Chapter 449: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 449 Anna Xie Fainted

Anna Xie was somewhat happy and she wanted to answer the phone.

But then she thought of the necklace and she withdrew her hand.

“Since Yulin Xiao doesn’t like me, why should we be in touch? We are different people. Just let what happened fade away with time.” Anna thought.

With this in mind, Anna covered her phone with a book. Just as the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

Anna ignored her phone for a while.

As Anna slowly calmed down, she suddenly felt a strong sense of murder behind her.

Her body shivered, and she felt colder.

“I seem to be getting worse.” Anna thought.

Anna was going to pack her things and go to the hospital.

But just as she moved, a dark shadow fell over her.

“Anna Xie, who gave you the nerve not to answer my calls?” Yulin said.

Looking at the man who is angry in front of her, Anna was in a trance.

“Is he really Yulin?” Anna thought.

Seeing that Anna’s stunned, Yulin was angrier. “Why are you in a daze? I’m talking to you.” Yulin shouted.

“Well, how did you find me?” Anna asked.

“I just found someone and asked him where you are.” Yulin said.

At the mention of this, Yulin was angry.

Yulin was angry when he went home the night when he and Anna parted on bad terms.

The more Yulin thought about it, the more he felt something’s wrong. He always thought something was wrong with Anna.

Therefore, Yulin wanted to have a talk with Anna.

Yulin didn’t expect to be unable to get her phone through. He called more than twenty times in a row and Anna didn’t answer.

Worried about Anna, Yulin went to Anna’s school to inquire about her.

After some inquisitions, Yulin knew Anna’s in the library enjoying air conditioning.

Although Yulin was angry, he was relieved when he saw Anna’s in a whole skin.

Not dare to see Yulin’s angry eyes, Anna lowered her head and said, “I concentrated myself on reading and I didn’t hear the phone ring.”

As Anna spoke, she took her phone out from the pile of books to show that she wasn’t lying.

Yulin believed what Anna said, but he was still unhappy. “I’m telling you now, I want you to dine with me. Go now!” Yulin said in an overbearing way.

“But I haven’t finished reading the book yet.” Anna said.

“Which is more important, the book or me?” Yulin said.

“The book.” Anna said.

“Anna Xie!” Yulin shouted.

Yulin gave a loud shout, and Anna tried to cover her ears.

“Don’t shout so loud. I can hear you.” Anna said.

“You are so stupid. You really piss me off.” Yulin said.

Then Yulin dragged her out of the library without caring about whether she agreed or disagreed.

“Well, I’m not feeling well. I don’t want to go.” Anna said with a pleading tone.

“Can you think of a good excuse? This is too bad!” Yulin said.

“I…” Anna said.

“Forget it. He’s not gonna believe anything I say.” Anna thought.

Anna just shut her mouth and was pulled out of the library by Yulin.

What happened was seen by the students in the library and it became a topic of the conversation.

“Wow, it’s so romantic. Yulin is a real-life overbearing president.”

“Yes. Anna is so lucky. I want to find a boyfriend like Yulin too.”

“You’re dreaming. There is no such a man around us.”

“That’s right.”

The two girls were chatting excitedly when someone suddenly stood up and shouted at them, “This is the library. If you want to chat, please go outside!”

The two girls were unhappy after being shouted at like that.

But it’s their fault indeed. Therefore, although they were angry, they could only stop talking.

Slowly sitting back in her seat, Qiaoqiao Su lowered her head and continued to read.

Jing Wu, who’s next to Qiaoqiao, looked astonished.

“Qiaoqiao, you…” Jing said.

Turning the page of the book, Qiaoqiao said neither fast nor slow, “I just want to concentrate on my book and not be bothered.”

Of course, Jing knew it couldn’t be that simple. But since Qiaoqiao said so, she did not dare to refute. She just pretended to believe what Qiaoqiao said.

Outside the school, the sun was bright, but Anna found it’s dazzling.

Anna squeezed her palms to make herself more spirited. “I don’t know what he’s going to do if I don’t serve him well.” Anna thought.

Looking around at the small restaurants down the street, Yulin asked, “Is there anything delicious?”

“There’s all snack food and no big restaurant. Are you sure you want to eat here?” Anna said.

“You are so wordy. Didn’t I just say that? Shall I repeat that?” Yulin said.

“No. What flavor would you like?” Anna said.

“Anything as long as it tastes good.” Yulin said.

“Then come with me.” Anna said.

Anna took Yulin to a barbecue restaurant.

The barbecue restaurant was not very busy because it was not rush hour. The laddish guests sat in twos and threes.

The restaurant is poorly decorated and badly lit, which makes Yulin’s, who wore designer suit, out of place.

From the moment they came in, they became the center of attention there.

The diners were watching them, and so was the boss.

Luckily, Anna knew the restaurant well. Not being served, she sat down with the menu and said, “The barbecue here is popular. Before, when things weren’t so bad, my classmates and I would come here to eat once a fortnight.”

“If you want to eat it again, just call me. I am not busy.” Yulin said.

Anna took a look at Yulin and said, “I can see that you have a lot of free time.”

Waving to the boss, Anna skillfully ordered dishes.

As Anna is a regular customer, the boss is familiar with Anna. After Anna ordered the dishes, the boss said with a smile, “Anna, your boyfriend is very handsome. Just now I thought he is a big boss who wants to buy my small restaurant.”

Anna smiled and said, “Boss, he is not…”

“Please serve the food quickly. We are all hungry.” Yulin said.

Before Anna finished what she wanted to speak, Yulin interrupted her and said to the boss good-humouredly.

“OK. I’m going to get the food right now.” The boss said.

After the boss said that, he turned to leave. Anna held her forehead with one hand, lost in thought.

“Hey, what are you thinking about?” Yulin said.

“He is really noisy. I really want to gag him.” Anna thought.

Anna frowned slightly and said, “I don’t think of anything. I’m just closing my eyes to have a rest.”

“Have a rest? Haven’t you had enough rest these two days? You are such a lazy girl.” Yulin said.

Anna took a look at Yulin and said, “What does it matter to you whether I am lazy or not?”

“This was supposed to have nothing to do with me, but I can’t bear to see others being lazy. Therefore, I will always monitor you and help you make progress.” Yulin said.

Yulin’s words amused Anna. “It’s just as well that you don’t stir up trouble. How can you say you can help me make progress? It’s funny.” Anna thought.

“Hey, what’s that look on your face? Are you dismissive?” Yulin said.

“How dare I be dismissive? I’m just flexing my facial muscles before meal so that I can eat more later.” Anna said.

Of course Yulin did not believe such a poor excuse.

But before he could say anything, the boss came over with the food. The boss helped them turn on the barbecue stove.

With tweezers, Anna spread the slices of meat on the bottom of the pan. After a while, there was a delicious smell of meat.

Yulin got closer to the pan and sniffed, saying, “It smells good.”

“Of course. If it doesn’t taste good, I won’t bring you here.” Anna said.

Seeing Anna barbecue skillfully, Yulin also wanted to have a try, so he said to Anna, “Let me have a try.”

“Be careful.” Anna said.

Taking the tweezers, Yulin turned the meat over and over from time to time, just like Anna.

But the meat he barbecued always scorched in the bottom of the pan. The meat broke at a gentle tug.

“Ouch!” Yulin said when oil splashed onto his hand.

He was angry and threw the tweezers aside. “I don’t want to barbecue anymore.” Yulin said angrily.

Anna smiled and took the tweezers, saying, “Barbecuing requires patience. As you are in such a hurry, you can’t do it well.”

“We are barbecuing. How can you conclude a life principle?” Yulin said.

“Life is full of philosophy. It’s up to you if you can find it out or not.” Anna said.

Through the smoke, Anna’s facial expression became indistinct.

Yulin felt something’s wrong when he saw Anna like that.

But because of Yulin’s pride, he didn’t ask Anna what had happened. He was waiting for Anna to confess herself.

Anna, however, didn’t say anything about it.

“The meat is done. I’ll cut it for you.” Anna said. After cutting the meat, Anna put the meat in front of Yulin and said, “There are two kinds of dips, one is with curry and the other is spicy. Which one do you prefer?”

Yulin sat up and ordered, “I want the one with curry. Cover the meat with the dip and feed me.”

After hearing that, Anna was speechless. “Yulin, do you want me to eat it for you?” Anna said.

“You can chew it up and then feed it to me.” Yulin said.

“Oh my god, what’s on earth on his mind?” Anna thought.

After giving Yulin an angry stare, Anna leave him alone. “Just eat it yourself. Don’t you have hands?” Anna said.

“You’re just being rude. I’m the only one who’s kind enough to put up with you.” Yulin said.

“Are you so aggrieved? You don’t need to put up with me. No one forces you to do that.” Anna said.

“You just take you undeserved gain for granted. You must be happy to have a handsome boyfriend like me.” Yulin said.

After hearing that, Anna stopped moving the chopsticks in her hand. Then she looked at Yulin seriously and said, “Yulin, stop saying that now. I thank you for doing me a big favor, but please don’t say that again. The clothes you gave me the other day have been washed and the necklace has been packed. I will return them to you when I get back to school.”

Yulin frowned and said, “Those are all for you. If you don’t like them, just throw them away. Don’t give them back to me.”

“Don’t be mischievous.” Anna said.

“You are the one who is mischievous. I wonder why you are so hard to get alone with.” Yulin said. Then he thought for a while and he was suddenly enlightened, saying, “Are you unhappy that I publicly announced our relationship? But I’m doing it for you. There is no one dares to bother you now.”

“There are many ways you can help me. Why did you choose this one?” Anna said.

“Because…” Yulin said.

Before Yulin finished what he wanted to say, Anna smiled bleakly and said, “Because that’s the most fun thing to do, right? It is like making a dream to help a man who is so humble to rise to the sky. It feels good to control other’s life, right?”

Yulin didn’t expect that Anna to think of him that way as he is good to her with all his heart. He was very angry.

Clenching his fists, Yulin tried hard to restrain himself from rushing to Anna to pinch her neck.

“Anna, I really want to open your head and see if it’s filled with grass.” Yulin said.

Poking at the meat on her plate with the chopsticks, Anna lost her appetite. “It’s good if my head is filled with grass.” Anna murmured.

“Because in this way, I don’t have to be so confused. I can get rid of those unnecessary ideas in my head by setting a fire in my head.” Anna thought.

Seeing Anna’s indifferent look, Yulin’s face clouded. “I thought you might have misunderstood something to get that idea. It turns out that I am such a boring man in your mind.” Yulin said.

Anna looked up and saw the anger in Yulin’s eyes. Then she smiled and said, “You said you are not busy just now.”

“I can go to the nightclubs to have fun with girls there if I am not busy, and why should I spend so much time on you?” Yulin said.

“Those women just care about your money and status. It’s hard for you to get rid of them after you have something to do with them. But I am easier for you to control. I am at beck and call.” Anna said.

“Anna Xie!” Yulin said.

Yulin was so angry and he almost overturned the table, but Anna was still calm. “Eat meat quickly. It won’t taste good if it’s cold.” Anna said unhurriedly.

Yulin finally couldn’t control himself and knocked the plate over. “I’m not going to eat meat you barbecued.” Yulin shouted.

After saying that, Yulin stood up to leave the restaurant.

Looking at the pieces of meat on the ground, Anna felt sad.

“If Yulin tries the meat, he is sure to like it.” Anna thought.

Anna stood up and apologized to the boss. Then she paid the bill and left the restaurant.

The sun outside seemed to shine more brightly. Anna covered her eyes with her hands. Her body swayed and she suddenly fainted to the ground.

Pedestrians walked by gathered around Anna and they were going to call an ambulance.

In the midst of chaos, someone cut through the crowd and leaned over to pick Anna up.


It was an uneasy sleep for Anna. She always felt there were burning eyes staring at her.

Unfortunately, Anna couldn’t move at all. She could only let the man stare at her, and she felt a strong sense of pressure all over her.

After an unknown amount of time, Anna opened her eyes and found herself in a bedroom.

It was quiet and there was no one.

“It seems that I had a bad dream.‘’ Anna thought.

Anna took a gentle breath, and then found herself put on a drip at the back of her hand.

After recalling what happened carefully, Anna just remembered she had left the barbecue restaurant but nothing else.

“So how did I come here? Where here is?” Anna thought.

Anna then sat up and looked around. She found the decoration style of the bedroom somewhat familiar.

“You wake up.”

Hearing the voice, Anna looked at the door and found that the man who’s speaking is Yulin.

“Why you are here?” Anna asked.

“Who do you think it is, and who do you hope it is?” Yulin said.

Yulin came to Anna and looked at Anna from a commanding position, but there was a trace of subtle tenderness in Yulin’s eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me you are sick? Are you trying to be a hero?” Yulin said.

“I didn’t realize that a cold could make me faint. I used to be well after taking a pill.” Anna said somewhat awkwardly.

“You are not a child and why you still don’t know how to take care of yourself? You take everything for granted. Do you realize that if you wait any longer, you’ll get pneumonia?” Yulin said.

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