Come here now? The manager heard that the hanging man in front of him was so confident, what would he do? ? Come over to Xingshi to ask the crime!
The manager sneered and ridiculed. He understood that this man with the silk was looking for this beautiful woman to pretend, this is a soft man!
“Do you know what this place is? What if you dare to come over?” The manager dismissed.
He was slapped by the man just now. He was already very upset. At this moment, someone came to find fault? ?
“Qian’s place, I know.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.
“Knowing that it is the place of Qian’s house, don’t you hurry up? Get to know who you are. In front of Qian’s house, you are an ant, and you can run over you with your fingers!” The manager felt that he had touched the pen.
There was also a shabby before. The son of a company boss also played in a hotel of Qian’s house. Women disagreed. Then the shabby vented a waiter at the hotel.
This was just a little waiter. The end result was that the father of shabby came over and knelt down to apologize. The next day, the father and son of shabby never showed up again, and there was no company.
This is the consequence of challenging the Qian family.
Without any doubt, it is death! !
“Where is my friend?” Chuck Cannon didn’t want to go on. At this time, Lara’s situation is definitely not very good. She may have been tortured in the room. Chuck Cannon came over, and it was for her to find Lara quickly. is the most important.
“Do you dare to ask that wicked pen?? Mr. Qian looked up to her for playing her, but she refused and beat Mr. Qian. She was looking for death on her own. Oh, no, right now, if you come here, you can also come and die! Haha !” The manager laughed.
This shameful pen is so stupid, I haven’t realized it yet.
Chuck Cannon frowned, reached out and grabbed the manager’s collar, “I’ll ask you again, my friend!!”
Being caught by Chuck Cannon, the manager was not in a hurry, even a little joking, a little ridiculed, “Oh, do you still dare to do something to me here? Shame, you’re done, you’re done today! Let your family come and kneel and beg for mercy Right!”
The manager has already thought of Chuck Cannon’s end, and he will definitely be the same as shabi later, crying and saying something wrong, please forgive me, haha!
“I count three, let go, one!” The manager laughed and stretched out a finger. Do you dare to hit me??
Before hitting a waiter, the shame disappeared. Now you hit my manager??
“Two!” The manager lazily stretched out his second finger, you are ready to freak out!
Chuck Cannon didn’t bother to listen any more, he slapped his hand up!
He has been training for a long time, and his strength and speed have been greatly improved. This slap on the face of the manager almost knocked him out.
The manager is shocked, what? Why is my face so numb? ?
I was beaten?
“Do you dare to hit me?” The manager was extremely angry, dare to hit himself with this evil pen?
Chuck Cannon raised his leg with his knees. How could this manager’s body stand up to such a beating? Immediately clutching his stomach, he screamed, “Ah, ah!!!”
Chuck Cannon kicked him when he lifted his leg, and the manager was about to faint, “Don’t hit, don’t hit,”
“Didn’t you say that I didn’t dare to hit you? What is it now? Tell me what is it now?” Chuck Cannon lifted him up with one hand, and slapped him like that, pop, pop!
The manager vomited blood and was beaten so badly. How could he want Chuck Cannon to really dare to beat himself!
“Don’t fight, it’s in the third room on the tenth floor.”
Chuck Cannon hit his stomach with a punch, and the manager was twitching while holding his stomach, and he vomited.
“Aunt Logan, let’s go up.” Chuck Cannon glanced at him.
“Okay.” Logan smiled softly. Chuck Cannon just hit someone. Logan saw Chuck Cannon’s obvious improvement. It seems that she has been teaching him for so long and has achieved great results!
Chuck Cannon and Logan went up the elevator to find Lara.
“Manager, manager, what’s wrong with you.” The beauty reception who was going to the lounge with the manager just now ran over.
The manager got up, resentful, “Call someone over, this silly pen actually dares to hit me!”
This is really intolerable!
He works as a manager in this hotel, and many big bosses come over to give him face. He was actually beaten by this shameless Chuck Cannon? How can he stand it?
“Oh, who to call?” Where did the beauty reception come into contact with this!
The manager slapped her with a slap. The beauty receptionist held her cheek, her aggrieved tears rolled, “Why are you hitting me?”
“I’m asking you, are you making a fool of yourself?” The manager was angry.
I have to ask who to call. It must be the headquarters. It must be the Qian family. Anyone from the Qian family can come and solve this problem.
“I…” The beauty reception is even more aggrieved, “If you say that to me, I will never carry my boyfriend with you anymore.”
The manager slapped his hand again, “Did you or her turn you back?”
“Woo,” the beauty receptionist cried and ran to the lounge, crying, and the useless man knew she beat me to vent her anger.
The manager took out his cell phone angrily and called someone respectfully and politely. It took a long time for the call to be connected, “Hello.”
This is a particularly lazy voice.
“Hey, Master Qian, I’m Xiao Huang, there is a disturbance here in our hotel, can you come here for a while… Yes, it’s just a silly pen making a disturbance, and he hit me, look…, ok, ok, Waiting for you.”
The manager hung up the phone with a sneer, sneered, you are finished today, the whole family is finished!!
Wait to kneel down and beg for mercy, haha, I won’t let you go!
The manager has imagined Chuck Cannon kneeling and begging for mercy. Haha, it must be interesting, I can’t wait!

“Don’t hit me,” Lara cried and begged for mercy. This man had been beating her abnormally for a long time, and she had to tear her clothes just now. She clutched her hands and ran to the corner, but this man was even more abnormal and walked over hideously. Up.
Lara is desperate, is she really going to be insulted today? She doesn’t want this!
“Don’t come over, I will commit suicide if you come over again!!” Lara picked up broken glass on the ground and pointed it at her neck.
The man laughed, “It’s kind of threat, I like it! But, are you sure you want to do this? Dare to do it?”
Lara’s hands are trembling, she is only twenty years old, is she going to die here? Her tears seemed to have opened the faucet, and she couldn’t stop streaming out, she was particularly scared.
“Be good, let me play, and I will let you go, otherwise, you committed suicide, then I have more fun. After all, people still have a temperature when they die, haha!” The man laughed abnormally.
Lara was terrified, and her hands trembled more severely. What did he want??
Lara scream, no!
When Lara hesitated, the man seized the opportunity, slapped her, slapped Lara’s face hard, Lara screamed, and her head hit the wall, she was almost dizzy, “No, please. Don’t do this to me,”
Lara cried.
“No? Oh, by the way, didn’t you call just now? Why hasn’t that person called Chuck Cannon come over for so long?” The man mocked, would he come over? Surely not, this is something a fool would not do. Someone would know that there are tigers in the mountains and go to the mountains?
“Chuck Cannon…” Lara wept in despair. Why would Chuck Cannon come here? The relationship between her and Chuck Cannon is not so good either. I laughed at him before, and Chuck Cannon would be considered good if he didn’t fall into trouble.
Lara didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to come over. In fact, it was useless to come here, because it was the Qian family that she offended!
When Chuck Cannon came over, he would be harmed, not to mention that he would not come.
Lara is desperate to the extreme, is she going to play in her life?
She was crying, crying sadly.
When the man saw this, he had more perverted thoughts and walked over with a sneer. “You shouldn’t be wrong, you shouldn’t pretend to be in front of me, understand? You beat me? I will let you know today, what are the consequences of beating me!”
“No!!” Lara covered her head, what should she do?
At this time, the door was suddenly kicked, and Lara was stunned in fear. The man frowned and was annoyed, “Who dares to kick my door? Don’t want to live anymore? Get out of here!!”
Lara trembled in despair. “Chuck… Chuck Cannon, isn’t it you?”
She can’t think of other people, is it Chuck Cannon??

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