Chapter 448: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 448 A Fake Thing Won’t Become True

The reporters seized every opportunity available to take various photographs of Yulin Xiao and Anna Xie.

It’s sure that the next day’s newspaper would have some news about them two.

But Anna wasn’t happy.

She felt the bond between herself and Yulin was getting deeper and deeper, but this was not what she wanted to see.

When they got to the place where no one was, Yulin began to claim credit for himself.

“How will you thank me for helping you out of all this trouble?” Yulin said.

Yulin thought Anna would be moved and shed tears of gratitude in his arms.

But Anna just kept her head low and said with an indifferent look, “You don’t have to put on a show like this to help me.”

After hearing that, Yulin’s smile froze on his face and he asked, “Do you think what I did today was just acting?”

If Anna looked up into Yulin’s eyes, she would see the anger in his eyes. In order to live, she would not continue to disobey him.

Unfortunately, Anna did not look up. She continued to cross Yulin’s bottom line.

“What else could you do that for? Is it because you like me? Don’t be funny. I’m not that narcissistic.” Anna said.

“Anna, you are really a smart woman!” Yulin said.

Yulin clenched his fists. He was afraid he might lose control and grab her by the slender neck.

“This woman has the power to drive me mad every time. I don’t know what she’s got in her head. Since she can’t appreciate what is good, why should I help her? Just let her to care about her affairs alone.” Yulin thought.

Yulin then turned to leave angrily. His head was about to explode.

Seeing Yulin walk farther and farther away, Anna’s eyes became red and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Anna wanted to deceive herself, but the reality didn’t give her the chance. She had to face the music. She couldn’t continue to act as an ostrich.

“As Yulin doesn’t like me, I can’t be with him no matter how I like him. I and Yulin are completely different people. Therefore, I won’t lose so embarrassedly if I leave him before I am so deeply attached to him. But is it too late for me to make a clean break with him?” Anna thought.

Biting her lip gently, Anna lowered her head and walked silently alone.

The light and shadow lengthened Anna’s shadow, showing her loneliness and helplessness.

Suddenly, a big hand took hold of Anna’s.

Looking up, Anna was stunned.

It was Yulin, who had gone, returned.

“Why you come back?” Anna asked.

Yulin really wanted to ignore this ungrateful woman.

But when Yulin thought of the day when Anna was kidnapped by Brother Six, he was not assured. He decided to send Anna back and get even with her for that later.

After putting Anna into the car, Yulin said with an awkward facial expression, “Since I brought you out, I must send you back.”

It was clear that Yulin was still worried about Anna.

Anna also noticed that and there was a trace of warmth in her heart.

But soon the warmth was replaced by disappointment.

Anna thought the reason why Yulin did that is that he felt sorry for her, and it has nothing to do with love.

Anna then closed her eyes gently. Anna told herself not to have wild wishes and Yulin is just a passer-by in her life.


Because Anna didn’t have a good rest last night, she got up late the next day.

After getting up, she was still dizzy and sleepy. She had no strength to do anything.

“Am I sick?” Anna thought.

Anna raised her head to touch her forehead and it seemed a little hot.

After drinking some water with her eyes closed, Anna found the cold medicine. To ward off a cold, she took some medicine first.

Just after she took the medicine, the door was pushed vigorously open. Then came Qiqi’s deafening shouts, which nearly blasted Anna’s eardrums.

“Oh, why are you still sleeping? Look at today’s paper!” Qiqi said.

Anna had some discomfort and her head ached worse after hearing Qiqi’s shouts.

Qiqi put a newspaper in front of Anna. Qiqi was very complacent and she urged Anna to read the newspaper immediately.

Anna rubbed her temple and said in a hoarse voice, “Since when do you like reading newspapers?”

“I don’t read newspapers. But am I not thrilled that you made the headline?” Qiqi said.

“What? I made the headline?” Anna thought.

Frowning slightly, Anna managed to concentrate and read the newspaper carefully.

Then she saw a striking headline on the front page―The most handsome man in Capital City turned his life around and spent millions to make his girlfriend happy.

The photo on the newspaper was shot when Yulin held Anna in his arms.

In the photo, Yulin talked cheerfully and humorously while Anna rested upon him as a little bird. They look like a good match.

Qiqi’s face was radiant with vigour and she put her hands together. “I don’t know that you are photogenic. You look like a young mistress of a rich family when you stand next to Yulin.” Qiqi said.

“What are you talking about?” Anna put the newspaper aside and said, “Is this what makes you shout? You are not calm at all.”

“You are too clam. Do you have any idea what this report means?” Qiqi said.

“I don’t know.” Anna said.

Qiqi righted Anna’s shoulders and said seriously, “As Yulin openly admitted that you are his girlfriend, you are not a seducer anymore, and no one will make carping comments on you.”

“Yes, with Yulin’s protection, I can live in peace for some days, but these are all false. I am not Yulin’s sweetheart. When he gets new prey, I’ll be left to fend for myself, and I will have no connection with him since then.” Anna thought.

Thinking of these, Anna’s heart began to ache again.

She knew all these long ago, but when she thought about these, she still found it hard to accept.

If possible, she really wished she had never met Yulin.

In this way, she is still the same strong Anna.

Seeing Anna doesn’t look happy, Qiqi asked curiously, “Anna, why are you not happy?”

“Maybe it’s because I’ve got a cold.” Anna said.

“You don’t look good. Would you like to take a break?” Qiqi said.

“No. I have classes in the afternoon. I will get up and get ready for the classes.” Anna said.

As Anna spoke, she got up and wanted to change her clothes.

But Qiqi pressed her shoulders and said, “If you really don’t feel well, just ask for leave. Health is the most important thing. Besides, as you are Yulin’s girlfriend now, who can…”

“Qiqi!” Anna said.

Before Qiqi finished what she wanted to say, Anna suddenly called out to her.

Qiqi looked at Anna confusedly and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Don’t talk like that any more. I’m not Yulin’s girlfriend.” Anna said.

Qiqi smiled and said, “How could that possible? Yulin admitted it in person. Are you still shy?”

“No. What you saw is not the fact. Anyway, don’t embarrass me by saying that again.” Anna said.

Seeing Anna doesn’t seem to be joking, Qiqi stop smiling and said, “You…”

Before Qiqi finished what she wanted to say, there came a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Qiqi said.

A girl pushed the door open and gave Anna an ingratiating smile. “Anna, the dean of students wants you to come to his office.” The girl said.

“OK.” Anna said.

“You look like you haven’t had your breakfast yet. This is a bag of bread I bought. Just have some of it.” The girl said.

As the girl spoke, she put the bag of bread on Anna’s table.

“I can’t take it. Thank you.” Anna said.

“Just take it. You can eat it when you are hungry.” The girl said.

After saying that, the girl waved at Anna with a smile on her face and then left Anna’s dormitory.

Though the girl ingratiated herself with Anna, Qiqi didn’t appreciated it at all.

Qiqi crossed her arms and said, “She made sarcastic remarks about you before. After seeing Yulin backs you up, she fawns on you now. How disgusting she is.”

Anna, however, didn’t take that to heart. She got up and changed her clothes. “Okay, I’ll go see the dean of students first.” Anna said.

“OK.” Qiqi said.

When Anna arrived at the office, she knocked at the door and said, “Teacher, do you want to see me?”

“Yes, Anna. Sit down.” The dean said.

Instead of saying words carry a sting as before, the dean was very enthusiastic to Anna. He asked Anna to sit down and poured her a glass of water himself.

“Well, the school did not make a clear investigation and just jumped to conclusions before, which made you suffer wrong. I apologize to you for that.” The dean said.

Holding the glass in her hand, Anna said, “Teacher, don’t say that.”

“Now we have it all figured out. It’s Professor Zhang who took advantage of his position to molest female students. There are several female students who testify that. As there is irrefutable evidence, the school decides to expel Professor Zhang to clear the air.” The dean said.

Hearing that, Anna smiled and said, “That’s great. This will not only clear my grievances, but also protect other female students from persecution.”

“Yes. You have contributed to this too. After discussion with the school leaders, we have decided to resume your scholarship. When the commendation meeting is held, you should speak on the stage.” The dean said.

“I’d rather not to speak on the stage.” Anna said.

“You are a role model for the students. Just say a few words and share your experience with the students.” The dean said.

Anna wanted to say something more, but she had a blackout suddenly.

Managing to brace herself, Anna said, “Teacher, I’m not feeling well. In the afternoon…”

Before Anna finished what she wanted to say, the dean said, “Just take the day off. Shall the I take you to see the school doctor?”

“No. I’ve already taken the medicine.” Anna said.

“If you don’t feel well, tell me. I will do everything I can to help you.” The dean said.

“Thank you.” Anna said.

Then Anna stood up and left the office slowly.

Anna thought she would faint, but when she went outside and got in a cold draught, she felt the spirit. At least she could go back to her dorm alone.

Along the way, Anna met many classmates.

Instead of sneering at Anna as before, their attitude towards Anna has changed completely. From time to time, someone greeted her with a smile.

What a contrast it is!

Anna didn’t pay much attention to them. She just put on a light smile and no else facial expression.

At that moment, she just wanted to go back to her dorm to sleep. She hoped to wake up feeling better.

As soon as Anna went back to her dorm, she tucked herself in and slept.

She did sleep, but it was an uneasy sleep. She kept dreaming, jumping from one dream to another.

Then Anna opened her eyes suddenly. She gasped a few times and then let out a long breath.

“I finally woke up. I’ll be dead tired if I sleep any longer.” Anna thought.

Then Anna got up and looked at the time. It’s three o’clock in the afternoon.

As Anna had eaten nothing all day, she was very hungry at that moment.

Seeing the bread on the table, Anna immediately climbed out of bed on her hands and knees. She opened the wrapper and gobbled it.

“Although the girl is hypocritical, the bread tastes good.” Anna thought.

After eating half a bag of the bread, Anna finally regained some strength.

But she couldn’t sleep anymore.

She still felt not well. She was dizzy and uncomfortable.

“Since I can’t sleep, I might as well go for a walk.” Anna thought.

After thinking for a while, Anna decided to go to the library to read books.

There were not many people in the library at that time of the day, and there were empty seats.

Anna was just looking for a place to sit down when she heard someone calling her name.


Anna looked up and found the one who’s calling her seems to be in her department. Occasionally, they take open classes together.

“But why she’s calling me?” Anna wondered.

The girl who called Anna said to Anna, “There’s a seat here. Why don’t you come and sit down?”

Anna smiled and said, “No. I’ll sit where I am. The air is better by the window.”

The girl looked embarrassed, but she daren’t say anything. The people around the girl looked at her ironically.

It is indeed humiliating to fail in cottoning up.

But the girl didn’t speak ill of Anna as she used to, because she didn’t have the guts.

Seeing Anna sitting alone in the corner, Jing Wu pinched her pen tightly.

“How could she gain the upper hand once more? She is so lucky.” Jing said.

Qiaoqiao Su took a look at Anna and said, “Keep your voice down. Anna is influential now. Watch out for her picking on you.”

“Hum, she just has a man stand by her. She is good at nothing.” Jing said.

“Her greatest skill is that she succeeds to be Yulin’s girlfriend.” Qiaoqiao said.

“That’s what makes me angry. What’s so good about Anna? Why she is superior to you? It’s really uncomfortable to be held in play by her.” Jing said.

There was a touch of anger in Qiaoqiao’s drooping eyes, but it disappeared soon. She is still a lovable young lady of an eminent family.

But what she said was meaner.

“She is only a temporary gain in power. I’m not going to let her go on like that forever.” Qiaoqiao said.

“Then let her enjoy the power for some more time. She won’t be able to do that soon.” Jing said.


Anna suddenly sneezed. Then she rubbed her nose and found that she had a nasal congestion.

This time, Anna was sure she really had a cold.

“Did I wear too little yesterday?” Anna thought.

That’s the only reason Anna could think about.

“Why Yulin gave me such thin clothes? He himself wore suits and slacks. As I made him angry yesterday, I don’t think he’s gonna come to me.” Anna thought.

Rubbing her nose, Anna felt her eyes sour.

“I must forget about him. He doesn’t belong to me. It’s no use thinking about him.” Anna thought.

Stopping thinking of Yulin, Anna continued to read.

But she had only read a few pages when her cell phone rang.

Anna’s phone was switched to vibration mode. Anna took a look at the phone and she was stunned, because it’s Yulin who’s calling her.

“I was just talking about him, and now he calls me.” Anna thought.

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