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Chapter 447: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 447 She Is My Girlfriend

“Oh, the desserts are over there, and the drinks are over there. How about I take Anna Xie to get something to eat?” Dongzi said.

“No. I want to eat some too.” Yulin Xiao said.

As Yulin spoke, Yulin held Anna’s hand as if to say Anna is his and went away with his head in the air.

Before leaving, Anna waved her hand toward Dongzi, as if she was dragged away by Yulin.

When Yulin and Anna arrived at the dessert table, Yulin asked Anna with a sullen face, “Do you two have that much to talk about?”

“From the moment we met, I only said two words to Dongzi.” Anna said helplessly.

“Two words is a bit too much.” Yulin said.

“Do you mean that I should be a dumb?” Anna said.

“Sometimes, I want to poison you dumb.” Yulin said.

“You are insane!” Anna said.

After giving Yulin a mean look, Anna ate like a horse.

“Oh, the desserts are really delicious.” Anna thought.

Anna wanted to put on airs at first, but as she ate, her true colors as a chowhound showed. She pigged out on the desserts.

In case of Anna choking, Yulin served the drink to her attentively.

Anna did not refuse Yulin’s services. She alternately asked Yulin to get desserts and salad. Whenever Anna ate something delicious, she asked Yulin to taste.

The two men thought their interactions are quite normal, but in the eyes of others, their interactions are very intimate.

Staring at Yulin and Anna with her beautiful eyes, Wei Yu clenched her fists.

“Their relationship is good enough to be envied. But as they have known each other for such a short time, how can they be deeply attached to each other? Could it’s possible that Yulin is acting on purpose to show me?” Wei thought.

Thinking of this, Wei loosened her fists. The expression on her face was not so nervous.

When Anna had had plenty, she looked up and saw the crowd gathering at the front stage. “What are they doing?” Anna asked curiously.

Yulin smiled helplessly and said, “You just concentrate on eating and you have no idea that the charity party has begun.”

“What does it have to do with me that the party’s started? I’m only here to eat. Don’t forget, it was you who said to take me to dinner.” Anna said in a righteous way.

After hearing what Anna said, Yulin didn’t know how to retort.

On the main stage, the host took out one auction item after another. After the host’s introduction, the guests raised the card in their hand.

Anna glanced over the stage as she ate noodles. She felt so bored.

When the host took out a diamond necklace, Anna stopped eating. “Well, this necklace looks good.” Anna said.

“If you like it, I’ll buy it for you.” Yulin said.

“The necklace looks simple and so it shouldn’t be expensive. The auction items are all expensive. How could a normal vase cost a million yuan? It looks like the market is inflating.” Anna thought.

“Bidding starts at one million yuan.”

Just when Anna had that unspoken criticism in her heart, the host said jubilantly.


Seeing Anna choke by the noodles, Yulin patted her on the back immediately.

Anna then wiped her lips with a handkerchief.

“Oh my god, how could a simple pendant necklace cost a million yuan? It’s no difference from robbing money.” Anna thought.

But there were many persons who were willing to spend that large sum of money.

“1.5 million yuan.”

“2 million yuan.”

“2.5 million yuan.”


There were a lot of people raising their card. Everyone was so enthusiastic that they seemed to think the necklace is not expensive at all.

“Oh my god, these people are crazy.” Anna thought.

As Anna shook her head, Yulin also raised the card.

“5 million yuan.” Yulin said.

Anna looked at Yulin inconceivably with her eyes round open. “It turns out that you are crazy also.” Anna said.

“Finally there’s something you like, of course I’ll buy it for you.” Yulin said.

“But you don’t have to spend so much money. You are dissipating money.” Anna said.

“Don’t worry. I’m rich. It’s just a small sum of money to me.” Yulin said.

“6 million yuan.”

As Yulin and Anna talked, someone else raised the card and said.

It’s Wei.

Yulin turned to look at Wei and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Seeing Wei’s willing to pay more, Anna said immediately, “Since Miss Yu likes it, just let her have it.”

“How can you have no principle? If you like it, you must strive for it. Will others cherish the things you give them?” Yulin said pompously.

Anna thought Yulin’s words are of implications.

Wei continued to raise her card expressionlessly.

“7 million yuan.” Wei said.

“8 million yuan.” Yulin said.

“9 million yuan.” Wei said.

“10 million yuan.” Yulin said.

Everyone was very surprised when they heard Yulin say 10 million yuan.

Wei still wanted to raise her card, but a man besides her pulled her and said something to her.

Wei took a look at Yulin silently and didn’t raise her card.

The host took the opportunity to knock down the hammer. Then the host shouted in the direction where Yulin was, “Well, the necklace belongs to Mr Xiao.”

In the public attention, Yulin slowly walked onto the stage. After taking the necklace, Yulin put it around Anna’s neck with his own hands.

Anna was in the spotlight again, but she didn’t like it at all.

People didn’t move their eyes away from Anna until the next item was on show.

Anna breathed a gentle sigh of relief. “I want to go to the restroom.” Anna said to Yulin.

“Do go.” Yulin said.

Anna then turned and walked to the restroom. Looking at herself in the mirror, she felt her neck heavy.

“As the necklace on my neck is worth 10 million yuan, how could it not be heavy? This is not a gift, but a hot potato.” Anna thought.

People buy jewelry to make themselves look more beautiful, but Anna’s necklace is a hidden danger and it might be robbed in the street.

“I’d better take off the necklace and give it back to Yulin.” Anna thought.

With this in mind, Anna took off the necklace and turned to leave the restroom.

But when Anna went back, she didn’t see Yulin.

“Where is Yulin?” Anna thought.

Anna then casually strolled around the villa to get some fresh air as well as to look for Yulin.

But when Anna walked to a corner, a coquettish voice stopped her.

Holding her breath, Anna took a step back and hid herself behind the pillar.

“Don’t you think that necklace looks familiar?” Wei said.

It’s Yulin who stood opposite Wei.

Yulin put his hands in his pants pockets and looked unruly.

“No.” Yulin said.

After hearing Yulin’s indifferent answer, Wei was sad. With a bitter smile on her face, Wei said, “That is the first birthday present you gave me. All these years, I’ve kept it safe carefully.”

What Wei said made Anna feel a pain in her heart.

“It turned out that the necklace Yulin wanted to buy so much is a gift for his ex-girlfriend. It must because the necklace has such an important place in his heart that he cherishes it so much. Since such, I can’t commandeer the necklace and I must return it to its original owner. But why does my heart hurt so much?” Anna thought.

Covering her chest with her hand, Anna dropped her eyes.

Staring at Wei standing opposite him, Yulin said, “No matter how careful you were, you sold it.”

“I want to make a break with the past and I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore.” Wei said with a sad facial expression but firm tone, “Anyone can buy this necklace except you.”

“I think you misunderstood me. I bought the necklace not because of you, but because my girlfriend likes it.” Yulin said.

“Girlfriend?” Wei said with a mocking smile, “Yulin, when did you become so childish? You just found a woman casually to pass for your girlfriend to piss me off?”

Yulin was unpleasant to hear Wei say Anna in such a tone. Then he frowned and said, “You think too highly of yourself. Since the day you said you wanted to break up with me, we’ve had nothing to do with each other. I’ve given up on you, and I’m ready to start a new relationship. Besides, Anna is good. Although she is not smart sometimes, she is sincere. I am relaxed when I am with her. When I was with you, I always have to indulge you, as if I were serving the grand empress dowager.”

Wei was sad when she heard what Yulin said, but she pretended to be strong and said, “Is it funny that you’re saying that on purpose to annoy me?”

“I am just telling the truth. By the way, just put away your look of sympathy. I don’t need it.” Yulin said.

Wei felt it’s satiric that they two, who once took solemn vows of love, argued fiercely for the sake of another woman.

With tears in her eyes, Wei said, “Yulin, you don’t understand. You don’t understand anything.”

“Yes, I don’t understand. I don’t understand why you wanted to break up with me when we were in a good relationship. I don’t understand why you could bear to break up with me after we’ve been together for so many years. Since we’ve broken up, I don’t care about that relationship. And now I am very happy, I hope you will not interfere with my happiness.” Yulin said.

“OK, I won’t bother you and I wish you can be happy.” Wei said.

After saying that, Wei left stubbornly without looking back.

Yulin just stood there. He didn’t leave until Wei’s out of his sight.

Anna saw Yulin‘s every particular gesture and behavior.

“Yulin must be sad. There is certainly a place in his heart for Wei. As for me, I just Wei’s replacement. What qualifications do I have to compare with Wei?” Anna thought.

Although that’s what in Anna’s heart, she shed tears involuntarily.

The tears hit the back of her hand and burned her like fire.

It took a long time for Anna to rejoin the crowd.

Yulin frowned and walked up to Anna, asking impatiently, “Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you.”

Looking up at Yulin, Anna did not speak. Anna looked at Yulin silently with her eyes flickering.

Yulin was frightened by how Anna looked. He reached out and touched Anna’s forehead, asking, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I am fine.” Anna said.

Anna backed away to avoid Yulin’s touch. With a deadpan face, Anna stretched out her hand and handed the necklace to Yulin.

“I’d better give you back the necklace.” Anna said.

“Why? Don’t you like it?” Yulin said.

“I am not entitled to wear it.” Anna said.

“What are you talking about? Just wear it as it’s a gift I give you.” Yulin said.

“No, I can’t take it.” Anna said.

“Why are you so hard to get along with?” Yulin said.

“Do you just know that I am a person hard to get along with?” Anna said.

After saying that, Anna turned to left quickly.

“Hey, where are you going?” Yulin said.

“As I am full, I want to go back.” Anna said.

“Wait.” Yulin pulled Anna and said, “Wait for a minute.”

“What should I waiting for? How long are you going to let me be your shield?” Anna said.

With a slight frown, Yulin asked, “What shield are you talking about?”

Anna was angry when she saw Yulin’s still playing dumb.

“Am I look that stupid and people can fool me casually?” Anna thought.

After taking a deep breath, Anna looked at Yulin and said, “I know it’s unblamable that you asked me to do you a favor as you had saved me before, but you should tell me about it in advance, so that I won’t take it seriously and have wild thoughts.”

Yulin was totally confused and asked, “Anna, what’s on earth are you talking about?”

“You know clearly in your heart what I said. Never mind, since you want to play dumb, play it to the end.” Anna said.

After saying that, Anna shook off Yulin’s hand and walked out of the villa.

But to Anna’s surprise, there were reporters outside the villa.

When Anna and Yulin walked out of the villa one after another, reporters immediately gathered around them, holding microphones and cameras, aiming at them.

“Mr Xiao, I heard that you are the highest bidder for the auction dinner. Your contribution to charity is there for all to see. I just wonder what kind of auction items interest you so much.” A reporter said.

Yulin reached out to hold Anna in his arms and said with a formulaic facial expression, “Actually, I didn’t plan on going to the auction. My girlfriend likes it and I bought it for her.”

“Girlfriend?” The reporter said.

“Yes. This young lady right next to me is my girlfriend, Anna Xie.” Yulin said.

The news was so breaking that reporters immediately turned their cameras on Anna.

Although Anna faced the camera when she was filming, it was a different experience.

She has lines when she’s shooting and if she says the wrong thing, she can do it again.

But at that moment, she couldn’t get a single word wrong, which made her nervous.

Seemingly aware of Anna’s nervousness, Yulin squeezed her palm to tell Anna not to be nervous as he would handle everything.

Reporters were interested in Anna’s identity and one of them asked, “This lady, can you tell us which eminent family are you from?”

Before Anna said something, Yulin said, “She is just an ordinary schoolgirl. I hope you not question closely her and frighten her.”

The joke-like tone rescued Anna from a siege.

“Ho, ho, Mr Xiao, you really loves your girlfriend.” The reporter said.

“This lady looks very familiar.” A reporter stared at Anna and said. Then the reported patted his head and said, “Oh, it occurs to me that the female student of the post about a female student seduces the professor a couple of days ago seems to be…

“That’s exactly what I was going to say.” Yulin interrupted the reporter and said with a serious look, “It is a deliberate slander. I’m going to get to the bottom of this to find out who did this, and give my girlfriend justice.”

“So you think Miss Xie is innocent?” The reporter said.

“Of course. Why should she seduce the bald professor as she has a handsome and rich boyfriend? Anyone with a brain knows what the truth is.” Yulin said.

“Ho, ho, you’re right.” The reporter said.

“Well, I’m going to take her back to school, so please make way.” Yulin said.

Grasping Anna’s hand, Yulin walked past the reporters with Anna.

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