a short time.

“Storm-Summoning Bag!”

Ironhead pat the bag and then colorful poison sand therein swept out like a beautiful rainbow.

In addition to poison sand, the gust was its ace.

Gust with poison sand fully covered the caravan in a blink.

The camels were restless in the first time.

“Ah… My eyes, I can’t see anything.”

“Please let us go…”

Crying and begging for mercy came from inside. Tu, with Pangolin King Tripod on his head, now was fighting against the leader of the caravan.

In these days of fighting experience, Tu’s combat effectiveness was improved greatly. His moves were fast and fierce. And as the member of pangolin clan who was known for its defense, he was sure no one could break his defense easily under the guard of the Pangolin King Tripod.

Kris tried to turn Tu into a tank and Ironhead into a soldier.

Then they could gave him a hand in some unimportant fight.

Looking at the scene that the caravan members were killed by the other side and the rest shed their armor and cried for mercy, the leader sank into worries. Tu took advantage of his bad feelings and knocked him down to the ground.

“Well, enough now, you guys, come back!”Said Kris.

Ironhead was very satisfied with the power of the Storm-Summoning bag. What he showed was less than one tenth of the power of it.

Tu was also very satisfied with the protection ability of Pangolin King Tripod. He had endured hundreds of knife stroke by the leader yet didn’t get hurt at all. The knife energy could not ever shake his protective cover.

They both retract: their weapon and turned to their master.

“Can we have a talk now?”Said Kris.

Kris stepped up to the leader of the caravan by his flying sword.

“You… are you really not a desert bandit?”

“What is the desert bandit?”

Kris frowned about the name.

Seeing Kris’s puzzled looking, the caravan leader asked, “Don’t you even know about the name? You must come from outside.”

“I told you from the beginning. I just want to ask for directions. You see, if I’m local, is there still need for me to ask from you? “

The leader of the caravan was embarrassed, but he was relieved to know Kris was no desert bandit at all.

He knew that they had no room for resistance according to the strength they had just showed.

“I’m sorry, master. We are also scared by the desert bandit.”

Now the caravan leader took Kris as a master of martial arts, indeed.

Even though it seemed his son was much older than Kris, there was no reason for him to doubt about Kris’s strength for he knew the fact that a real master in the spiritual world who had sustained hundreds of years looked still young.

The first taboo in the spiritual world was to judge people by their appearance.

“The desert bandits are a group of robbers, but they are no simple robbers. They are extremely vicious monsters who kill passer-bys and take everything away without mercy. They are the real disasters in this desert.”

“Alright, I just want to know how to get to the Infinite Sea.” said Kris.

The leader answered with a wry smile, “you are going in the wrong direction. If you keep pacing to the south, then you will stand on the land of Thousands of Nations. To go to the Infinite Sea, you have to go three thousand miles north! “

“Oh, thank you!”

Kris flew directly with his servants, leaving the caravans confused and disappointed.


The leader sighed. He knew that person like Kris had the gut and strength to deal with the desert bandit.

” So sorry to tell you that five hundred miles away from here,you may easily meet the group of bandits. You may be their target by your flying sword in the sky.”

However, he didn’t speak out as he was sure about Kris was strong enough to protect himself.

It seemed not a long journey for Kris to the Infinite Sea. Then they slowed down and enjoyed their trip.

He took out a large sun umbrella, a sun chair with all kinds of food laid there. Equipped with the best weapons, he looked so relaxed in enjoying the iced watermelon and sunbathing.

The three demons also learned from him and enjoyed the trip in their own manner.

The speed of flying sword was slowed down to 600 kilometers per hour. In any case, it’s easy for them to reach the sea before the dark fell.

At the same time, there were thousands of members as a branch of the desert bandit were gathering nearby.

They occupied an oasis with the lead of a fighter at the stage of the Primal Spirit.

As one of the twelve leader of the desert bandits, the place he occupied was equivalent to the bridgehead in the land of the desert.

They didn’t dare to enter the Infinite Sea, but they could target at the caravan therein who would surely pass by their oasis.

Their could also plunder the lands of Thousands of Nations to the south. They knew the fact that those nations, small and weak, with a master no stronger than that at the stage of Primal Spirit.

They would took everything as their war trophies, money, food and good girls.

Feng Huang, the leader of this branch, enjoyed himself as a dozen women with delicate figures and frightened faces knelt down, who were plundered from the land of Thousands of Nations a few days ago.

What he practiced was a lascivious internal skill which would only be improved with the help of a virgin girl.

“Ha ha, good… All first class girls.”

Feng was overjoyed as he found that one of them was at the early stage of the Pill Formation who could benefited greatly. Then he would become a fighter of the middle period at the stage of Primal Spirit if he enjoyed seven or eight girls like her later.

Just as he was about to enjoy these girl privately now, a report came and said, “My leaders, we got a prey here!”

On hearing this, Feng put on his waistband again and strode out of the door.

Nothing was better than a harvesting time.

“Single one or a group one?”

In the view of the those bandits, all the passers-by were their prey.

“My leaders, they are just a small group.”

Feng frowned and said, “Then why don’t you do it by you guys? Tell me Why bothered me here?”

He wouldn’t spare his efforts unless the prey was a large group of caravan or a strong practitioner.

“Remember don’t bother me next time for such a small business.”

Feng said in a rage as he looked hungry for those beautiful girl he got.

Just then, a noise came from behind him.


The large head fell beside his feet. It was the head of Branch Leader Wang!

Chapter 448: Only the strong one will be respected

The head dropped suddenly and drove Feng Huang cautious. “Who dares to kill the member of our desert bandits.”

Before he finished his words, his eyes turned into a dead pale.

“The Sword of Divine Spiritual Power!”

Feng was killed directly by Kris without even sending out a scream.


Seeing his corpse straightly lying down on the ground, the entire branch of the desert bandits sank into a chaos.

At the same time, Kris was also very angry about the fact that the desert bandits dared to take him as their prey.

He gathered a strong sword-like energy and waved across the base of the bandits.


The base was directly smashed into piece.

Then the strong energy was divided into thousands of sword lights, and under the control of divine power, it accurately harvested the life therein.

Under his effective spiritual power, he had known the evil things that the desert bandits had done.

Under the base, thousands of women in rags are being held in custody, all of whom have been robbed by the bandits as the exit of their incestuous lust.

Moreover, many of them practiced evil skills and even devour the newborn children. It was a really disgusting business.

Kris was no Savior at all. What he did was for the sake of humanity. And justice was the way humanity worked now.

At this point, he wouldn’t show mercy to these villains, who killed people and enjoyed their meat just like the living beasts.

Minutes later, all the beasts were shut down by Kris. Then he cut off the shackles of those dungeons where those innocent women were locked.

“You are free now, go home!”

Kris floated in the sky, and his voice could be heard by everyone, though it was light and gentle.

Now when his sword-like energy broke into several strokes, each of them could equal to a full blow of a fighter in the middle period of the Pile Formation.

Even if this didn’t live up to his expectation, Kris was not bothered at all.

Now he had opened up three thousand acupoints and could master 540,000 sword energy, which mean his one attack was equal to the combined one of 540000 fighters in middle period of Pit Formation. It was indeed a terrifying number.

With his divine power sweeping across, he was sure that there was no one within 200kilometer around here.

Now it was his harvesting time.

His three servants would do everything for him.

He might be a man with justice, but not a man with womanish fuss about the treasure.

There were all kinds of treasure,rare herbs, elixirs, and more importantly, numberless spiritual stone of all class.

Ten thousand the Supreme Spiritual Stone was another delighting discover.

What he got this time could support him a month of his practice.

While leaving with his flying sword, Kris had no idea of taking a sun bath. The bandits warned him that this was a world full of contest. If he was not strong enough, sooner or later, he would be finished by the stronger one.


An hour later after his flying trip, a vast city came to his sight.

Towering walls guarded the city, with the twelve gates where numerous passers-by came in and out.

On the biggest middle gate, there were four big characters: “Seaside Holy City”.

Kris was keenly aware that there was a flight forbidden array in this city, and there were many practioners like him landing in front of the city gate.

Since this city was a hundred times larger than Wuwei city, why it still allowed the existence of the desert bandits 1500 miles away its area?

Kris guessed that there were someone in the city who had offered the protective cover to the bandits.

In fact, in the Devil Land, it was a common fact that some practitioners’ families did the job of bandits to make a living.

When Kris landed to the gate of the city with his three servants, the gatekeeper stopped him and said, “ Stop here, tell me why you come here.”

Kris looked at the man with puzzled looking.

“You’re not local, are you?” The gatekeeper said, ” Then you have to pay four superior spiritual stone for four people.”

Kris was amazing to find that the gatekeeper was a practitioner at the Back-to-self stage.

While he looked around, he was dumbfounded to see one of the gatekeeper was a master in the Pile Formation stage, who might be a real great one in Wuwei City.

Obviously, the so-called Seaside Holy City was not a simple place like Wuwei city.

However, Kris was still angry about the admission charge.

Four superior spiritual stones equals forty thousand Inferior Spiritual Stones, which is, of course, not a small number.

“I see, you take me as an outside tourist who is willing to accept your bully?”

Kris’s looked turned cold like iron.

In fact, he had just gained millions of superior spiritual stone. Now he was a rich man for sure. But he would never bear any bully even if it came from a gatekeeper.

As he looked around with his Divine spiritual power swept across, he found that every passer-by paid one Medium Spiritual Stone as the admission charge , which was a hundred times less than his.

It seemed the gatekeeper took him as a easy prey.

However, the gatekeeper sneered back and said, ” Village boy, I know you must come here for the overseas immortal sect’s apprenticeship meeting in September. The city Lord has ordered that people in the outer city must pay a hundred times the city admission charge. If you can’t afford it, go away and save for your dignity.”

Kris’s face looked pale about the word of gatekeeper, but he kept his reason and paid him as asked.

The chief of the gatekeeper was a master at Pill-Condensation stage, who was well-ready to blow away those who were no willing to pay the charge yet made trouble round the gate.

With a cold hum, Kris came to the gate with his servants.

However, the gatekeeper stopped him again and said, “Wait a minute, I mean, you must pay the double charge, understand?”

Double charge, which means he had to pay him eight Superior Spiritual Stone.

“Is that the order of the city Lord or you?”

Kris’s voice turned deadly cold.

“Of course my order, a mean guy like you has no way to follow the order of the city Lord…”


Before the gatekeeper finished his word, Kris slapped him heavily in the face.

This slap took out his back teeth.

This attracted the attention of all the people around him in an instant.

They took Kris as a dead person for no stranger dared to make trouble in the city.

“How dare you attack the city officer?”

All the soldiers around the city gates circled him in a blink, and the cold light of their weapon shined like that of Death’s reaper.

“You should be punished severely.” Said them.

Kris snorted coldly and glanced at the leader of them.

“Tell me, as a humble gatekeeper dared to have reckless provocation to me, who should be punished severely?”

After his word, he swept over the leader with his Divine Spiritual Power. The leader, a master in the middle period of the Pill Formation sank into a panic in an instance.


He was shocked to find that Kris was a master of Primal spirit stage!

While the Pill Formation stage was the limit that human beings could reach, the Primal Spirit stage was the beginning of human being transforming into a God master. How can mortals disobey a God?

“Forgive me, my master. Let me punish that humble dog for you!”Said the leader.

Then he drew out the whip from his waist and whipped the gatekeeper fiercely.


The poor gatekeeper, of course, enjoyed a bad beat.

How dare a man at Back-to-Self stage like him found fault with a master of primal spirit stage.

Now no one even dare to come near to support him to get up.

They knew the rules of this world, even the city Lord would accept this.

Their city Lord was a great master of accumulated spirit stage. But he was also a master who only showed his respect to the strong one.

“My master.” Said the leader.

The soldier leader’s forehead was dripping with sweat as big as beans, and now his heart was full of fear. What he could do was returned the four spiritual stones back to Kris and welcome him into the city.

Kris gave him a cold glance and said, “Save it now. As a tourist from the outside, I am willing to obey the rules of your city Lord.”

Then he took his servants into the city.

When Kris got into the city, he was overwhelmed by the bustling place and the numberless masters therein.

Even the masters of primal spirit stage could be easily found in the urban area.

It was just like another world!

Only at this point could Kris really enjoy the live experience in the Devil Land.

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