Chapter 449 – 450: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 449: A trip in the city

Although any flight was forbidden in the city, one could still tour the street by their pets. Thanks to the broad road, it didn’t look too crowded to enjoy the trip.

Kris was new here and he was curious about everything about the city.

So he took his three servants to a big hotel, where they could get some information.

The bartender came in politely with a smile on his face.

“My guest, do you want to have a meal or stay a night here?”

“Bring me your best food and drinks here!”

Kris gave him dozens of inferior spiritual stones.

The bartender took it in a hurry and the smile on his face was much larger.

“Oh, please follow me to the third floor.”

They went upstairs and were arranged in a position facing the street. Except Tu Guan, both Ironhead and Liangwan felt not easy about human’s neat treatment.

As they had just taken shaped from beasts for a short time, they couldn’t help but eat like beasts without any gentleman manners.

Kris didn’t care about it at all and he just enjoyed his food and wine alone. The food and drink tasted good yet could provide them few spirit growth.

“It’s said that even the Three Saints’ Sects will enroll new disciples this year.”

“Really? It have been more than ten years for them to do so.”

It was the fact that there were numerous islands in the Infinite Sea, and the three largest ones were Penglai, Yingzhou and Fangzhang.

Each of them were comparable to the size of a continent.

ThePenglai Island was occupied by Penglai Holy Sect while Wuji Sword Sect took charge of Yingzhou Island.

The Fangzhang Island was in the control of Moke Sect, which had been a branch of the Hanging Temple of Beilu land. However ten thousand years ago, some second generation disciples had disputes with their master and then left the temple with three thousand senior monks and eight hundred Arhats for the Infinite Sea, which was the history of the Moke Sect.

Beside these three saints’ schools, there were another ten well-known school such as Puji Temple, Reclusion Holy Palace, Pure Yang School, Fenglei Pavilion etc.

There was, of course, close tie between the ten schools and the three sects.

For example, Puji Temple took Ksitigarbha as their saint, which was also one of the traditional masters of Moke Sect.

And the Reclusion Holy Palace, who was famous for its Taoism Practices of Five Elements, while Penglai Holy Sect had enjoyed the name of the cradle of all Taoism practices.

Another example was Pure Yang School and Fenglei Pavilion. Both of them were good at the fighting art of sword and long knife and had very close link with Wuji Sword Sect

Under the ten well-known schools, there were at least thousands of second-class and third-class schools.

Some were practitioners from other nations who were reduced to this place and gathered together as a school.

And some were extremely vicious bandits who occupied a small island with his friends and named himself the landlord of it. In the daytime, they were the members of the school, while the dark fell, they would become the worst bandits.

Those so-called Schools of upper levels turned a blind eye to these bandits.

In fact, the existence of bandits could still benefit them because they could take the bandits as the sharpening stone to train their disciples.

After the meal, Kris had a general understanding of the forces in the Infinite Sea.

After leaving 500 inferior spiritual stone as the tip, Kris left with his three servants.

It seemed that these three guys were not full yet. Compared with the supreme beast meat given by Kris, the aura contained in the hotel meal was almost negligible for them.

The higher the stage one was, the more energy would he needed. And he might find simple meal could not satisfy him anymore.

What he needed were the spiritual stone, aura of heaven and earth, material and treasure, etc.

Kris wouldn’t feed them by spoon for he thought it would stimulate their fighting spirits if they fight and work on their own.

While touring on the street, they found that there were less and less ordinary people in the urban area.

In the world of practitioners, it was no crime to kill ordinary people.

Everything in the inner city had something to do with the practitioners.

There were nowhere to sell food or drink but the shops for miraculous herbs, magic weapons and runes.

However, most of the goods were some ordinary ones.

In the storage ring of Kris, the lowest level of elixir was the one with 100 years history, and the highest one was nearly more than 1000 years.

As for the magic weapon, most of them in the shops were inferior ones, and even a inferior spiritual weapon could be taken as the best treasure of the shops.

Those, in the view of Kris, was nothing more than rubbish.

As for runes, Kris was interested in it. He found that the fury of the fire spirit in a middle-class flame rune was kept quite well and didn’t leak at all.

The mysterious energy was firmly sealed there.

This reminded Kris that since the divine energy could be imprinted on a thin spiritual paper, then why couldn’t his array be branded on his magic weapons?

However, there was something different between the runes and magic weapons.

Runes was a disposable consumable while the magic weapons branded with arrays could be permanent as long as it is properly maintained and not torn out in battle.

“Leave your fingers away from it! Don’t you understand the rules?”

The shopkeeper came over and said in a bad tone, ” Poor guy, it is a valuable runes that you can never afford. So just don’t touch it, OK?”

Kris looked simple in dress, with a small child and two big men with sly features behind him. It seemed they were not the people that could afford the runes in the shop.

“What do you say?”Ironhead glared at him and said, “If I hear you again, I’ll screw your head off.”

There was still a beast in his soul.

He couldn’t stand anyone who showed disrespect to his master. In fact, he was the best admirer of Kris no matter for the respect of his strength or personality.

“Do it.” The servant shouted back and said,”Do you know who is the boss of this shop? I’m afraid you will be scared to death if you know his name.”

“The city Lord?”Said Kris with whose eyes squinting.

“No.”The servant hummed, “But the one who own the respect of the city Lord.”

“Do you know the Seven Treasures House? Our boss is the nephew of the host of Seven Treasures House.”

At the moment, two people came in: One was a middle-aged man another was a man in silk.

On the sight of the two people, the servant immediately bent down and welcomed them with a smile, “My boss!”

“Well, how’s business today?”

Asked the man in silk.

“It is good, twice better than that of the normal time.”Said the shopkeeper.

“Well!” The boss nodded to him.

When the boss turned to Kris and his fellow men, he could not help but frown and ask, “What do the four of them do? They are dressed in a weird style!”

The servant replied with a sneer, “They broke the rules of our shop and touched runes with their hands just now. When I tried to stopped them, they ignored me and even threatened to screw off my head!”


The boss looked more serious and turned to another servant, “Is it true?”

“It’s true, they have a very wild manner!”

The two servant had taken part in the conspiracy against Kris and his fellowmen.

“My boss,let me help you rive them away!”

The middle-age man beside him said in a hurry.

“Hold on!” The boss stopped him and said, “let me come!”

He walked forward and took a good at Kris.

“You, from the style of your clothing, you must come from other places? Do you know who I am and what a place is it ? “

“So what? I don’t care who you are and what a place is it at all. You motherfucker!”

Ironhead was irascible to his nature. He would deal with every troubled relationship with his fists except for Kris.

On hearing that, the boss’s look instantly became cold.

“Are you serious?” Said him.

“Yeah, serious of course. And I also want a serious fight now.” Said Ironhead.

Within a blink, he rushed ahead with a strong blow waving toward the boss.

“What a fast speed!” Said the boss.

The fist with golden awn was closer and closer to him. He didn’t expect that someone would dare to make trouble on his place.

Therefore, he was not prepared at all.


The powerful punch hit the boss on the ground, and the floor was sunken with a deep hole.

Step on the man’s face, Ironhead said with disdain, “Poor guy, how dare you stand in front me to show your honor?”

Chapter 450: The VIP visitor

Ironhead wondered why the man, a fighter in the later period of the Pilling Formation, dared to be so rampant in front of his master.

He kept his promise to Kris that he must contain himself, otherwise he would directly kill the man with a pouch.

“You’re done you’re all done.”

The boss lay on the ground with blood vomiting and said, “My name is Long Yang, the nephew of the host of the Seven Treasures House… He will not let you go.”

“Is it?”

With a cold smile, Kris said to his servant, “let’s go to the Seven Treasures House and see what his uncle can do to us.”

Then they left for the Seven Treasures House directly.

“Boss… Are you good?”

The servant looked terrible and helped long get up in a hurry.

Long’s teeth had been broken off, and for he was just in a rage, he slammed his fellowman and shouted to him, “Are you blind? Do I look good?”

Now Long lost his temple and the manner of a gentleman at all.

“What are you doing here? Go after them!”

The servants rushed over to track down on Kris!

After a while of basic medical care and having dressed up, he looked at the mirror with content.

He was always a gentleman who took his looking seriously.

As for his broken teeth, a practitioner of the Pill Formation like him could make them grow as he wanted.


Since the Seaside Holy City was the largest city of the Infinite Sea, there was also a branch of the Seven Treasures House set up here, which covered an area of thousands of acres with its buildings floating in the air.

There were Magic Swords Pavilion, Magic Pills Pavilion, Weapons Pavilion, Runes Pavilion, Trading Pavilion and so on…

In the middle of these buildings stood a pagoda of 100 feet height, which is the real headquarters of Seven Treasures House.

The pagoda was just like an entrance of these Pavilions.

There were the hanging array over here, and the Seven Star array as the second largest defensive one over there.

In terms of the attack array, there stood 108 bronze statues around the Seven Treasures House which was arranged in a special position.

With at least 2000 tactic pattern on it, each bronze statue of the array sent a dangerous warning signal to the visitors around there that this array was the God-level attack array.

Kris was sure that the shining points on every status was the runes of the array. He was surprised by the master works of the array.

When he walked into the pagoda with his fellowmen, he was surprised again by the size therein.

It seemed the pagoda was a magic room treasure which could bear the room several larger than that of the outside.

It would cost the Seven Treasures House a big deal of course.

However, they found the visitors therein were no more than 1000.

“Can I see your host here?”Said Kris.

A waiter came for his call and said, “Sorry, have you ever made a book in advance?”

The staffs of the Seven Treasures House were well-trained and they would not look down on any visitors for their appearance or clothing.

Kris took out his VIP card given by Host Wang and showed it to the waiter.

The waiter was shocked by the VIP card and mumbled a while as if he was singing a magic word to wake up the card.

Suddenly, the card gave out a shining golden light.

“Dear VIP visitor, welcome to the Seven Treasures House. We will make you satisfied with our best service.

Ironhead kept his month closed with his eyes shining at his master.

Now he learned how to show his honor in a gentleman way.

His master was the real master to show his honor.

“Go and call your host here!”Said Kris.

“Dear VIP visitor, please go to the VIP room with me first, and I will go to call the host immediately.”

“No, we will wait here!”Said Kris.

The waiter did not dare to talk much, and what he did was just nodding and trotting away.

After a while, a middle-aged man in silk and satin came out.

The man, fat yet kind-looking, had similar facial feature of long Yang.

Now he was curious about so-called VIP visitors and glanced through the way and asked, “Now show me the VIP visitor.”

“My host, the distinguished guest is the one standing at the gate of our shop. He is the young boy with a little child of seven or eight years old and two village men behind him.

“I see .” He came to Kris with a quick pace.

“Hello, Mr. Zhang. I’m Guangcai Yang, the manager of the Seven Treasures House in the Seaside Holy City. It’s my pleasure to serve you!”

After the greeting, he bowed to Kris and immediately took a good look at him.

He confirmed that Kris was a stranger here because he knew all the VIP members of the Seaside Holy City and had good relationship with them. Guangcai always took them as the real source of his wealth.

“Hello, Manager Yang.”

Kris nodded and smiled.

“May I help you?” Said Guangcai.

He knew the fact that those VIP visitors were the real main force of consumption in Seven Treasures House and he must serve every one of them as good as possible.

“Long Yang is your nephew, right?”

Kris asked him directly.

Guangcai was confused and replied, “Yes, he is.”

“Yeah, he is really a good one.”

Kris’s look seemed suddenly cold, which drove Guangcai a little frightened. Although he was a strong fighter in the late period of the primal spirit, he had to pretended to be frightened to satisfy his visitor.

Moreover, Kris might be a real big one with his stage much higher than that he showed on purpose- the later period of the pilling formation.

Guangcai was always a cautious businessman.

“Sorry, Mr. Zhang, I guess my nephew has offended you, right?”

At the point, a noise burst outside and someone came in and shouted, “Where are the waiters? Where? I clearly saw them coming in.”

“My host, look, they are over there!”

The servant who had offended Kris pointed his finger to the front.

“Well, enemies are likely to meet each other.” The host sneered. He was sure that Kris would be severely punished by his uncle, the real Manager of the Seven Treasures House .

“You guys, I got you now.”

He rushed over with two fellowmen and several thugs. They surrounded Kris within a blink.


“Pa!” The host flew out and fell heavily on the ground.

It all happened so fast that they didn’t see who was responsible for the move.

“How dare you!” Cried the host.

“Bang bang bang!”

Guangcai’s looked turned cold like frost. He kicks these thugs out at a very fast speed, which, of course, hurt them badly.

At this point, Long arrived and saw his men lying on the ground with severe wounds. He trembled with anger and said, “where are those assholes?”

The host stood up and pointed Asshole inside.

“There… they are inside the…”

“Well, these assholes are so bold that they dare to make trouble in my uncle’s place. I want them die!”

Long rushed in with a rage when he saw Kris.

“Son of a bitch!”

Long cried out with dozens of flying swords appeared beside him.

“Kill him for me!”


These flying swords were the gifts from his uncle, and all of them were the spirit weapons of middle level!

And the skill of controlling sword he learned was also the best one, which could offer the user ten thousand swords at a second.

But he was really poor in qualification. After half a year’s practice, he could only control dozens of flying swords.

Now he was trying his best to kill Kris. Only by killing him could he completely eliminate his Hatred.

It seemed that the flying sword was coming near to Kris yet he was not worried at all. Perhaps he didn’t even turned around his eyelids.

“Ha ha, the boy must have been scared to death, he will be end this time!”Said Long.

Long was overjoyed.

However, at the next second… he was completely dumbfounded.

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